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Word: ITS

The word ITS has appeared in at least 814 clues on different crosswords.

ITS definition(s):

  • Instrument Technical Specification
  • Inelastic Tunnelling Spectroscopy
  • Internal Transcribed Spacer
  • Instrumentation Telemetry Station
  • Interim Teleprinter System

"""- true!"""
"""-- a bird..."""
"""-- a boy!"""
"""--- a deal"""
"""--- about time!"""
"""--- now or never!"""
"""--- show time!"""
"""--- your move"""
"""... ___ how you play the game"""
"""... and everything in ___ place"""
"""... book by ___ cover"""
"""... for what ___ worth"""
"""... till ___ over"""
"""...for what ___ worth"""
"""A bird"" or ""a plane"" preceder"
"""A bird,"" ""a plane"" or ""Superman"" preceder"
"""And ___ gone!"""
"""Are You There God? ___ Me, Margaret"" (Judy Blume book)"
"""Are you sure ___ OK?"""
"""Baby ___ You"" (1962 hit)"
"""Baby ___ You"" (Shirelles)"
"""Baby ___ You"": Shirelles hit"
"""Beauty is ___ own excuse for being"""
"""Do They Know ___ Christmas?"""
"""Don't Think Twice, ___ All Right"""
"""Don't judge a book by ___ cover"""
"""Every dog has ___ day"""
"""For what --- worth..."""
"""For what ___ worth
"""For what ___ worth..."""
"""Live from New York, ___ Saturday Night!"""
"""Look, ___ a miracle!"""
"""Monty Python"" opener"
"""Really, ___ nothing"""
"""So ___ you"""
"""That which groweth of ___ own accord"" (Lev. 25:5)"
"""The Boston gig has been canceled... I wouldn't worry about, though, ___ not a big college town."" (""This Is Spinal Tap"")"
"""When ___ Love"" (Van Halen hit)"
"""Where ___ at"""
"""___ A Wonderful Life"""
"""___ About Time"" (1960s sitcom)"
"""___ Academic"""
"""___ Alive!"" (1969)"
"""___ Alive!"" (1974 camp classic)"
"""___ Alive!"" (1974 shocker)"
"""___ Alive!"" (1974 thriller)"
"""___ Alive"" (1974 thriller)"
"""___ All Right With Me"": Porter"
"""___ All in the Game,"" old song"
"""___ Always Sunny in Philadelphia"""
"""___ Always Sunny..."""
"""___ Been a Long, Long Time"""
"""___ Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"""
"""___ Complicated"" (Meryl Streep movie)"
"""___ De-Lovely"
"""___ De-Lovely"""
"""___ De-Lovely"" (1937 hit)"
"""___ De-Lovely,"" 1936 Porter song"
"""___ De-Lovely,"" 1936 hit"
"""___ Delovely"""
"""___ Easy, M'Kay"" (song on the ""South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"" soundtrack)"
"""___ Greek to me"""
"""___ Growing"" (Temptations hit)"
"""___ Howdy Doody time!"""
"""___ Howdy Doody time..."""
"""___ Impossible"""
"""___ Late"" (Ricky Nelson hit)"
"""___ Magic"""
"""___ Magic"" (Doris Day hit)"
"""___ Magic,"" 1948 song"
"""___ Magic,"" Cahn-Styne song"
"""___ Magic,"" Doris Day hit"
"""___ Me or the Dog"""
"""___ Monty Python and..."""
"""___ My Life"" (Bon Jovi song)"
"""___ My Party"""
"""___ My Party"" (#1 hit of 1963)"
"""___ My Party"" (1963 #1 hit for Lesley Gore)"
"""___ My Party"" (1963 hit by Lesley Gore)"
"""___ My Party"" (Lesley Gore hit)"
"""___ My Party"" (Lesley Gore song)"
"""___ My Party"": Gore"
"""___ My Party"": Lesley Gore hit"
"""___ My Party,"" Gore hit: 1963"
"""___ My Party,"" Lesley Gore hit"
"""___ My Party..."""
"""___ My Turn"": Diana Ross hit"
"""___ Not About the Bike"" (Lance Armstrong book)"
"""___ Not Unusual"""
"""___ Not Unusual"" (Tom Jones hit)"
"""___ Not Unusual"" (Tom Jones)"
"""___ Not Unusual"": Tom Jones hit"
"""___ Not Unusual,"" T. Jones hit"
"""___ Not Unusual,"" Tom Jones hit"
"""___ Not for Me to Say"""
"""___ Now Or Never"""
"""___ Now or Never"""
"""___ Now or Never"" (1960 chart-topper by Elvis Presley)"
"""___ Now or Never"" (Presley hit)"
"""___ Now or Never,"" Presley hit"
"""___ O.K."""
"""___ OK with me"""
"""___ Only Love"": Beatles"
"""___ Over"" (1964 hit)"
"""___ Over"" (Roy Orbison song)"
"""___ Over,"" Orbison song"
"""___ Pat"" (old ""SNL"" skit)"
"""___ Raining Men"""
"""___ SNOWING!!!"""
"""___ So Easy"""
"""___ So Easy"" ('77 pop hit)"
"""___ So Easy"" (Linda Ronstadt hit)"
"""___ So Easy"" (Ronstadt hit)"
"""___ So Easy"": Ronstadt hit"
"""___ So Easy,"" Ronstadt song"
"""___ Superman!"""
"""___ Superman"""
"""___ Too Late"""
"""___ Too Late"" (Carol King hit)"
"""___ Too Late"" (Carole King hit)"
"""___ Too Late"" (Carole King)"
"""___ Too Late"" (King hit)"
"""___ You I Love"""
"""___ You"" (Hollies hit)"
"""___ You"" (song from ""The Music Man"")"
"""___ Your Thing"" (funk classic)"
"""___ a Beautiful Morning"""
"""___ a Blue World"" (1940 hit)"
"""___ a Gift"" (Fields comedy)"
"""___ a Gift"": W.C. Fields film"
"""___ a Gift,"" W.C. Fields film"
"""___ a Grand Night for Singing"""
"""___ a Joke, Son"" (1947 flick)"
"""___ a Living"" (CBC TV show)"
"""___ a Lonesome Old Town"""
"""___ a Long Way to Tipperary"""
"""___ a Lovely Day Today"""
"""___ a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"" (1963 movie)"
"""___ a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"""
"""___ a Miracle"" (Manilow tune)"
"""___ a Most Unusual Day"""
"""___ a Sin"" ('87 Pet Shop Boys hit)"
"""___ a Small World"""
"""___ a Wonderful Life"""
"""___ a beautiful day for a crossword puzzle tournament..."""
"""___ a beautiful day in the neighborhood"""
"""___ a beautiful morning"""
"""___ a beautiful morning"" (Rascals lyric)"
"""___ a bird!"""
"""___ a bird!..."""
"""___ a bird,..."""
"""___ a bird... """
"""___ a bird..."""
"""___ a black thing"""
"""___ a boy!"""
"""___ a date!"""
"""___ a deal!"""
"""___ a deal"""
"""___ a done deal"""
"""___ a fact!"""
"""___ a funny story..."""
"""___ a girl!"""
"""___ a girl"""
"""___ a given"""
"""___ a go!"""
"""___ a grand night for..."""
"""___ a great day..."""
"""___ a living"""
"""___ a long story"""
"""___ a long way to Tipperary"""
"""___ a long way to..."""
"""___ a long way... """
"""___ a long way..."""
"""___ a miracle!"""
"""___ a mystery to me!"""
"""___ a rip-off!"""
"""___ a small world!"""
"""___ a small world..."""
"""___ a trap!"""
"""___ a trick!"""
"""___ a warm wind... "": Masefield"
"""___ a wise child... "": Nash"
"""___ about time!"""
"""___ alive!"""
"""___ all good"""
"""___ all in the game!"""
"""___ all in the game"""
"""___ all in the wrist"""
"""___ all in your mind"""
"""___ all my fault"""
"""___ all true!"""
"""___ always something"""
"""___ been a while"""
"""___ been fun"""
"""___ been real!"""
"""___ been real"""
"""___ breaking to the left"" (golf commentator's sentence)"
"""___ complicated"""
"""___ complicated"" (relationship status)"
"""___ disposable!"""
"""___ for me to know..."""
"""___ going to go long"" (golf announcer's line)"
"""___ happening"""
"""___ hopeless"""
"""___ impossible"""
"""___ in his kiss"" (1964 pop lyric)"
"""___ in the bag!"""
"""___ in the bag"""
"""___ just not fair"""
"""___ just what I wanted!"""
"""___ just what I've always wanted!"""
"""___ kind of a funny story"""
"""___ later than you think"""
"""___ like I said..."""
"""___ like this..."""
"""___ magic!"""
"""___ magic"""
"""___ me or the dog!"""
"""___ me!"""
"""___ me"""
"""___ me"" (phone comment)"
"""___ mine!"""
"""___ my Party"""
"""___ my fault!"""
"""___ my party..."""
"""___ my turn"""
"""___ never going to work!"""
"""___ never too late!"""
"""___ never too late"""
"""___ new!"""
"""___ no big deal!"""
"""___ no big deal"""
"""___ no biggie"""
"""___ no problem!"""
"""___ no skin off my back"""
"""___ no skin off my nose"""
"""___ no use!"""
"""___ no use"""
"""___ no wonder"""
"""___ none of your business"""
"""___ not fair!"""
"""___ not for me to say"""
"""___ not for me to say..."""
"""___ not my fault!"""
"""___ not my fault"""
"""___ not my problem"""
"""___ not over yet"""
"""___ not the end of the world!"""
"""___ not what you think!"""
"""___ now or never!"""
"""___ now or never"""
"""___ official"""
"""___ official..."""
"""___ on me"""
"""___ on now!"" (fighter's words)"
"""___ only a game"""
"""___ only a paper moon... """
"""___ only me!"""
"""___ only me"""
"""___ only money!"""
"""___ only money"""
"""___ open!"""
"""___ over!"""
"""___ over"""
"""___ party time!"""
"""___ risky"""
"""___ show time!"""
"""___ showtime!"""
"""___ six of one... """
"""___ so funny!"""
"""___ so you!"""
"""___ the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"""
"""___ the berries!"""
"""___ the economy, stupid!"""
"""___ the economy, stupid!"" (Bill Clinton, 1992)"
"""___ the economy, stupid"""
"""___ the law"""
"""___ the least I can do"""
"""___ the pits"""
"""___ the truth!"""
"""___ time"""
"""___ too risky"""
"""___ true!"""
"""___ true"""
"""___ up to you"""
"""___ up to you, New York"""
"""___ you!"""
"""___ your call"""
"""___ your dime!"""
"""___ your dime"""
"""___ your life"""
"""___ your life."""
"""___ your move"""
"""___ your turn"""
"""___De-Lovely"": Cole Porter"
"""___a Wonderful Life"""
"""___a girl!"""
"""___only money"""
"#1 hit for Elvis ""___ Now or Never"""
'-- My Party' ('63 hit)
'-- Not Unusual' ('65 hit)
'-- So Easy' ('77 hit)
'-- Too Late' ('71 hit)
'-- a boy!'
'-- a date!'
'-- a deal!'
'-- a girl!'
'-- a go!'
'-- a living!'
'-- a living'
'-- a long story'
'-- a snap!'
'-- about time!'
'-- all good!'
'-- all good'
'-- all over!'
'-- all true!'
'-- been ages!'
'-- in the bag!'
'-- in there!'
'-- magic!'
'-- now or never!'
'-- over!'
'-- showtime!'
'-- so you!'
'-- that time'
'-- the law'
'-- true!'
'Every dog has -- day'
'FWIW' part
'I' of TGIF
'TGIF' part
'The Ego and ___ Own' (Max Stirner work)
'Tis mixed up?
'___ Academic' (high-school quiz show)
'___ My Party' (1963 #1 hit)
'___ My Turn'
'___ Not Unusual ('65 hit )'
'___ Not for Me to Say'
'___ Too Late' (Carole King hit)
'___ Your Thing' (Isley Brothers hit)
'___ a Wonderful Life'
'___ a date!'
'___ a deal'
'___ a long way... '
'___ about time!'
'___ alive!'
'___ alive!' ('Frankenstein' quote)
'___ always something!'
'___ been real!'
'___ been real'
'___ in the bag'
'___ news to me'
'___ now or never'
'___ on me'
'___ snowing!'
'___ your move'
..___ Howdy Doody time!..
1960 Elvis hit ___ Now or Never
"1986 hit ""___ Only Love"""
A mind of ___ own
A possessive
A thing's
Anagram for 'tis
Antagonists in the game of tag
Apostropheless possessive
Bane for many grammarians
"Beck's ""Where ___ At"""
"Beck: ""Where ___ At"""
Before-time link
Belonging to a thing
Belonging to that thing
Belonging to the Thing?
"Billy Joel ""___ Still Rock and Roll to Me"""
Birth announcement intro
"Bon Jovi's ""___ My Life"""
"Boston ""___ Easy"""
"Buffalo Springfield ""For What ___ Worth"""
"Carole King hit, ""___ Too Late"""
"Carole King's ""___ Too Late"""
Catchers in tag
"Certain players, as in tag"
Certain seekers
Cheez- -- (crackers)
"Cole Porter's ""___ De-Lovely"""
Comforting words
Common contraction
Common contraction.
Common possessive
Commonly mis-apostrophized word
Commonly misapostrophized word
Commonly misspelled possessive
Commonly mistyped word
"Como's ""___ Impossible"""
Contraction often confused with a possessive adjective
Contraction that gives many spellers trouble
Contraction that gives trouble to many
"Doris Day hit ""___ Magic"""
"English for ""c'est"""
Every Rose Has ___ Thorn
Every dog has ___ day
FWIW part
Favorite word of nitpicky grammarians
"First word of ""A Hard Day's Night"""
First word uttered after a birth
Flying Circus lead-in
For what ___ worth
Frequently mispunctuated word
Genderless ones
Genderless possessive
"Gore's ""___ My Party"""
"Handler best seller ""Are You There, Vodka? ___ Me, Chelsea"""
I Can't Believe ___ Not Butter! (bread spread brand)
"I, in some initialisms"
Identification introduction
Impersonal pronoun
It is in most dialogue?
It is shortened?
Kind of elf
"Leonard Bernstein's ""___ Love"""
"Lesley Gore's ""___ My Party"""
"Letters within the theme entries that are, literally, next to nothing"
Mail carrier's pun (part 4)
"Manilow's ""___ a Miracle"""
Manilow's ___ a Miracle
"Mariah Carey's ""___ Like That"""
"Men At Work: ""___ a Mistake"""
"Men at Work ""___ a Mistake"""
Monster's possessive
Monty Python opener
Monty Python show opener
More of the quip
Neither his nor hers
Neutral possessive
Neutral possessive pronoun
Neutral pronoun
Nitpicky word for grammarians
Not hers or his
Not his or hers
Not his or hers?
Of a thing
Of that object.
Oft-mismarked possessive
Oft-mispunctuated possessive
Oft-mispunctuated pronoun
Oft-mispunctuated word
Oft-misspelled possessive
Oft-mistyped possessive
Often-mispunctuated pronoun
Often-misused possessive
On ___ own terms
"Opening word of the ""Howdy Doody Show"" theme song"
"Orbison's ""___ Over"""
Part 3 of quip
Part 3 of the quotation
"Part of ""T.G.I.F."""
Part of F.W.I.W.
Part of FWIW
Part of T.G.I.F.
Part of T.G.l.F.
Part of TGIF
Part of TGIF or FWIW
"Perry Como's ""___ Impossible"""
Players at hide-and-seek
"Porter's ""___ De-Lovely"""
"Porter's ""___ De-lovely"""
Possessive adjective
Possessive adjective often misapostrophized
Possessive adjective.
Possessive pronoun
Possessive pronoun.
Possessive that often has an erroneous apostrophe
Possessive without an apostrophe
"Possessive, 3rd person, neuter pronoun"
Post-___ (office notes)
Pronominal adjective
"Ricky Nelson's ""___ Late"""
River islets
"Roy Orbison's ""___ Over"""
Several (of)
Sexless possessive
Sigmund Freud's 'Civilization and ___ Discontents'
Sit in a different way
"Sit, differently"
Some chasers
Some players in tag
Some tag players
Start of Mr. Rogers' song
Start of a Carole King song title
Starter's words
"Supertramp ""___ Raining Again"""
T.G.I.F. part
TGIF part
TGIF segment
TGIF's 'I'
"TV's ""___ Academic"""
"TV's ""___ a Living"""
Tag antagonists
Tag chasers
Tag players
Tag pursuers
Tagged game-players
That one's
That thing's
"The ""I"" in F.W.I.W."
"The ""I"" in FWIW"
"The ""I"" in T.G.I.F."
"The ""I"" in TGIF"
"The ""I"" of T.G.I.F."
"The ""I"" of TGIF"
The 'I' in T.G.I.F.
The 'I' in TGIF
The I in TGIF
The Thing's
"The Weather Girls' ""___ Raining Men"""
"The Who's ""___ Hard"""
"The Who's ""___ a Boy"""
The thing is?
The thing's
They play tag
They're inhuman
They've been tagged
"Tom Jones's ""___ Not Unusual"""
"Tommy Dorsey's ""___ Always You"""
"W. C. Fields film ""___ a Gift"""
"Weather report opener, often"
"What ""c'est"" can mean"
What comes before a boy and a girl?
Where ___ at
Where ___ at (the scene)
Where the RMS Titanic sank
Where-at link
Wits end?
"Word at the start of ""Monty Python's Flying Circus"""
"Word before ""Monty Python's Flying Circus"""
Word often given an incorrect apostrophe
Word often given an unnecessary apostrophe
Word often mis-apostrophe'd
Word often mis-apostrophized
Word often mispunctuated
Word often missing an apostrophe
Word often mistakenly apostrophized
Word often misused on Facebook
Word often typed with an extraneous apostrophe
Word often wrongly apostrophized
"Word preceding ""Monty Python's Flying Circus"""
"Word repeated in the ""Superman"" intro"
Word that is not possessive with an apostrophe
"Word that often began an episode of ""Monty Python's Flying Circus"""
"Word that often precedes ""showtime"""
Word whose apostrophe (or lack thereof) some find confusing
"Word with ""a bird"" or ""a plane"""
"Word with ""too late"""
"Word with a gratuitous apostrophe, often"
"Word with a mistaken apostrophe, often"
"Word with an erroneous apostrophe, sometimes"
"Word with an extraneous apostrophe, often"
"Word with an incorrect apostrophe, often"
Word with an often omitted or extraneous apostrophe
Word with or without an apostrophe
___ Howdy Doody time!
___ Just Lunch (dating service)
___ Just Lunch (popular dating service)
___ Late : Rick Nelson hit
___ My Turn
___ Too Late
___ a Beautiful Day ('60s psychedelic band)
___ a Gift (Fields film)
___ a Wonderful Life
___ a deal!
___ a deal.
___ a girl
___ a girl!
___ a homer!
___ a shame!
___ about time!
___ alive!
___ always something
___ de-Lovely
___ for the birds.
___ in the bag!
"___ my fault"""
___ no problem
___ no use
___ now or never!
___ only money
___ too bad!
Part of TGIF
“___ on me”
"For what ___ worth ..."
"For what ___ worth ..."
‘___ your loss’
"__ all good"
Part of TGIF
"___ only money"
Oft-mispunctuated word
‘___ your loss!’
"___ a Wonderful Life"
It is (2'1)
''__ complicated''
"... for what ___ worth"
Belonging to that
Belonging to it
Possessive often containing a mistaken apostrophe
"___ a Sin" (Pet Shop Boys hit of '87)
FWIW part
'___ been real!'
'___ complicated'
Neuter possessive
That thing's
"___ Complicated" (Streep movie)
"— your loss!"
"___ all in your mind"
His, hers %26 ...
"— been real"
"___ about time!"
Often-incorrectly apostrophized pronoun
Identification lead-in
Possessive often written incorrectly
____ a girl!
"__ so you!"
The I in TGIF
TGIF part
"___ about time!"
"___ a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
____ a boy!
"— a deal!"
"___ been a while"
Belonging to that
TGIF's "I"
Belonging to that
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ a trap!"
"___ no bother"
"___ no bother"
Old TV's "___ Academic"
"___ alive!"
"___ your move"
Neutral possessive
"— a deal!"
Not his or hers?
____ a girl!
"___ only a game"
"— a Small World"
Neutral possessive
"__ no use!"
Neutral possessive
TGIF part
With 37-Across, "No problem"
'Tis (2'1)
It is (2'1)
The I in TGIF
It is (2'1)
•Tis indeed part of Whitsuntide
"__ Not Easy Being Green"
Part of FWIW
"— Now or Never"
____ a boy!
Belonging to that
____ a boy!
Seekers in a kid's game
"... for what ___ worth"
"— a deal!"
Part of T.G.I.F
"___ been real!"
The I in TGIF
The I in TGIF
Belonging to that
'___ all good'
Gender-neutral possessive
Belonging to it
"— a deal!"
Neutral possessive
'___ All Over Now' (Rolling Stones hit)
Part of TGIF
"— a go"
"__ only me!"
Word often improperly punctuated
"___ showtime!"
"___ my party . . ."
It is shortened?
Belonging to that
His, hers & ...
FWIW part
"___ been real!"
That thing's
That thing's
"— been real!"
"___ a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (1963 film)
"___ only money"
"— been real"
"— been swell!"
Neutral possessive
"___ complicated"
Part of TGIF
TGIF part
TGIF part
____ a girl!
Belonging to it
The I in TGIF
With 11-Down, 1970 Perry Como hit
'___ a long story'
Part of TGIF
Part of FWIW
Belonging to that
____ a boy!
Neutral possessive
His, hers & ...
For what __ worth
It is (2'1)
Part of TGIF
That thing's
"___ your call"
I'm no silly goose (Part 3)
"__ not up to me"
TGIF part
"For what ___ worth ..."
His, hers & ...
''For what __ worth . . .''
"___ Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
TGIF part
The thing is, one of the bits is missing!
Neutral possessive
"___ love's illusions I recall..."
It is (2'1)
"— in there!"
Belonging to that
'Tis (2'1)
Neutral possessive
"— all true"
____ a girl!
The "I" in TGIF
Belonging to that
"___ Complicated"
The I in TGIF
Belonging to that
"... for what ___ worth"
"— a Wonderful Life"
"___ beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."
Part of TGIF
"___ lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you"
FWIW part
____ a boy!
"__ your turn"
Belonging to that
"— been real!"
Thing's pronoun
"— been swell!"
Neutral possessive
His, hers & ...
Word with "only money"
Neutral possessive
Ran __ course
Monster's pronoun
"__ a date!"
Part of T.G.I.F
Belonging to that
Part of TGIF
____ a girl!
Part of TGIF
"___ your loss!"
"___ only money"
The I in TGIF
Belonging to that
It is (2'1)
"___ been swell!"
Belonging to that
Belonging to that
"__ show time!"
"— a Wonderful Life"
It is (2'1)
'Tis wrong to sit badly
____ a boy!
Belonging to that
"__ a date!"
It is (2'1)
"___ about time!"
TGIF word
FWIW part
Gender-neutral possessive
"— showtime!"
Neutral possessive
That thing's
Belonging to it
"— been real!"
The I in TGIF
For what - worth link
"___ your turn"
'___ official ...'
Word often improperly punctuated
FWIW part
Belonging to that
That thing's
FWIW part
'___ over' ('We're done')
Cousin of hers
"____ now or never!"
'___ a living'

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