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Word: KEN

The word KEN has appeared in at least 599 clues on different crosswords.

KEN definition(s):

  • range of what one can know or understand
  • the range of vision
  • Kenya (ISO 3166 Trigram)
  • A house; esp., one which is a resort for thieves.
  • To know; to understand; to take cognizance of.

"""Baseball"" documentarian Burns"
"""Brainiac"" author Jennings"
"""Coach Carter"" coach Carter"
"""Code to Zero"" author Follett"
"""Cuckoo's Nest"" creator Kesey"
"""D' ye ___ John Peel... ?"""
"""Eye of the Needle"" author Follett"
"""Jackdaws"" author Follett"
"""Jazz"" filmmaker Burns"
"""Jeopardy!"" champ Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" champion Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" great Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" juggernaut Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" legend Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" master Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" megachamp Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" millionaire Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" multimillionaire Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" phenomenon Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" record-setter Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" supercontestant Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" uberwinner Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" whiz Jennings"
"""Jeopardy!"" whiz with an apt first name"
"""Letters from Iwo Jima"" actor Watanabe"
"""Lie Down With Lions"" author Follett"
"""Mad Men"" account executive Cosgrove"
"""Maphead"" author Jennings"
"""One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"" author Kesey"
"""One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"" novelist Kesey"
"""One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"" writer Kesey"
"""Sometimes a Great Notion"" author Kesey"
"""Street Fighter"" character"
"""The Last Samurai"" Oscar nominee Watanabe"
"""The Longest Day"" director ___ Annakin"
"""The White Shadow"" star Howard"
"""Tommy"" director Russell"
"""Toy Story 3"" character"
"""Toy Story 3"" role for Michael Keaton"
"""Unforgivable Blackness"" documentarian Burns"
"""Whiteout"" author Follett"
"""Women in Love"" director Russell"
'D' ye ___ John Peel?'
'Jeopardy!' king Jennings
1964 US Open champ Venturi
1964 US Open winner Venturi
1996 N.L. MVP Caminiti
2016 Hall of Fame inductee ___ Griffey Jr.
54-year-old doll
<I>One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest<I> author Kesey
A doll of a guy
A real doll
Actor Berry
Actor Berry or Howard
"Actor Jeong of ""The Hangover"""
Actor Maynard
Actor Olin
Actor Watanabe
"Al's partner for the ""Miracle on Ice"" broadcast"
Anatomically incorrect male doll
Area of expertise
Author Auletta
Author Follett
Author Follett or Kesey
Author Kesey
"Author Kesey, R.I.P."
Bachelor from Mattel
Barbie beau
Barbie dumped him for Blaine
Barbie'e ex-boyfriend
Barbie's beau
Barbie's beau^KE
Barbie's beloved
Barbie's blond buddy
Barbie's boy doll
Barbie's boy toy
Barbie's boyfriend
Barbie's buddy
Barbie's counterpart
Barbie's date
Barbie's doll
Barbie's doll friend
Barbie's doll partner
Barbie's ex
Barbie's ex-beau
Barbie's ex-boyfriend
Barbie's former beau
Barbie's former boyfriend
Barbie's friend
Barbie's guy
Barbie's guy friend
Barbie's male counterpart
Barbie's male friend
Barbie's man
Barbie's on-again off-again boy toy
Barbie's partner
Barbie's significant other
Baseball great Griffey
Baseball historian Burns
Baseball's Caminiti
Baseball's Griffey
"Baseball's Griffey (Jr., too)"
Baseball's Griffey Jr.
Baseball's Griffey Sr. or Jr.
Baseball's ___ Griffey Jr.
"Baseball's ___ Griffey, Jr."
"Berry of ""F Troop"""
"Berry of ""Mayberry R.F.D."""
Berry or Kesey
Berry or Norton
Berry or Olin
Berry or Venturi
Big name in dolls
Block of Sister Hazel
"Bloom who wrote ""American Song: The Complete Musical Theatre Companion"""
Boothe from the '60s
Boxer Norton
Boxer Norton who once defeated Ali
Boy doll
Boy toy
Boy toy for Barbie
Boy toy surnamed Carson
Boy toy?
Burns behind TV's Baseball series
Burns behind a camera
Burns in national parks
Burns into film
"Burns of ""Wordplay"""
Burns of PBS docs
Burns of documentaries
Burns on DVDs
Burns on film
Burns or Jennings
Burns seen recently in national parks
Burns with a camera
Burns with the documentaries
Can You Beat ___? (trivia game)
"Canadian ambassador Taylor in ""Argo"""
Certain male doll
Civil War chronicler Burns
Classic Mattel doll
Cognizance (3)
Columnist Auletta
Comedian Jeong
Competitor Flaton*
Cowboy star Maynard
Creationist Ham
Dale moll
Deep understanding
Dig in Dundee
Director Russell
Documentarian Burns
Documentary filmer Burns
Documentary filmmaker Burns
Documentary maker Burns
Doll created for Barbie
"Doll in ""Toy Story 3"""
Doll introduced in 1961
Doll name
Doll that's Barbie's boyfriend
Doll who dated Skipper's sister for 43 years
Dollfaced guy who dated Skipper's sister for 43 years
Dropkick Murphys bassist Casey
Dryden of Hockey
Dumped doll
Either Griffey
Either of the father-and-son Griffeys
Ex-baseballer Boyer
Figure in a celebrated 2004 breakup
Film director Russell
Filmmaker Burns
First name in documentary filming
"First name of a ""Jeopardy!"" whiz"
Follett or Kesey
Football Hall-of-Famer Strong
Footballer Stabler
"Former ""New York Post"" publisher Chandler"
Four-time A.L. home run champ Griffey Jr.
Four-time winner on the 1958 TOUR Venturi
"Friend and rival of Ryu in ""Street Fighter"""
Friend of Barbie
Friend of Ryu in the Street Fighter games
Garbey's buy
Goalkeeper Dryden
Golfer Venturi
"Griffey Jr. who is virtually certain to join the ""600 club"" this year"
Griffey inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame on Aug. 9
Griffey of MLB
Griffey of baseball
Griffey of the diamond
Griffey of the majors
Griffey or Darby
Griffey or Follett
"Griffey or Griffey, Jr."
Griffey the baseball legend
"Griffey, Sr. or Jr."
Guy doll
Guy that's a doll
Guy who's a real doll
Half a logic game
Half a logic puzzle
Half a math game
Half a number puzzle
Half a puzzle
Hall of Fame DB Houston
Hall of Famer Dryden
Ham who recently debated Bill Nye on evolution
He investigated Bill and Monica
He wears very little clothing
He's a doll
He's a real doll
He's a real doll!
He's quite a doll
Historical novelist Follett
Hockey Hall of Famer Dryden
Hockey's Dryden
Holtzman who pitched for the Yankees
"Howard of ""Dynasty"""
"Howard of ""The White Shadow"""
Howard or Kesey
Howard or Norton
Intellectual range
Interior secretary Salazar
Japanese game of forfeits
Japanese prefecture
"Jennings of ""Jeopardy!"""
Jennings of game-show fame
"Jennings on ""Jeopardy!"""
Jennings or Jeong
Jennings who lost to Watson in 2011
"Jennings who won 74 times in a row on ""Jeopardy!"""
Jennings who won on 'Jeopardy!'
Jennings with a winning streak on 'Jeopardy!'
"Jeong of ""Community"""
"Jeong of ""The Hangover"""
Jeong or Jennings
Jeopardy champion Jennings
Jeopardy! whiz Jennings
Kate Bush song about Barbie's beau?
"Keating, for short"
"Keating, to friends"
Keltner or Boyer of baseball
Kesey or Caminiti
Kesey or Follett
Kesey or Griffey
Kesey or Venturi
"Kesey who wrote ""One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"""
Klee of the Atlanta Thrashers
Know to Scotty
Know: Scot.
Knowledge range
Lambert Jr. of Binion's Horseshoe in Tunica*
Late Enron CEO Lay
Lay of Enron
Level of comprehension
Male doll
Man following hobo in New Jersey
Man from Mattel
Man of understanding
Man's nickname.
Mattel doll
"Mattel doll who's been a doctor, beach bum, soda jerk, and once even a faaaaabulous dude called ""Earring Magic"""
Mattel doll whose last name is Carson
Mattel fella
Mattel guy
Mattel introduction of 1961
Mattel male
Mattel product introduced in 1961
Mattel toy
Mattel's main man
Mattel-made man
Maynard of Westerns
Mental perception
Mental perception.
Merry Prankster Kesey
Mr. Barbie
Mr. Barbie?
Mr. Kesey
Mr. Starr
Murray or Berry
Murray or Dryden
Muscular doll
N.F.L. coach Whisenhunt
NHL great Dryden
Name to the left of Watson in 2011
"Nancy finally beat him on November 30, 2004"
Neighbor of Ind.
Netman Rosewall
Norton of boxing
Norton or Olin
Novelist Kesey
Nurse Ratched creator Kesey
Oakland A's manager Macha
Obama cabinet member Salazar
Old cowboy star Maynard
"Olin of ""L.A. Doctors"""
Olin of Falcon Crest
Olin or Kesey
One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest author Kesey
One of Bill's nemeses
One of a toydom pair
One of the Boyers of summer
Oscar-winning production designer Adam
"Plastic figure surnamed Carson who was, at least once, styled as a doctor"
Plastic guy
Popular doll
Popular male doll
Producer Burns
Prosecutor Starr
QB Stabler
Quarterback Stabler
Quiz whiz Jennings
Range of awareness
Range of knowledge
Range of knowledge.
Range of perception
Range of sight
Range of understanding
Range of view
Range of vision
Range of vision.
Range of what one can know
Range of what one knows
"Record ""Jeopardy!"" champ Jennings"
Rosewall of tennis.
Rosewall or Caminiti
Russell of film
Russell or Wahl
Salazar who served as Secretary of the Interior from 2009-2013
Scope of knowledge
Scope of understanding
Secretary of the Interior Salazar
Secretary of the interior Salazar
Sight or insight.
Singleton of baseball
Singleton or Boyer
Slugger Caminiti
Slugger Griffey
Slugger Griffey Jr.
Spy novelist Follett
Stabler of the NFL
Stabler or Rosewall
Starr in the news
"Starr of ""The Starr Report"""
State: Abbr.
Street Fighter character with bottle blond hair
Sugar's Daddy ___ (controversial new Mattel product)
TV actor Berry
Tennis great Rosewall
Tennis legend Rosewall
The New Yorker writer Auletta
Thespian Murray
This guy's a doll
This guy's a real doll
Thriller author Follett
Thriller writer Follett
Toronto Maple Leafs president Dryden
Trivia whiz Jennings
"Twice, a New York Times puzzle"
UFC star Shamrock
"Umpire Kaiser who wrote ""Planet of the Umps"""
Venturi of golf
Venturi of links fame
Venturi or Rosewall
Vietnamese double-reed instrument
Wahl of TV
Wahl or Rosewall
"Watanabe of ""The Last Samurai"""
Watanabe or Jennings
"When doubled, a number puzzle"
"When repeated, a popular puzzle"
Where Fort Knox is: Abbr.
Where Frankfurt is: Abbr.
Writer Auletta
Writer Follett
Writer Kesey
Writer Kesey or Follett
___ Burns effect (film technique)
___ doll
Documentarian Burns
Merry Prankster Kesey
Barbie's longtime beau
Novelist Follett
Writer Follett
"Dr. ___" (ABC comedy)
Author Kesey
Documentarian Burns
He's a doll
Quiz whiz Jennings
Writer Follett
Barbie's boyfriend
A real doll
Documentarian Burns
Boxer Norton
Range of understanding
Barbie's companion
Barbie's companion
Boxer Norton
___ doll
Actor Wahl
Actor Wahl
Burns with documentaries
Burns with documentaries
Baseball's Griffey
Burns of documentaries
Barbie’s beau
Man of knowledge
Longtime Barbie companion
Documentary filmmaker Burns
Documentarian Burns
Writer Kesey
Writer Follett
"Jeopardy!" phenom Jennings
Barbie's companion
"World Without End" author Follett
Baseball's Griffey
Boy doll
Boy doll
Boxer Norton
Trivia whiz Jennings
Name a London wood
"Toy Story 3" doll
Baseball Hall of Famer Griffey Jr.
Boy doll
Boxer Norton
Barbie's pal
Male doll
Big name in male dolls
Actor who portrayed Tony Hancock in 2008 BBC TV drama Hancock & Joan
Barbie's friend
Documentarian Burns
Follett who wrote "Eye of the Needle"
Barbie's companion
Writer Kesey
Guy doll
Documentarian Burns
Barbie's pal
___Georgette (CLC President)
"Jeopardy!" whiz Jennings
Boxer Norton
Norton or Griffey
Documentarian Burns
A name you know
Writer Kesey
He's a doll
"Baseball" documentarian Burns
Jennings who wrote 'Brainiac'
Griffey Jr. in Cooperstown
Boy doll
Boxer Norton
Physician-turned-actor Jeong
Documentarian Burns
You know him
Documentarian Burns
Male doll
Writer Follett
Range of knowledge
'Baseball' documentarian Burns
Either of baseball's Griffeys
Boxer Norton
Barbie's friend
___ Jennings ( Jeopardy champion )
Heart sickening knowledge?
Intellectual range
Cowboy star Maynard
Film documentarian Burns
Barbie's beau
Filmmaker Burns
Barbie's dream date
Range of understanding
Thirteen-time MLB All-Star Griffey Jr.
Barbie's beau
Howard or Olin
Documentary-maker Burns
"The Pillars of the Earth" author Follett
Barbie's guy
Earring Magic ___ (Mattel doll from 1992)
Boxer Norton
He's doll-faced
Doll seen in ''Toy Story 3''
Plastic guy
Game show champion Jennings
Writer Kesey
Outfielder Griffey, Jr.
Actor Jeong of "The Hangover"
Berry or Kercheval
Barbie's date
Actor Jeong who played a dad in "Crazy Rich Asians"
Barbie's guy
Berry or Carson
Vietnamese musical instrument
Documentarian Burnsend
"Bel Canto" actor Watanabe
Range of knowledge
Barbie's boyfriend
Barbie's boyfriend
Actor Jeong of "Crazy Rich Asians"
"Inception" actor Watanabe
Actor Kercheval
Burns who co-directed "The Vietnam War" documentary series
"The Hangover" actor Jeong
Hockey Hall of Famer Dryden
13-time MLB All-Star Griffey Jr.
"The Vietnam War" documentarian Burns
"Baseball" documentarian Burns
"Eye of the Needle" novelist Follett
Barbie's beau
"Jeopardy!" legend Jennings
2016 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Griffey Jr.
Boxer Norton
Burns with a camera
Range of knowledge
Barbie's old beau
Range of knowledge
Guy with a doll face
Barbie contemporary
Baseball's Griffey or Griffey Jr.
Baseball's Griffey
British comic artist associated with strips Jonah and Roger the Dodger
He's a doll
Jeong of "The Hangover"
Man of knowledge
Longtime baseball player Caminiti
Burns in film
Burns who makes television documentaries
Musical instrument, in Vietnam
Boxer Norton
Follett who wrote the 2014 novel "Edge of Eternity"
Male doll in the Barbie line of toys
"Jeopardy!" record-setter Jennings
He's a doll
Barbie Doll's beau
Actor Jeong of "Crazy Rich Asians"
Half a numbers game
"Crazy Rich Asians" actor Jeong
Barbie's cohort
Boy toy?
Actor Jeong who played the restaurant owner in "A Christmas Story Live!"
Writer Kesey

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