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Word: KNEE

The word KNEE has appeared in at least 884 clues on different crosswords.

KNEE definition(s):

  • hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella
  • joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped; corresponds to the human knee
  • cloth covering consisting of the part of a trouser leg that covers the knee
  • In man, the joint in the middle part of the leg.
  • The joint, or region of the joint, between the thigh and leg.

"""... ___ bone's connected to the thigh..."""
"""... with a banjo on my ___"""
"""Bury My Heart At Wounded ___"""
"""Bury My Heart at Wounded ---"""
"""Bury My Heart at Wounded ___"""
"""I'm going to dizz ___ land"" Dada"
"""Oh! Susanna!"" joint"
"""Oh! Susanna"" closer"
"""Oh! Susanna"" joint"
"""On Bended ___"""
"""On Bended ___"" (Boyz II Men ballad)"
"""On Bended ___"" (Boyz II Men hit single)"
"""On Bended ___"" (Boyz II Men hit)"
"""Trick"" body part"
"""Trick"" joint"
"""Trick"" joint, maybe"
"""With a banjo on my ___"""
"""Your ___ bone's connected to your thigh..."""
"""___ Deep in the Hoopla"""
'... my banjo on my --'
"'71 film, Claire's ___"
-- -jerk reaction
A booted grounder may hit it
A joint
A knight takes one when being dubbed
A midi covers it
A mini shows it
A proposer may be down on one
A tot may bounce on one
ACL injury locale
ACL joint
ACL's area
ACL's joint
ACL's locale
ACL's location
"ACL's place, legwise"
Ace bandage site
Anatomical part.
Anterior cruciate ligament joint
"Arctic Monkeys ""___ Socks"""
Arm : elbow :: leg : ___
Arm: elbow :: leg: ___
Arthroscopic surgery site
Arthroscopy area
Arthroscopy site
Arthroscopy target
"Arthroscopy target, often"
"Assault, in a way"
Athlete's injury spot
Athlete's trouble spot
"Attack at close range, maybe"
Baby bouncer
Baby bouncer?
Baby perch
"Baby seat, sometimes"
Baby seat?
Baby-bouncing body part
Baby-bouncing locale
Baby-bouncing place
Baby-dandling locale
Banjo location in song
Banjo perch
Banjo perch?
"Banjo prop, maybe"
Banjo setting?
Banjo site
"Banjo site in ""Oh! Susanna"""
"Banjo site, in song"
Banjo site?
Banjo spot
Banjo stabilizer
Banjo support of song
Banjo supporter
Banjo's perch?
Banjo's place
"Banjo's place in ""Oh! Susanna"""
"Banjo's place, in a song"
"Banjo's spot, in song"
Bend the ___ (submit)
Bendable joint
Bendable part
Bender for one hoping to get married?
Bender one might go on before getting engaged?
"Bender, of a sort"
Bending body part
Bent joint for a proposer
Bent piece of wood.
Between femur and fibula
"Between kisses, turning to hide a joint (4)"
Big joint
Blow in a self-defense class
Body joint in a Boyz II Men title
Body part in a Boyz II Men title
Body part that can be injured while sliding
"Body part that may be ""skinned"""
Body part that may be bent
Body part with a cap
Bottom of strike zone
Bottom of the strike zone
Bouncer's joint
Bouncer's joint?
Bouncing baby's seat
Bouncing joint?
"Boys II Men ""Bended"" this"
"Boyz II Men's ""On Bended ___"""
"Boyz II Men: ""On Bended ___"""
Cap locale
Cap or pad starter
Cap setting
Cap site
Cap site?
Cap spot
Capped body part
Capped joint
Capped part
Carpenter's brace
Carpenter's brace.
Cello stabilizer
Certain joint
"Child seat, sometimes"
Child seat?
Child support?
Child's seat?
"Chills, maybe"
Claire's beguiling feature
Clothing patch site
Common arthritis site
Common arthroscopy site
Common injury
Common injury site
Common replacement part
Common sports injury site
Common spot for arthroscopic surgery
"Creaky spot, for many of us"
Crook found in a tree
Crook in a branch
Crook in a branch.
Crook in a tree branch.
Crook needs to case the joint (4)
Cruciate ligament locale
Cruciate ligament location
Cruciate ligament's spot
Curve of a cabriole leg
Cyclist's sore spot
Cypress feature
Cypress feature.
Cypress knob
Cypress root formation.
Cypress stump
"Dada ""Dizz ___ Land"""
"Dandler's perch, perhaps"
Dandling area
Dandling locale
Dandling location
Dandling place
Dandling place.
Dandling site
Dandling spot
Deal a low blow
"Dee Brown's ""Bury My Heart at Wounded ___"""
Deep ___ bend
Deep or high lead-in
Deep or high preceder
Deep-___ bend
Deep-___ bend (exercise)
Deliver a low blow
"Deliver a low blow, in a way"
"Deliver a low blow, perhaps"
Describing a jerk
Dummy's perch
Dummy's place
Dummy's seat
Dummy's support
Elbow counterpart
Elbow kin
Elbow's counterpart
Elbow's lower counterpart
Elbows counterpart
End of a lap
Femoral groove location
Femur and tibia connector
Femur connector
Femur-tibia connection
Femur-tibia connector
Femur-tibia go-between
Femur-tibia joint
Femur-tibia link
Football injury spot
Football players can take one
Footballer's trouble spot
Foul in a way
Frequently injured joint
Genu: root form
Genuflected joint
Genuflecting joint
Genuflection joint
"Get in the groin, maybe"
"Get in the groin, perhaps"
Gonitis locale
Gonitis target
Gridiron injury site
"Groin striker, in self-defense classes"
Guitar support
Hacky sack juggler
Halfback's vulnerable spot.
Hamstring locale
Hamstring setting
Hamstring's location
"Hem length, maybe"
Hemline site.
Hinge joint
Hinge-type joint.
Hit below the belt
"Hit below the belt, in a way"
"Hit below the belt, maybe"
Hit with a low blow
"Hit, in a way"
Hole or cap
Home to the patellar groove
Hopping joint?
"Horse, for some small children being entertained by grandparents"
Housemaid's ___
Housemaid's ___.
Human equivalent of a horse's stifle
Human joint
Important joint
"In Latin, it's genu"
It bends
It bends in a plea or plie
It bends in respect
It can be replaced
It has a cap
It may be 'bended'
It may be skinned
It may be slapped
It may be slapped after a joke
It may be slapped while you enjoy a riot
It may jerk
It may provide child support
It may provide child support?
It might be skinned in the fall
It might be slapped after a good joke
It might be tested with a hammer
It's above the shank
It's above the tibia
It's bent during a curtsy
It's bent in a bow
It's bent in a knighting ceremony
It's between the femur and fibula
It's between the femur and tibia
It's capped
It's capped and may be slapped
It's capped and slapped
It's covered by a cap
It's covered with a cap
It's easy to skin
It's found under a hip joint
It's frequently skinned in a fall
It's just around the bend
It's just below the thigh
It's south of a hip joint
It's taken by Tebow
Jerk or bend
Jerk preceder
Jerk preceder?
Jerk-test joint
Jerky joint
Jerky joint?
"Jimmy Barnes & Dallas Crane ""Sit On My ___"""
Joint above the shin
Joint above the tibia
Joint below a femur
Joint below the femur
Joint bent in a curtsy
Joint between the femur and tibia
Joint between the thigh and shin
Joint connected to the thigh bone
Joint down below
Joint for a beggar?
Joint for dummies
Joint for dummies and jerks
Joint for guitarists?
Joint for jerks
Joint for jerks?
Joint in a Boyz II Men title
Joint often clipped on a gridiron
Joint often skinned
Joint on a prie-dieu
Joint placed on a prayer rug
Joint sometimes replaced
Joint that may be replaced
Joint that may jerk
Joint that returns in the three longest Across answers
Joint used in a plie
Joint used in hacky sack
Joint used in steadying a cello
Joint used to jump
Joint used while playing hacky sack
Joint where kids are welcome?
Joint where kids sit
Joint with a cap
Joint with a cap?
Jujitsu weapon
Jumpsuit part
Karate master's weapon
Karate weapon
"Kick, in a way"
Kicking joint
"Kid's ""seat"" on Santa"
Kid's scrape site
Kilt's stopping point
Kilts stopping point
Kind of a jerk?
Kind of bend
Kind of bends
Kind of brace or bend
Kind of breeches
Kind of cap
Kind of cap or jerk
Kind of cap or pad
Kind of cap.
Kind of deep
Kind of hole or cap
Kind of jerk
Kind of pad
Kind of pad or hole
Kind of pad or pants
Kind of sock or jerk
Kind of socks
Lap edge
"Last word in ""Oh! Susanna"""
"Last word of ""Oh! Susanna"""
Last word sung in 'Oh! Susanna'
Leg bender
Leg hinge
Leg joint
Leg part
Leg part.
Leg punch
Leg punch?
Leg's middle
Leg's middle joint
Leg's midpoint
Limb bender
Limb joint
Locale for a spanking
Location of a cricket's ear
Location of many a football injury
Location of the anterior cruciate ligament
Low bender
Low joint
Low joint?
Low-blow weapon
Lowdown joint?
Lower end of the strike zone
Lower joint
"MRI target, perhaps"
Makeshift seat for a tot
Man's largest joint
Mantle injured his in the 1951 World Series
Many a proposal is made on one
Martial arts expert's 'weapon'
Martial arts weapon
Martial-arts weapon
Measurement point for sock height or skirt length
Medial meniscus site
"Meeting place for the femur, tibia and patella"
Meniscus location
Meniscus setting
Meniscus site
Meniscus spot
Midleg joint
Midleg point
Midleg spot
Midpoint between a midi and a mini
Mini revelation
Mini revelation?
Mixed martial arts weapon
Namath weakness
Namath's trouble spot
Namath's weak spot
Nudge with a joint
"Nudge, perhaps"
Oft-bent joint
Oft-injured joint
Oft-scraped body part
Oft-scraped joint
Oft-scraped site
Oft-skinned area
Oft-skinned joint
Oft-sprained joint
Often replaced joint
Often-injured joint
Often-replaced part
Often-skinned spot
Often-torn trouser part
On bended ___
On bended ___.
One bent in a pli
One bent while genuflecting
One kind of cap
One may be taken before a proposal
One may have water on it
One might be brought up in a brawl
One of all fours
One of all fours?
One of the joints
"One-man band's cymbal carrier, usually"
Orthopedic specialty
"P.O.D. ""Who's gonna bow down? Every ___"""
Pad placement
Pad protection spot
Pad site
"Pad site, perhaps"
Pad spot
Pad's place
Paddling place
Pant leg part
Pant part
Pants part
Pants patch place
Part of the body.
Part of the strike zone
Patch location
Patch place
"Patch place, often"
"Patch place, perhaps"
"Patch site, perhaps"
"Patch's place, perhaps"
Patched pant part
Patched pants part
Patella area
Patella locale
Patella location
Patella milieu
Patella place
Patella region.
Patella s place
Patella site
Patella site.
Patella's joint
Patella's location
Patella's milieu
Patella's place
Patella's site
Patella's spot
"Patella, etc."
Patella.s place
"Place for ""Sonny Boy"""
Place for Jolson's Sonny Boy
Place for Sonny Boy
Place for a banjo
Place for a banjo?
Place for a bouncing baby
Place for a brace
Place for a cap
Place for a cap?
Place for a certain cap
Place for a dummy
Place for a football pad
Place for a footballer's pad
Place for a jerk?
Place for a one-man band's cymbal
Place for a pad
"Place for a pad, in football"
Place for a pants patch
Place for a patch
Place for a patch or a pad
Place for a proposal
Place for a skateboarder's pad
Place for a spanking recipient
Place for baby
Place for jerks and dummies
Place for padding
Place for padding or paddling
Place for some pads
Place for unthinking jerks
Place to bounce a baby
Place to bounce a tyke
Place to get a spanking
Place to play horsey
Place to put a banjo
Place to rest a guitar
Popular joint
Prayer joint
Prayer joint?
Pre-engagement bender?
Prie-dieu presser
"Primus ""Wounded ___"""
"Primus: ""Wounded ___"""
Prop for a marriage proposal
Prop for a ventriloquist's dummy
Proposal joint
Proposal prop
Proposals are sometimes made on one
Proposer's joint
Proposer's perch
Proposer's prop
Proposer's prop?
Proposer's support
Proposing joint
Rather low joint
Reflex joint
Reflex test area
Reflex test site
Reflex testing site
Reflex-test target
Reflex-testing site
Region of the patella.
"Running back's weak point, often"
Santa's seat?
Scoped body part
Scrape site
Scrape spot
Seat for a dummy
Seat for a dummy?
Seat for a tot
Shin neighbor
Shin's neighbor
Sir Paul McCartney was on one
Site of many a football injury
Site of many scrapes
Site of the patella
Skateboarder's padded joint
Skirt length
"Skirt-hem site, sometimes"
Skort revelation
Slapper starter
Slapping site
Snerd's seat
Soccer ball juggler
Something a mini leaves exposed
Something that's bruisable
Something to make a proposal on?
Something to propose on
Sometime hemline site.
Sort of action
South Dakota's Wounded ___
Spanking locale
Spanking spot
Spoon playing site
Spoon-playing locale
Spoon-playing site
Spot for Sonny Boy
Spot for a bouncing baby boy
Spot for a cap
Spot for a dummy
Spot for a jerk?
Spot for a pad
Spot for a patch
Spot for a scrape
Spot for baby-dangling
Spot for dummies and jerks
Starter for deep or high
Stifle joint
Stocking part
Strike zone border
Strike zone boundary
Strike zone's bottom
Strike zone's low end
Strike-zone boundary
"Supplicant's support, maybe"
Support for a proposal
Support for a proposal?
Supporter of a proposal?
Surgery Joe Perry had in '08
Swamp cypress feature
Target for a little hammer
Target for a little rubber hammer
"The ""genu"" in ""genuflect"""
Thigh/shin connector
Thigh/shin separator
Thing that might be brought up in a street fight
This joint may be jumping?
Tibia top
"Toddler's boo-boo spot, often"
Toddler's perch
Tot perch
Tot seat
Tot's perch
"Tot's spot, sometimes"
Trick ___
Trick joint
Trick part?
Tricky joint?
Trouser part
Type of jerk
Type of pad
Type of socks
Ultimate fighting weapon
Ventriloquist dummy's perch
Ventriloquist dummy's support
Vulnerable joint for Namath
Vulnerable joint in football
Vulnerable point for athletes
Wearing-out point for pants
"What Primus ""Wounded"""
What a laugher may slap
What might give a physical reaction?
What the genouill
Where Dan Hampton had 12 surgeries
Where a banjo may rest
Where a cap is found on the body
Where a dummy sits
Where breeches end
Where dummies sit
Where femur meets tibia
Where gramps jounces junior
Where pants may be worn
Where pants may have a hole
Where the ACL is
Where the femur and tibia meet
Where the femur meets the tibia
Where the patella is
Where the patella is.
Where to wear a genouill
Word after Wounded or trick
Word before deep or high
Word before deep or jerk
Word before pants or socks
Word before sock or jerk
Word preceding bend or jerk
"Word with ""Wounded"" or ""trick"""
"Word with ""high"" or ""jerk"""
"Word with ""jerk"" or ""slapper"""
Word with bend or jerk
Word with cap or bone
Word with cap or hole
Word with cap or jerk
Word with deep or high
Word with deep or hole
Word with high or deep
Word with high or hole
Word with hole or jerk
Word with jerk or joint
Word with jerk or slapper
Word with pants or socks
Word with skinned or bended
Word with sock or jerk
Word with wounded or bended
Worn spot on Levis
Worn spot on jeans
Wounded ___
Wounded ___ (South Dakota massacre site)
Wounded ___ (last battle of the Indian Wars)
Wounded ___ (massacre site)
Wounded ___ SD
"Wounded ___, S.D."
"Wounded ___, South Dakota"
Wounded follower in South Dakota
Wounded or bended follower
You can get down on one
You may be down on one
You might slap yours while enjoying a riot
Your largest joint
"Zac Brown ""___ Deep"""
___ -high to a grasshopper
___ -jerk reaction
___ -jerk: unthinking
___ -slapper: funny joke
___ Deep in the Blues
___ breeches
___ breeches.
___ britches.
___ jerk
___ pad
___ pants (youth symbol)
___ socks
___-deep (heavily involved)
___-high to a duck
___-high to a grasshopper
___-jerk reaction
___-jerk response
___-slapper (funny joke)
___-slapper (good joke)
___-slapper (riot)
Pretty low joint
Proposer’s prop
Rubber tomahwak’s target
Rubber tomahwak’s target
"Trick" joint
Leg joint
Replaceable joint
Reflex-testing joint
Leg joint
Spot for a scrape
"Trick" joint
Leg joint
End of a lap
Leg part
Leg joint
Patella site
Leg joint
Patella's place
Midleg joint
Martial arts weapon
Patella site
Strike zone boundary
Leg joint
Leg hinge
Joint put on a prayer rug
Spot hit by a reflex hammer
Leg hinge
"Trick" joint
Mini revelation?
Dummy's perch
Pants part
Leg joint
Pants part
Pleadingly, on bended ...
Sitting spot for a child visiting Santa
It supports proposals
Patella locale
Leg joint
Dandling spot
Leg joint
Leg joint
Place for the banjo in "Oh! Susanna"
Important joint
Leg part
It's capped and often slapped
Patella's place
Pleadingly, on bended ...
Patella site
Leg joint
Joint commonly replaced
Trick ___ (unpredictable joint)
Leg hinge
Leg hinge
ACL's joint
Leg hinge
Patella place
Frees of dirt, perhaps
Respectfully, on bended ...
Joint of the leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur
Attack in an underhanded way
Leg part
Deep ___ bend (exercise)
Leg part
Joint for jumping
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Deep-bend link
Cap site
Anatomical bender
See 25-Down
Where a lap ends
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Patella site
Joint for a jerky reaction?
Hinged joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Patella's place
Weekend newspaper editor opens English joint
Leg joint
Tricky joint?
Leg joint
Patella's place
Frequently patched place
Leg part
Leg bender
Leg joint
Bendable joint
Perch for a ventriloquist's dummy
Walk-in joint?
Leg hinge
Replaceable joint
Genuflection joint
Place to test reflexes
Leg bend
Leg joint
Keen for operation for joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg part
Leg joint
Joint that may support a 16-Across
Patella's place
Joint with a cap
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg part
Leg joint
Bendable leg part
Site of arthroscopic surgery
ACL injury site
Leg joint
Low joint
Body part with the ACL
Reflex test target
Trick joint?
56 Across' perch
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg hinge
Leg joint
Leg hinge
Midleg joint
Leg joint
Pleadingly, on bended ...
Leg joint
Leg joint
Place for a pants patch
Leg joint
Replaceable joint
Patella's place
Place for a skateboarder's pad
Leg part
Joint with a cap
Leg joint
Dandling spot
Leg part
All fours member
Your patella is there
Respectfully, on bended ...
Patella's place
Leg joint
Limb bender
Leg joint
Reflex-testing site
Patella's place
Replaceable joint
Leg hinge
Leg hinge
Weekend newspaper editor opens English joint
Bendy joint
Leg part
Respectfully, on bended ...
Word with high or hole
Patella's place
Joint above the ankle
Leg joint
Leg joint
Common patch locale
Replaceable joint
Leg joint
Patella's place
It's bent during a knighting
Cap joint
Patella site
Joint proposal might be made on one
Leg joint
Something taken on a field?
Leg joint
Baby bouncer, at times
Leg joint
Leg joint
Leg joint
Bendable body part
Arthroscopic surgery site
Leg joint
Pants part that might be patched
Leg joint
Support for a proposal
Leg joint
Leg joint
Patella site
Reflex-test joint
Midleg joint
"Bend the ___" (Daenerys's command to Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones")
Leg joint
___-jerk reaction
Site for an A.C.L. tear
Patella's place
Leg joint

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