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Word: LENA

The word LENA has appeared in at least 422 clues on different crosswords.

LENA definition(s):

  • a Russian river in Siberia; flows northward into the Laptev Sea
  • A procuress.

"""A Raisin in the Sun"" grandmother"
"""A Raisin in the Sun"" heroine"
"""Beany & Cecil"" boat Leakin' ___"
"""Chocolat"" actress"
"""Chocolat"" actress Olin"
"""Game of Thrones"" actress Headey"
"""Girls"" creator Dunham"
"""Girls"" creator/star Dunham"
"""Gossip"" co-star Headey"
"""Havana"" actress Olin"
"""Leaping ___."""
"""Leonce and ___"""
"""Love Me or Leave Me"" singer Horne"
"""Romeo Is Bleeding"" actress Olin"
"""Stormy Weather"" Horne"
"""Stormy Weather"" name"
"""Stormy Weather"" singer Horne"
"""Stormy Weather"" singer's first name"
"""Stormy Weather's"" Horne"
"""Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"" star Headey"
"""Tiny Furniture"" filmmaker Dunham"
"""___ Goes Latin"" (1963 pop album)"
'Girls' creator Dunham
'Havana' actress Olin
-- the Hyena (Capp character)
1981 Grammy winner Horne
1983 Spingarn Medal winner Horne
1984 Kennedy Center honoree Horne
"2,700-mile river"
"2,700-mile-long Russian river"
"2,734-mile Russian river"
"2,779-mile-long Russian river"
300 actress Headey
3000-mile river of Asia.
A Horne
A musical Horne
A singing Horne
A tuneful Horne
"Actress Dunham of TV's ""Girls"""
Actress Headey
"Actress Headey of ""300"""
"Actress Headley of ""Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"""
Actress Nyman
Actress Olin
"Actress Olin of ""Chocolat"""
"Actress Olin of ""Havana"""
Actress Olin of 'Chocolat'
Actress Olin or singer Horne
Al Capp character
Al Capp's ___ the Hyena
Al Capp's hyena
Al Capp's hyena girl
An Olin
Arm of Laptev Sea
Asian river
Asian river.
"Beany and Cecil's ""Leakin' ___"""
Blues legend Horne
Boesman's mate
Brassy musical Horne?
Brooklyn-born Horne
"Buchner's ""Leonce and ___"""
Capp character
Capp creation
Capp creature
Capp hyena
"Capp's ""Hyena"""
"Capp's ""___ the Hyena"""
"Capp's ""hyena"""
Capp's Hyena
Capp's ___ the Hyena
Capp's hyena
Capp/Wolverton creation ___ the Hyena
Cartoon hyena
Chanteuse Horne
Chanteuse ___ Horne
Commune in NW Spain
Conrad character
Conrad character.
Conrad heroine
Conrad heroine.
Contemporary of Cab and Duke
Contemporary of Ella
Contemporary of Ella and Sarah
"Costar of Allison, Jemima, and Zosia"
Cousin of Helen.
Director Dunham
Diva Horne
Dogpatch dog
Dogpatch hyena
Duke often accompanied her
Duke sometimes accompanied her
"Dunham of ""Girls"""
Dunham of 'Girls'
"Dunham of HBO's ""Girls"""
Dunham who compared voting for Barack Obama to losing her virginity
"Dunham who created and stars in the HBO series ""Girls"""
"Dunham who writes and stars in ""Girls"""
Easternmost river of Siberia.
Ella contemporary
Entertainer Horne
Entertainment legend Horne
Faceless Capp creation
First name in supper club entertainment
"Fugard play, ""Boesman and ___"""
"Georg Buchner's ""Leonce and ___"""
"Georg B
Girl of song.
Girl's name.
"Glinda in ""The Wiz"""
"Glinda player in ""The Wiz"""
"Glinda portrayer in ""The Wiz"""
Glinda portrayer in 'The Wiz'
Grammy winner Home
Grammy winner Horne
Great Siberian river.
Great river of Asia.
Great-sounding Horne
"Hannah's portrayer on ""Girls"""
"Harold Teen's ""Leapin' ___"""
Harold Teen's leaping car
Havana actress Olin
"Headey of ""Game of Thrones"""
"Headey of HBO's ""Game of Thrones"""
Headey or Horne
Helen's cousin.
"Heroine of Conrad's ""Victory"""
"Heroine of Conrad's ""Victory."""
"Hideous ""Li'l Abner"" character"
Home of note
Home of song
Home or Olin
Honey-voiced Horne
Horne from Brooklyn
"Horne in ""Stormy Weather"""
Horne in Hollywood
Horne in jazz
"Horne of ""Cabin in the Sky"""
"Horne of ""Stormy Weather"""
"Horne of ""Stormy Weather"" fame"
"Horne of ""The Lady and Her Music"""
"Horne of ""The Wiz"""
Horne of entertainment
Horne of jazz
Horne of music
Horne of music.
Horne of note
Horne of plenteous talent
Horne of plenty of music
Horne of plenty of talent
Horne of song
Horne of songdom
Horne of the Cotton Club
Horne on Broadway
Horne on stage
Horne or Dunham
Horne or Hyena
Horne or Nyman
Horne or Olin
Horne that sings
Horne the singer
Horne who blew in from Brooklyn
Horne who has plenty
Horne who played the Cotton Club
Horne who sang
"Horne who sang ""Deed I Do"""
"Horne who sang ""Stormy Weather"""
Horne who started at the Cotton Club
Horne with a great sound
Horne with backup horns
Horne with pipes
Horne with plenty of talent
"Horne, the entertainer"
"Horne, the legend"
Hyena created by Capp
Hyena from Dogpatch
"Hyena in ""L'il Abner"""
Hyena in Capp's comics
Hyena in a Capp strip
"Hyena, of the comics"
Irkutsk river
It starts near Lake Baikal
Jazz great Horne
Jazz singer Horne
Jazzy Horne
Laptev Sea feeder
Laptev feeder
Late singer Horne
Leakin'___: Beany and Cecil's boat
Leapin' ___
Leapin' ___ (comics car)
Leaping ___
Leaping car
Legendary Horne
Legendary Miss Horne
Legendary Ms. Horne
Legendary entertainer Horne
Legendary singer Horne
Lengthy Siberian river
Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner Horne
Little Helena.
Long Russian river
Longest Siberian river.
Longest river of Siberia.
Lower Slobbovia resident
Mellow Horne
Melodious Horne
Memorable Horne
Miss Genst?
Miss Horne
Ms. Horne
"Ms. Horne of ""Stormy Weather"""
Ms. Neal
Ms. Olin
Music's Horne
Music-making Horne
Musical Horn
Musical Horne
Musical autobiography of 1965
Musical autobiography of 1966
"Musically, a Horne of plenty"
Name in a B
Nightclub singer Horne
"Nyman of ""I Am Curious (Yellow)"""
"Olin in ""Mr. Jones"""
"Olin in ""Mystery Men"""
"Olin in ""Romeo Is Bleeding"""
"Olin in ""Romeo is Bleeding"""
"Olin of ""Alias"""
"Olin of ""Alias'"
"Olin of ""Chocolat"""
"Olin of ""Enemies, a Love Story"""
"Olin of ""Havana"""
"Olin of ""Hollywood Homicide"""
"Olin of ""Hollywood Homicide,"" 2003"
"Olin of ""Romeo is Bleeding"""
"Olin of ""The Ninth Gate"""
"Olin of ""The Reader"""
Olin of 'Alias'
Olin of 'Chocolat'
Olin or Horne
Olin or Nyman
"Olin who played two roles in ""The Reader"""
"One dubbed ""Leapin'."""
"Popilius ___, of ""Julius Caesar"""
"Portrayer of Hannah on ""Girls"""
River in Russia
River in Siberia.
River in Yakut.
River into Laptev Sea.
River into the Arctic.
River into the Laptev Sea.
River known for the goldfields in its basin
River of Irkutsk
River of Siberia
River of Siberia.
River of Yakut.
River of Yakutsk
River of Yakutsk.
River of eastern Russia
River that flows through Yakutsk
River through Siberia
River through Yakutsk
River to Arctic
River to the Arctic
River to the Arctic Ocean
River to the Laptev Sea
River whose headwaters are near Lake Baikal
Russia's longest river
Russian river
Russian river to the Laptev Sea
Russian river.
She leaps in comics
"She played Glinda in ""The Wiz"""
"She played Glinda in the 1978 film version of ""The Wiz"""
"She plays Hannah on ""Girls"""
She sang with Cab and Duke
She's Glinda in The Wiz
Siberian river
Siberian river.
Siberian stream
Singer Home
Singer Horne
Singer Horne.
Singer horne
Singing Horne
Singing great ___ Horne
Songstress Horne
Soviet river
Stockholm-born actress ___ Olin
Stongstress Horne.
Sultry Horne
Sultry singer Horne
Swedish actress Olin
Sweet-sounding Horne
"Talentwise, a Horne of plenty"
Tuneful Horne
U.S.S.R. river
Unattractive Capp character
Venetian's vigor
Vocalist Horne
Watercolorist ___ Liu
"With 76A, ""Chocolat"" costar"
Yakutsk river
Yakutsk's river
Yakutsk's river.
Young filmmaker Dunham
___ the Hyena
"___ the Hyena (""Li'l Abner"" character)"
___ the Hyena (Al Capp character)
"___ the Hyena of ""Li'l Abner"""
"___ the Hyena, of comics"
Horne who sang “Stormy Weather”
Actress Olin
Dunham of “Girls”
Singer Horne
Dunham seen on HBO
Olin of "Chocolat"
Dunham of “Girls”
Sultry Horne
Director Dunham
'Girls' creator Dunham
This one is in Russia
Legendary diva Horne
Entertainer Horne
Contemporary of Ella and Sarah
Actress Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Contemporary of Ella
Music's Horne
Dunham of "Girls"
Director Dunham
River to the Laptev Sea
Musical Horne
Dunham of "Girls"
Russian river to the Arctic Ocean
Singer Horne
Horne who played Glinda
"Not That Kind of Girl" memoirist Dunham
Dunham of "Girls"
Dunham of "Girls"
___ the Hyena ("Li'l Abner" character)
Legendary performer Horne
With 37-Across, "Alias" actress
Siberian river to the Arctic Ocean
Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Singer Horne
Actress Headey
Dunham of "Girls"
2,800-mile river to the Laptev Sea
Dunham of "Girls"
Horne who sang "Stormy Weather"
"Girls" creator Dunham
'Girls' creator/star Dunham
Musical Horne
Diva Horne
Dunham of "Girls"
Headey of 'Game of Thrones'
She's like Don and Shannon
Sultry Horne
Singer Horne
Dunham of "Girls"
Singer Horne
Dunham of "Girls"
Actress Headey of "Game of Thrones"
___ the Hyena of old comics
Headey who plays Cersei Lannister
"Stormy Weather" singer Horne
Musical Horne
Sultry Horne
Sultry Horne
Jazz great Horne
Jazz great Horne
Jazz great Horne
River that runs through 42-Across
"Girls" creator Dunham
Actress Olin
She's Cersei on ''Game of Thrones''
Golden Globe winner Dunham
With 2-Down, "Stormy Weather" singer
Musical Horne
"Stormy Weather" singer Horne
Singer Horne
Actress Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Dunham of "Girls"
Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Russian river
'Game of Thrones' actress Headey
Singer Horne who plays Glinda the Good Witch in "The Wiz"
Ms. Horne
Actress Headey who plays Cersei Lannister on "Game of Thrones"
Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Singer Horne
"Stormy Weather" singer Horne
Horne of jazz
Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Singer Horne
Legendary Horne
"Girls" creator Dunham
Horne of song
Singer Horne
Actress Dunham who wrote 'Not That Kind of Girl'
Sultry Horne
River nominally female
Horne of jazz
"Game of Thrones" actress Headey
Siberian river
Siberian river
Director Dunham
Actress Horne
Actress Dunham who is producing the HBO comedy "Camping"
Largest river to the Laptev Sea
"Chocolat" actress Olin
Chanteuse Horne
Dunham of "Girls"
Writer/actress Waithe who was in "Ready Player One"

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