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Word: LISP

The word LISP has appeared in at least 289 clues on different crosswords.

LISP definition(s):

  • a speech defect that involves pronouncing s like voiceless th and z like voiced th
  • speak with a lisp
  • a flexible procedure-oriented programing language that manipulates symbols in the form of lists
  • List Processing Language
  • To pronounce the sibilant letter s imperfectly; to give s and z the sound of th; -- a defect common among children.

"""She sells seashells"" problem"
"""She sells seashells"" speech problem"
"""Thpeak like thith"""
*Not get some Z's?
A computer programming lang.
A manner of speaking.
Baby talk
Baby-talk characteristic
Baby-talk factor
Be challenged by one's sisters?
"Beth for Bess, e.g."
Botch sibilants
Cause of thuds for suds
Challenge for a speech coach
Challenge for a speech therapist
Characteristic of baby talk
"Child's speech, often"
Childlike speech
Childlike vocal affectation
Cindy Brady feature
Cindy Brady had one
Cindy Brady's impediment
Cindy Brady's was cute
Computer language
Condition that prevents its own pronunciation
Daffy Duck feature
Daffy Duck has it
Daffy Duck has one
Daffy Duck talk
Daffy Duck trademark
Daffy Duck's challenge
Daffy Duck's impediment
Daffy characteristic
Daffy has one
Daffy trademark
Daffy's difficulty
Daffy's impediment
Daffy's problem
Declaim like Daffy
Do a Daffy Duck impression
"Do a homophobic impersonation, say"
Do like Daffy Duck
Don't sibilate
Emulate Daffy Duck
Enunciation problem
Fail to sibilate
"Favor a ""th"" sound"
Feature of Cindy Brady's speech
"Have ""S"" trouble"
Have a problem ordering sirloin steak?
"Have a problem with one's sister, say?"
Have ess trouble
"Have trouble saying ""S"""
"Have trouble saying ""Sorry""?"
"Have trouble saying ""s"""
"Have trouble with ""sisters,"" maybe?"
Have trouble with S's
Have trouble with assessors?
Have trouble with dismissals?
Have trouble with esses
Have trouble with sass?
Have trouble with sassafras?
"Have trouble with scissors, say"
Have trouble with siblings?
Have trouble with sisters?
"Have trouble with the ""missus""?"
Have trouble with the three Rs?
Hung up on esses
Imitate Daffy
Imitate Daffy Duck
Imitate Elmer Fudd
Imitate Sylvester the cat
Imperfect speech
It makes Sylvester spit
Job for a speech coach
John Adams had one
John Adams talked with one
Kiddie talk?
Kind of baby talk
"L = P, thay"
Make a sinner thinner?
Make force fourth?
Manner of speaking.
Mike Tyson has one
"Morrissey ""Lucky ___"""
"Not be able to say ""say,"" say"
One could make sin thin
One reason for speech therapy
One way to make a sinner thinner
Orator's challenge
Part of Daffy Duck's charm
"Part of Daffy Duck's charm, to some"
Problem for Sylvester the Cat
Problem for Sylvester the cat
Problem for someone who can't say Mass? (hint #2)
Problem for someone who can't say grace?
Programming language
"Pronounce ""s"" as ""th"""
Pronunciation difficulty
Pronunciation problem
Reason for speech therapy
Result of lingual protrusion
"Say ""Thufferin' Thuccotash,"" e.g."
"Say ""something"" wrong, in a way"
"Say ""something"" wrong, perhaps"
"Say ""something"" wrong?"
"Say ""th"" for ""s"""
"Say ""thay,"" e.g."
"Say ""z"" imperfectly"
"Saying ""th"" for ""s"""
Sibilant talk
"Sing, ""Thunrithe, Thunthet?"""
Slip anagram
Slip of the lips
Slip of the tongue
"Slip of the tongue, maybe"
Someone who has it can't say it
Speak as a child
Speak as a child.
Speak childishly.
Speak falteringly
Speak falteringly.
Speak imperfectly
"Speak imperfectly, in a way"
Speak imperfectly.
Speak like Daffy
Speak like Daffy Duck
Speak like Sylvester
Speak like Sylvester J. Pussycat
Speak like Sylvester the Cat
Speak like a child.
Speak the truth for the truce?
Speech affectation.
Speech characteristic
Speech coach's challenge
Speech defect
Speech defect.
Speech difficulty
Speech fault
Speech flaw
Speech hurdle
Speech impediment
Speech imperfection
Speech issue
Speech mannerism
Speech peculiarity.
Speech problem
Speech problem.
Speech sound.
Speech sounds.
Speech therapist's concern
Speech therapist's project
Speech therapist's target
Speech therapy subject
Speech therapy target
Speech trouble
Struggle with assessments?
Struggle with assessors?
Struggle with esses
Struggle with one's assistants?
Struggle with one's silly sisters?
Struggle with one's sisters?
Struggle with sassafras?
Struggle with struggle
Stumble on Sesame Street?
Stumble on sibilants
Stumble over one's sisters?
Stumble through Assisi?
Subject for a speech therapist
Suffer from sigmatism
Suffer when saying sassafrass?
Suffer with sibilants
Sylvester has one
Sylvester imitator's affectation
Sylvester's impediment
Sylvester's problem
Sylvester's speaking problem
Sylvester's speech problem
Sylvester's speech trait
Sylvester's sputtering
Sylvester's trademark
Sylvester's weakness
Talk flatteringly.
Talk in a way
Talk like Cindy Brady
Talk like Daffy
Talk like Daffy Duck
Talk like Fudd
Talk like Sylvester
Talk like Sylvester the Cat
Talk like some tots
Talk like thith
Talking issue
Thpeak like thith
Thpeak thuthly
Thpeaker's thtumbling block
Thpeech problem
Thylvethster's thpeech problem
Thylvethter's problem
Tongue twister
Topic in speech therapy
"Tot's talk, perhaps"
Trait of baby talk
Trouble with sibilants
Vocal impediment
What Karloff and Sylvester have in common
Winston Churchill spoke with one
"Winthrop's affliction in ""The Music Man"""
Talk like Daffy
Speech problem
Speech problem
Certain speech impediment
Pronunciation defect
Speak imperfectly
Talk like Daffy
Speech defect
Unfortunate slip while talking?
Speech defect
Daffy Duck has one
Speak like Sylvester
Is interrupting a player with imperfect speech
Certain speech impediment
Speech problem
Speech defect
Speak childishly with loose lips
Speech therapy subject
Speech problem
Have trouble with stress?
Speak imperfectly
Speak imperfectly
Speech impediment
Speech impediment
Speech problem
Speech problem
Baby-talk trait
Unfortunate slip in childish speech
Speech impediment
Sylvester the cat has one
Speech defect
Challenge for a speech coach
Feature of Cindy Brady's speech
Clothing business (3,5)
Speak imperfectly
Speech impediment
Pronunciation defect
Speech defect
Speech problem
Speech defect
Speech defect
Talk like Sylvester
Speech defect
Speak imperfectly
Talk like Daffy Duck
Pronunciation defect
Discuss thickness with a doctor?
Speak like Sylvester
Speech characteristic of Dustin on "Stranger Things"
Talk like Daffy Duck
Speech defect
Speech defect
Speech characteristic
Speech problem
Struggle with sisters?
Speech therapy subject
Speech defect
Speech defect
Challenge for a speech therapist
Speech defect
Pronunciation slip of the lips
Difficulty with exercise?
Speech problem
Speak imperfectly
Speech defect
Speech impediment
Speech problem
Speech defect
Thumb for some, perhaps?
Speech defect
Imitate Daffy Duck
Emulate Daffy duck
Sylvester's problem
Speech defect
Unfortunate slip of the lips
Sylvester's speech feature
Struggle with "s" sounds
Speak imperfectly

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