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Word: LOVE

The word LOVE has appeared in at least 536 clues on different crosswords.

LOVE definition(s):

  • a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
  • have a great affection or liking for
  • get pleasure from
  • any object of warm affection or devotion;
  • a beloved person; used as terms of endearment

"""...to ___ the Lord your god"" (Deut.11:13)"
"""A game that two can play and both win"": Eva Gabor"
"""A madness most discreet,"" per Romeo"
"""A temporary insanity curable by marriage"": Bierce"
"""A temporary insanity curable by marriage,"" per Ambrose Bierce"
"""A temporary insanity,"" per Ambrose Bierce"
"""All You Need Is ___"""
"""All You Need Is ___"" (1967 Beatles chart-topper)"
"""All You Need Is ___"" (Beatles)"
"""All You Need Is ___,"" Beatles hit"
"""All You Need is ___"": Beatles"
"""All you need,"" in a Beatles song"
"""Aspects of ___"" (Webber show)"
"""Crazy ___"" (Paul Anka)"
"""Easy to ___"" (song from the movie ""Born to Dance"")"
"""Greater ___ hath no man... """
"""I ___ New York"""
"""I ___ your sweater!"""
"""Justify My ___"" (Madonna song)"
"""Many-splendored thing"" of song"
"""Once in ___ With Amy"" (Frank Loesser tune)"
"""Poetry of the senses,"" per Honor
"""Punch-Drunk ___"" (2002)"
"""Puppy"" or ""true"" follower"
"""Street"" The Doors sang of"
"""The ___ Boat"""
"""The ___ Bug"" (1969 Disney movie)"
"""The ___ Bug"" starred Herbie the Beetle"
"""The ___ Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"""
"""The lesson which the Lord us taught"": Spenser"
"""The occupation of the idle man, the distraction of the warrior, the peril of the sovereign,"" per Napoleon"
"""To Know Him Is To ___ Him"" (Teddy Bears hit produced by Phil Spector)"
"""To fear ___ is to fear life"" (Russell)"
"""Tyrannick ___,"" Dryden play"
"""You'll Never Make ___ in This Town Again"""
"""___ Makes the World Go 'Round"""
"""___ Me Tender"""
"""___ Potion No. 9"" (1959 song)"
"""___ Shack"""
"""___ in Bloom"" (Jack Benny theme song)"
"""___ is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies"": Aristotle"
'___ is a grave mental disease' (Plato)
*Valentine sentiment
"0, on a court"
15 preceder
1997 PGA Championship winner
2/14 sentiment
2006 Beatles mashup album used in a Cirque du Soleil show
A many-splendored thing
A nice way to say nothing
Admire greatly.
Affectionate letter closing
Affectionate valediction
"All charges against the releaser of the ""___ Bug"" virus have been dismissed"
"All you need, according to a 1967 hit"
"All you need, according to the Beatles"
"All you need, in a Beatles song"
"All you need, in a song; nothing, on a court"
"All you need, per the Beatles"
"All you need, purportedly"
"All you need, to the Beatles"
All-conquering emotion
All-conquering thing
Aphrodite's domain
Arthur Lee band
Ballad topic
Be ga-ga over
Be gaga over
Be smitten by
Be wild about
Beach Boy Mike
Benatar's battlefield
Blind emotion?
Brotherhood Week theme
Care for
Certain human drive
Cherish deeply
"Chiffons hit ""___ So Fine"""
Cirque du Soleil's show based on the Beatles songs
Clarence of the Ravens
Cobain's lady
Coleridge poem
Colorado's Governor
Common emotion
Common literary theme
Common sign-off
"Common word at Woodstock, August 1969"
Companion of cherish.
Conqueror of all.
Conqueror of sorts.
Court cipher
Court zero
Courtney of Hole
Courtney or Davis
Cupid's concern
Cupid's goal
Cupid's interest
Cupid's province
Cupid's realm
Cupid's specialty
Davis of golf
Davis of the PGA
Dear one.
Deep affection
Delight in.
"Diana Krall album ""___ Scenes"""
Dote on
"Elton John ""Can You Feel the ___ Tonight"""
End of the observation
Endearing closing
"Eric Segal's ""___ Story"""
Favorite song subject
February 14 word
February 14th word
First word in countless song titles
First-sight phenomenon
Frequent letter ender
Frequent song subject
Game score
Garbo film: 1927
"Goose egg, to Graf"
Heart burn?
Heart condition?
Heart-to-heart exchange
Heart-to-heart exchange?
"Hilary Duff's ""With ___"""
Hippies' slogan.
Hold dear
Hole woman
Iconic image from artist Robert Indiana
Intimate letter sign-off
"It ""conquers all"""
"It ""makes the world go round"""
It comes before 15
It comes with hearts and flowers
It could be nothing
"It is ""resistless in battle,"" wrote Sophocles"
It makes the earth rotate?
It makes the world go round
It makes the world go round?
It may be unrequited
It means nothing
It means nothing at Arthur Ashe Stadium
It means nothing in tennis
It means nothing to Agassi
It means nothing to Andre Agassi
It means nothing to Andy Murray
It means nothing to Andy Roddick
It means nothing to Federer
It means nothing to Navratilova
It means nothing to Roger Federer
It means nothing to some people
It meant nothing to Nastase
It precedes 15
It spins Mother Earth
It was free during the hippie era
It's a many-splendored thing
It's all we need
It's all you need
It's nothing
It's nothing for Rafael Nadal
It's nothing to Agassi
It's nothing to Chris Evert
It's nothing to Federer
It's nothing to Graf
It's nothing to Roger Federer
It's nothing to Sampras
It's nothing to Seles
It's nothing to Venus
It's nothing to Venus Williams
Kind of beads or handles
Kind of bird or apple
Kind of nest or knot
Kind of triangle
King's answer to human conflict
Las Vegas show based on Beatles music
Last word in a telegram.
Laugher at locksmiths
"Lenny Kravitz ""Let ___ Rule"""
Letter sign-off
Letter sign-off word
Letter sign-off.
Letter signoff word
Letter writer's sign-off.
Like a lot
Like some tennis games
Lleyton Hewitt's zip
Low court score
Major winner of 1997
Many-splendored thing
Marriage partner
Mezzo-soprano Shirley
Mezzo-soprano Shirley ___
More than fancy
More than like
Mother ___
Motherly instinct
Motivation for the earth's rotation?
Nadal's nothing
"New computer virus, the ___ Bug"
Nil to Navratilova
No ___ lost (animosity)
No points for Nadal
"No score, in a game."
"No score, in tennis"
Noted mezzo-soprano
Nothing for Graf
Nothing for Nadal
Nothing in a set
Nothing on the court
Nothing on the courts
"Nothing, for Nadal"
"Nothing, in tennis"
"Nothing, in tennis."
"Nothing, on the courts"
"Nothing, on the courts?"
"Nothing, to Courier"
"Nothing, to McEnroe"
"Nothing, to Nastase"
Notorious canal
Novotna's nil
Object of affection
One kind of affair
"One of ""Three Little Words"""
One of the Beach Boys
One of three little words
Pam Shriver's zilch
Part of the marriage vow
Passionate affection
Philophobe's fear
Pleasant emotion
Poetic topic for Ovid
Point of no return?
Pointless in tennis
"Pointless, in tennis"
Popular song subject
Proverbial world rotator
Puppy ___
Puppy ___: crush
Puppy chaser?
Puppy follower?
Puppy or true follower
Ravens DB Clarence
Really eat up
Really enjoy
Reason for marriage
Robert Indiana painting
Robert Indiana sculpture
Robert Indiana stamp insignia
Rom-com subject
Romantic's obsession
Romcom subject
Score before 15
"Score before 15, in tennis"
Score before fifteen
Score in a pointless game?
Score of zero
See blurb
"Segal's ""___ Story"""
Serenade subject
Serenader's sentiment
Serenader's subject
"Shirley ___, Met mezzo-soprano"
Shirley of the opera
Signoff word
Singer Courtney
Something good to fall in
Something often fallen out of
Something to fall in
Something to fall in or out of
Songwriter's topic
Sonnet subject
Starting point in tennis
Starting score in tennis
Strong emotion
Strong emotion.
Subject of many songs
Summer ___
"Supremes ""Stop! In the Name of ___"""
Sweetheart's emotion
Sweetie pie
Take to
Tender feeling
Tennis goose egg
Tennis nonscore
Tennis number
Tennis score
Tennis score before 15
Tennis score.
Tennis shutout
Tennis term
Tennis term.
Tennis word
Tennis zero
Term in tennis.
Term of endearment.
That certain feeling
"The O'Jays' ""___ Train"""
The ___ Boat
"The answer, to romantics"
Theme of many Robert Indiana works
This means nothing to McEnroe
Tin Pan Alley subject
Tin Pan Alley topic
Topic of many songs
Torch song subject
Torch song topic
Tribute sentiment
Troubador's topic
Troubadour's subject
Troubadour's topic
Tunnel of ___ (amusement park ride)
Valentine card sentiment
Valentine card subject
Valentine sentiment
Valentine subject
Valentine theme
Valentine word
Valentine's Day celebrates it
Valentine's Day sentiment
Valentine's Day theme
Valentine's feeling
Valentine-card word
Very deep affection
Warm attachment
Wedding vows word
Wedding word
"What ""will keep us together,"" in a 1975 hit"
"What Kravitz let ""Rule"""
What Valentine's Day is all about
Wimbledon score
"Wimbledon score, e.g."
Wimbledon's zero
Word associated with artist Robert Indiana
Word before apple or bird
Word before nest or knot
Word in a tennis score
Word in many Beatles titles
Word in many ballad titles
Word on Robert Indiana's postage stamp
Word on a February card
Word represented by a heart
Word with bird or nest
Word with mother or puppy
Word with puppy or true
Word with seat or set
World mover
World mover.
World rotator
"World rotator, so they say"
World rotator?
World spinner
World turner?
XOXOXO alternative
Zero at Wimbledon
Zero in a game
Zero in tennis
"Zero, at Wimbledon"
"Zero, in a sport"
"Zero, in tennis"
"Zero, on a court"
"Zero, to Cash"
"Zero, to Martina Hingis"
"Zero, to Sampras"
"Zero, to Venus"
"Zero, to a tennis player"
Zilch at Wimbledon
"Zilch, at Wimbledon"
"Zilch, in tennis"
"Zilch, on a court"
"Zilch, to Connors"
Zip for Capriati
Zip on the courts
___ & War
"___ Field, Dallas airport"
___ apple (tomato)
"___ apple (tomato, archaically)"
___ beads (Woodstock wear)
___ pat (playful tap)
___-all (score)
Zero at Ashe Stadium
Zero, in tennis
Nothing but affection
Valentine sentiment
Courtney —, actress-singer who portrayed Althea Leasure Flynt in 1996 biopic The People vs Larry Flynt
Feb. 14 sentiment
Tennis score
Zero, in tennis
Nothing but affection
Nothing but affection
Serenader's sentiment
Zero, at Wimbledon
My pet duck
Zero, in tennis
Wingless bird has strong feeling
It's the very reverse of a bit of malevolence!
Intense emotion
Deep affection
Love Love ____ (Lombardo hit )
Nothing but affection
Term of endearment
Valentine word
Nothing but affection
Ardour amid the clover
Deep affection
Great affection
Zero, in tennis
Valentine sentiment
Nothing but affection
Nothing but affection
Nothing but affection
It 'keeps the cold out better than a cloak,' per Longfellow
Nothing but affection
Zero, at Wimbledon
Zero, on a court
Valentine sentiment
Tennis zero
Nothing but affection
Nothing but affection
Duck, sweetheart!
Deep affection
Nothing but affection
Starting score in tennis
Hold nothing dear?
Nothing but affection
Deep affection
Nothing but affection
Feb. 14 word
Tennis score
Deep affection
Valentine's Day subject
Valentine sentiment
Valentine sentiment
__ story
Score of nought in tennis
Zero, in tennis scores
Zero, at Wimbledon
Valentine verb
Valentine verb
Score in a tennis shutout
Tennis term
Valentine emotion
More than just like
Zero, on a court
It conquers all, it's said
"___ your nails!"
"___ Actually" (2003 British romcom)
Deep affection
Valentine sentiment
"Can't Buy Me ____"
1990 comedy-drama film starring Jeff Daniels and Judith Ivey
Score before 15, in tennis
Great affection
February 14 sentiment
Nothing but affection
Center court nothing
Tennis score
Deep sentiment
Great affection
Bierce's definition of it starts, "A temporary insanity curable by marriage"
Zero, on a court
Score before 15
2009 novel by William Trevor
"All you need," according to the Beatles
Go beyond "like"
"9-1-1" actress Jennifer ___ Hewitt
"Bad at ___" (2017 Halsey song)
Word on a valentine
Feb. 14 word
Nothing but affection
Nothing but affection
Theme of "Romeo and Juliet"
Powerful emotion

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