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Word: MALE

The word MALE has appeared in at least 378 clues on different crosswords.

MALE definition(s):

  • an animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova)
  • being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that perform the fertilizing function in generation
  • a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies
  • for or composed of men or boys
  • the capital of Maldives in the center of the islands

"""... more deadly than the ___."""
"""I Was A ___ War Bride"" (Grant flick)"
"""I Was a ___ War Bride"""
"""Mail"" homophone"
"""Rogue ___"" (Peter O'Toole)"
"""The ___ Animal"""
"""The ___ Animal"" (Fonda film)"
"""The ___ Animal"" (Thurber play)"
"""The ___ Animal"": Thurber-Nugent"
"""The ___ Animal,"" 1940 play"
"""The ___ Animal."""
'The ___ Animal'
'The ___ Animal.'
--- of the species
2 stag
"A Martian, according to John Gray"
Able to go into men's rooms
Adam was the first one
"Adam, for one"
Adjective for some gametes
Alpha ___
Ancient kingdom in SW Asia
Androgen producer
Bachelor party invitee
"Bachelor, e.g."
Bad: Prefix.
Billy or buck
Billy or jack
Billy or jack or Billy Jack
Boar or buck
"Boar or bull, e.g."
"Boar, e.g."
Bonding agent?
Born with a Y chromosome
Boy or man
"Bridegroom, for one"
Buck or billy
Buck or boar
Buck or bull
"Buck or bull, e.g."
Buck or cob
"Buck or cob, e.g."
Buck or drake
Buck or ram
"Buck or ram, e.g."
Buck or roebuck
"Buck or roebuck, e.g."
Buck or stag
Buck or tom
"Buck, e.g."
"Buck, for example"
"Buck, for one"
Bull or boar
"Bull or boar, e.g."
Bull or buck
Bull or ram
"Bull or stallion, e.g."
"Bull, cob or tom, e.g."
"Bull, cob, or tom"
"Bull, e.g."
"Bull, for one"
Capital of Maldives
Capital of the Maldives
Caption for some field guide illustrations
Census form choice
Census-form option
"Chauvinist, to some feminists"
"Chauvinistic one, stereotypically"
Cob or buck
Cob or cock
Cob or drake
"Cob or drake, e.g."
Cob or gander.
Cock or bull
Cock or bull e.g.
Demographic category
Determined by the Y-chromosome
Drake or bull
Drake or cob
Drake or gander
Drake or ram
"Drake, bull or tomcat"
"Drake, e.g."
"Drake, for example."
Driver's license designation
"Drone, e.g."
"Drone, for one"
Employment form category
Evil: Prefix
"Father or brother, e.g."
Father or son
"Father, son, uncle, etc."
Form check box
"Form check box, perhaps"
Gander gender
Gander or buck
"Gander or buck, e.g."
Gander or drake
Gander or gobbler
"Gander, e.g."
"Gander, for example"
"George W. Bush, or his dog, Barney"
Gobbler or gander
"Gobbler, for one"
"Groom or best man, e.g."
Guy or fellow
Half a species
Hart or cob
Having X and Y chromosomes
Having XY chromosomes
Having a Y chromosome
He can't bear anyone
I Was a ___ War Bride
Kind of bonding
Kind of chauvinist
Lech Walesa or Ignace Paderewski
"Like 49.1 pecent of the population, according to a 2000 report by the U.S. Census Bureau"
"Like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, despite the names"
Like Chippendale dancers
Like Chippendales personnel
Like Eton attendees
"Like Tom, Dick or Harry"
Like Viagra takers
Like a beefcake model
Like a buck or boar
Like a bull
Like a cob
Like a drag queen
Like a maned lion
Like a parent who can't bear you?
Like a peacock
"Like a plug, but not a socket"
"Like a plug, not a socket?"
"Like a plug, not a socket? (4)"
Like a stag
Like about half the world
Like all Major League players
Like all bucks and some broncos
Like all pro football players
"Like all secretaries of defense, so far"
Like all students at Atlanta's Morehouse College
"Like beefcake, as opposed to cheesecake"
Like blokes
Like bright red cardinals
Like canaries that sing
Like cobs
Like cobs and toms
Like electrical plugs
Like every U. S. president to date
Like every U.S. president
Like every U.S. president thus far
"Like father, like son?"
Like guys
Like him but not her
Like men
Like one end of an electric cord
Like one who cannot bear you?
Like plug ends of cords
Like plugs vis-
Like pro football players
Like some bonding
Like some connectors
Like some electrical plugs
Like some models
Like some plugs
Like stallions
Like stallions and bulls
"Like the entire cast of ""Stalag 17"""
Like the one who can't bear you?
Lion with a mane
"M on an application, often"
M on some forms
"M, in personal ads"
"M, in the personal ads"
"M, in the personals"
Made to fit into a recessed part
Maldive Islands' capital
Maldive capital
Maldive's capital
Maldives capital
Maldivian capital
Man or boy
Man or boy.
Man who can be found running up the four longest puzzle answers
"Man, for instance"
"Member of the non-biting sex, among mosquitoes"
More threatening gender of croc
Not XX
One gender
One of the guys
One of the sexes
One of the two genders
One of the two sexes
One who can't bear family life?
One who can't bear his family?
One who cannot bear life?
"One-half of our species, roughly"
Owner of the Y?
"Peacock, e.g."
Penthouse reader
"Porno for Pyros ""Cursed ___"""
Possessing a Y chromosome
"Pronged, as an electrical plug"
Questionnaire category
Questionnaire choice
"Questionnaire option, often"
Ram or bull
Ram or rooster
"Ram, e.g."
"Ram, for one"
Rooster or drake
Rooster or stallion
"Ru Paul, really"
Selective service registrant
Snap-brim wearer.
Stag attendee
Stag attender
Stag or buck
Stag or bull
"Stag or bull, e.g."
Stag or cob
Stag or ram
Stag or rooster
"Stag or rooster, e.g."
Stag or stallion
Stag party attendee
Stag party attender
Stag party guest
"Stag, e.g."
"Stag, for one"
Stallion or bull
Stallion or gelding
Stallion or stag
"Stallion, e.g."
Survey choice
The ___ Animal
"The gander, but not the goose"
"Thurber's ""The ___ Animal"""
"Tina Turner ""Typical ___"""
"Tina Turner: ""Typical ___"""
Tom Dick or Harry e.g.
Tom or billy
Tom or buck
Tom or drake
Tom turkey
"Tom, Dick or Harry"
"Tom, Dick or Harry."
"Tom, Dick, or Harry"
"Tom, for one"
"Tomcat, e.g."
Type of bonding
Type of bonding?
Type of clownfish that can change sexes
U.S. ___ : Presley hit
Virile one
Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs
"What a guy checks for ""sex""?"
What a man checks for sex?
What he is
What she is not
With XY chromosomes
With a Y chromosome
Wrong : L
Y chromosome carrier
Y chromosome owner
Y chromosome possessor
Y-chromosome carrier
___ bonding
___ chauvinist
___ chauvinist pig
___ gaze
___ model
___ robbery (flirt's forte)
___ soprano
___-pattern baldness
Having X and Y chromosomes
One of the sexes
Rooster or stallion
M, on many forms
Lame sort of gender
One sex
Buck, billy or tom
Questionnaire choice perhaps
M, on a form
__ bonding
One of the guys
About half of all humans
Rooster or bull
Like some plugs
M, on a form
Lame sort of gender
Like cobs and toms
Man or boy
Man or boy
See 9-Across
Alpha __
Like flowers' stamens
Like ganders
Man or boy
Man or boy
Man or boy
Lame sort of gender
Emma left with a man
Lame sort of gender
Man or boy
Rooster or ram
Man or boy
Lame sort of gender
Like bulls and boars
Lame sort of gender
Rooster or stallion
Not female
Like ganders
___ pattern baldness
End of term drink with one of those in 20 down
Medium drink for bloke
Like ganders
Lame sort of gender
Macho, maybe, and somewhat malevolent?
Content to transform a legendary type of animal
Like any guy
Man or boy
Lame sort of gender
Tom or stag
Man or boy
Like ganders
Eighth word ..
Like every U.S. president

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