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Word: MEAT

The word MEAT has appeared in at least 410 clues on different crosswords.

MEAT definition(s):

  • the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
  • the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone
  • the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
  • Food, in general; anything eaten for nourishment, either by man or beast. Hence, the edible part of anything; as, the meat of a lobster, a nut, or an egg.
  • The flesh of animals used as food; esp., animal muscle; as, a breakfast of bread and fruit without meat.

"""And thou shalt bring the ___ offering..."" (Le 2:8)"
"""Bat Out of Hell"" singer ___ Loaf"
"""How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your ___?"""
"""I never thought I'd be asking Cher to hold my ___ purse"": Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV VMAs"
"""If you don't eat your ___, you can't have any pudding"""
"""One man's ___ is another man's poison"""
"""One man's ___..."""
"""Paradise by the Dashboard Light"" Loaf"
"""Pets or ___: The Return To Flint"" (short followup to ""Roger and Me"")"
"""The Omnivore's Dilemma"" topic"
"""Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"" ___ Loaf"
"""You had ___ hello"": ""Jerry Maguire"" [Anne Erdmann, vegetarian]"
Abattoir product
Alt-rockers The ___ Puppets
An anagram for team
Another man's poison
"Answer to the riddle 'If a butcher is six feet tall, has a 34-inch waist, and wears size 12 shoes, what does he weigh?'"
Atkins Diet staple
Atkins diet staple
Ball or head leader
Ball or head starter
Ball preceder
Barbecue fare
"Baseball rookie, in slang"
Batting order word
Beef or bacon
Beef or ham
Beef or pork
"Beef, e.g."
"Bottom round, e.g."
"Brisket, e.g."
Bully or jerky
Butcher shop product
Butcher's area of expertise
Butcher's buy
Butcher's concern
Butcher's goods
Butcher's offering
Butcher's sale
Butcher's stock
Butcher's wares
Candidate for curing
Carnivore craving
Carnivore's choice
Carnivore's craving
Carnivore's diet
Carnivore's fare
Carnivore's intake
Carnivore's need
Carnivore's quest
Carnivore's quest.
Charcuterie fare
Charcuterie offering
Charcuterie wares
Chops and steaks
"Chops, e.g."
"Chuck, for instance."
"Chuck, say"
Coconut filler
Cold cuts
"Cold cuts, e.g."
Companion of potatoes
Contents of some lockers
Corn is often served with it
Couscous ingredient
Deli array
Deli offering
Dinner course
Dinner course.
Dinner dish.
Edible flesh
Edible kernel
Edible part of a nut
Edible part.
Entertainer Loaf
Entree item
"Entree item, often"
"Entree, often"
Essential content
Essential part
Essential point
Fido's favorite food
Flexitarian's occasional fare
Food avoided by vegans
Food eschewed by a vegetarian
Food for a carnivore
Food for carnivores
Food group
Food in a locker
Former Friday taboo for some
Frequent entree
Gist of the matter
Gist or substance
"Gist, as of a story"
"Gist, as of a story."
Good source of protein
Gorillas don't eat it
H.C.L. item
Ham or Spam
Ham or hamburger
"Ham or hamburger, e.g."
Ham or lamb
"Ham, e.g."
"Ham, lamb or Spam"
"Ham, lamb, or Spam"
"Hamburger, e.g."
Hash ingredient.
"Head cheese, e.g."
Head start
"Headcheese, e.g."
Heart and soul
Heart of the matter
Herbivores avoid it
Herbivores ignore it
High-protein food
Hormel offering
"Hot dog's composition, in large part"
Housewife's buy.
In-a-nutshell item.
It may be cured
It may be cured or smoked
"It was rationed beginning March 29, 1943"
It's eschewed by vegans
It's in a nutshell
It's verboten to a vegan
It's verboten to a vegetarian
It's verboten to vegans
Item vegans eschew
"Jerky, e.g."
Kind of ball
Kind of course
Kind of knish
Lamb or ham
"Lamb, e.g."
"Lamb, ham, or Spam"
Lenten pie's lack
Light or dark subject
Lion's fare
Main dish
"Main dish, often"
Main point
Makeup of some loaves
Matter of course?
Meal course
Meal for a carnivore
Menu item
Menu selection
"Mr. Loaf, to his friends?"
Mutton or venison
"Mutton, e.g."
N.Y. Opera house admits a ham? (4)
No-no for a vegan
Nut center
Nut part
Nut's best part
Nut's center
Nutshell contents
Nutshell's contents
One man's ___...
One protein source
Ornish Diet no-no
Part of a nut.
Part of an omnivore's diet
Part of many entrees
Part of the Atkins diet
Partner of potatoes
Pastrami or salami
Pecan pith
Pepperoni or sausage
Pescatarian no-no
"Pie ingredient, sometimes"
Pithy part
Pork or beef
"Pork, e.g."
Potato complement
Potatoes accompaniment
Potatoes partner
Potatoes table mate
Potatoes' go-with
Potatoes' partner
Protein source
"Protein, say"
Ravioli filler
"Ravioli filling, often"
"Ravioli filling, perhaps"
"Ravioli filling, sometimes"
Red ___ (emu yield)
Ribs and such
Rocker ___ Loaf
"SPAM, ham or lamb, e.g."
"Sausage, e.g."
"Shoulder of lamb, for example."
"Sinatra's ""Meet ___ the Copa"""
Singer Loaf
Singer ___ Loaf
Slab on a grill
"Smiths song ""___ Is Murder"""
Solid substance.
Something verboten to a vegetarian
"Spam, e.g."
"Spam, ham or lamb"
Steak or veal
"Steak or veal, e.g."
Steaks and chops
Steaks and chops.
Stew ingredient
Stuff in a locker
Substance or gist
Substantial content
Substantive part
Subway selection
Sum and substance
Sweet ___ (candy)
Table staple
Tenderizer target
The ___ Puppets
The important part
Turkey or chicken
Tyrannosaur's diet
"Veal, e.g."
"Veal, for one"
Vegan no-no
Vegan taboo
Vegan's avoidance
Vegan's no-no
Vegan's taboo
Vegans avoid it
Vegans eschew it
Vegetarian taboo
Vegetarian's anathema
Vegetarian's no-no
Vegetarian's taboo
Vegetarians avoid it
"Vegetarians don't chew it, they eschew it"
Vegetarians eschew it (NOT chew it)
Veggie platter's lack
Venison or veal
"Venison, e.g."
Walnut's center (it's vegan!)
"What ""some hae"""
What a vegan vetoes
What carnivores eat
What vegans avoid
What vegetarians eschew
Word after red or dead
Word with ball or hook
Word with grinder or packer
Word with head or ball
Word with head or hook
Word with head or hooks
___ Loaf
"___ Loaf (rock singer born in Dallas, Texas)"
___ Puppets
___ and potatoes
"___ wagon (ambulance, in slang)"
"chops, for example"
Veal or beef
Good source of protein
Deli array
Inspection target of the 61-Across
Protein often
Tame recipe for beef, say
Main thrust
Tame recipe for beef, say
Cuts for chops
Steak or chop
Vegan's no-no
Pork or beef
Ham or chicken
Tame recipe for pork, say
Entree feature, often
Protein source
Edible animal flesh
Vegetarian's taboo
Steak, e.g.
Steak, e.g.
Vegetarian's avoidance
Cooked animal flesh
Heart of the matter
Lamb, e.g.
Vegan's no-no
Ravioli filling, sometimes
Pork or beef
Pork or beef
Filler in a deli sandwich (and in the four longest Across answers)
Carnivore's craving
It's verboten to vegans
Vegan's no-no
Ravioli filling, perhaps
Steak or chop
Vegetarian's taboo
Vegetarian's taboo
Steak, e.g.
Steak e.g.
Pork, say
Pork or beef
Pork or beef
Substance abuse that initially started with illness
Vegetarian's taboo
Vegetarian's taboo
Veal or beef
Cooked animal flesh
Cooked animal flesh
Steak, e.g.
Beef or pork
Paleo diet staple
Steak or chop
Steak or pork
Veal or pork
Lamb, e.g
Potatoes partner
Cooked animal flesh
Team possibly with beef?
Poultry or pork, e.g.
Pork or beef, e.g.
Butcher's offering
Beef or pork
Pork or beef
Head cheese, in large part
It can be cured
Ravioli filling, sometimes
Classic partner of potatoes
Vegetarian's taboo
Steak, e.g.
Possible ravioli filling
Substantive content
Vegetarian's taboo
Charcuterie fare
Pork or beef
Substantial content
Some welcome atmosphere in Turkey, for instance
Chuck, e.g.
Flesh of animals
Some sublime attempt dismissed by the vegetarian
Pork or beef?
Tame recipe for beef, say
Beef or pork
Vegan's no-no
Vegan's no-no
Tame recipe for beef, say
Light or dark edible
Head cheese, ironically
Vegetarian's taboo
Steak, e.g.
Steak or chop
Good source of protein
Pork or beef
Vegetarians don't consume it
Part of an omnivore's diet
Much of a paleo diet
Vegetarian's taboo
Vegetarian's no-no
Cookbook section
Butcher's wares
It may be cured by smoking
Tame recipe for beef, say
Lamb or ham
Lamb or ham
Edible part of a nut
Lamb or pork
Essence (but maybe not to a vegan)
Vegetarian's no-no
Steak, e.g.
Beef or lamb
Vegetarian's no-no
Tame recipe for beef, say
Beef or pork
Ham or lamb
Substantive content
Butcher's offering
Source of protein
Steak or ham
Ravioli filling

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