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Word: NAP

The word NAP has appeared in at least 573 clues on different crosswords.

NAP definition(s):

  • a period of time spent sleeping
  • take a siesta
  • a soft or fuzzy surface texture
  • the yarn (as in a rug or velvet or corduroy) that stands up from the weave
  • a short sleep (usually not in bed)

"""Sesame Street"" song ""Bert's ___"""
40 winks
A few Z's
A few z's
A little sleep?
Abduction suffix
Afternoon activity for a toddler
Afternoon break
"Afternoon break, perhaps"
"Afternoon event, for many"
Afternoon event.
Afternoon indulgence
Afternoon refresher
"Afternoon refresher, perhaps"
Afternoon snooze
"Afternoon treat, maybe"
Aspect of velvet
Baby's agenda entry
Baby's break
Babysitter's break
Baize feature
Be careless or unguarded
Be inattentive
Be off guard
Be off one's guard
Be off one's guard.
Be off-guard
Be unaware of imminent danger
Become careless
Bedhead culprit
Bit of a lie-down
Bit of rest
Bit of shut-eye
Bit of shuteye
Break for (and/or from) the baby
"Break for Dubya, allegedly"
Break for a parent
Break for a parent or toddler
Break for a toddler
Break for a toddler and parent
Break for sleepyheads
Break in the day
Break of a kind
Break of a sort
Break of day?
Break on a cot
"Break, of a sort"
Brief break
Brief refresher
Brief respite
Brief rest
Brief sleep
Brief slumber
Brief time out
Brief time out?
Brief tour time-out
Brit : lie-down :: Yank : ___
Card game.
Cards raise this
Carpet characteristic
Carpet down
Carpet factor
Carpet feature
Carpet fuzz
Carpet quality
Carpet surface
Carpet texture
Cat chaser?
Cat tail?
"Cat's activity, often"
Cat's break
Cat's pause?
Cat's specialty
Cat's wink
Catch 40 winks
Catch a Z or two
Catch a few Z's
Catch a few z's
Catch a few z's on tour
Catch a wink
Catch forty winks
Catch some Z's
Catch some z's
Catch some zzzzz's
Catch up on lost sleep
Catch up on one's sleep
Check out in the afternoon
Cloth finish
Cloth surface
Conk out on the couch
Count a few sheep
Cranky person's need
Crash for a few
Dagwood indulgence
Davenport visit?
Day break
Day break?
Day care break
Day-care break
Daydreamer's activity?
Daytime drop-off?
Daytime refresher
Daytime rest
Don't last long in bed?
Don't let the boss catch you taking this
Down or down time
Down time?
Down-and-out time-out?
Down-and-out time?
Downy coating
Downy coating.
Downy covering.
Downy surface
Downy surface on fabrics.
Downy surface.
Doze a bit
Doze briefly
Drift off for a bit
Drop off
Drop off briefly
Drop off for a bit
Drop off for a while
"Drop off, maybe"
"Emulate a cat, perhaps"
Enjoy a snooze
Entry in a baby's schedule
Entry in baby's schedule
Experience a minor crash?
Fabled hare's undoing
Fabric feature
Fabric feature.
Fabric fuzz
Fabric surface
Fabric surface.
Fast crash?
Feature of baize
Felt surface
Few Z's
Fiber finish
Flannel feature
Fleece feature
"Follow Garfield's lead, maybe"
Follows cat and kid
Form a fuzzy surface on
Forty winks
Forty winks constitutes one
Forty winks.
Fuzzy fabric feature
Fuzzy fiber ends.
Fuzzy side of leather
Fuzzy surface
Fuzzy surface texture
Get a little rest
Get a little shut-eye
Get a little shuteye
Get some Z's
Get some rest
Get some shuteye
Go out at siesta time?
Go out during the day?
Go out for a bit?
Go out for a while?
Go out in the afternoon?
"Go out on a late night movie date, say"
Grab a few winks
Grab a few z's
Grueling tour day break
Hall of Famer Lajoie
Hall-of-Famer Lajoie
Hammock session
Hammock snooze
Hammock time
Hardly a deep sleep
High fiber?
Hour of down time?
Infant's daily break
Interlude for a tot
It can be felt on felt
It makes towels plushy
"It may help you ""catch up"""
It might be taken mid-afternoon
It refreshes
It's no deep slumber
It's taken to relieve sleep deprivation
"Jet lag remedy, perhaps"
Kid or cat attachment
Kid or cat follower
Kid's time out?
"Kindergarten ""time"""
Kindergarten break
Kindergarten rest
Kindergarten timeout
Kindergarteners' break
Kindergartner's break
Kindergartner's rest
Kindergartner's snooze
Lajoie of Cooperstown
"Lambaste, as a film <--"
Leather's fuzzy side
Let one's guard down
Light shuteye
Little break
Little refresher
Little rest
Lunch hour option
Mid-afternoon break
Midday break
Midday pre-K break
Midday refresher
Midday sleep
Midday snooze
Moleskin feature
More than nod
Nod off
Noon swoon
Not a deep sleep
Not be alert
Not pay attention
Not pay attention at all
Nursery school routine
Occasion to recharge
Old French coin
One might take it before a long night
Part of a baby's daily schedule
Part of a baby's day
Part of a baby's routine
Part of a baby's routine.
"Part of a preschool day, often"
Part of a toddler's afternoon routine
Part of the nursery school routine.
Pause that refreshes
Pause that refreshes?
Pile feature
Pile of velvet.
Pile of warm clothing?
Pile on the rug
Post feast temptation
Power ___
Power ___ (exec's break)
Power ___ (midday break)
Pre-K break
Pre-kindergarten break
Prepare for night duty
Preschool activity
"Preschool break, maybe"
Preschool downtime
Preschool ritual
Preschooler's downtime
Preschooler's dread
"Preschooler's dread, sometimes"
Quick refresher
Quick refreshment
Quick rest
Quick shuteye
Quick snooze
Quick time out
Quick time out?
Quick time-out
Quick time-out?
Quiet break
R&R activity
Raised fiber
Recharge midday
Recharging aid
"Recover from an all-nighter, say"
Recover from sleep deprivation
"Refresh oneself, say"
Refresher at work (if you have your own office)
Refresher of a sort
"Refresher, of a sort"
Refreshing break
Refreshing rest
"Relax on the red-eye, say"
Rest hour.
Rest of the afternoon
Rest of the afternoon?
Rest of the day
Rest period
Rip Van Winkle had a long one
Rip Van Winkle took one
Rug factor
Rug feature
Rug pile
Rug texture
Rugrat's break
Rya feature
Sack out briefly
Several winks
Short break
Short break of a sort
Short respite
Short rest
Short shuteye
Short siesta
Short sleep
Short sleep.
Short snooze
Short time out
Short time-out
Short timeout
Siesta activity
Siesta inaction
Siesta taken by this puzzle's longest answers
Sleep a bit
"Sleep at one's desk, say"
Sleep for far less than eight hours
Snort snooze
Soft surface
Softness provider
Some Z's
Some babes go down for it
Some down time
Some downtime
Some fuzz
Something Garfield often takes
Something taken in a hammock
Something you may get caught taking
Sort of break
"Spend time in a hammock, say"
Suede feature
Suede surface
Surface of fibres
Take 40 winks.
"Take a break, in a way"
Take a siesta
Take a snooze
Take a sofa break
Take a time out?
Take five
Take forty winks.
Tennis ball feature
Tennis ball fuzz
Tennis-ball feature
The pause that refreshes?
This can happen on tour bus
Time out
Time out at day care
Time out for a tot
Time out for tots
Time out?
Time-out for tots
Time-out of a sort
Toddler's afternoon ritual
Toddler's break
Toddler's downtime
Toddler's midday break
Toddler's midday event
Toddler's midday siesta
Toddler's need
Toddler's noontime break
Toddler's noontime break (3)
Toddler's ritual
Toddler's time out?
Toddler's time-out
Tot time-out
Tot's break
Tot's ritual
Tot's time out
Tot's time-out
Tot's timeout
Tour break activity
Tour break?
Tour mini-break
Towel feature
"Treat jet lag, perhaps"
Type of time-out
U of M's Big Ten rival
Unconscious act?
Undercover time?
Velour hallmark
Velvet feature
Velvet pile
Velvet surface
Villous surface.
Visit dreamland
What a baby needs
What cats are prone to do
What you may do when you're beat
Where Dick Button won his second Olympic gold medal
White House break for Reagan
Word after dirt or power
Word after power or cat
Workaholic's rarity
You might take it lying down
Z-catching time
___ room (productivity booster(?) at some workplaces)
Forty winks
Fail as a night guard say
Short snooze
Power ___
Short snooze
Power ___
40 winks collectively
40 winks collectively
Drop off briefly
Drift off for a bit
Brief sleep
Be off guard?
Catch 40 winksend
40 winks
Short snooze
Snapped, having to sleep
Short sleep
Snapped, having to doze
Afternoon break
Forty winks
Catch some z's
Preschool break
Catch some z's
40 winks
An hour of sleep, e.g.
Baby's time-out
Forty winks
Snapped, having little sleep
Catch some z's
Carpet feature
Cover torn apart by one of those lying down on the job?
Card game similar to whist
What a couch may be preferred over a bed for
Short sleep
Forty winks
Rest of the game?
Forty winks
Forty winks
Brief sleep
Brief sleep
Catch some z's
Short snooze
Short snooze
Quick snooze
Short sleep
Short sleep
Short sleep
Can you play it with your eyes shut?
Midday refresher
Short rest
Afternoon refresher
Short sleep
Toddler's downtime
Short rest
Short sleep
Go out for a while?
Afternoon refresher
Forty winks
Forty winks
Carpet feature
Tot's break
Card game similar to whist
Be out for a bit?
Short light sleep
Quiet time at day care
Brief siesta
Forty winks
Forty winks
Catch some z's
Brief sleep
Brief sleep
Restorative ritual
One may be taken under a tree
Short snooze
Short snooze
Snapped, having only forty winks
Short sleep
Attachment to "kid" and "cat"
Catch some z's
Go out for a bit?
Midafternoon break
Catch some z's
Afternoon rest
A few Z's
Cranky baby's need
Short sleep
Sort of day break
Midday snooze
Forty winks
Bit of shut-eye
Daily ritual for Einstein and Edison
Some shut-eye
40 winks
Forty winks
Forty winks
Short sleep
Drop off
Forty winks
A snooze on the carpet?
Day-care break
Catch some z's
Catch a wink
Restorative ritual
Can you make a pile playing it?
Carpet feature
Short sleep
Short sleep
Some abandon a programme for break in the afternoon
Midday snooze
Power up for the afternoon, perhaps
Tot's timeout
Quick sleep
Short snooze
Brief sleep
Short snooze
Short sleep

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