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Word: NOW

The word NOW has appeared in at least 413 clues on different crosswords.

NOW definition(s):

  • the momentary present
  • at the present moment
  • in these times
  • in the historical present; at this point in the narration of a series of past events
  • (prefatory or transitional) indicates a change of subject or activity

""" ___ hear this!"""
"""-- and then"""
"""--- you tell me!"""
"""Act ___!"""
"""Apocalypse ___"""
"""At once!"""
"""Both Sides ___,"" folk-song hit of 1968"
"""Buy It ___"" (eBay button)"
"""Come ___!"""
"""Don't dawdle!"""
"""Don't delay!"""
"""Don't hesitate!"""
"""Don't just stand there!"""
"""Everybody Loves You ___"""
"""Free ___"" (new Beatles record released by McCartney)"
"""Get cracking!"""
"""Get going!"""
"""Hold Me ___"" (Thompson Twins hit)"
"""How ___ brown cow?"""
"""I meant tomorrow, duh!"""
"""I need it yesterday!"""
"""I said - ___!"""
"""I said ___!"""
"""I won't wait another second!"""
"""I'm not waiting one more second!"""
"""It can't wait!"""
"""Move it!"""
"""Need You ___"" (Grammy-winning Lady Antebellum album)"
"""On the double!"""
"""Quit dawdling!"""
"""Right ___"""
"""Right away!"""
"""Right this instant!"""
"""Serenity ___!"" (cry for inner calm on ""Seinfeld"")"
"""Straight away!"""
"""Then"" partner"
"""There's not a minute to spare"""
"""This instant!"""
"""This instant?"""
"""This minute!"""
"""This second!"""
"""Up to ___,"" Al Smith's autobiography"
"""Whaddya waitin' for?!"""
"""What are you waiting for?!"""
"""What are you waiting for?"""
"""When do we want it?"" answer"
"""When do we want it?"" respone"
"""When do we want it?"" response"
"""Who's Sorry ___?"""
"""___ I Have Everything"" (""Fiddler on the Roof"" song)"
"""___ Is the Hour"""
"""___ That's What I Call Music!"""
"""___ hear this!"""
"""___ is the hour... """
"""___ is the time for all good men..."""
"""___ is the winter of our discontent"""
"""___ is the winter..."""
"""___ see here!"""
"""___ we are engaged in a great civil war..."": Lincoln"
"""___ what?"""
"""___ you see it..."""
"""___ you tell me!"""
"""___, There Was a Song!"" (Johnny album of 1960)"
'On the double!'
'See It ___' (news show hosted by Murrow)
'This instant!'
'___ I lay me... '
"1994 Anne Murray album ""___ & Forever"""
"1994 Richard Marx hit ""___ and Forever"""
Activist grp.
Admonitory word.
Again's partner
Alternative to never
As matters stand
As of today
As we speak
At once
At once.
At present
At the moment
At the present
At this moment
At this moment.
At this point
At this point in time
At this time
At this very moment
Au courant
B. Friedan co-founded it
Before ASAP
Before another moment passes
Children's prayer starter
Command to a dallier
"Coppola's ""Apocalypse ___"""
"Cousin of ""Well..."""
Demanding tot's word
Demanding word
Diva's demand
E.R.A. backers
E.R.A. booster
E.R.A. supporters
ERA backers
ERA group
ERA proponent
ERA sponsor
ERA supporter
ERA supporters
ERA-backing org.
"Edie Brickell song off ""Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars"""
Eleanor Smeal's org.
End of a parent's order
Equality grp.
Even as we speak
Fem. group
Feminist gp.
Feminist grp.
Feminist org.
Feminist org. since 1966
Feminists' org.
"First word of ""Richard III"""
"Ford's ""Whip Inflation ___"""
Friedan's gp.
"Good time to do crosswords, looks like"
Here partner
Here's companion
Here's partner
"Immediately; today; November 5th, 2008"
Impatient cry
Impatient demand
Impatient one's word
In our time
In this day and age
Ireland assoc.
Ireland's org.
It's much sooner than later
"Kaltenborn's ""Europe ___"""
"Like, immediately"
"Moe, on his Navy surplus deep fryer: ""You could flash-fry a buffalo in 40 seconds"" Homer: ""40 seconds?! But I want it ___!"""
Moment at hand
Never alternative
Never's alternative.
Never's counterpart
"Not ""when you get a minute"""
Not in the future
Not later
Not soon
Not sooner or later
Not the past or the future
Not then
Noted rights grp.
Of the moment
Old PBS series hosted by Bill Moyers
On the double
On the double!
Opening word of 'Richard III'
"Oxymoronic lead-in to ""then"""
PBS series hosted by Bill Moyers
Parent's order
Parental imperative
Part 3 of remark
Partner of again
Partner of here
Partner of then
"Political grp. with a ""Say It, Sister"" blog"
Pres. Smeal's org.
Present time
President Ireland's gp.
"Queen's ""___ I'm Here"""
Quicker than ASAP
"Response to ""When do we want it?"""
"Richard Marx hit ""___ and Forever"""
Right away
Right this instant
Right this minute
Right this moment
Rights grp. since 1966
Rights org. since 1966
Rolling Stones album
Seeing that.
Sexual equality grp.
Smeal campaign?
Sooner than later
Sooner than soon
"Soothing word, when repeated."
Straight away
The ___ generation
The present
The present day
The time being
"The time for action, often"
The time for all good men?
Then partner
Then's partner
These days
This instant
This instant!
This minute
This minute!
This moment
This moment.
This second
This time
This very minute
This very moment
This very second
"Thompson Twins hit ""Hold Me ___"""
Time for aid to country
"Today, but quicker"
Tough concept for procrastinators
Typing-test beginner
"Unhoped-for response to ""How soon do you need it?"""
Very recently.
When brats want something
When brats want something?
When do we want it?
When impatient people want it
When impatient people want things
When kids usually want things
When most children want things
When most kids want something
"When repeated, a calming phrase"
"When repeated, a phrase of reproof"
When to break a bad habit
When you want it?
"When your boss wants things done, perhaps"
When your chance may be
"When, for an eager beaver"
With things as they are
Without delay
Without delay.
Without further ado
Without further delay
Without hesitating
Without hesitation
Women's gp.
Women's org.
Word before you tell me
Word of impatience
Word of urgency
Word repeated by a placater
___ and then
___ and then (occasionally)
___ or never
___ or never!
"___, Voyager"
''Quit stalling!''
Word of impatience
Right away
"___ what?"
At this moment
Definitely not later
At once
This instant
Not before or after
It's much sooner than later
Parental imperative
See 5-Across
There's no way at present
At the moment
At once
'Buy It ___' (eBay option)
As we speak
As we speak
Won over for the present
At present
At this juncture
Won over for the present
Common cue
When repeated, 'All right, that's enough!'
Word of impatience
Won over for the present
Right this minute
Right away
Won over for the present
"This instant!"
At this point, there's no point!
"___ hear this!"
At this time
At once
At present
Won over for the present
These days
It seems pointless at present
At present
The present
When to "hear this"
The present
"Right this minute!"
Right away
Word said before "then," oxymoronically
Won over for the present
"Straight away"
At this moment
At the moment
Won over for the present
At this moment
"This very minute!"
At present
At this moment
"This second!"
At once
"When do we want it?" response
"Spring the trap!"
Right away
E.R.A.-backing grp
Without delay
Right away
At once
At once
"Right this minute!"end
At this moment
At the moment
Then's partner
Here and ____
At the moment
Right this minute
At the moment
"___ what?"
In no way historic or futuristic
Won over for the present
This moment
This instant
At this time
In Snowdonia at present
At the present
Oxymoronic lead-in to "then"
"____, Voyager"
Right this minute
"This instant!"
This minute!
Right this minute
This day and age
At the moment
At this time
Without delay
This moment
At this moment
The present
Won over for the present
At this moment
With 63-Across, "There, there" kin
Theme and when do we want it?
This minute!
"This instant!"
Not in the past or future

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