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Word: OAR

The word OAR has appeared in at least 935 clues on different crosswords.

OAR definition(s):

  • an implement used to propel or steer a boat
  • Office Of Aerospace Research
  • Oceanic And Atmospheric Research
  • Office Of Atmospheric Research
  • Office Of Air And Radiation (USEPA)

"""All Sides"" Maryland band"
"""All Sides"" band"
"""All Sides"" band (Abbr.)"
"""And all that handle the ___"" (Eze 27:29)"
"""And all that handle the ___"" (Ezekiel 27:29)"
"""And all that handle the ___, the mariners"" (Eze 27:29)"
"""Concentration"" conjunction"
"""Lay Down"" Maryland band"
"""Life of Pi"" prop"
"""Love and Memories"" Maryland band"
"""Love and Memories"" band"
"""Shattered (Turn the Car Around)"" band"
"""Stories of a Stranger"" Maryland band"
"""Stories of a Stranger"" band"
"""The Talented Mr. Ripley"" murder weapon"
"""Titanic"" prop"
... and another homophone
A propeller
A thole holds it
Ancient propulsive tool
Athlete in a shell
"Athletic prop for ""the Winklevii"""
Backwash creator
Backwash producer
Ben-Hur manned one
Ben-Hur was chained to one
Ben-Hur was chained to one for three years
Bencher's burden
Bencher's implement
Bireme adjunct
Bireme blade
Bireme buy
Bireme equipment
Bireme feature
Bireme hand
Bireme implement
Bireme item
Bireme item.
Bireme mover
Bireme or trireme tool
Bireme prop
Bireme propellant
Bireme propeller
Bireme tool
Bireme unit
Bireme's propeller
Bit of crew equipment
Blade for propulsion
Blade in a boat
Blade in a lock
Blade in sports
Blade in the water
Blade on a boat
Blade site
Blade that goes in a lock
Blade that makes a wake
Blade that might help move a boat
Blade used at a regatta
Blade used in sports
Bladed implement
Bladed object
Bladed pole
Bladed pole.
Bladed propeller
"Boat ""power"""
Boat accessory
Boat accessory.
Boat accouterment
Boat accoutrement
Boat aid.
Boat blade
Boat budger
Boat equipment
Boat gear
Boat implement
Boat man.
Boat maneuverer
Boat mover
Boat paddle
Boat power
Boat propeller
Boat propeller / Pitch
Boat propeller?
Boat rower
Boat rower's need
Boat steerer
Boat tool
Boat turner
Boat-rowing tool
Boat-steering aid
Boat-steering tool
Boater's blade
Boater's paddle
Boater's tool
Boathouse accessory
Boathouse blade
Boathouse gear
Boathouse implement
Boathouse item
Boathouse prop
Boathouse provision
Boathouse sight
Boathouse tool
Boathouse wall hanging
Boating blade
Boating implement
Bowman's implement
Bowman's implement?
Bowman's need
Buttinsky's tool?
Canoe implement
Canoe item
Canoe mover
Canoe need
Canoe paddle
Canoe propeller
Canoeing equipment
Canoeist's need
Canoer's tool
Cause of paddle fatigue?
Central board
Certain navigation tool
Charon's tool
Classic 1969 album from Skip Spence
Concentration conjunction
Conjunction in a rebus puzzle
Conjunction in rebus puzzles
Coxswain obeyer
Coxswain's subordinate
Crab catcher
Crew accessory
Crew blade
Crew driver
Crew driver?
Crew equipment
Crew gear
Crew implement
Crew item
Crew man.
Crew member
Crew member's handful
Crew member's implement
Crew member.
Crew member?
Crew members use only one each while sweeping
Crew need
Crew prop
Crew rower
Crew stick
Crew team equipment
Crew team implement
Crew team member
Crew team need
Crew team's equipment
Crew team's item
Crew tool
Crew's control
Crew's control stick?
Crew's control?
Crew's propeller
Crew-team member
Crewman at Henley
Crewman's blade
Crewman's need
Dinghy accessory
Dinghy adjunct
Dinghy blade
Dinghy device
Dinghy director
Dinghy driver
Dinghy implement
Dinghy item
Dinghy mover
Dinghy necessity
Dinghy need
Dinghy propellent
Dinghy propeller
Dinghy propellor?
Dinghy pusher
Dinghy thing
Dinghy thingie
Dinghy thingy
Dinghy tool
Dip stick?
Dipper of sorts
Do galley work
Dory accessory
Dory adjunct
Dory device
Dory director
Dory driver
Dory feature
Dory implement
Dory item.
Dory mover
Dory need
Dory power
Dory propeller
Dory pusher
Dory tool
Dory's need
Dragonboat propeller
Driver of a skiff
Dugout device
Equipment piece for a sculler
Felucca puller
Flat-ended instrument
Flatboat implement
Galley blade
Galley crewman
Galley dipper
Galley essential
Galley figure
Galley gear
Galley hand
Galley implement
Galley instrument
Galley item
Galley item.
Galley mover
Galley need
Galley paddle
Galley prop
Galley propeller
Galley puller
Galley sight
Galley slave's burden
Galley slave's tool
Galley stick
Galley tool
Galley-slave's burden
Gear for a galley
Gear for a sculler
Gear for the crew
Get it into your scull
Gig implement
Gig item
Gob's paddle
Gondola guider
Gondola item.
Gondolier's implement
Gondolier's pole.
Gondolier's shaft
Hand-held wake maker
Hand-operated propeller
Have a row?
Henley Regatta tool
Henley Royal Regatta implement
Henley crew-member
Henley crewman
Henley participant
Henley propeller
Homonym of a Bruins Hall of Famer
Homophone of mine output
Impetus for a rowboat
Implement at Henley
Implement for Silken Laumann
Implement for a quadrireme
Implement for a sculler
Implement for a shell
Implement for catching a crab?
Implement in a lock
Implement or fish
Implement with a collar
Inclusion in many a boathouse rental
Instrument of metaphorical meddling
It can cause a row
It connects to the scull
It fits a lock
It fits a thole
It fits in a lock
It gets locked on some boats
It goes between tholes
It goes in a lock
It has a blade
It has a handle and a blade
It has a lock
"It has a throat, blade, and tip"
It helps you go with the flow
It helps you row with the flow
It makes waves
It may be in a lock
It may be part of a bank
It may get locked in a boat
It may go for a dip in the ocean
It may swung to the beat of a drum
It might 'catch a crab'
It might go for a dip in the ocean
It moves a bireme
It moves a boat
It moves a kayak
It rows your boat
It sticks out of a rowboat
It's dipped in the water
It's inserted into a lock
It's involved in a row
It's manned in a lifeboat
It's manned on water
It's needed for a stroke
"It's needed to row, row, row your boat"
It's put into a lock
It's stroked by a rower
"It's used to row, row, row your boat"
Item extending over a gunwale
Item fitted into a thole
Item fitting in a rowlock
Item for a crew team
Item for a dinghy
Item for a dory
Item for a rowlock
Item for a shell
Item for a skiff
Item found in a shell
Item in a lock
Item in a rowlock
Item in a shell
Item in a thole
Item on a trireme
Item used in strokes
Item with a blade
Its blade is used for steering
Kayak accessory
Kayaker's accessory
Kayaker's implement
Kayaker's need
Kayaking accessory
Kayaking need
Kind of lock
Kind of lock or fish
Kind of propeller
Large rowing trophy
Launch mover
Leaders of Orioles and Rangers stick in the dugout? (3)
Lever with a blade
Lifeboat accessory
Lifeboat aid
Lifeboat implement
Lifeboat item
Lifeboat mover
Lifeboat must
Lifeboat need
Lifeboat tool
Lock insert
Long propeller
Longboat accessory
Longboat propeller
Longship mover
Longship propeller
Low-tech propeller
Make a gig go
Manual propeller
Marina item
"Maryland ""All Sides"" band, briefly"
Means of propulsion
Member of the crew
Move a gig
Move across the water
Move on water
Mover for a boat without a motor
Murder weapon in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'
Necessity for a bireme
Obey the coxswain
"Of A Revolution, briefly"
"Of a Revolution, briefly?"
Ohio alt-rock band
Old boat-steering tool
One can have you going in circles
One in a crew
One in a row?
One leaving a wake
One locked in a boat
One making waves
One may be locked in a boat
One of 170 on a trireme
One of a lifeboat pair
One of a pair at Henley
One of the crew
One of two in a dinghy
One on a boat
One stuck in the water
One that gets locked in a boat
Outboard backup
Outrigger implement
Outrigger paddle
Outrigger propeller
Paddle alternative
Paddle cousin
Paddle kin
Paddle of a sort
Paddle relative
Paddle substitute
Paddle's cousin
Paddle's kin
Paddle's next of kin
Paddle's relative
Paddled tool
Pair-___ (two-person racing shell)
Part of a crew
Parter of the waters
Parter of the waters?
Participant in a regatta
Participate in crew
Person in a crew
Person obeying a coxswain
Pole alternative
Pole for propelling
Pole for propulsion
Pole with a blade
Pole with a blade on one end
Pole's cousin
Propel a boat
Propel a boat.
Propel a gig
Propel a randan
Propel a scull
Propel a shell
"Propel a vessel, in a way"
Propel a wherry
"Propel, in a way"
"Propeller in a sound, say"
Propeller of a sort
Propeller of old warships
Propelling pole
Propulsion device
Propulsion pole
Propulsion prop
"Pull, at sea"
Pulwar puller
Punter's blade
Put in one's ___
Put in one's ___ (interfere)
Put in one's ___ (meddle)
Put one's ___ in
Put one's ___ in (interfere)
Put one's ___ in (interfere).
Put one's ___ in (meddle)
Put one's ___ in.
Racer blade
Racer blade?
Raft propeller
Rafter's aid
Rafter's need
Randan implement
Randan pusher
Rapid stick?
Rebus conjunction
Rebus puzzle conjunction
Regatta apparatus
Regatta blade
Regatta competitor
Regatta contestant
Regatta equipment
Regatta gear
Regatta implement
Regatta instrument
Regatta item
Regatta member
Regatta necessity
Regatta need
Regatta participant
Regatta propeller
Regatta racer's implement
Regatta requirement
Regatta requisite
Regatta ripple maker
Regatta tool
Regatta trophy
Relative of a paddle
Ripple maker
Ripple producer
River blade
Row a boat
Row the boat
Row with the flow
Row your boat
"Row, row, row your boat"
Rowboat accessory
Rowboat addendum
Rowboat adjunct
Rowboat blade
Rowboat equipment
Rowboat feature
Rowboat implement
Rowboat mover
Rowboat need
Rowboat paddle
Rowboat propeller
Rowboat rower
Rowboat stick
Rowboat tool
Rowboater's need
Rower in a race
Rower's blade
Rower's implement
Rower's necessity
Rower's need
Rower's requirement
Rower's tool
Rowers grip it
Rowing blade
Rowing device
Rowing equipment.
Rowing implement
Rowing necessity
Rowing need
Rowing team member
Rowing tool
Rowing trophy
Rowlock insert
Sampan mover
Sampan paddle
Sampan propeller
Sampan sight
Scull accessory
Scull adjunct
Scull alternative
Scull crewman
Scull gear
Scull implement
Scull item
Scull mover
Scull need
Scull propeller
Scull session item
Scull tool
"Scull, e.g."
"Scull, say"
Sculler's equipment
Sculler's gear
Sculler's implement
Sculler's item
Sculler's need
Sculler's prop
Sculler's tool
Sculling aid
Sculling blade
Sculling gear
Sculling implement
Sculling instrument
Sculling item
Sculling necessity
Sculling need
Sculling piece
Sculling pole
Sculling propeller
Sculling tool
Shaft with a blade
Shell accessory
Shell adjunct
Shell competitor
Shell crew member
Shell equipment
Shell gear
Shell guider
Shell hand
Shell implement
Shell item
Shell mover
Shell propeller
Shell requisite
Shell stick
Shell tool
Skiff adjunct
Skiff item
Skiff mover
Skiff need
Skiff propeller
Skiff tool
Skiff's need
Skip Spence album
Skip Spence's masterpiece
Skip Spence's only solo album
Small boat accouterment
Small boat mover
Small craft propeller
Small-boat mover
"Something found in a ""Ben-Hur"" bank"
Something in a galley
Something in the water
Something pulled at the coxswain's urging
Something that may be seen in a bank
Something thrown over the side of a boat
Something to dip in water
Sounds like Bobby
Source of water power?
Steering ___
"Steering device, at times"
Stern-faced tool?
Stick for paddling
Stick for shifting a ship
Stick in a Viking ship
Stick in a life boat
Stick in a lock
Stick in a scull
Stick in the crick
Stick in the lake?
Stick in the water
Stick in the water?
Stick out of a rowboat?
Stick stuck in the water
Stick used in a stroke
"Stick with a blade, a loom, and a handle"
Stick with a shell
Stick with the crew?
Stroke maker
Stroke's concern.
Stroke's implement
Stroke's need
"Stroke, for one"
"Stroke, in a way"
"Stroke, maybe"
Stroked item
Stroked tool
Stroking implement
Sweep at sea
Sweep in the water
Sweep in water
Sweeping instrument
Sweeping tool
Tar's paddle
Thames sight
Thing in a boathouse
Thing in a thole
Thing locked in a boat
Thole adjunct
Thole filler
Thole insert
Thole mate
Thole mate?
Thole pole
Thole thing
Thrust provider
Toil in a trireme
Toil in the galley
Toil with a crew
Tool at Henley
Tool for a scull session
Tool for some summer Olympians
Tool for the crew
Tool in a trireme
Trireme hand
Trireme implement
Trireme item
Trireme mover
Trireme necessity
Trireme need
Trireme projection
Trireme prop
Trireme propellant
Trireme propeller
Trireme stroker
Trireme tool
Trophy for some Ivy League teams
Use it to make waves
Use one's scull
Use your scull
Viking ship item
Viking ship need
Viking ship propeller
Viking ships had one
Wake maker
Water cutter
Water parter
Watercraft control
Wet propeller
What a galley slave wielded
What a sculler wields
What a sea snake's tail resembles
What a thole holds
What a thole supports
What to pull on a scull
"What you need to ""Row, Row, Row Your Boat""?"
Wherry implement
Wherry need
"With which you row, row, row your boat"
Wood on a rowboat
"Word from the Greek ""oieion,"" meaning ""rudder"""
Word with fish or lock
Yacht club hanging
You need one in a canoe
You'll need to get it into your scull
___ ool for rowing
Rowing implement
Rowboat implement
Regatta tool
Propel a scull
Tool sometimes used for steering
Small crafy propeller
Tool that makes waves
Dinghy implement
Propel on water in a way
Rowboat propeller
Boating blade
Rowing tool
Steering device, on water
Scull tool
Sculler's tool
Rowing need
Alternatively get a paddle
Gondolier's implement
Rowing blade
Rowing blade
Remove both ends of board to make paddle
Relative of 17-Across
Rowing tool
Boat maneuverer
Crew implement
Bireme blade
Lifeboat mover
Scull need
Rowboat tool
Rowing need
Stick that works in water
Rowing blade
Blade in water
Shell mover
Rowing need
Alternatively have a paddle
Dinghy blade
Blade that's most effective when wet
Bireme mover
Crew implement
Rowing need
Something that fits in a lock
Rowing pole for a boat
Crew need
Rowing need
The thole thing
Crew item
Galley tool
Crew member
Rowing need
Propel on water, in a way
Rowing need
Scull need
Rowing tool
Dinghy thing
Outrigger paddle
You can have a stroke with it
It makes a splashy entrance
Rowing implement
Rowing blade
Paddle's cousin
Rowing blade
A sweep, perhaps
Paddle relative
Rowboat mover
Rowing aid
Galley worker
Scull tool
Boathouse blade
Longship propeller
Rowing implement
Sculler's blade
Rowing implement
Alternatively get a paddle
Scull need
Rebus conjunction
Dory device
Rowing aid
Rowing aid
Blade making waves
Lifeboat implement
Outboard propeller!
Dinghy implement
It has a blade
Rowing tool
Rowing tool
Galley propeller
Dory propeller
Paddle's kin
Paddle's kin
Galley implement
Boat paddle
Boat paddle
Crew tool
Dory propeller
Rowing need
Crew tool
Scull need
Rowing aid
Rowing device
Rowing device
Boating tool
Galley item
Rowing aid
Scull need
Rowing aid
Dinghy propeller
Rowboat mover
Rowing need
Rowboat necessity
Crew tool
Something to pull on
Sculler's need
Crew implement
Rowing need
Galley tool
Paddle alternative
Galley part
Scull tool
Boating aid
Rower's blade
Rowboat necessity
Stratagem (4)
Employer's ruse (4)
Rowing blade
Rowing tool
Crew tool
Dinghy implement
Rowing blade
Crew tool
Conjunction in a rebus puzzle
Item used in strokes
Rowing tool
Alternatively get a paddle
Crew equipment
Rowing implement
Rowboat necessity
Rowing blade
Kayaking need
Scull tool
Rowing implement
As used by one man in eight?
Paddle relative
Alternatively get a paddle
Lifeboat mover
Crew tool
Crew implement
Blade for some boats
Dinghy propeller
Rowing blade
Blade that's a propeller
Lifeboat mover
Stick in a lake?
Row over a river
Lifeboat need
Sculler's blade
Propel a shell
Shell crewman, or his implement
Canoe implement
Rowing need
Sculler's need
Rowboat necessity
Item in a shell
Carbon-fiber propeller
Rowing aid
Scull tool
Outrigger's paddle
Scull tool
Alternatively get a paddle
One making a splash?
Blade making waves
Worker in the water
Blade removing head from pig
Dinghy thingie
Rowboat propeller
Regatta implement
Crew tool
Rowing implement
Dory device
Rower's tool
Crew member
Blade in a boathouse
Regatta blade
Rowing blade
Crew tool
Boat propeller
Lifeboat need
Crew tool
Alternatively have a paddle
Rowing aid
Blade for the water
Dory feature
Dinghy propeller
Rebus conjunction
Crew tool
Tool for rowing
Viking ship mover
Rowing blade
Rowing blade
Shell mover

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