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Word: OAT

The word OAT has appeared in at least 640 clues on different crosswords.

OAT definition(s):

  • annual grass of Europe and North Africa; grains used as food and fodder (referred to primarily in the plural: `oats'')
  • seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as `oats'')
  • Operational Acceptance Test
  • Overall Test
  • Office For The Advancement Of Telehealth

'One Wild ___' (1951 comedy)
(missing clue)
-- bran
A word before meal
Amber wave of grain
Avena sativa
Avena sativa item
Avena sativa.
Bagel choice
Bagel flavor
Bagel ingredient
Bagel next to muffin material (3)
Barley cousin
Barn bag bit
Barnyard dropping
Basis for a Quaker cereal
Big Brown's tidbit
Bit for Barbaro
Bit for Flicka
Bit for Mr. Ed
Bit for Omaha
Bit for Trigger
Bit for a bay
Bit for a real nag
Bit for a stable diet?
Bit in Silver's feedbag
Bit in a feedbag
Bit in a horse's mouth
Bit in a horse's mouth?
Bit in the stables
"Bit next to a bit, maybe"
Bit of Dobbin's dinner
Bit of a stable diet
Bit of chicken feed
Bit of filly feed
Bit of filly fodder
Bit of fodder
Bit of fodder for a mudder
Bit of food for Seattle Slew
Bit of grain
Bit of granola
Bit of horse feed
Bit of horse food
Bit of muesli
Bit that makes Trigger happy
Bit-wearer's snack
Bit-wearer's tidbit
Bite for Mister Ed
Bran bit
Bran choice
Bran in demand
Bran material
Bran name?
Bran or meal starter
Bran source
Breakfast bar bit
Breakfast cereal grain
Breakfast cereal ingredient
Breakfast grain
Breakfast morsel
Breakfast unit
Brittle cake grain
Bulk-bin morsel
Buttermilk morsel?
Cake ingredient
Cap'n Crunch grain
Cereal bar ingredient
Cereal bit
Cereal grads
Cereal grain
Cereal grain in Cap'n Crunch
Cereal grain.
Cereal grass
Cereal grass.
Cereal ingredient
"Cereal ingredient, often"
Cereal morsel
Cereal plant
Cereal plant.
Cereal stalk
Cereal staple
Cereal unit
Certain cereal grass
Certain grass
Cheeri-Os grain
Cheerio essence
Cheerio ingredient
Cheerio morsel
Cheerios box word
Cheerios essence
Cheerios grain
Cheerios ingredient
Cherrio morsel
Choice in bran
Cholesterol-reducing grain
Colt morsel
Colt's morsel
Common cereal grain
Common cereal ingredient
Common plant.
Component in muesli
Cracklin' ___ Bran
Cracklin' ___ Bran (Kellogg's cereal)
Crop item
Dobbin ort
Dobbin's driblet
Dobbin's morsel
Dobbin's nibble
Dobbin's tidbit
Edible grass seed.
Edible seed.
Equine nibble
Equine tidbit
Farm feed item
Fedbag bit
Feed bag bit
Feed bag bite
Feed bag fit
Feed bag grain
Feed bag item
Feed bag morsel
Feed bag nibble
Feed bag tidbit
Feed grain
Feed seed
Feed-bag bit
Feed-bag bite
Feed-bag item
Feed-bag morsel
Feed-bag tidbit
Feedbag bit
Feedbag flake
Feedbag grain
Feedbag ingredient
Feedbag item
Feedbag kernel
Feedbag morsel
Feedbag nibble
Feedbag tidbit
Feedbag unit
Feedbox bit
Feedbox bit (3)
Feedbox grain
Feedbox grain for Mister Ed
Fiber provider
Flicka flake
Flour source
Flour variety
Fodder bit
Fodder grain
Food bit for Funny Cide
Food grain
Frit fly's victim
Fruit fly's victim
Gorp nugget
Gorp piece
Grain bit
Grain encased in bran
Grain for Grani
Grain for Mister Ed
Grain for horses
Grain generally pluralized
Grain in Cheerios
Grain in Nutri-Grain
Grain in cereal
Grain in granola
Grain kernel
Grain morsel
Grain seed
Grain seed.
Grain some cereals are made from
Grain species
Grain spike.
Grain staple
Grain type
Grain used in Irish soda bread
Grain used in skin-care products
Grain variety
Granary grain
Granary morsel
Granola bar bit
Granola bar dropping
Granola bar grain
Granola bar morsel
Granola bar tidbit
Granola bit
Granola fleck
Granola grain
Granola ingredient
Granola kernel
Granola morsel
Granola piece
Granola tidbit
Grass plant.
Grass variety
Grass with edible seeds
Haggis ingredient
Hardy fill for a filly
Healthful grain
Healthful seed
Healthy grain
Heart-healthy grain
Heart-healthy whole grain
Horse bit
Horse chow bit
Horse feeder snack
Horse morsel
Horse ort
Horse tidbit
Horse's bit
Horse's morsel
Horse's nibble
Horse's tidbit
Hot slimy bit in the morning
Hull enclosure
Husk site
Ingredient in some stout beers
It has a husk
It made one Trigger happy?
It may be made into a meal
It may be rolled
It may be rolled or steel-cut
It might be sown
It precedes a meal and cake
It'll make Trigger happy
It's in the feedbag
It's sometimes wild
Item in a stable diet
"Jimmy Noone ""Let's Sow a Wild ___"""
Kashi ingredient
Kellogg's Cracklin' ___ Bran
Kind of bran
Kind of bran or meal
Kind of bread
Kind of cake
Kind of cake or grass
Kind of cake or meal
Kind of cakes
Kind of flakes
Kind of flour
Kind of grain
Kind of grass
Kind of hay
Kind of meal
Kind of meal or cake
Kind of meal.
Kind of meal?
Kind of milk
Kind of opera.
Lead-in to cake or meal
Little piece in a feedbag
Livestock tidbit
Livestock-feed tidbit
Maple ___ nut scones
Mare morsel
Mare's morsel
Mare's tidbit
Maypo grain
Maypo morsel
Meal component?
Meal ingredient
Meal kickoff?
Meal opener
Meal opener?
Meal or cake
Meal or cake starter
Meal or grass leader
Meal preceder
Meal preceder?
Meal source
Meal source?
Meal start
Meal start?
Meal starter
Meal starter?
Member of the grass family
Morgan's morsel
Morning morsel
Morsel a horse'll eat
Morsel a horse'll like
Morsel for Affirmed
Morsel for American Pharoah
Morsel for Dobbin
Morsel for Genuine Risk
Morsel for Mister Ed
Morsel for Mr. Ed
Morsel for Native Dancer
Morsel for Seabiscuit
Morsel for Seattle Slew
"Morsel for Secretariat, perhaps"
Morsel for Smarty Jones
Morsel for Spectacular Bid
Morsel for Tabasco Cat
Morsel for Trigger
Morsel for a Suffolk
Morsel for a horse
Morsel for a mare
Morsel for a meal?
Morsel for dobbin
Morsel in a stable
Morsel that a horse'll like
Mr. Ed's tidbit
Mudder fodder
Muesli bit
Muesli grain
Muesli ingredient
Muesli morsel
Muesli munchable
Muesli tidbit
Muffin choice
Muffin flavor
Muffin grain
Muffin material
Muffin morsel
Muffin type
Muffin variety
Nag nibble
Nag's nibble
Nag's nosh
"Nag's nosh, perhaps"
Neigh sayer's nosh
Neigh sayer's nosh?
Neigh sayer's treat
Nibble for Dobbin
Nibble for Nahua
Nibble for Real Quiet
Nibble for Trigger
Nibble for a horse
Nibble for a nag
Nibble for a real nag
Nose bag morsel
Nose bag nibble
Nosebag bit
Nosebag item
Nosebag morsel
Nosebag nibble
Nosebag nosh
Nosebag tidbit
Nosh for Mr. Ed
One in a wild bunch?
One makes one Trigger happy
One may be rolled
One of the grains in Nutri-Grain
Pablum variety
Pancakes ingredient
Part of a stable diet
Part of a stable diet?
Part of a stable snack?
Part of a stables snack
Pastoral pipe
"Pilcorn, e.g."
Plant attacked by crown rust
Plant that makes good straw
Popular meal
Porridge bit
"Porridge bit, perhaps"
Porridge grain
Porridge morsel
Porridge plant
Post box circular?
Precedes meal and cake
Provender tidbit
Quaker ___ Bran
Quaker bit
Quaker cereal grain
Quaker flake
Quaker grain
Quaker grain?
Quaker morsel
Quaker piece
Quaker tidbit
Quaker tidbit?
Quaker unit
Real Quiet bit
Rolled bit in a bowl
Rolled morsel
Rustic pipe
Saskatchewan cereal grass
Scrap for Seattle Slew
Seabiscuit bit
Seed in a spikelet
Seed used in cat grass
Single cereal grain
Single grain
Small part of a meal
Snack for Sea Biscuit
Snack for a steed
Snack for a thoroughbred
Some husk contents
Something to sow.
Source of fiber
Sowing item.
Stable bit
Stable bit?
Stable diet component?
Stable grain
Stable item
Stable morsel
Stable nibble
Stable particle
Stable particle?
Stable scrap
Stable snack
Stable staple
Stable tidbit
Steel-cut grain
Steel-cut smidgen
Stout flavor
Straw grass
Straw source
Stud's snack
Sustenance for Citation
"The ""O"" of Cheerios"
"The ""o"" in Cheerios"
This won't fill a filly
Tidbit for Affirmed
Tidbit for Dobbin
Tidbit for Hansel
Tidbit for Mister Ed
Tidbit for Seabiscuit
Tidbit for Seattle Slew
Tidbit for Swale
Tidbit for Trigger
Title film role for Tony Randall
Toasted ___ cereal
Touted sort of bran
Trigger tidbit
Trigger treat
Trigger's snack
Trough remnant
Turf tidbit
Type of biscuit
Type of bran
Type of bran or meal
Type of cake
Type of cake or meal
Type of flour
Type of grass
Type of grass.
Type of meal
Type of meal or cake
Type of meal?
Wild ___
Wild ___ (meadow weed)
Wild ___.
Wild sowing
Wild sowing prospect
Wild species of grass.
Wild thing?
Word before meal
Word in cereal names
Word in some breakfast cereal names
Word in some cereal names
Word on a Cheerios box
Word with bran or bread
Word with bran or meal
Word with cake or grass
Word with cake or meal
Word with cake or meal.
Word with meal or cake
"You could make a ""meal"" of it"
You could make a meal of it
___ Chex
___ bran
___ bran muffin
___ bran muffins
___ bread
___ cake
___ flakes
___ flakes (cereal)
___ flour
___ flour (gluten-free option)
___ futures (commodity on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
___ germ
___ grass
___ grass.
___ opera (horse opera).
___ opera (western)
___ straw
Flour variety
Muffin choice
Common grain unit
It may be steel-cut
Granola morsel
Granola grain
Granola bit
Cereal grain
Granola morsel
Granola grain
Horse's nibble
Porridge flake
Breakfast grain
Granola morsel
Cheerios grain
Porridge flake
Porridge flake
Bit for a horse
Muesli morsel
Feedbag morsel
___ bran
Feedbag bit
Porridge flake
Feedbag bit
Cereal grain
With 37-Down, muffin type
Honey ___ Clusters (breakfast cereal)
Porridge flake
Feedbag morsel
___ bran
Type of bran
Morsel for a mare
Erect annual grass grown for its edible seed
Nosebag tidbit
Granola grain
Frosted ___ Flakes (breakfast cereal)
Muesli morsel
Cereal grain
Granola morsel
Granola bit
Granola grain
Muesli morsel
Cereal grain
Breakfast grain
Granola grain
Bran source
Granola morsel
Feedbag bit
Feedbag bit
Muffin bit
Mare morsel
Muesli morsel
Porridge flake
Feedbag tidbit
Wild thing?
Horse bit
Porridge particle
Bit for Buttermilk
Feedbag bit
Muesli morsel
Granola morsel
Porridge flake
Bit of grain
Granola morsel
Grain used in making Alpha-Bits
Porridge flake
Granola bit
Type of bran
Bran source
Porridge flake
Grain of loathing
Porridge ingredient
Bran bit
Feedbag morsel
Cereal grass
Cereal grass
Granola bit
Muesli morsel
Morsel in a Quaker box
Horse's niblet
Nosebag morsel
Feedbag bit
Cake grain
Porridge flake
Feedbag morsel
Porridge flake
Feedbag bit
Granola morsel
Horse bit
Edible grass
Porridge flake
Word with cake or flake
Breakfast morsel
Bit in a stable diet
Cereal grain
Cereal grain
Granola morsel
Muffin choice
Feedbag tidbit
Muesli morsel
Muesli bit
Grain of loathing
Porridge flake
Cracklin' ___ Bran
Granola grain
Porridge flake
Granola morsel
Quaker grain?
Granola bit
Feedbag tidbit
Single niblet for a horse
Grain in Cheerios
Granola bit
Grain for a horse
Certain grain unit
Granola grain
Porridge flake
Flapjack crumb?
Grain of loathing
Grain bit
A part of Life?
Granola grain
Nosebag morsel
Grain staple
Something rolled for breakfast
Cereal plant
Grain of loathing
Feedbag morsel
Granola bar piece
Morsel for a horse
Vessel offloading second-rate grain
Mare morsel
Granola bit
Granola bar morsel
Certain grain unit
Morsel for a mare
Bran material
Bit in a stable
Grain in Quaker cereals
___ bran
Muffin morsel
Bread grain
Feedbag bit
Nibble for a nag
Cereal grain
Kind of flour
Muffin grain
Granola bar bit
Granola morsel
Cereal plant
Grain of loathing
Granola morsel

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