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Word: OLE

The word OLE has appeared in at least 1477 clues on different crosswords.

OLE definition(s):

  • Object Linking And Embedding
  • Object Linking And Embedding
  • Object Linking And Embedding

"""!Muy bien!"""
"""Beautiful goal, Messi!"""
"""Beautiful job!"""
"""Beautiful work!"""
"""Blood and Sand"" cheer"
"""Blood and Sand"" cry"
"""Blood and Sand"" outburst"
"""Blood and Sand"" outcry"
"""Bravo matador!"""
"""Bravo!"" at a bullfight"
"""Bravo!"" cousin"
"""Bravo!"" in Barcelona."
"""Bravo!"" relative"
"""Bravo!"" to a bullfighter"
"""Bravo!"" to a torero"
"""Bravo!"", at a bullfight"
"""Bravo, Escamillo!"""
"""Bravo, bullfighter!"""
"""Bravo, matador!"""
"""Bravo, se
"""Bravo, torero!"""
"""Bravo,"" below the Rio Bravo"
"""Bravo,"" in Mexico."
"""Bravo,"" to a bullfighter"
"""Bueno!"" relative"
"""Bull's hit!"""
"""Bully for you, bullfighter!"""
"""Bully!"", in the bullring"
"""Bully!"", to a bullfighter"
"""Corrida"" accolade"
"""Corrida"" cry"
"""Death in the Afternoon"" cheer"
"""Giants in the Earth"" author R
"""Giants in the Earth"" novelist Rolvaag"
"""Give him what for, matador!"""
"""Go, Guadalupe!"""
"""Go, Jos
"""Go, Ronaldinho!"""
"""Go, bullfighter!"""
"""Go, goalie!"""
"""Go, torero!"""
"""Good for you!"""
"""Good job!"""
"""Good job, Se
"""Good move, torero!"""
"""Good work!"""
"""Grand ___ Opry"""
"""Grand ___ Opry"" (1940)"
"""Great job, Pablo!"""
"""Great work!"""
"""Hip, hip, Jorge!"""
"""Hip, hip, Jorge!""?"
"""Hooray for Jos
"""Hooray!"" relative"
"""Hooray!"" variation"
"""Hooray!,"" to Jos
"""Hooray, Jos
"""Hot Hot Hot"" refrain syllable"
"""Hot Hot Hot"" refrain word"
"""Hot Hot Hot"" start, to say the least"
"""Hurrah, El Matador"""
"""Huzzah, Jose!"""
"""Huzzah, Jos
"""It's a Grand ___ Christmas"""
"""La fiesta brava"" sound"
"""Magnificent move, matador!"""
"""Marvelous, matador!"""
"""Nice cape work!"""
"""Nice flourish!"""
"""Nice job with the muleta!"""
"""Nice job!"""
"""Nice job, Jose!"""
"""Nice move, matador!"""
"""Nicely done!"""
"""Our team scored the only goal!"""
"""Palabra"" of encouragement"
"""Rah!"" in Madrid"
"""Rah!"" relative"
"""Rock on, torero!"""
"""Same ___ Love"" (song off Anita Baker's ""Rapture"")"
"""Same ___ Me"": George Jones"
"""Same ___ Me"": George Jones song"
"""Superb, Se
"""Terrific, torero!"""
"""That ___ Devil Called Love"""
"""That was outstanding!"""
"""The Better '___."""
"""The Better ___."""
"""This ___ House"""
"""This ___ House"": 1954 #1 song"
"""This ___ House,"" 1954 song"
"""This ___ House,"" hit song of 1954"
"""Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the ___ Oak Tree"""
"""U da bullfighter!"""
"""Viva!"" relative"
"""Way to avoid those horns!"""
"""Way to work that bull!"""
"""Well done!"""
"""Well done!"" analog"
"""Well done, Jesus!"""
"""Well done, matador!"""
"""What a performance!"""
"""Wonderful job!"""
"""Wonderful performance!"""
"""Woo hoo!"" in Juarez"
"""Woo-hoo!"" in a bullring"
"""Yay!"" in Yucatan"
"""Yay, Jos
"""Yes way, Jose!"""
"""You go, Gustavo!"""
"""You go, matador!"""
"""You go, torero!"""
"""___ Buttermilk Sky"""
"""___ Buttermilk Sky"" (1946 hit)"
"""___ Buttermilk Sky"" (1946 song)"
"""___ Buttermilk Sky"" (Hoagy Carmichael song)"
"""___ Buttermilk Sky"": 1946 song"
"""___ Buttermilk Sky"": Carmichael song"
"""___ Buttermilk Sky,"" 1946 song"
"""___ Buttermilk Sky,"" 1946 tune"
"""___ Coltrane"" (1961 jazz album)"
"""___ ELO"" (1976 album)"
"""___ ELO"" (hit album of 1976)"
"""___ Faithful"""
"""___ Jetson, I'm somewhere out in space"" (Rick Ross lyric)"
"""___ Miss"""
"""___ Miss"" University"
"""___Slew-Foot"" (1961 country hit)"
"'Bravo, bullfighter!'"
"'Bravo, senor!'"
"'Go, toreador!'"
"'Go, torero!'"
'Hernando's Hideaway' word
'Hot Hot Hot' refrain word
'Nice cape work!'
'Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the ___ Oak Tree'
"'Way to go, torero!'"
'Well done!'
'___ Buttermilk Sky': Carmichael song
-- Miss
1946 song '___ Buttermilk Sky'
"1961 #25 hit ""___ Buttermilk Sky"""
1965 Johnny Mathis album
1965 Johnny Mathis album of Latin American music
"1982 country hit ""Same ___ Me"""
A Miss
A word of praise
Acapulco accolade
Acapulco approval
Acapulco cheer
Acapulco plaudit
Accolade for El Cordob
Accolade for Manolete
Accolade for a bullfighter
Adjective for Opry
Adjective often following good
Aficionado's accolade
Aficionado's cheer.
Aficionado's cry
Aficionado's cry.
Aficionado's shout
Andalusian 'Attaboy!'
"Anita Baker's ""Same ___ Love"""
Appreciative cry
Approval for Arruza
Approval for the matador
Approval from a futbol fan
Approval from a f
Approval in Madrid
Approving cry
Arena bravo.
Arena cheer
Arena cheer.
Arena cry
Arena roar
Arena shout
Arena shout.
Arena sound
Arena sound.
Arena support?
Argentina's daily soccer newspaper
Argentine sports daily
Astronomer Romer
Author R
Baja 'bravo'
Baja bravo
Baja cheer
"Barcelona ""Bravo!"""
"Barcelona ""bravo!"""
Barcelona bravo
Barcelona cheer
Big cheer
Bit of World Cup encouragement
Blondie song about bullfight cheer?
Blood and Sand cheer
Bravo alternative?
Bravo below the Rio Bravo
Bravo competitor?
Bravo for a matador
Bravo in the bull ring
Bravo kin
Bravo! at a bullfight
Bravo! to Juan
Bravo's cousin
Bravo's kin
"Bravo, in Barcelona"
"Bravo, in Madrid"
"Bravo, in Mexico"
Bravo: Sp.
Brazil 2014 cry
Brazil 2014 encouragement
Bull fight cry
Bull from Norway
Bull of Bergen
Bull of Norway
Bull or Miss
Bull or Olsen
Bull ring cry.
Bull session shout?
"Bull, of music"
"Bullfight ""All right!"""
"Bullfight ""Bravo!"""
"Bullfight ""Bueno!"""
"Bullfight ""bravo!"""
"Bullfight ""bravo"""
Bullfight 'Bravo!'
Bullfight 'bravo'
Bullfight bellow
Bullfight bravo
Bullfight cheer
Bullfight cry
Bullfight cry.
Bullfight holler
Bullfight hurrah
Bullfight huzzah
Bullfight shout
Bullfight sound
Bullfight yell
Bullfighter booster's bellow
Bullfighter's cry
Bullfighting cheer
Bullfighting shout
Bullfighting yell
Bullish shout
"Bullring ""Bravo!"""
"Bullring ""Bully!"""
"Bullring ""bravo!"""
"Bullring ""rah!"""
Bullring 'Bravo!'
Bullring bellow
Bullring bravo
Bullring call
Bullring cheer
Bullring cry
Bullring holler
Bullring hurrah
Bullring outburst
Bullring plaudit
Bullring refrain
Bullring shout
Bullring sound
Bullring uproar
Bullring yell
Bulls fan's word?
Bulls' fans' chant?
Bunyan's cook
Cadiz cheer
Cadiz cheer.
Cadiz cry
Call accompanying capework
Call at a corrida
Call for Lionel Messi
Call to a matador
Call to torero
Cape-waving cheer
"Carmichael's ""___ Buttermilk Sky"""
Cartagena cheer
Castilian cry
Castilian interjection
Castilian rah
Catalonia cry
Catalonian cheer
Center of the Grand Opry
Certain cheer
Certain cry of approval
Certain shout of approval
"Chant after tying a game, maybe"
Chant at a Bar
Chant drowned out by vuvuzelas
Chant for Boca Juniors
Chant sung while waving a Real Madrid scarf
Chant while wearing a Barca scarf
Charge call
Charging cheer
Cheer after a charge
Cheer after an ol
Cheer akin to 'viva!'
Cheer at a Spanish concert
Cheer at a bullfight
Cheer at a bullfight.
Cheer at a flamenco concert
Cheer at a flamenco show
Cheer at the corrida
Cheer at the end of a dance
Cheer for Christiano Ronaldo
Cheer for Cristiano Ronaldo
Cheer for El Cordob
Cheer for El C
Cheer for El Matador
Cheer for El Toro
Cheer for Escamillo
Cheer for Escamillo.
Cheer for Joselito
Cheer for Julio
Cheer for Leo
Cheer for Lionel Messi
Cheer for Manolete
Cheer for Neymar
Cheer for Ronaldo
Cheer for Speedy Gonzales
Cheer for Xabi Alonso
Cheer for a banderillero
Cheer for a bicycle kick
Cheer for a bullfighter
Cheer for a capeador
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
Cheer for a flamenco guitarist
Cheer for a flourish
Cheer for a matador
Cheer for a picador
Cheer for a puntillero
Cheer for a toreador
Cheer for a torero
Cheer for a torero.
Cheer for a veronica
Cheer for a veronica.
Cheer for capework
Cheer for el matador
Cheer for the bullfighter
Cheer for the matador
Cheer for the matador.
Cheer for the toreador
Cheer for the torero
Cheer from Charo
Cheer from Pedro
Cheer from the barrera
Cheer from the stands
Cheer heard a lot at World Cup 2014
Cheer heard after a ver
Cheer heard at a bullfight
Cheer heard at the corrida
Cheer in Castilla
Cheer in Chiapas
Cheer in Chihuahua
Cheer in Cuernavaca
Cheer in C
Cheer in Ju
Cheer in Madrid
Cheer in Spain
Cheer in Toledo
Cheer in the corrida
Cheer that often ends 'The Rain in Spain'
Cheer to Manolete
Cheer to a matador
Cheer to one being charged
Cheer to the torero
Cheer with an accent
"Cheer, to Charo"
Cheering sound.
Cheering word
Chemical suffix
Chemical suffix.
Chemistry suffix.
Chiapas cheer
Chic's Broadway partner
Chico's cheer
Chihuahua cheer
Chihuahua cry
Chilean cheer
Cholula cheer
Chorus of fans
Christiansen who founded Lego
Cockney aperture
Cockney's bomb shelter.
Cockney's predicament.
Colombian cheer
Comedian Olsen
Comedic Olsen
Comic Olsen
Comment with a cape flourish
Common name in Denmark.
Conchita's cheer
Conida cry
Copa Am
Copa Mundial chant
Copa Mundial cheer
Copa Mundial shout
Cordoba cheer
"Corrida ""Bravo!"""
"Corrida ""rah"""
Corrida accolade
Corrida approbation
Corrida call
Corrida chant
Corrida cheer
Corrida cheer.
Corrida chorus?
Corrida compliment
Corrida crowd's cry
Corrida cry
Corrida de toros cry
Corrida encouragement
Corrida encouragement.
Corrida holler
Corrida hurrah
Corrida kudos
Corrida shout
Corrida sound
Corrida sound.
Corrida support
Corrida tribute
Corrida yell
Corrido cheer
Costa Brava bravo
"Cousin of ""Rah!"""
Crowd noise of a sort
Crowd shout
Crowd's cry
Crowd's shout
Cry Sergio Garcia loves to hear
Cry after Barcelona scores
Cry after Real Madrid scores
Cry after a charge
Cry after a goal
Cry after some goals
Cry after some near misses
"Cry at ""la fiesta brava"""
Cry at Las Ventas
Cry at a bullfight
Cry at a flamenco concert
Cry at a flamenco performance
Cry at a ring
Cry at a spectacle
Cry at la tauromaquia
Cry at the FIFA World Cup
Cry at the World Cup
Cry at the bullfight
Cry during a faena
"Cry for Argentina, perhaps"
Cry for Manolete
Cry for a matador
Cry for a picador
Cry for a torero
Cry for the matador
Cry from a support grupo
Cry from la barrera
Cry from the barrera
Cry from the corrida
Cry heard at a bullring
Cry heard at a sporting event recently banned in Catalonia
Cry heard in a bullring
Cry heard while holding a cape
Cry in Toledo
Cry in a corrida
Cry in the corrida
Cry of approval
"Cry of approval, in Spain."
Cry of support
Cry of the crowd
Cry spelled with an accent on the last letter
"Cry that could mean ""No bull"""
Cry to a bullfighter
Cry to a hero with a cape
Cry to a matador
Cry to a toreador
Cry to a torero
Cry to the matador
Cry to the toreador
Cry while watching ESPN Deportes
Cry with an accent
Cuadrilla shout
Daily Argentine national sports newspaper
Deporte shout
Diminutive suffix.
Don's shout
Encouragement at the bullring
"Encouragement for ""la fiesta brava"""
Encouragement for Escamillo
Encouragement for Manolete
Encouragement for a flamenco dancer
Encouragement for a matador
Encouragement for a toreador
Encouragement for a torero
Encouragement for the matador
Encouragement in Toledo
Encouragement to a flamenco dancer
Encouraging cry
Encouraging shout
Encouraging word
Encouraging word for the matador
Ensenada encouragement
Enthusiastic cry
Escamillo pleaser
Espectador's reaction
Estadio call
Estadio cry
FC Barcelona cheer
Famed Bull
Fan's approval
Fan's cry
Festival of San Ferm
Festive cry
Festive shout
Fiesta shout
Fight shout
Fish gets a cheer
Flamenco accolade
Flamenco cheer
Flamenco concert cheer
Flamenco concert shout
Flamenco cry
Flamenco dance cry
Flamenco dancer's exclamation
Flamenco dancer's praise
Flamenco dancer's shout
Flamenco exclamation
Flamenco outcry
Flamenco shout
Flamenco yell
Flamenco-dance shout
Flat notice
Folk song 'The ___ Grey Goose (Is Dead)'
Football chant word
Football exclamation
Former comedian Olsen
Fronton cheer
Fronton shout
Funnyman Olsen
Futbol match shout
Futbol shout
"Gene Autry's ""___ Faithful"""
Good ___ boy
Good boy's heart?
Good cheer
Good cheer?
Good-boy connection
Granada cheer
Grand -- Opry
Grand --- Opry
Grand Opry link
Grand ___ Opry
Grand-Opry connector
Grand-Opry link
Greco shout
"Guadalajara ""Rah!"""
Havana hurrah
He s a Bull
Hearty cheer
Hellzapoppin star Olsen
Helzapoppin star ___ Olsen
Hermosillo hurrah
Hermosillo huzzah
"Hernando's ""Hooray!"""
"Hispanic ""Hurrah"""
Hispanic hurray
Hispanic huzza.
"Hoagy Carmichael's ""___ Buttermilk Sky"""
Hoagy Carmichael's ___ Buttermilk Sky
"Holler from ""hombres"""
Holler from an hombre
Holler from hombres
Hooray for Jorge
"Hooray for Jorge, maybe"
Hooray for Jose
Hooray for Jos
Hooray for the matador!
"Hooray, another way"
"Hooray, at a flamenco concert"
"Hooray, in Juarez"
"Hooray, in Ju
"Hooray, to Jos
Huesca huzzah
Hurrah for El Farruco
Hurrah for El Matador
Hurrah for Jose
Hurrah for Jos
Hurrah for the matador
Hurrah for the matador!
"Hurrah, in Honduras"
Hurrah: Sp.
Hurray for Jos
Huzzah for Manolete
Huzzah for the toreador
Huzzah's cousin
Iberian cheer
Iberian cheer.
Inventor Evinrude
It comes between Grand and Opry
It may be heard after a charge
It may be heard after charges
It may be heard before charges
It may follow a charge
Jai alai cry
Jai-alai cheer
Jai-alai cry
Jai-alai shout
Jalisco huzzah
"James Whitcomb Riley's ""___ Bull"""
Jos 's hooray
"Jose's ""Hooray!"""
Jose's 'huzzah'
Jose's hooray
Jose's huzzah
"Juan's ""Whoopee!"""
Juarez whoop
Jubilant cry
"Kin of ""Bravo!"""
Kin of bravo
"L. Ron Hubbard's ""___ Doc Methuselah"""
Las Ventas cry
Lego inventor Christiansen
Letters on the indexing of all Matador Records releases
Letters used in the catalog indexing for Matador Records
Lidia cheer
Like the Opry?
"Longstanding, casually"
"Louis Armstrong's ""___ Miss Blues"""
Madrid cheer
Mano-a-mano shout
Manolete pleaser
Mariachis' exclamation
Matador mantra
Matador motivator
Matador's accolade
Matador's boost
Matador's cheer
Matador's encouragement
Matador's motivation
Matador's motivator
Matador's support
Matador-adoring sound
Mexican cheer
Mexican cry
Mexican hat dance shout
Mexican hurrah.
Mexican-hat-dance shout
Miss adjective
Miss front
Miss in Oxford
Miss lead-in
Miss modifier
Miss modifier?
Miss near Oxford
Miss of Mississippi?
Miss opener
Miss or Bull
Miss or Bull preceder
Miss preceder
Monterrey hooray
Monterrey hurray
Motivation for Manolete
Motivator for Manolete
Mr. Anders
Music to Manolete's ears?
Music to a Torero's ears
Music to a bullfighter's ears
Music to a matador
Music to a matador's ears
Music to a torero's ears
Music to torero's ears
"Music, to a torero"
Musical Bull
Nashville's Grand ___ Opry
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium cry
Nogales cry
Norse name
Norwegian name
Norwegian name.
Norwegian violinist Bull
Norwegian violinist ___ Bull
Noun suffix.
Novelist Rolvaag
Novelist R
Oaxaca whee!
Oaxaca whoop
Oaxaca whoopie
Oil of ___ (bullfighter's cream)
Oil: Suffix.
"Olsen of ""Hellzapoppin"""
Olsen of Olsen and Johnson
Olsen of comedy
Olsen or Bull
Opry adjective
Opry descriptor
Opry modifier
"Otis Redding's ""___ Man Trouble"""
Outboard motor inventor Evinrude
Oxford Miss?
Oxford's Miss
Oxford's ___ Miss
"Page's ""In ___ Virginia"""
Pamplona call
Pamplona cheer
Pamplona cry
Pamplona huzzah
Pamplona plaudit
Pamplona shout
Part of a World Cup chant
Part of a soccer match chant
Pasodoble dancer's cheer
Passing cry
Passing remark?
Paul Bunyan's blacksmith
Paul Bunyan's cook
Pedro's cheer
Pelota cheer
Pennsylvania's ___ Bull State Park
Picador's cheer
Picador's encourage~ment
Picador's plaudit
Pitch-side shout
Plaudit in Pamplona
Plaza Mexico sound
Plaza M
Plaza cry.
Plaza de Toros cheer
Plaza de Toros shout
Plaza de toros cry
Plaza de toros shout
Plaza huzzah
Possible reaction to a goal
Praise for Celia Cruz
Praise for a bullfighter
Praise for a flamenco dancer
Praise for a picador
Praise for a torero
Praise for picadors
Praise for the matador
Praise in Pamplona
Primera Liga cry
Rah relative
"Rah, in Madrid"
"Rah, in Renteria"
"Rah, in Spain"
Raul's 'Rah!'
Reaction to a good pass
Reaction to a good pass?
Reaction to fancy capework
Real Madrid chant
Real Madrid cheer
Real Madrid cry
Real Madrid shout
Refrain at a ring
"Relative of ""Hurrah!"""
"Relative of ""viva!"""
Relative of 'Bravo!'
Relative of 'bravo.'
Relative of bravo
"Repeated cry in Buster Poindexter's ""Hot Hot Hot"""
Response to a cape flourish
Response to a pass?
Response to a veronica
Ricky Martin exclamation
Ricky Martin refrain word
"Ring ""Rah!"""
Ring cheer
Ring cheer.
Ring cry
Ring cry in Tijuana
Ring encouragement
Ring rah
Ring refrain
Ring rouser
Ring shout
Ring support
Ring support?
Ring yell
Ringside cheer
"Ringside cheer, perhaps"
Ringside cry
Ringside shout
Rio Bravo bravo
Roar for a matador
Roar for a toreador
Roar from the crowd
Roar in a ring
Roar of a Spanish crowd
Roar of a crowd
Roar of approval
Roar of the crowd
Root word?
Rose-thrower's shout
Rose-tossing cry
Rousing cheer
Rousing cry at a ring
Russia 2018 cheer
Santiago Bernab
Scandinavian name.
Scream at a ring
Senor's cheer
Senor's salute
Sevilla cheer
Seville cheer
Seville shout
Shout across the border
Shout after a Lionel Messi goal
Shout after a bull charges
Shout after a muleta manipulation
Shout after some near misses
Shout at a ring
Shout during the running of the bulls
Shout for Barca
Shout for a matador
Shout for a picador
Shout for the picador
Shout from the cheerful?
Shout from the stands
Shout in Pitbull's 2014 World Cup anthem
Shout in Toledo
Shout in a bullring
Shout in a ring
Shout in la arena
Shout in la fiesta brava
"Shout like ""Bravo!"""
Shout of approval
Shout of approval for a matador
Shout of praise
Shout of support
"Shout of support, somewhere"
Shout to David de Gea
Shout to a capa wielder
Shout to a matador
Shout to someone in danger of getting stuck
Shout to the cuadrilla
Shout to the torero
Siesta-disturbing sound
Sinaloa shout
Soccer chant
Soccer cheer
Soccer cheer word
Soccer fan's cheer
Soccer fan's cry
Soccer match shout
Soccer shout
Soccer spectator's shout
Soccer stadium cheer
Soccer stadium cry
Soccer stadium shout
Soccer stadium sound
Something to chant
Sound heard after some charges?
Sound in a corrida.
"Sound made while throwing rosas into the ring, perhaps"
Sound of ju-bull-ation?
South Africa 2010 cry
South of the border cry
South-of-the-border shout
"Southern college nickname (with ""Miss"")"
Southern college nickname: ___ Miss
"Spaniard's ""Rah!"""
Spaniard's 'Splendid!'
Spaniard's cry.
"Spanish ""Bravo!"""
"Spanish ""huzzah!"""
"Spanish ""rah"""
Spanish arena cheer
Spanish arena cry
Spanish cheer
Spanish cheer.
Spanish cry
Spanish exclamation
Spanish exclamation.
Spanish football cheer
Spanish huzzah
Spanish rah
Spanish root word?
Spanish shout
Spectator shout
Spectator's shout
Spectators' cry
Spirited shout
Sporting-event cheer
Stadium cheer
Stadium cry
Stadium shout
Stadium support?
Start to Miss
Suffic in chemistry
Suffix in chemistry.
Support for Atl
Supporting cheer
Supporting word
Supportive cheer
Supportive cry
Supportive shout
Swede name
"T. N. Page's ""In ___ Virginia"""
Tauromachian chant
Tauromachian cheer
Tauromachian interjection
Tauromachy exhortation.
"The ""Miss"" in ""Mississippi""?"
The Grand ___ Opry
The Grand ___ Opry just celebrated its 75th birthday
The ___ Mongoose (boxer Archie Moore's nickname)
"Thomas Nelson Page's ""In ___ Virginia"""
Tight spot
Tijuana yell
Toledo cheer
Toledo salute
Toreador cheer
Toreador's acclaim
Toreador's call
Toreador's love
Toreador's ovation
Toreador's stimulation
Torero pleaser
Torero's encouragement
Torero's reward
Tribute to a matador
Tribute to a toreador
Triumphant cry
Triumphant shout
Two-syllable shout
University of Mississippi nickname word
Vaudevillian Olsen
Veronica cheer
Veronica follower
Veronica-inspired cheer
Violinist Bull
Violinist ___ Bull
Violinist-composer Bull
Viva El Cordobes!
Vocal support in Seville
Well done!
"Well done!, in Toledo"
Well done!: Sp.
What a matador likes to hear
What a picador loves to hear
What some bulls hear
What you may shout at a cape flourish
Word Manolete heard
Word a toreador adores
Word adored by matadors
Word adored by toreadors
Word before Miss or Opry
"Word following ""Hernando's hideaway"""
Word heard after a veronica
"Word in a ""hot-hot-hot"" song"
Word in a Ricky Martin chorus
Word in a Ricky Martin refrain
Word in a World Cup chant
Word in many Mexican restaurant names
Word in many football chants
Word in many tapas bar names
Word in some Tex-Mex restuarants
"Word in the chorus of Buster Poindexter's ""Hot! Hot! Hot!"""
Word of approval for a matador
Word of cheer
Word of cheer.
Word of encouragement
Word of support
Word often shouted at Lionel Messi
Word repeated in a Ricky Martin chorus
Word repeated in a common football chant
Word repeated six times in a ubiquitous World Cup ditty
Word shouted after a charge?
Word shouted while tossing roses
Word sung holding soccer scarves
Word with an accent
World Cup chant
World Cup cheer
World Cup cry
World Cup exclamation
World Cup shout
"Yay, matador!"
Yell at some sporting events
Yell for a toreador
Yell in a bullring
"Yucatan ""Bravo!"""
"Yucatan ""Yahoo!"""
"Yucatan ""yeah!"""
Yucatan 'Yay!'
"___ Anderson, Hemingway character"
___ Bull
"___ Bull, famed violinist"
"___ Bull, memorable violinist"
"___ Christiansen, founder of the Lego company"
___ ELO (palindromic compilation album)
___ King Cole
___ Miss
___ Miss (Eli Manning's alma mater)
___ Miss (Oxford institution)
___ Miss (Oxford school)
___ Miss (Rebels' school)
___ Miss (Southern school)
___ Miss (annual participant in football's Egg Bowl)
___ Miss Rebels (SEC team)
___ Miss of Dixie
"___ Miss, home of the Rebels"
"___ Miss, rival of 'Bama"
___ Miss.
___ Miss: Southern school
___ Salty's (potato chip brand)
Approval for a flamenco dancer
Fútbol cheer
Bullfight cheer
Two-syllable cheer
Barcelona cheer
Argentine cheer
Grand __ Opry
Spanish cheer
Bullring cheer
Corrida cheer
Flamenco cheer
Bullring cheer
World Cup cheer
World Cup cheer
Flamenco cheer
"Bravo bullfighter!"
Flamenco cheer
Cheer at a fútbol match
Stands encouragement
Corrida cheer
Bullfight cheer
Corrida cry
Flamenco cheer
World Cup cheer
World Cup cheer
Bullfight cry
Flamenco cheer
Ecuadorean encouragement
Bullfight cheer
Stadium cheer
Grand ___ Opry
Flamenco cheer
Flamenco cheer
Cheer for a torero
Grand ___ Opry
"¡Viva el matador!"
Bullring cheer
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
Bullring cheer
Cheer for the matador
Yell after a charge
Cheer heard at a bullfight
Cheer with an accent mark
World Cup cheer
Corrida cheer
Fútbol fan's cry
Bullfight cry
Spanish cheer
Bullring cry
Flamenco cheer
Spanish cheer
Flamenco cheer
Grand __ Opry
Spanish cheer
Flamenco cry
Flamenco cheer
Bullring call
Cheer for 21-Across
Flamenco cry
Bit of enthusiastic support
Madrid cheer
Bullfight cry
Spanish cheer
World Cup cheer
Bullfight cheer
World Cup cheer
World Cup cheer
Grand ___ Opry
Cry after a score, maybe
Cry to a matador
Flamenco cheer
Chihuahua cheer
Grand ___ Opry
Flamenco cheer
Bullring cry
Corrida cry
Flamenco cry
Bullring cry
Ringside cry
Cry when un gol is scored
Barcelona "Bravo!"
Bullfight cry
Torero's plaudit
Corrida "bravo!"
Estadio cheer
Grand ___ Opry
Bullring cheer
Spanish cheer
Cry to the matador
Cheer after a charge
Flamenco cheer
Pamplona cheer
Flamenco cheer
Business TV channel
Soccer fan's cheer
Copa Mundial cry
World Cup chant
Grand ____ Opry
Bullring call
World Cup cheer
Grand ____ Opry
Bullfight cheer
Bullfight cheer
Encouragement for the matador
Spaniard's salute
Accented approval
Cry from the fans
Cheer for Lionel Messi
World Cup cheer
Cheer for a 12-Down
Bullring shout
Bullring cheer
Bullring cheer
Flamenco cheer
Soccer chant
Flamenco cheer
''Loved that veronica!''
Cheer for Manolete
Corrida cry
Bullring cry
Bullring cry
Cheer for the matador
Bullring call
Flamenco cheer
Madrid cheer
Madrid cheer
Flamenco cheer
Bullfight cry
Bullfight cry
Violinist Bull
Spanish cheer
Spanish cheer
Stadium cry
Argentine sports daily
Bull ring chant
Sporting chant
Accented praise
Oral encouragement
Flamenco shout
Cheer from a spanish bleacher
'___ Buttermilk Sky'
Scandinavian version of 'Leo'?
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
Grand ____ Opry
Grand ____ Opry
Plaza de Toros cry
Soccer stadium cry
Call to a flamenco dancer
Spanish cheer
"___ Buttermilk Sky"
Cheer to a flamenco dancer
Plaza de Toros cry
Bullring cheer
Hurray, in Hermosa
Bullring cheer
Bullfight call
"___ Buttermilk Sky"
World Cup cheer
Estadio cheer
Stadium cry
Spanish hurrah
Spanish cry
Bullring cry
Flamenco cheer
Soccer cheer
World Cup cry
Cheer with an accented vowel
Cheer at the corrida
Bull ring cheer
Flamenco cheer
Bullfight cheer
Bullring cry
Bullring cry
World Cup cheer
Futbol chant
Flamenco cry
Appreciative cry
Jai-alai cry
Cheer with an accent
Bullfight cheer
Bravo relative
Encouraging word
Madrid cheer
Flamenco shout
Shout to a torero
Spanish cheer
"Good one, matador!"
Bullfight cry
Corrida cheer
Call with a charge?
Flamenco cheer
South of the border "Bravo!"
Flamenco cry
Cheer for a charge
Bullfight cry (3)
Chihuahua cheer
Encouraging cheer
Scandinavian cry of enthusiasm?
Spanish cheer
Corrida "Bravo!"
World Cup cheer
Flamenco cheer
Spanish cry
Grand ____ Opry
Grand __ Opry
World Cup cry
Blast from the bleachers
Flamenco cry
Bullfight cheer
___ Miss
Stadium cry
Bullfight cry
Flamenco call
Soccer match shout
Bullfight cheer
Cheer for capework
Bullfight cry (3)
Futbol cry
Flamenco cheer
Bullring cheer
Shout accented on the second syllable
Barcelona bravo
"Splendid work!"
World Cup cheer
Flamenco cry
Bullring cheer
Pamplona cry
Estadio shout
Bullring cry
Festive cry
Flamenco cheer
Jai alai shout
___ Miss (Rebels' school)
"Go, bullfighter!"
Chilean cheer
World Cup cry
Cry from the stands
Futbol fan's shout
World Cup cry
Scandinavian's love for the French
Madrid cheer
Bullring cheer
Plaza de Toros cheer
Bullfight cry
Shout of approval
Flamenco cry
Spanish cheer
Fútbol cheer
Spanish cry
___ Miss (Rebels' school)
Bullfight cheer
World Cup cheer
World Cup cheer
Corrida cheer
Cry at the World Cup
Bullring cheer
Flamenco cheer
Bullring encouragement
Stadium cheer
Encouragement for a matador
Word in a soccer stadium chant
Bullfight cheer
Good ___ days
Pamplona cry
World Cup cheer
Bullfight cry
Flamenco cry
Hispanic cheer
Bullfight cheer
World Cup cheer
Bullfight cry
Flamenco cheer
Tijuana cheer
World Cup cheer
Spanish cheer
World Cup cheer
Spanish cheer
Flamenco cheer
Spanish cry
Exclamación de entusiasmo
Flamenco cheer
Grand __ Opry
Grand ____ Opry
Bullfight cheer
Soccer chant word
Corrida cheer
Stadium cheer
Bullfight cheer
Spanish cry
"¡Viva el matador!"
Corrida cheer
Violinist ___ Bull
Cheer to a flamenco dancerend
Flamenco cheer
Cry to the torero
Bullring cheer
Grand ___ Opry
Ecuadorean encouragement
Corrida call
Miss descriptor
Flamenco cheer
Flamenco cheer
Bullring cheer
Cheer for Real Madrid
Bullring "Bravo!"
Estadio exclamation
Flamenco cheer
Bullring cry
A Tyrolean name?
World Cup cheer
Cheer at a bullfight
Flamenco cheer
Hispanic ''Hurray!''
World Cup cheer
Madrid cheer
When repeated, a football chant
World Cup cheer
Flamenco cheer
Bullfight cry
Spanish cheer
Estadio cheer
Shout with an accent
Bullfight cry
Flamenco cheer
Flamenco cheer
Shout after un pase
Bullring cheer
Grand ___ Opry
Encouragement for el torero
Seville cheer
World Cup cheer
Spanish cry
"Good job!"
A way to say ''Hooray!''
Flamenco cheer
Bullfight cry (3)
South-of-the-border "Bravo!"
Grand ____ Opry
Flamenco dance shout
Cheer at a futbol game
Call at the corrida
World Cup cheerend
Corrida chant
Mexican bravo
Spanish cheer
Shout at a bullfight
World Cup chant
World Cup chant
Grand ___ Opry
"Hurray!" at a bullfight
Bullring cheer
Flamenco cheer
Cry at the World Cup
Bullring cheer
Encouragement to a matador
Flamenco cheer
The Grand ___ Opry
Flamenco cheer
Pamplona plaudit
World Cup cheer
Cheer shouted at a Spanish soccer match
Fútbol fan's cry
__ Miss
Mexican sports fan's cheer
Another way to say ''Yay!''
Fútbol cheer
Barcelona cheer
Spanish cheer
Bravo: Spanish
Pamplona shout
Bullring cry
Cry of approval for a matador
World Cup cry
"Good job!," to a matador
Flamenco cheer
World Cup cheer
Dec. 31
Spanish cheer
"Hooray!," to Jose
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
___ Miss (Rebels' school)
Fútbol stadium cry
___ Miss (Southern college nickname)
World Cup cry
Bullfight "Bravo!"
Cheer with an accented "e"

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