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Word: OTIS

The word OTIS has appeared in at least 771 clues on different crosswords.

OTIS definition(s):

  • United States inventor who manufactured the first elevator with a safety device (1811-1861)
  • type genus of the Otididae: European bustard
  • Oklahoma Telecommunications Interlibrary System
  • A genus of birds including the bustards.

"""(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"" Redding"
"""(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"" singer Redding"
"""(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay"" name"
"""(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay"" singer Redding"
"""... potato pan, ___"" (end of a palindrome)"
"""A Change is Gonna Come"" Redding"
"""All Shook Up"" songwriter Blackwell"
"""Animal House"" band ""___ Day and the Knights"""
"""I've Been Loving You Too Long"" Redding"
"""King of Soul"" Redding"
"""Kismet"" actor Skinner"
"""Love Man"" singer Redding"
"""Miss ___ Regrets"""
"""Miss ___ Regrets"" (1934 hit)"
"""Miss ___ Regrets"" (Cole Porter song)"
"""Miss ___ Regrets"" (Cole Porter standard)"
"""Miss ___ Regrets"" (Porter tune)"
"""Miss ___ Regrets"" (song title)."
"""Miss ___ Regrets"": Porter song"
"""Miss ___ Regrets,"" 1934 song"
"""Miss ___ regrets... """
"""Mr. Pitiful"" Redding"
"""Mr. Pitiful"" singer Redding"
"""Respect"" Redding"
"""Respect"" singer Redding"
"""Respect"" songwriter Redding"
"""Safety hoist"" creator"
"""Safety hoist"" inventor"
"""Sit on a potato pan, ___!"""
"""Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"" singer Redding"
"""The Adventures of Milo and ___"""
"""The Adventures of Milo and ___"" (1989 cat-and-dog film)"
"""The Adventures of Milo and ___"" (1989 family film)"
"""The Adventures of Milo and ___"" (1989 film)"
"""The Andy Griffith Show"" character"
"""The Andy Griffith Show"" drinker"
"""The Andy Griffith Show"" role"
"""The Andy Griffith Show"" tippler"
"""The Dock of the Bay"" singer Redding"
"""Threw me in the tank with the drunk called ___"" (Beastie Boys lyric)"
"""Tramp"" Redding"
"""Tramp"" singer Redding"
"""Try a Little Tenderness"" Redding"
"""Try a Little Tenderness"" singer Redding"
"""Willie and the Hand Jive"" singer Johnny"
"""___ Spofford"" (Beverly Cleary book)"
#1 transportation company in worldwide daily patrons
'60s singer Redding
'80s-'90s outfielder Nixon
'Miss ___ Regrets'
'Miss ___ Regrets.'
'The Adventures of Milo and ___'
'University of Mars' football player Sistrunk
1776 patriot.
1950s bluesman Blackwell
1960s bluesman Redding
1970s N.F.L.'er Armstrong
"1989 film ""Milo & ___"""
2011 Grammy-winning song by Jay-Z and Kanye West
2012 Grammy winner that samples 'Try a Little Tenderness'
A leading manufacturer of cars
A publishing Chandler
A.F.B. on Cape Cod
A.F.B. on Cape Cod.
"A.L.'s ""Famous Amos"""
Actor Skinner
Actor Skinner.
Actress Cornelia ___ Skinner
Actress/author Cornelia ___ Skinner
Air Force base on Cape Cod.
American Revolutionary statesman
American inventor
American inventor Elisha ___
American inventor.
American orator and patriot.
American orator: 1725
American patriot
American patriot (1725-83).
American patriot James
American patriot.
American revolutionary figure
American soul singer Redding
Amos of baseball
Amos of the '70s-'80s K.C. Royals
Amos of the K.C. Royals
Amos of the Kansas City Royals
Andy Griffith show's drunk
Armstrong of N.F.L. fame
Ballplayer Amos
"Baseball postseason event, briefly"
Basketball's Birdsong
Big elevator manufacturer
Big elevator name
Big elevator producer
Big maker of moving walkways
Big name in elevator safety
Big name in elevators
Big name in escalators
Big name in lifting cars
Big name in vertical transport
Big name in vertical transportation
Birdsong of N.B.A. fame
Birdsong of basketball
Birdsong of the '80s Nets
Birdsong of the N.B.A.
Blues bandleader Johnny ___
Blues great Johnny
Blues great Rush
Blues guitarist Taylor
Blues legend Johnny
Blues musician Rush
Blues pianist Spann
Blues singer Johnny
Blues singer Redding
Bluesman Johnny
Bluesman Redding
Bluesman Rush
Bluesman Spann
Bluesman Taylor
Braves left fielder Nixon
Bustard genus
Cager Thorpe
Campbell of Mayberry
Cape Cod Air Base.
Cape Cod military base
Car company?
"Cat & dog movie ""The Adventures of Milo & ___"""
Chandler in publishing
"Chandler of ""The L.A. Times"""
Chandler of publishing
Character who regularly locks himself in jail
Civil War general
Classic TV tosspot
Classic singer Redding
Cole Porter Miss
Cole Porter miss
"Cole Porter tune, 'Miss ___ Regrets'"
"Cole Porter's ""Miss ___ Regrets"""
Cole Porter's Miss
Cole Porter's regretful miss
Cole Porter's regretful one
Colonial figure.
Colonial orator
Colonial orator and patriot.
Colonial orator.
Colonial order
Colonial pamphleteer James
Colonial patriot
Colonial patriot.
Colonial political leader
Company known for its ups and downs
Company that gets many in on the ground floor
Company that has its ups and downs
Company that helps executives rise
Company that may give you a lift
"Company that once owned the trademark ""Escalator"""
Company that owns elevator.com
"Company that owns the trade name ""Escalator"""
"Company that trademarked ""Escalator"""
"Company that would be crazy to use the slogan ""We never let you down""?"
Company that'll give you a lift
Company that's had its ups and downs
Company that's had lots of ups and downs
Company whose business goes up and down?
Company whose cars are never on the road
Company whose cars don't use gasoline
Company whose cars stay indoors
Company with ups and downs?
Cookie brand ___ Spunkmeyer
Cookie guy Spunkmeyer
Cookie maker Spunkmeyer
Cookie mogul Spunkmeyer
Cornelia ___ Skinner
Cornelia's father.
"Cow voiced by Kevin James in ""Barnyard"""
Creator of Toby Tyler.
Crooner Redding
Day with the Knights
Defensive lineman Sistrunk of the '70s Oakland Raiders
Developer of first passenger elevator.
Dock-sitting Redding
Drunk in Mayberry
Early American patriot.
Early L.A. Times bigwig Harrison Gray ___
Early L.A. Times publisher Harrison Gray ___
Early U.S. statesman: 1725
Early patriot
Elevating Elisha
Elevating inventor
Elevating name
Elevating name?
Elevator brake inventor
Elevator brand
Elevator company
Elevator firm
Elevator giant
Elevator guy
Elevator handle?
Elevator innovator
Elevator innovator Elisha
Elevator inventor
Elevator inventor Elisha
Elevator inventor.
Elevator magnate
Elevator magnate.
Elevator maker
Elevator man
Elevator man's name
Elevator man.
Elevator man?
Elevator modifier
Elevator name
Elevator pioneer
Elevator pioneer Elisha
Elevator pioneer.
Elevator safety brake inventor
Elijah of elevator fame
Elisha Graves ___.
Elisha Graves or James
Elisha of elevator fame
Elisha of elevators
Elisha who shared his ups and downs with us?
Erstwhile Cape Cod A.F.B.
Escalator company
Escalator developer
Escalator pioneer
Fictitious baker Spunkmeyer
First name in Southern soul
First name in soul
First name in soul music
First name in stage lore.
Football's Armstrong
Football's ___ Armstrong
Former A.F.B. on Cape Cod
Former Indiana governor and 1980s HHS secretary Bowen
Former L.A. Times publisher Chandler
Former Magic player Smith
Former Royals outfielder Amos
Former newspaper publisher ___ Chandler
Frequent Mayberry jail occupant
Frequent occupant of Mayberry's jail
Giant in elevators
Given name
Grammy winner Redding
Grammy winning Redding
Grammy-winning Redding
"Groucho character, ___ P. Driftwood"
"Groucho in ""A Night at the Opera"""
Groucho in A Night at the Opera
"Groucho's ""A Night at the Opera"" role"
"Groucho's ""A Night at the Opera"" role ___ B. Driftwood"
Groucho's Driftwood
Groucho's ___ P. Driftwood
"Groucho's role in ""A Night at the Opera"""
Groucho's role in 'A Night at the Opera'
"Groucho, in ""A Night at the Opera"""
Hall of Fame vocalist Redding
Hand jiver Johnny
He became famous for holding up cars
He became famous for lifting cars
He gave England a lift
He gave Londoners a lift?
He gave the world a lift
He gave us a lift
He gave us a lift?
He gets away from egotists
He had a lush life in Mayberry
He had his ups and downs
He had his ups and downs?
He helped raise folks to higher levels
He helped raise people to higher levels
He learned a lot from Tolstoi
He made skyscrapers feasible
"He recorded the soul album ""King & Queen"" with Carla"
He was tired of taking the stairs
He was uplifting
His aim is to elevate
His cars can give you a lift
His invention ascends through stories
His invention has its ups and downs
His invention made skyscrapers feasible
His invention made skyscrapers possible
Hoopster Thorpe
Industrialist who's had his ups and downs?
Innovator in lifts
Inventor Elisha
Inventor Elisha.
Inventor in elevator field
Inventor in the field of elevators.
Inventor of a braking system for cars
Inventor of a high-rise braking system
Inventor of the first passenger elevator
Inventor of the safety elevator
Inventor or patriot
Inventor who gave the world a lift
Inventor who had his ups and downs
Inventor who had his ups and downs?
Inventor whose middle name was Graves
Inventor whose success went up and down?
Inventor with an up-and-down career?
Its products appear in many stories
Its products are featured in many stories
Its products go up and down
"James who originated the phrase ""Taxation without representation"""
"Jay-Z song that samples ""Try a Little Tenderness"""
Johnny in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
"Johnny with the 1958 hit ""Willie and the Hand Jive"""
L.A.'s ___ College of Art and Design
Lawyer James who's attributed with the line 'Taxation without representation is tyranny'
Leader of a lush life in Mayberry?
Legendary singer Redding
Lex Luthor henchman
Lex Luthor's henchman
"Lex Luthor's henchman in ""Superman"""
"Lex Luthor's main henchman in ""Superman"""
Lex Luthor's sidekick
"Lex Luthor's sidekick in ""Superman"" (1978)"
"Lex sidekick in 1978's ""Superman"""
"Lex's henchman in ""Superman"" films"
Lift handle?
Lift innovator
Lift man Elisha
Longtime Royals outfielder Amos
Los Angeles art and design school
Los Angeles's ___ College of Art and Design
Maker of indoor cars
Maker of moving walkways
Man known for giving people a lift
Man who made cars for indoors
Man with a lift
Man with rising aspirations?
"Man's name meaning ""One who hears well"""
Manufacturer of boxy cars
"Martin Lawrence character, on ""Martin"""
Massachusetts town in the Berkshires
Mayberry cell dweller
Mayberry character
Mayberry drunk
Mayberry drunkard
Mayberry elbow-bender
Mayberry jail habitue
Mayberry jail habitu
Mayberry jail regular
Mayberry jailbird
Mayberry lush
Mayberry man
Mayberry resident
Mayberry sot
Mayberry sot Campbell
Mayberry souse
Mayberry tippler
Mayberry toper
Mayberry tosspot
Mayberry town drunk
Mayberry's Campbell
Mayberry's big drinker
Mayberry's big tippler
Mayberry's big tippler?
Mayberry's boozer
Mayberry's drinker
Mayberry's heavy drinker
Mayberry's self-incarcerator
Mayberry's town drunk
Mayberry's town tippler
Milo & ___ (1989 film)
"Milo's buddy, in film"
Milo's canine companion
Milo's canine pal
"Milo's dog buddy, in a movie title"
Milo's film friend
Milo's film pal
Milo's movie pal
"Milo's pal, in a 1989 film"
Milo's partner
Milo's partner in a 1989 movie
Milo's partner in a film
Milo's partner in a movie title
Milo's partner in film
"Milo's partner, in film"
"Milo's pug pal, in a 1986 film"
"Milo's pug pal, in a 1989 film"
Milo's title partner in a 1989 film
Miss Skinner's father.
Miss ___ Regrets
Miss ___ of song
Miss in a 1934 song
Miss in a Cole Porter hit
Miss in a Cole Porter song
Model Carre
Model Carr
Moving walkway maker
Moving walkway manufacturer
Moving-walkway maker
Mr. Redding
Musical Redding
N.B.A.'s Birdsong
NBAer Birdsong
NFL leading rusher of 1974 Armstrong
Name associated with ups and downs
Name in elevators
Name in lifts
Name in many elevators
Name on an elevator
Name on elevators
Name on many elevators
Name on many escalators
Name on some elevators
Name seen in high-rises
Name that has its ups and downs
Name that rises and falls
"Ned Beatty in ""Superman"""
"Ned Beatty's ""Superman"" role"
"Ned Beatty's role in ""Superman"""
Ned Beatty's role in 'Superman'
Newspaper publisher Chandler
Nixon who steals legally
"Oh, it's the elevator guy"
Old Testament is uplifting fellow? (4)
Old sitcom sot
One of the Skinners
One of the Temptations
Outfielder Amos
Pamphleteer of the 1760's
Pamphleteer of the 1760's.
Passenger elevator inventor
Patriot James
Patriot of '76
Patriot of '76.
Patriot of 1700's
Patriot of 1776.
Patriotic pamphleteer
Patriots DB Smith
Patriots cornerback Smith
People mover since 1853
Pioneer in car safety
Pioneer in elevators.
Pioneer in ups and downs
Playwright Mercy ___ Warren (4)
Poet Mercy ___ Warren
Porter miss who regrets
"Porter's ""Miss ___ Regrets"""
"Porter's ""Miss___Regrets"""
Porter's Miss
"Porter's regretful ""Miss"""
Porter's regretful Miss
Porter's regretful miss
Progenitor of an important 1857 invention
Publisher Chandler
Pug pal of Milo
R & B's ___ Day & the Knights
R&B artist Redding
R&B legend Redding
R&B man Redding
R&B pioneer Johnny
R&B singer Redding
R&B singer Shuggie ___
R&B's Redding
R. & B. singer Redding
Redding killed in a 1967 plane crash in Wisconsin
Redding of 60's soul
Redding of Blues
Redding of R & B
Redding of R&B
Redding of blues
Redding of music
Redding of rock
Redding of song
Redding of soul
Redding of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
"Redding raised in Macon, Georgia"
Redding the soul man
"Redding who sang ""The Dock of the Bay"""
"Redding who sang ""These Arms of Mine"""
Redding with a Grammy
"Redding, the singer"
Regretful Miss
Regretful Miss of song
Regretful Miss of song?
"Regretful Miss, in a song"
"Regretful Miss, of song"
Regretful Miss?
Regretful miss of song
Regretful one in a song
Regretful one of song
"Regretful one, in songdom"
"Revolutionary James ___, famous for saying ""Taxation without representation is tyranny"""
Revolutionary agitator.
Revolutionary figure
Revolutionary orator James
Revolutionary orator.
Revolutionary pamphleteer
Revolutionary patriot
Revolutionary patriot James
Revolutionary patriot.
Revolutionary statesman
Revolutionary statesman.
Royals' Amos
Running back Armstrong
Rush or Redding
Safety elevator creator
Safety elevator inventor
Safety hoist creator
Samuel Adams's colleague
Sheriff Taylor kept a cell for him
Sheriff Taylor saved him a place
Sheriff Taylor's frequent guest
Singer Redding
Singer Williams of the Temptations
Singer-songwriter Redding
Singer/songwriter Redding
Sistrunk of N.F.L. fame
Sistrunk of football
Sistrunk of the N.F.L.
Sistrunk of the Raiders
Sitcom sot
Sitcom souse
Sittin on the Dock of the Bay singer
Skinner of stage
Skinner of stage fame
Skinner of the stage
Skinner or Redding
Sometimes Barney watched over him
Song by Jay-Z and Kanye West
Song miss
Songwriter Blackwell
Songwriter Redding
Songwriter-singer Redding
Soul great Redding
Soul great ___ Redding
Soul icon Redding
Soul legend Redding
Soul man Redding
Soul singer Redding
Soulful Redding
Soulful singer Redding
Spann the bluesman
Spunkmeyer of cookie fame
Spunkmeyer of cookies
Spunkmeyer of the cookie world
Stage great Skinner
Stamp Act Congress participant James
Stamp Act opponent James
Steam shovel inventor William
Supermodel Carre
Supermodel Carr
Supplier for the Eiffel Tower and Beijing subway
TV character who regularly locks himself in jail
Tartu resident
The Knights' Day
The elevator man
The elevator man.
Their cars go straight up in the air
This inventor had his ups and downs
Thorpe of the NBA
Tin Pan Alley regretter
Toper of Mayberry
Toper who knows Andy
Toper who knows Opie
Totally made-up muffin persona Spunkmeyer
U. S. inventor
U. S. patriot
U.S. inventor
U.S. inventor Elisha
U.S. inventor Elisha ___
U.S. inventor.
U.S. patriot
U.S. patriot.
United Technologies division
Up-and-down inventor?
Up-and-down man
Uplifting company?
Uplifting fellow?
Uplifting inventor
Uplifting inventor?
Uplifting name?
Vertical-thinking inventor
Vertical-transport giant
Vertical-transportation company
Vertical-transportation giant
Vocalist Redding
Whose aim is to elevate?
"William ___, inventor of the steam shovel"
William who invented the steam shovel
Williams of The Temptations
Williams of the Temptations
Williams who co-founded and still performs with the Temptations
World's largest elevator company
World's most popular transportation company
"___ ""Bad"" Blake (Jeff Bridges's Oscar-winning role for ""Crazy Heart"")"
___ & Carla (1960s duo)
"___ & Carla, 60's singing duo"
"___ B. Driftwood (""A Night at the Opera"" role)"
___ B. Driftwood (Groucho role)
"___ B. Driftwood, Groucho's ""A Night at the Opera"" role"
"___ Campbell on ""The Andy Griffith Show"""
"___ Chandler, longtime publisher of the Los Angeles Times"
___ Day & the Knights
"___ Day & the Knights (band in ""Animal House"")"
___ Day and the Knights
___ Elevator Company
___ Redding
___ Spunkmeyer (cookie brand)
___ Spunkmeyer (cookie company)
___ Spunkmeyer cookies
___ Spunkmeyer of cookies
Cole Porter’s regretful Miss
Redding who sang "The Dock of the Bay"
__ Spunkmeyer cookies
Supplier to high-rises
Soul singer Redding
Man famed by elevators
Elevator name
Mayberry's self-jailer
Soul singer Redding
Elisha Graves —, American inventor of an elevator who died in 1861
Elevator man
Manufacturer of moving walkways
Elevator name
Daily mover of many millions
Elevator name
R&B's Redding
Big name in elevators
Elevator inventor
Redding of soul
Inventor Elisha
Spunkmeyer of cookie fame
"(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay" singer Redding
Bluesman Redding
Redding who sang "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"
Elisha Graves —, American inventor of an elevator who died in 1861
Big name in escalators
Name that's uplifting to many?
Big elevator innovator
Elevator innovator
US entrepreneur upset model, size zero?
Singer Redding
Man's name
Company that trademarked ''escalator''
Up-and-down inventor?
Up-and-down inventor?
Mayberry self-jailer
Company that trademarked "escalator"
Maker of cars that travel vertically
Elevator name
Redding with a posthumous Grammy
Handle on many elevators
Soulful Redding
Singer Redding
Elevator man
Big name in elevators
Big name in elevators
First user of ''Escalator''
A well-known name in hypnotism
Elevator name
Elevator pioneer
Elevator innovator
Mayberry's heavy drinker
Elisha Graves —, American inventor of an elevator who died in 1861
Escalator maker
2-Down's last name
Big name in elevators
Elevator name
Elevator name
Singer Redding
"Miss" with regrets
Elisha Graves —, American inventor of an elevator who died in 1861
Large manufacturer of car brakes
Musician Redding
Handle on an elevator?
Big name in escalators
Redding who wrote "Respect"
Soul singer Redding
Big name in escalators
Elevator man
Soul great Redding
Man's name
Mayberry sot
Hypnotist's name?
Elisha with the ups and downs
Bluesman Redding
Security guard on "Martin"
Name in escalators and moving walkways
Big name in elevators
Redding who sang posthumously with Kanye West and Jay-Z
Elevator pioneer
Soul legend Redding
Big name in escalators
Company with HydroFit and SkyRise products
Maker of thousands of cars annually
Los Angeles's ___ College of Art and Design
Cole Porter's regretful Miss
Vertical transportation giant
Mayberry tippler
Mayberry tippler
Elevator innovator
Porter's "Miss ___ Regrets"
Company with a SkyRise line
Big name in elevators
Boy's name
Name on an elevator
Uplifting name
Uplifting name
Hypnotist's name?
Elevator name
Elevator VIP
Elisha Graves —, American inventor of an elevator who died in 1861
Publisher Chandler
Escalator name
Redding of R&B
Elevator name
Old blues singer Johnny
Singer Redding
Escalator handle?
Escalator name
Porter's regretful Miss
Bluesy Redding
He gave everyone a lift
Redding who wrote "Respect"
Innovator of elevators
Elevator guy
___ Spunkmeyer (cookie brand)
Singer Redding
Singer Redding
Elevator name
World's largest manufacturer of elevators
Elevator name
Redding of R&B
Elevator name
Redding of RandB
Elevator guy
Redding who sang '(Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay'
Mayberry sot
"Sitting on the dock of the Bay" singer, first name
Grammy-winning singer Redding
Name in elevators
Milo's pal
''Vertical transportation'' giant
Manufacturer of indoor cars
Name in boxy cars?
Moving walkway maker
Crooner Redding
Elevator guy
Boy's name
Singer Redding
Crooner Redding
R&B great Redding
Elevator manufacturer
Big elevator name
Inventor motivated by proliferating stories
Elisha in the National Inventors Hall of Fame
Redding of 1960s soul
Bluesman Redding
Bluesman Redding
Big name in elevators
Name on elevators
"The Adventures of Milo and ___" (1986 family film featuring a cat and a dog)
Soul singer Redding
Elevator name
Singer Redding
Mayberry man
Inventor Elisha
Elevator guy
Big name in elevators
Mayberry boozehound
Elevator man
Elevator guy
Big name in vertical transportation

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