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Word: POT

The word POT has appeared in at least 512 clues on different crosswords.

POT definition(s):

  • metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid
  • plant in a pot
  • a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
  • the quantity contained in a pot
  • a container in which plants are cultivated

"""Crack"" or ""jack"" follower"
"""Iron Chef"" implement"
"""Legalize It"" subject"
"""Mary Jane"""
(Puzzle by F. Piscop) Paunch
Acapulco gold
Accumulation of antes
Ale holder
All you can take with one hand
Amount at stake
Ample abdomen
Ante body
Ante body?
Ante destination
Ante locale
Ante receptacle
Ante's location
Ante's place
Baking ingredient?
Ballot topic for decriminalization
Beer belly
Belt overhang
Bet destination perhaps
Betting pool
Big belly
Biggin or pipkin
Bit of hold 'em holdings
Black caller
Boiling point?
Bundle of money
"Bundle of money on a table, sometimes"
Cambodia's Pol
Cambodia's Pol ___
Campaigner's chicken cooker
Card playing term.
Card stakes.
Cardplayers' kitty
Cardsharp's goal
Cash on hand?
Cause of Paul McCartney's 1980 arrest in Tokyo
Ceramist's creation
Certain vessel
Child's utensil
Chili cooker
Chili holder
Chip heap
Chips for the winner
Chips holder?
Chips on a poker table
Chips' place
Coffee container
Coffee holder
Collection of chips
Colorado cultivar
Colorado legalized it on January 1
Concert fare for stoners
Container at the end of a rainbow
Container for ale.
Cook's need
Cook's vessel
Cooking container
Cooking utensil
Cooking utensil.
Cooking vessel
Cookware item
Crack or crock attachment
Crack or crock follower
Crack or jack add-on
Crack or jack finish
Crack or jack follower
"Crock, e.g."
Crock- --
Crockery piece
Daisy holder
Doobie contents
Douglas Ginsburg's nomination-blocker
Element of many modern-day Colorado jokes
Everyone's bets
Fern home
Fishing trap
Florist's need
Flower holder
Flower's place
Food cooker
Gambler's desire
Gambling payoff
Garden container
Garden-shop container
Girl's nickname
Go on
Go to ___
Gold container
Gold container?
Gold holder
"Gold holder, in fairy tales"
Grass on the streets
Greenhouse container
Haight-Ashbury weed
He's gone to ___
High Times subject
High roller?
Honey holder
House plant's housing
Hyacinth holder
Hydrangea holder
Illegal grass
It calls the kettle black
It contains what's cooking
It could be a crock
It grows during game play
It may be melting
It may be sweetened
It may call the kettle black
It may cook your goose
It may let off steam
It may need sweetening
It often grows without water in Las Vegas
It's a crock
It's built with bets
It's home on the range
It's legal in three states
Its home may be on the range
Jam container.
"Johnny Appleseed's ""hat"""
Joint contents
Joint makeup?
Joint stock?
Kettle critic?
Kettle insulter?
Kettle's accuser
Kettle's accuser?
Kettle's carper?
"Kettle's critic, in a saying."
Kettle's critic?
Key ingredient for a baker?
"Kind bud, e.g."
"Kind of ""hole"" or ""holder"""
Kind of belly
Kind of boiler
Kind of hole or belly
Kind of hole or holder
Kind of luck
Kind of pie
Kind of pie or roast
Kind of roast
Kind of roast or cheese
Kind of roast or luck
Kind of shot
Kitchen container
Kitchen implement
Kitchen item
Kitchen item.
Kitchen staple
Kitchen tool
Kitty with no fur
Leaf drawn on many a teen's folder
Lobster ___.
Lobster catcher
Lobster trap
Lottery accumulation
Mary Jane
McCartney transgression
Melting ___
Middle-of-the-card-table money
Middle-of-the-table money
Money on a poker table
Not a good thing to go to
Nursery container
Oatmeal cooker
One calling the kettle black
"One calling the kettle black, in a phrase"
"One calling the kettle black, in a saying"
Pan pal?
Pan partner
Pan's partner
Patio planter
Paul McCartney was busted for it in Japan in 1980
Pepper ___ (hearty soup)
"Percussion instrument in Off Broadway's ""Stomp"""
Pile in the center of a table
Pile of chips
Place for a blue chip?
Place for antes
Place for bets
Place for chips
Place for pease porridge
Place for the ante
Place to lay down bets
Place to plant plants
Place to put bets
Plant holder
"Poker ""kitty"""
Poker focal point
Poker hand prize
Poker haul
Poker kitty
Poker need
Poker payoff
Poker pile
Poker player's kitty
Poker player's objective
Poker player's prize
Poker prize
Poker round
Poker spoils
Poker stake
Poker stakes
Poker take
Poker term.
Poker win
Poker winning
Poker winnings
Poker word
"Pol, of the Khmer Rouge"
Prize at the table
Prize money
Proverbial kettle critic
Put a lid on it
Quantity of gold
Roast holder
San Mateo County will give this to AIDS patients to assess its medical benefits
Saucepan or pipkin
"Shoot, as game birds"
Shoot: Colloq.
"Sink, as a snooker ball"
"Smugglers' ""grass"""
Something it's not good to go to
Something often sweetened
Soup container
Soup cooker
Soup cookware
Soup vessel
Spliff contents
Start for shot or belly
"Stash, say"
Stew holder
Stew vessel
Stew's home
Stewing vessel
Sticky icky
Stock holder
Stovetop item
Stovetop vessel
"Subject of PSA featuring a hand-drawn dog that says ""You disappoint me"""
"Subject of Peter Tosh's ""Legalize It"""
Subject of many '60s tunes
Take at the table
Tea container
Tea or jack attachment
Texas Hold 'Em prize
Texas hold'em prize
The kettle's accuser
The kettle's black accuser
The kitty.
The sticky icky
"Thom Yorke ""Honey ___"""
Tidy sum
Tin ___ (Johnny Appleseed's hat)
Tire hazard
Toker's stash
"Transplant, in a way"
Trap for lobsters
Type of belly
What a big hand often grabs?
What marijuana users go to
What the best hand may get you
What you ante into
Where antes go
Where raises go
Where the ante goes
Where the ante goes to
Where the chips are down?
Where the chips fall where they may?
Where to place your bet
"Wilco's ""___ Kettle Black"""
Winner's haul
Winner's take
"Winnings, eventually"
"With 81A, French stew"
With pie or roast
Word after pepper or melting
Word before shot or roast
Word with belly or boiler
Word with hole or boiler
Word with hole or holder
Word with hole or luck
Word with hot or pepper
Word with liquor or sticker
Word with pie or hole
Word with shot or belly
You can bet on it
You don't want to go to this
You might put a lid on it
___ ale (spent grains)
___ of ale
___ roast
___ shot
___ shot.
Joint stock?
Houseplant’s home
Texas Hold ’em prize
Stew holder
Plant holder
Leprechaun's gold container
Plant container
Pooh's "hunny" holder
Word with hole or holder
Collection of bets
Rocky Mountain high producer
Collection of money on a poker table
Poker payoff
Cooking vessel
Kitty spotted inside
Plant container
Shoot in the belly?
Plant holder
Kitchen kettle
Cooking vessel
Cooking vessel
Poker prize
Word before pie and roast
Shoot for a hunter's prize
Make suitable for indoors, as a plant
Round vessel
Soup-cooking vessel
Cooking vessel
Kitty spotted inside
Plant container
Cooking vessel
Spotted Kitty inside
Plant container
Shoot for a trophy
Pile of poker chips, perhaps
Poker prize
Cooking vessel
Spotted with Kitty
Joint stock?
Cooking vessel
Spotted Kitty inside
A drug of some potency
Poker winnings
Accumulated stake
Soup cooker
Crock, for one
Dixie or Kitty?
Poker prize
Round vessel
Bad thing to stir
Shoot for the cup
Window sill item
Plant holder
Plant container
Home for a houseplant
Lobster trap
Bad thing to go to
Cooking vessel
Kitty spotted inside
Round vessel
During training, there's nothing to shoot
Kitty changed top
Cooking vessel
Poker prize
Plant container
Stove-top vessel
It holds your ante
Poker prize
Round vessel
Poker payoff
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
It increases after a deal
Soup cooker
Shoot in the belly?
Plant container
Winner's gathering
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
Round vessel
Shoot for the trophy
Kitchen vessel
Plant holder
Cooking vessel
Poker payoff
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
Chili container
Texas Hold 'em prize
Something to brew coffee in
Garden store buy
Soup cooker
Coffee container
Kitchen utensil for boiling pasta
Poker prize
Center of a poker table
Vessel for cooking soup
It might be sweetened
Bunch of chips
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
Shoot for a trophy
All of the wagered money in a poker hand
Stewing vessel
Boiling equipment
Word with shot or belly
Stew vessel
Place for antes
Chili-cooking vessel
Poker bets, collectively
Recreational bud, perhaps
Plant container
Cooking vessel
Eeler's trap
Potato vessel?
Poker prize
Emeril's item
Pile of chips
Poker pile
What to boil water in
Houseplant holder
Poker kitty
Pan's cousin
Cooking vessel
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
Container that's said to be at the end of a rainbow
Plant container
Crab cooker
Terra-cotta container for a plant
Chili holder
Shoot into a hole, gamely?
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
Plant holder
Shoot up to highest
Flower holder
Ante's destination
Deep round container
Lobster trap
Take a shot at a trophy
Poker prize
Lobster trap
Middle-of-the-card-table money
Cooking vessel
Word that, when affixed to the first word of each starred answer, refers to a type of person
Ceramics creation
Cooking vessel
Kitty is a dish
Kitchen vessel
Poker prize
___ stickers (Chinese dumplings)

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