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Word: PRO

The word PRO has appeared in at least 712 clues on different crosswords.

PRO definition(s):

  • an athlete who plays for pay
  • in favor of (an action or proposal etc.)
  • on the affirmative side
  • an argument in favor of a proposal
  • Proceed

"""Aye!"" sayer"
"""Aye"" dropper?"
"""Aye"" voter"
"""Catfish"" is one"
"""Tony Hawk's ___ Skater"""
-- rata
A backer of
"A kind of athlete, for short"
A person paid to play
A supporter of
Accomplished one
Active leader?
Adamantly for
Advantageous aspect
Agreeable aspect
Agreeing with
Agt.'s client
Ahead of: Prefix.
All for
Amateur hour shunner
Amateur's antonym
Amateur's opposite
Amateur-hour shunner
Amateurs might turn this
An athlete may turn this
An athlete might turn this
"Angel or Giant, e.g."
Angel or Saint
"Angel or Saint, e.g."
"Angel or Wizard, e.g."
Anti anti
Anti's anti?
Anti's antonym
Anti's enemy
Any NFL player
Any NFLer
Apt to vote aye
Arguing for
Argument side
"Arnie or Tiger, e.g."
Athlete in the majors
Athlete who isn't green?
Athlete who plays for pay
Bear or Lion
Bear or a Panther?
"Bear, Cub or Bruin"
"Beck's ""E-___"""
Beginning to shop at a golf course
"Behind, in a way"
"Bench, e.g."
Between quid and quo
Beyond an amateur
Big leaguer
Big leaguer.
"Bob Estes, e.g."
Bono leader
Bono's opener?
Bono's predecessor?
"Borg, e.g."
"Brave, Chief, Indian, or Redskin"
"Buc or Chief, e.g."
"Buc, Card, or Niner"
"Buc, Vike, Card, or Phil"
"Bull or Bear, e.g."
Bull or Celtic
Burning Tree instructor
"CFL player, e.g."
Career athlete
Casting a yea vote
Cede or pose attachment
Certain MacBook
Certain athlete
Certain basketball player
Claim introducer
"Cleveland Brown, for one"
Club ___
Club instructor
"Coach, once, perhaps"
Common prefix.
Con balancer
Con canceler
Con competitor
Con con
Con con?
Con corollary
Con neutralizer
Con's adversary
Con's companion
Con's con
Con's contrary
Con's counter
Con's counterpart
Con's enemy
Con's opponent
Con's opposite
Con's partner
Country club VIP (m)
Country club coach
Country club employee
Country club fig.
Country club figure
Country club hire
Country club instructor
Country club teacher
Country-club V.I.P.
Country-club coach
"Country-club coach, usually"
Country-club figure
Country-club hiree
Country-club instructor
Country-club worker
"Couples, e.g."
Course instructor
Court instructor
Cowboy or Bronco
Cowboy or Indian
"Cowboy or Indian, e.g."
"Cowboy or Spur, e.g."
Dab hand
Debate position
Debate position and half of this puzzle's theme
Debate side
Debate stance
Debater's position
"Debater's position, perhaps"
"Debater's position, sometimes"
"Dodger or Laker, e.g. (See Notepad)"
"Drafted one, maybe"
Duffer's helper
Duffer's teacher
"ESPN the Magazine subject, often"
Eagle or Philly
Eagle or Raven
"Ex-con, maybe"
Experienced one.
Experienced one: Colloq.
Experienced worker
Expert of a kind.
"Expert, briefly"
"Expert, in slang"
"Expert, informally"
Expert: Colloq.
Faldo is one
Favorable aspect
Favorable factor
Faxon or Kite
Football's ___ Bowl
"For, in a debate"
Former amateur
Full-time poker player*
"Giant or Wizard, e.g."
Go-to person
Golf ___
Golf club V.I.P.
Golf club denizen
Golf club employee
Golf club specialist.
Golf clubhouse man.
Golf course teacher
Golf expert.
Golf instructor
"Golf instructor, likely"
Golf instructor.
Golf lesson provider
Golf mentor.
Golf teacher
Golf teacher.
Golf tour member
Golf-club V.I.P.
Golf-course V.I.P.
Golfer Jane Blalock is one
"Golfer Norman, e.g."
Golfer of a sort.
"Green Bay Packer, e.g."
Greg Norman is one
"Greg Norman, e.g."
"Greg Norman, for one"
He plays hard for the money
He.s paid to play
Highly adept one
Hoping for passage
How a player may turn
How some amateurs turn
In behalf of: Lat.
In favor
In favor of
In favor of.
In favor.
In favour of
In it for the money
In support of
Indian or Brave
"Indian, Brave or Chief"
"Indian, Redskin or Chief"
"Indy 500 driver, for instance"
Instructor at Pebble Beach
Issue side
Jimmy or Chris
King or Court status
Kite or Pate
"Laker, for one"
Lanny Wadkins is one
Layman's opposite
Lesson giver
Levi or Tway
Links figure
Links instructor
Links star.
Links teacher
Lion or Tiger
Lion or Tiger or Bear
"Lion or Tiger or Bear, e.g."
"Lion or Tiger, e.g."
Long introduction?
"MLS player, e.g."
MacBook ___
MacBook model
Major leaguer
Major leaguer or golf instructor
"Major leaguer, e.g."
Major leaguer.
Majors player
Man of experience.
Master hand
Member of the P.G.A.
Member of the PGA
Miller or Palmer
Money maker
"Money maker, in sports"
Money player
Money player?
"Montana, e.g."
More than a dabbler
Motion supporter
N.B.A. player
N.F.L. man
N.F.L. player
"N.H.L. athlete, e.g."
NBA player
"NBAer, e.g."
NFL player
"NFL player, e.g."
"NFL player, for one"
NFLer or NBAer
"NFLer, e.g."
"NHL player, e.g."
"NHLer, e.g."
Namath is one
Newbie's mentor
"Nicklaus, e.g."
"Nicklaus, for one."
Niner or Buc
Niner or Sixer
No amateur
No amateur he
"No amateur, he"
No dilettante
No layman
No longer an amateur
No mere dabbler
"No novice, briefly"
Norman or Tway
"Norman, e.g."
Not a beginner
Not a tyro
Not amateur
Not an amateur
Not anti
Not con
Old hand
Old hand.
On the affirmative side
On the affirmative side.
On your side
One getting paid to play
One getting paid to play (Abbr.)
One in the big leagues
One might help you get a grip
One paid to help you get a grip?
One paid to play
One point of view
One side of a debate
One side of an issue
One to consult when you need to get a grip
One who hustles
One who is not amateurish
One who makes his living playing poker*
One who plays for a living
One who plays for pay
One who's not green
One who's paid to play
"One with a sneaker deal, likely"
One you pay to help you get a grip?
Opposite of con
P. G. A. member.
P. G. A. player.
P.G.A. man
P.G.A. member
P.G.A. player
P.G.A. tourer
PGA member
"PGA money winner, e.g."
PGA player
"PGA player, e.g."
Paid athlete
"Paid athlete, briefly"
"Paid athlete, in short"
Paid expert
"Paid expert, for short"
Paid performer
"Paid performer, perhaps"
Paid player
Paid to play
Paid-to-play player
Palmer is one
Palmer or Pepitone
"Palmer, for one"
Part of LPGA
Part of PGA
"Partner of a tournament ""am"""
Penguin or Duck
Pentium ___ (early P6 chip)
Person paid to play
Person playing for pay
Person who plays for work
Pete Rose or Pete Maravitch
Play-for-pay athlete
Play-for-pay guy
Play-for-pay person
Player for pay
Player in open tournament
Player of a kind
Player or Barber
Player or Palmer.
Player who's paid
Point for
Point in favor
Poker tour player
Positive aspect
Positive start?
Precursor for testing
Prefix for for
President ___ tem
President ___ tempore
Profitable thing to turn
Pt. of LPGA
Purse pursuer
Quid -- quo
Quid ___ quo
Quid ___ quo (fair exchange)
Quid ___ quo.
Quid-pro separator
Quid-quo connection
Quid-quo connector
Quid-quo link
"Ray Floyd, for one"
Real expert
Salaried sportsman
Seasoned guy
Seasoned veteran
Seaver or Namath
See 38D
Send payment
"Sex worker, say"
"Shark, so to speak"
She's paid to play
Siding with
Ski-lodge employee
Skilled hand
"Skilled one, for short"
Skilled performer
Skilled person
"Slugger Mel, for one"
"Snead, e.g."
"Snead, for one."
Solidly behind
Someone paid to play
Something many amateurs turn
Sports expert
Sports figure
Stroke improver
Super Bowl participant
Supportive argument
Supportive of
"Teacher, at times"
Tennis club instructor
Tennis club teacher
Tennis instructor
Tennis tutor
Tennis-club employee
The 'for' side
The for side
"The guy teaching you tennis, probably"
This puzzle's theme word
Tiger or Indian
"Tittle, for one."
Tom Kite is one
"Tom Kite, e.g."
Tom Watson is one
Tour golfer
"Tour golfer, e.g."
Tour leader?
Tour player
Touring player
"Trevino or Laver, e.g."
Turn ___ (start making money)
Type of athlete
Type of athlete.
Type of athlete: Colloq.
Tyro's exemplar
"Tyro's mentor, perhaps"
U.S. Open entrant
US Open entrant
Uncommon athlete.
Unlike cons
V.I.P. at Burning Tree
VIP in golf.
"Veteran, informally"
"Voting ""aye"""
"Voting ""yea"""
Voting 'yes'
Voting yes
Watson is one; so was Holmes
What Michelle Wie recently turned
What a star athlete may turn
What a tennis player may turn
What an athlete may turn
What an athlete might turn
What some amateurs turn
What some players turn
Woods or Els
"Woods, for one"
"Word before 17A, 57A, 11D and 25D"
Word before rata
Word between quid and quo
Word ending many software titles
Word in many software names
Word in many software titles
"Word with ""life"" or ""am"""
Word with bono or rata
Word with rata or tem
___ Bowl
___ Bowl (NFL season closer)
___ Bowl (game a week after Super Sunday)
___ Bowl (grid contest held in Hawaii from 1980 to 2009)
___ Football Talk (sports blog)
___ Tools (recording software)
___ Tour
___ bono
___ bono publico
___ forma
___ forma
___ or con
___ patria
___ patria.
___ rata
___ shop
___ tempore
___-am (kind of golf tournament)
___-am (sports competition)
___-democracy forces
Old hand
Teacher at a golf course
Athlete with deep pockets
Athlete who is paid
Debate side
Debate side
Debate side
Salaried sportsman
____ and con
Debate side
NFL player
Full-time golfer
Eminent authority
NFL or NHL player
Debate side
Golf or tennis teacher
In favour of compromise
Paid athlete
In favour
MacBook ___
Paid athlete
Favorable factor
Type of athlete
Career sportsperson
What some amateurs turn
Debate side
Debate side
Full-time golfer
Former amateur
One who gives tips (and gets tips?) at a country club
Major-league athlete
Paid expert
Debate side
Any MLB player
With 110-Across, NFL all-star game
No mere duffer
___-am tournament
Debate side
In favour of
Country club figure
In favor of
In favour of compromise
NFLer or NBAer
Career golfer
Lion, Tiger or Bear
Debate side
Paid athlete
One side of a debate
___ Bowl
NFL player
Paid player, slangily
In favour of
Tennis club figure
Voting "aye"
Player who's paid
In favour of getting paid?
Paid expert
In favour of compromise
In favour of
Paid athlete
In favor of
Many an Olympic athlete, now
Expert, and what's in motion in 1-, 20-, 40-, 57- and 71-Across
Reason in favor
Course figure
Play-for-pay person
Tennis instructor
Not amateur
Voting yes
Golf club VIP
Full-time golfer
Debate side
Golf ___
In favour of compromise
Not amateur
One who knows the ropes
M.Weir or T. Woods
NFL player
NFL or MLB player
Debate side
Paid athlete
Athlete that's paid
In favour of
Paid player
Met, Net or Jet
Old hand
Not amateur
Athlete who's paid
He's in favour of being regarded as expert
Old hand
One for the money?
Golf teacher
Draft selection, upon signing
Golf instructor
Reason in favor
____ and con
Backing side
Major leaguer, e.g.
Sports figure
In support of
Career sportsperson
Paid athlete
Golf course figure
However well paid, he's still short
In favour of compromise
Country club instructor
Paid athlete
Supporters' side
Ineligible to play college sports
Full-time golfer
Con's opposite
One side of a debate
With 9-Down, according to share
Paid player
Country club figure
Not amateur
Course figure
Voting affirmatively
Debate side
NFL player
Country club VIP
Debate side
In favour of compromise
Quid __ quo
One in support
Against the antis
Against the antis
In favour of compromise
Any MLB player
Old __
Move along
No newbie
Any MLB or MiLB player
Full-time golfer
Con's opposite
In favour of getting fit for personal advantage
For, no con
In favour of
Anti anti
Country club employee
Con's opposite
Debate side
In favour of compromise
Debate stance
___ Bowl (annual NFL game)
___ tempore
Quid ___ quo
See 59 Down
Amateur's opposite
___ and con (debate sides)
Paid player
Person who's no newbie at something
Full-time golfer
Quid ___ quo
M. Weir or S. Ames
Bill supporter
Major League player
Open entrant

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