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Word: RAVE

The word RAVE has appeared in at least 466 clues on different crosswords.

RAVE definition(s):

  • a dance party that lasts all night and electronically synthesized music is played
  • participate in an all-night techno dance party
  • an extravagantly enthusiastic review
  • talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
  • praise enthusiastically

"""I loved, loved, loved that!"" review"
"""Must see"" review"
"""Must-see"" review"
"""Party hearty"" party"
"""Rant"" partner"
"""Run, don't walk"" review"
"""Thumbs up, way up"""
"""Thumbs way up!"" review"
"""Two thumbs up!"" review"
"""Two thumbs up"" review"
"""Two thumbs way up!"" review"
"""___ On"" (1958 Buddy Holly hit)"
"""___ On, John Donne"" Van Morrison"
'Don't miss it!' review
"* * * * *, say"
**** review
"**** review, e.g."
1990s electronic music party
4-star review
5-star review
90's party
A kind of review
A-one review
Accolade in print
Act like a lunatic
Act madly
All night dance party
All-night bash
All-night dance party
All-night party
"All-nighter, maybe"
"Amazon review, sometimes"
Angel's delight
Angel's source of ecstasy
Be delirious
Be enthusiastic
Be gaga over
Be wildly enthusiastic.
Behave like a lunatic
Best kind of review
Blow one's top
Blurb's cousin.
Boffo review
Boisterous dance
Boisterous dance party
Boisterous party
Book-jacket blurb
"Buddy Holly ""___ On"""
Carry on
Carry on verbally
Carry on violently
Carry on vocally.
Carry on wildly
"Carry on wildly, as in delirium"
Certain review
Certain warehouse party
Christopher or Spike
Club kids' hangout
Come unglued
Cousin of a blurb.
Coveted critique
Coveted review
Critic's accolade
Critic's blessing
Critic's encomium
"Critic's handout, sometimes"
Critic's high praise
Critic's kudos
Critic's laudation
Critic's positive review
Critic's praise
Critic's review: Colloq.
Critical reaction
Dance party
Dance party in an abandoned warehouse
Dance party with techno
"Dance party, sometimes"
Dave the ___ (Stallworth)
Declaim wildly
Declaim wildly.
Definite thumbs up
Delighted critic's review.
"E event, perhaps"
Ebert ebullience
Ecstatic review
Ecstatic review.
Engage in a diatribe
Engage in diatribe
Enthuse (over).
Enthusiastic acclaim
Enthusiastic opinion
Enthusiastic play review
Enthusiastic praise: Colloq.
Enthusiastic review
Enthusiastic review: Slang.
Enthusiastic thumbs up
Enthusiastic thumbs-up
Enthusiastic thumbs-up review
Enthusiastic write-up
Enviable review
"Event in ""Groove"""
"Event in a warehouse, say"
"Event starting at 2 a.m., maybe"
Event where happy hardcore may be played
Event where people take ecstasy
Event where techno music is played
Excellent review
"Excerpted review, often"
Express great enthusiasm
Extremely complimentary
Exuberant review
Fantastic review
Favorable review
Fawning review
Five-star review
Flattering review
Flip one's lid
Flip side of a pan?
Fly into a passion
Fly off the handle
"Four stars, perhaps"
"Four stars, say"
"Four-star piece, say"
Four-star review
"Four-star review, e.g."
Four-stars from Ebert
Get excited
Gig for a deejay
Give a boffo review
Give a great review
Give a superlative review
Give five stars
Give four stars to
Glowing review
Glowing review.
Go ape over
Go ballistic
Go bananas
Go bonkers
Go crazy
Go gaga
Go into ecstasies
Go nuts
Go nuts (about)
Go on
Go on about
Go on and on
Go overboard
Go wild
Good news for a producer
Good review
Good review.
Great album review
Great notice
Great review
Great review.
Gush over a show
Gush over show
Gushing review
Hearty party
High praise
High review
Highly complimentary
Hit review
Hit-show review
"Holly's ""___ On"""
Hoot and holler
Hoped-for review
House music party
It's high praise indeed
Jabber; blather
Jacket blurb
Kind of notice
Kind of review
Kind of review.
Laud loudly
Laudatory review
Like some reviews
Lose it
Lose one's cool
Major party
Maniacal act
Maximum-star review
"Mellencamp's Buddy Holly cover ""___ On"""
Modern bash
Modern dance?
Molly milieu
More than just kind words
Notable notice
Opposite of a pan
Outstanding review
Over-the-top review
Overnight dance party
Overnight party with techno music
Pan counterpart
Pan's antithesis
Pan's counterpart
Pan's opposite
Partner of rant
Party that lasts until the morning
Party with a DJ
Party with electronic dance music
Party with glow sticks and pacifiers
Party with smart drinks and Cat-in-the-Hat hats
"Party with techno music, perhaps"
Playwright's delight
Playwright's favorite literature
Pleasing review
Positive album review
Positive review of show
Possible revue review
Praise enthusiastically
Praise extravagantly
Praise extravagantly.
Praise highly
Praise passionately
Praise wildly
Praiseful commendation
Quite a review
Quotable review
Raise the roof
Rant and ___
Rant and ___ (show anger)
Rant partner
Rant's companion
Rant's counterpart
Rant's partner
Rant's partner?
Rapturous praise
Rapturous review
Relish in print
Review enthusiastically
Review sometimes
Review type.
Review with many stars
"Review, of a kind"
Rhapsodic review
Rip-roaring review
Rip-roaring success
Scream and shout
"Show approval, or disapproval"
Show enthusiasm
Show review in theatre lobby.
"Siskel reaction, sometimes"
Siskel review
Smash review
Smashing review
Speak deliriously
Speak enthusiastically (about)
Speak excitedly
Speak highly of
Speak incoherently
Speak irrationally
Speak nonsense
Speak wildly
Speak with enthusiasm
"Speak, in a way."
Spout nonsense
Spout off
Spout praise
Sterling review
Strong thumbs-up review
Super review
Superlative review
Take on
Talk crazily
Talk crazy talk
Talk deliriously
Talk excitedly
Talk extravagantly
Talk extravagantly.
Talk gibberish
Talk insanely
Talk irrationally
Talk like a madman
Talk like a psycho
Talk madly
Talk overenthusiastically.
Talk unintelligibly
Talk wildly
Talk wildly.
Talk with excessive enthusiasm.
Talk with extravagant enthusiasm
"Talk, in a way."
Techno setting
Teen dance party
Teen happening
Teen party
Terrific review
Theatrical success
This may cause a hit
Thumbs-up review
Thumbs-up write-up
"Thumbs-up, and then some"
Thumbs-way-up review
Top review
Totally bumpin' bash
Two thumbs up
Two thumbs up e.g.
Two-thumbs-up review
Type of house party?
Type of party
Type of review
Type of review.
Underground dance party
Underground party
Uninhibited party
Unstinted praise: Slang.
Utter in frenzy.
Utter incoherently
Utter wildly
Utter words that are absurd
Very complimentary write-up.
Very favorable review
"Very good, like a review"
Very positive movie review
Vociferate wildly
Warehouse blowout
What are five critics to do?
Where DJs spin
Wild dance party
Wild party
Wild party today
"Wild party, nowadays"
Wildly enthusiastic review
Wildly positive
"Yelp review, sometimes"
___ review
___-up (boisterous party)
"""Must see"" review"
Underground dance party
Critic’s kudos
High praise
Rant and __ (show anger)
Talk wildly
All-night dance
5-star review
High praise
Four-star review
Four-star review
Two-thumbs-up review
Carry on
Enthusiastic review
"Don't miss it!" review
What ''It's great!!'' is
Dance party
Rapturous review
All-nighter, maybe
Go ballistic
Go ballistic
5-star review
Speak excitedly
Talk wildly
Far from a pan
Enthusiastic review
Enthusiastic review
Great review
Great review
Gushing review
Rant and __ (show anger)
Rant and __ (show anger)
Electronica party
Shout out of bravery
Wild party
All-night bash
Carry on
Rant and ___
Wild party
Pan's opposite
Large dance party
Act like a lunatic
Carry on
Glowing review
Big dance party
"Must-see" review
Talk irrationally
Go gaga
Gushing review
Speak wildly
Rant and ____
Vera organised dance party
Excellent review
Talk incoherently
"Must-see" review
Boffo review
Four-star review
Rip-roaring review
Four-star review
"Don't miss it" review
Speak like a madman
Talk wildly
Dance party
Four-star review
Critic's accolade
Gushing review
Talk like a lunatic
Enthusiastic review
"Must see" review
Two-thumbs-up review
Four-star review
Right way to express enthusiasm
Be wild about Vera?
Enthusiastic review
"A masterpiece!" review
Rowdy dance party
In part, consider a venture that appeals to dancers
Go ballistic
Enthusiastic review
Great review
Carry on
Lovefest from a critic
Party hearty
Gushing review
Do bridge partners have to be kicked out of unkindness?
Dance party
Vera organised dance party
Five-star review
Vera organised dance party
Praiseful review
All-night bash
Gushing review
Rant partner
Review that's extremely enthusiastic
Talk crazily
Dusk-to-dawn party
Good review
Vera organised dance party
Talk crazily
Glowing review
Fawning review
Exclaim wildly
Extravagant praise
Party, informally
____ review
Talk wildly
Critic's high praise
Gushing review
Gushing review

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