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Word: REA

The word REA has appeared in at least 426 clues on different crosswords.

REA definition(s):

  • Relaxed Eddy Accumulation
  • Restriction Endonuclease Anal.
  • Retrospective Exposure Assessment
  • Reactive Arthritis
  • Request For Equitable Adjustment

"""Angie"" actor"
"""Angie"" actor Stephen"
"""Angie"" actor, 1994"
"""Auberge"" Chris"
"""Bad Behavior"" star Stephen"
"""Bad Behavior"" star, 1993"
"""Bad Behaviour"" star Stephen"
"""Bloom"" star Stephen"
"""Blue Guitars"" singer-songwriter Chris"
"""Citizen X"" actor"
"""Citizen X"" actor Stephen"
"""Citizen X"" actor, 1995"
"""Citizen X"" star"
"""Citizen X"" star Stephen"
"""Citizen X"" star, 1995"
"""Crime of the Century"" star"
"""Crying Game"" actor"
"""Danny Boy"" actor"
"""Danny Boy"" star"
"""Danny Boy"" star Stephen"
"""FearDotCom"" actor Stephen"
"""Fever Pitch"" actor, 1997"
"""Fool (If You Think It's Over)"" Chris"
"""Fool (If You Think It's Over)"" singer Chris"
"""Guilty,"" in a Latin legal phrase"
"""Guinevere"" actor"
"""Guinevere"" actor Stephen"
"""In Dreams"" actor"
"""In Dreams"" actor Stephen"
"""In Dreams"" actor, 1999"
"""Interview With the Vampire"" actor"
"""Interview With the Vampire"" actor Stephen"
"""Interview With the Vampire"" co-star"
"""Interview With the Vampire"" costar"
"""Interview with the Vampire"" actor"
"""Michael Collins"" actor"
"""Michael Collins"" actor Stephen"
"""Michael Collins"" actor, 1996"
"""Michael Collins"" star"
"""New Yorker"" cartoonist Gardner"
"""New Yorker"" illustrator Irvin"
"""On the Beach"" English singer/songwriter Chris"
"""Pret-a-Porter"" actor Stephen"
"""Princess Caraboo"" actor Stephen"
"""Ready to Wear"" actor Stephen"
"""Romeo and Me"" actor"
"""Still Crazy"" actor"
"""Still Crazy"" star"
"""Still Crazy"" star Stephen"
"""Still Crazy"" star, 1998"
"""The Butcher Boy"" star, 1997"
"""The Crying Game"" Oscar nominee"
"""The Crying Game"" Oscar nominee Stephen"
"""The Crying Game"" actor"
"""The Crying Game"" actor Stephen"
"""The Crying Game"" actor Stephen ___"
"""The Crying Game"" name"
"""The Crying Game"" star"
"""The Crying Game"" star Stephen"
"""The Crying Game""'s Stephen"
"""The Crying Game""star"
"""The End of the Affair"" actor Stephen"
"""The End of the Affair"" actor, 1999"
"""The Halo Effect"" actor Stephen"
"""The Reaping"" actor"
"""The Reaping"" actor Stephen"
"""The Road to Hell"" Chris"
"""The Road to Hell"" singer Chris"
"""This Is My Father"" star"
"""V for Vendetta"" actor"
"""V for Vendetta"" actor Stephen"
"""V for Vendetta"" actor, 2005"
"""V for Vendetta"" actor, 2006"
"""V for Vendetta"" star Stephen"
'Angie' actor Stephen
'Angie' co-star Stephen
'Angie' star Stephen
'Bad Behaviour' star Stephen
'Citizen X' star
'Citizen X' star Stephen
'Crying Game' name
'Danny Boy' star Stephen
"'Fool' singer, Chris"
'Michael Collins' costar Stephen
'Still Crazy' star Stephen
'Stuck' actor Stephen
'The Crying Game star'
'The Crying Game' Oscar nominee
'The Crying Game' actor Stephen
'The Crying Game' star
'Underworld: Awakening' actor Stephen
1936 Cong. measure
1992 Best Actor nominee Stephen
Actor Stephen
"Actor Stephen (""The Crying Game"")"
Actor Stephen ___
"Actor Stephen ___ of ""The Crying Game"""
Actor Stephen from Ireland
"Actor Stephen of ""Citizen X"""
"Actor Stephen of ""Danny Boy"""
"Actor Stephen of ""Interview with the Vampire"""
"Actor Stephen of ""Michael Collins"""
"Actor Stephen of ""Stuck"""
"Actor Stephen of ""The Crying Game"""
"Actor Stephen of ""V for Vendetta"""
"Actor Stephen of ""the Crying Game"""
Actor Stephen of 'Michael Collins'
Actor Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
Actor Stephen of 'The End of the Affair'
Actor Stephen of The Crying Game
"Actor in ""The Crying Game"""
Actress Peggy ___
Agcy. that electrified farmers
Agcy. that electrified rural America
Agcy. that lit up farmhouses
Agency of the 30's: Abbr.
American caricaturist
American cartoonist
American engineer.
Annual award for short fiction won by Alice Munro in 2001
Artist Irvin.
Belfast-born Stephen
Belfast-born actor
Belfast-born actor Stephen
Belfast-born thespian
Best Actor nominee Stephen
Best Actor nominee of 1992
Best Actor nominee of 1993
Blakey of CNN
Blues rocker Chris
Blues-rocker Chris
Branch of Dept. of Agriculture.
British actor Stephen
British singer Chris
British singer-songwriter Chris
Cartoonist Gardner
Cartoonist Gardner ___
Cartoonist Gardner.
"Chris who sang ""The Road to Hell,"" 1989"
"Chris with the 1978 hit ""Fool (If You Think It's Over)"""
Classic New Yorker cartoonist Gardner ___
Classic New Yorker cartoonist ___ Irvin
Contemporary cartoonist.
Country-lighting org.
Creator of the New Yorker's typeface ___ Irvin
Crying Game name
"Davidson's ""The Crying Game"" co-star"
"Davidson's ""The Crying Game"" costar"
"Defendant, in law"
Dept. of Agriculture agency: Abbr.
Dept. of Agriculture division: Abbr.
Eastern herb
Electrifying F.D.R. measure
Electrifying agcy.
English singer-songwriter Chris
English singer/songwriter Chris
F.D.R. agcy.
F.D.R. agency
F.D.R. measure
F.D.R.'s wiring program
FDR group
"FDR group, or, you know, that ""Crying Game"" actor"
FDR power group
FDR's 1935 creation
Farm agency: Abbr.
Farm-improvement org. of the 30's
Fed. farm-aid bureau
Fed. power agcy.
Federal agency.
"Female defendant, in law"
Film critic Steven
"Film critic Steven, or film actor Stephen"
First New Yorker cover artist ___ Irvin
Former power agcy.
Gardner of cartoons
Gov't agency
Gov't. agency
Govt. agency
Govt. agency.
Govt. gp.
Govt. power project.
Govt. utility agency.
"Guilty, in a legal phrase"
"Hayden-Hoyle player in ""The Honourable Woman"""
He lost out to Pacino for Best Actor of 1992
"He played Cardinal Richelieu in ""The Musketeer"""
He played Costello in 'Still Crazy'
"He played Davidson's love interest in ""The Crying Game"""
"He played Fergus in ""The Crying Game"""
"He played Finch in ""V for Vendetta"""
"He's Costello in ""Still Crazy"""
"He's Dr. Lane in ""Underworld: Awakening"""
Husky-voiced singer/songerwriter Chris
Husky-voiced singer/songwriter Chris
Hutchins and ___ (sheet music company)
Irish actor
Irish actor Stephen
Irish star Stephen
"John ___ Neill, ""Oz"" artist"
"John ___ Neill, ""Oz"" illustrator"
Lulu Hogg portrayer Peggy
Magazine-artist Irvin
Memorable American caricaturist
Memorable cartoonist
"Mens -- (criminal intent in law),"
Mens ___
"Mens ___ (""guilty mind"" in law)"
Mens ___ (criminal intent)
"Mens ___ (criminal intent, in law)"
Mens ___ (guilty mind)
Mens ___ (legal term)
Mens ___: criminal intent
"Motorcycle racer Gino, or that ""Crying Game"" actor Stephen"
"Neeson's co-star in ""Michael Collins"""
New Deal agcy.
New Deal inits.
New Deal letters
New Deal meas.
New Deal org.
New Deal power agcy.
New Deal prog.
New Deal program: Abbr.
New Deal proj.
New Yorker cartoonist
No ends to great movie star
Noted cartoonist
Old New Yorker cartoonist Gardner
Old New Yorker cartoonist Gardner ___
Oscar nominee Stephen
Oscar nominee Stephen ___
"Oscar-nominated actor in ""The Crying Game"""
Pacific herb
Part of Agriculture: Abbr.
Part of Dept. of Agriculture.
Part of U.S.D.A.
Part of the Dept. of Agr.
Part of the Dept. of Agriculture.
"Peggy of ""Grace Under Fire"""
"Peggy of ""The Dukes of Hazzard"""
Peggy of 'The Dukes of Hazzard'
Peggy of TV
"Peggy who played Lulu Hogg on ""Dukes of Hazzard"""
"Pekoe, e.g."
Penn Station builder
Power agcy.
Power agency.
Power org. of the 1930s
Public power group.
"Richelieu's portrayer in ""The Musketeer"""
"Richelieu's portrayer in 2001's ""The Musketeer"""
Rock singer Chris
Rocker Chris
Screen star Stephen
Short-story award
Singer Chris or actor Stephen
Singer/songwriter Chris
Star of The Crying Game
"Stephen ___ (Academy Award nominee for ""The Crying Game"")"
"Stephen ___ of ""Bad Behaviour"""
Stephen ___ of The Crying Game
"Stephen in ""Bad Behaviour"""
"Stephen in ""Citizen X"""
"Stephen in ""Snow in August"""
"Stephen of ""Angie"""
"Stephen of ""Bad Behavior"""
"Stephen of ""Bad Behaviour"""
"Stephen of ""Bloom"""
"Stephen of ""Breakfast on Pluto"""
"Stephen of ""Citizen X"""
"Stephen of ""Copenhagen"""
"Stephen of ""Danny Boy"""
"Stephen of ""Fear Dot Com"""
"Stephen of ""FearDotCom"""
"Stephen of ""FeardotCom"""
"Stephen of ""Guinevere"""
"Stephen of ""In Dreams"""
"Stephen of ""Interview With the Vampire"""
"Stephen of ""Interview With the Vampire,"" 1994"
"Stephen of ""Interview with the Vampire"""
"Stephen of ""Life Is Sweet"""
"Stephen of ""Michael Collins"""
"Stephen of ""Princess Caraboo"""
"Stephen of ""Still Crazy"""
"Stephen of ""Stuck"""
"Stephen of ""Stuck,"" 2007"
"Stephen of ""The Butcher Boy"""
"Stephen of ""The Crying Game"""
"Stephen of ""The End of the Affair"""
"Stephen of ""The Good Shepherd"""
"Stephen of ""The Honourable Woman"""
"Stephen of ""The Musketeer"""
"Stephen of ""Underworld: Awakening"""
"Stephen of ""V for Vendetta"""
"Stephen of ""he Crying Game22"
Stephen of 'Angie'
Stephen of 'Bad Behaviour'
Stephen of 'Blackthorn'
Stephen of 'Citizen X'
Stephen of 'Danny Boy'
Stephen of 'Fear Dot Com'
Stephen of 'In Dreams'
Stephen of 'Michael Collins'
Stephen of 'Ondine'
Stephen of 'Princess Caraboo'
Stephen of 'Still Crazy'
Stephen of 'Stuck'
Stephen of 'The Butcher Boy'
Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
Stephen of 'The Heavy'
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta'
Stephen of In Dreams
Stephen of The Butcher Boy
Stephen of The Crying Game
Stephen of V for Vendetta
Stephen of film
Stephen of films
Stephen of the screen
Stephen of the silver screen
Stephen or Chris
Stephen who I saw on Broadway back in 1993
"Stephen who played Bertie in ""Breakfast on Pluto"""
"Stephen who played Neils Bohr in the BBC adaptation of ""Copenhagen"""
"Stephen, moviewise"
"Stephen, of 'The Crying Game'"
"Stephen, of <I>The Crying Game<I>"
"Stephen, the actor"
T.V.A. relative
TVA spin-off
Tara Road actor
The Crying Game actor
The Crying Game actor Stephen
The Crying Game star
The New Yorker illustrator Irvin
U. S. agency
U. S. caricaturist
U. S. cartoonist
U.S. agency: Abbr.
U.S. caricaturist
U.S. cartoonist
U.S. farm-power org.
U.S. power agcy.
U.S.D.A. power agcy.
UPS competitors
US cartoonist
Washington agency.
Well-known cartoonist
"Whitaker's costar in ""The Crying Game"""
___ Award (short-story writer's honor)
___ Award for the Short Story (annual literary prize)
"___ Irvin, classic artist for The New Yorker"
"___ Irvin, classic cartoonist"
"___ Irvin, first art director of The New Yorker"
"___ Irvin, longtime cartoonist for The New Yorker"
"___ Irvin, who designed the first cover for The New Yorker"
Actor Stephen
Stephen of “Interview With the Vampire”
Stephen of ‘The Crying Game’
Stephen who was nominated for a 1992 Best Actor Oscar
New Deal power agcy.
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta'
Actor Stephen
Mens ___
Actor Stephen
Stephen of "Still Crazy"
Actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
Irish actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
"The Crying Game" actor Stephen
Stephen of "V for Vendetta"
Belfast-born actor Stephen
"Michael Collins" actor Stephen
Stephen of "Still Crazy"
Stephen —, Best Actor Oscar nominee for The Crying Game
Town in Lombardy
Singer Chris
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
New Deal power agcy.
Actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
Actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
Irish actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Blues-rocker Chris
Jonathan —, 2015 Superbike World Championship winner
Stephen of "Citizen X"
Actor Stephen
Irish actor Stephen
Stephen —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Crying Game
Actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
"Angie" actor Stephen
Actor Stephen
Stephen of "V for Vendetta"
Chris —, rugby union centre; 1968 Scotland Test debutant against Australia
Stephen of "Michael Collins"
Stephen of "Roadkill"
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Stephen of "In Dreams"
"V for Vendetta" actor
Jonathan —, 2015 Superbike World Championship winner
"Michael Collins" actor
Oscar nominee for "The Crying Game"
Actor Stephen
Stephen of "Utopia"
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Stephen —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Crying Game
Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
Montreal composer, John___
Actor Stephen
"In Dreams" actor Stephen
"Citizen X" actor Stephen

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