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Word: RED

The word RED has appeared in at least 1421 clues on different crosswords.

RED definition(s):

  • the quality or state of the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood
  • having any of numerous bright or strong colors reminiscent of the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies
  • a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows eastward from Texas along the southern boundary of Oklahoma and through Louisiana
  • characterized by violence or bloodshed
  • emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

"""And the rockets' ___ glare..."""
"""Colorful"" Taylor Swift album"
"""Curse you, -- Baron!"""
"""Curse you, ___ Baron!"""
"""Halt"" hue"
"""Neither ___ nor dead."""
"""Paint-the-town"" color"
"""Roses are ___"""
"""Stop!"" graphically"
"""Stop"" hue"
"""The Hunt For ___ October"" (1990)"
"""The Hunt for ___ October"""
"""The Hunt for ___ October"" (1990)"
"""The Masque of the ___ Death"" (Poe story)"
"""The Thin ___ Line"" (James Jones novel)"
"""The ___ Badge of Courage"""
"""The ___ Pony"" (Steinbeck)"
"""The color that my baby wore,"" in a Beatles tune"
"""Was my face ___!"""
"""___ Dragon"" (2002)"
"""___ River"""
"""___ Sails in the Sunset"""
"""___ skies at night... """
"""___ sky at night, sailor's delight"""
"1966 hit ""___ Rubber Ball"""
2010 Best Play Tony winner by John Logan
2010 Tony winner for Best Play
2013 Taylor Swift single
A flag color
A primary color
Actor Buttons
Adjective with meat or pepper
After amber
Aka The Galloping Ghost
Alert color
Alert color?
Alert shade
Alert shade?
All --- (heart or diamond flush)*
All ---: heart flush*
Amber follower
Anger color
Angry color
Antares' hue.
Ape or planet
Apparently angered
Apt album title for King Crimson
Arean hue.
Arizona Cardinal mascot Big ___
"Arnold Jacob Auerbach, to his team"
Arresting traffic-light color
Auerbach of N.B.A. fame
Auerbach of basketball
Auerbach of the Celtics
Auerbach or Holzman
Bad color for business
Bad color for ink?
Bad ink color
Bad ink color for business
Bad kind of ink
Badly chafed
Badly chapped
Barber of baseball
Barber of renown
Barber or Buttons
Barber or Grange
Barber or Ruffing
Barber or Schoendienst
Barber or Skelton
"Barolo or Barbera, e.g."
Barolo or Marsala
Baron's color
Basketball Hall of Famer Auerbach
Beatles album
Beet's color
"Bench, for one"
"Bench, once"
Big ___ (Cornell)
Big name in AIDS charities
Bikini part
"Black's opposite, financially"
Blush color
Blushing brightly
Blushing hue
Bolshevik's color?
Borscht color
Brake-light color
Brave opponent
"Brick, for example"
Bull baiter
Bull's anathema
Bureaucratic tape color
Burned by the sun
Business owner's dreaded ink color
"Buttons in ""Hatari!"""
"Buttons in ""Sayonara"""
Buttons in Hollywood
Buttons not pushed
"Buttons of ""The Poseidon Adventure"""
Buttons of Hollywood
Buttons of note
Buttons on a television?
Buttons on the big screen
Buttons or Barber
Buttons or Cross
Buttons or Grange
Buttons or Holzman
Buttons or Mill
Buttons or Skelton
Buttons to laugh at
Buttons up for an Oscar in '58
Buttons with an Oscar
"Buttons, for one"
"Buttons, for one."
"Cab in a bottle, say"
Cabernet color
Cabernet or Beaujolais
"Cabernet, e.g."
Canadian ensign colour
Canadian flag colour
Candy apple or fire engine
"Candy apple or fire engine, e.g."
"Candy apple, e.g."
"Candy apple, for one"
Cap or carpet
Capitalist's dreaded ink color
Cardinal color
Cardinal or cherry
Cardinal or strawberry
Cardinal's color
"Cardinal, e.g."
"Cardinal, for instance"
Carmine or crimson
"Carmine, e.g."
"Carmine, for one"
Carpet color
Carpet color for VIPs
Carpet color?
Carpet or Baron
Carpet or ink color
Carrot-top's nickname
Casino play
Caught ___-handed
Cent color?
Cent's color?
Cerise or cardinal
"Cerise, e.g."
"Certain ""Badge"" color"
Certain color
Chafing color
Characteristic nickname.
Checker choice
Checker color
Checker hue
Checker shade
Checkers choice
Checkers color
Checkers faction
Checkers selection
Checkers side
Cheek color
Cherry or cranberry
Cherry or tomato
Cherry's color
"Cherry, e.g."
"Cherry, for example"
Chianti color
"Chianti, e.g."
"Chianti, for one"
Children's game
Choice in a casino
Christmas color
Cinci player
Cincinnati color
Cincinnati diamond man
Cincinnati player
Cincinnati pro
Cincy player
Cinergy Field player
Claret color
Claret's color
"Claret, e.g."
Clearly embarrassed
"Clearly embarrassed, for some"
Clem portrayer
"Clifford's color, in kiddie lit"
Code color
Coke-can color
Colgate's ___ Raiders
Color associated with Chris DeBurgh
Color associated with screeching brakes
Color before Sea
Color for a carpet
Color for a special carpet
Color for communists
Color for the Baron
Color hidden in several puzzle answers
Color in D.C.'s flag
Color in Japan's flag
Color in Russia's flag
Color in a Crayola eight-pack
Color in a Steinbeck title
Color in the American flag
Color in the name of two Major League Baseball teams
Color of 99 balloons
Color of Chianti
Color of China's flag
Color of Clifford
Color of Crane's badge
Color of Grateful Dead's little rooster
Color of Grateful Dead's little rooster?
Color of Mao's little book
Color of Mars
Color of Santa's suit
Color of Stephen Crane's Badge of Courage
Color of Superman's cape
"Color of a '50s ""scare"""
Color of a certain badge
Color of a common octagon
Color of a fez
Color of chianti
Color of chili
Color of communism
Color of debt
Color of debt?
Color of embarrassment
Color of many roses
Color of much ancient pottery
Color of no money?
Color of rubies and garnets
Color of some Sox
Color of some checkers
Color of some diamonds
Color of some diamonds?
Color of some fruit
Color of some tees
Color of the embarrassed
Color on China's flag
Color on the Canadian flag
Color on the flags of France and Italy
"Color that ""suits"" Santa"
Color that suits Santa?
Color to paint the town
Color to stop at
Color to stop on
Color worn by Howe's soldiers
Comedian Buttons
Comedian Skelton
Comic Skelton
Commie pinko
Common color in national flags
Common octagon color
Controlled by Republicans
Copper tone
Cornell's Big ___
Cornell's Big ___ team
Cranberry or tomato
"Crane's ""Badge"" color"
Crane's Badge color
Crimson or carmine
Crimson or cerise
Crimson or maroon
Crimson or scarlet
"Crimson, e.g."
"Crimson, for example"
Cross or Crescent
Danger color
Danger signal
"Darkish in color, as beer"
Debit color
Debit hue
Debit indicator
Debit's color
Debt indicator
Debtor's ink color
"Debtor's ink color, traditionally"
Deeply blushing
Deficit color
Draw a mark through for cancellation
Dreaded ink color
Election map shading
Electoral map shade
Elmo's color
"Embarassed, in a way"
"Embarassed, maybe"
Embarrassed shade
Embarrassed shade?
"Embarrassed, perhaps"
Embarrassing color
Embarrassing shade
End of the rainbow
Eric's color
"Eric's dad on ""That 70s Show"""
Even-money roulette bet
Eye color for some
Eye color?
"Eye, nosed, or faced"
Eye-catching color
Face color at times
"Face color, at times"
"Facial hue, embarrassingly"
Fancy carpet color?
Fez color
Fifties epithet
Fire engine shade
Fire engine's color
Fire-engine shade
"Fire-engine, e.g."
Firefighter Adair
First color of the spectrum
Flag color
Foley or Grange
Football's Grange
Former Riverfront Stadium player
"Forty-third word of ""The Star-Spangled Banner"""
Fox variety
Funnyman Skelton
GOP electoral map color
"Gabriel: ""___ Rain"""
Garnet color
Garnet or ruby
Garnet's color
Garnet's hue
"Garnet, e.g."
"Girl in the fairytale parody ""Hoodwinked"""
Glowing hot
"Glowing, maybe"
"Grade shade, often"
"Grand Forks flooder, the ___ River"
"Grange ""The Galloping Ghost""!"
Grange or Auerbach
Grange or Barber
Grange or Buttons
Great American Ball Park player
Gridiron great Grange
Gridiron's Grange
Gridster Grange
"Griffey Jr., now"
"Gules, in heraldry"
Hair shade.
Half of Poland's flag
Handed or headed
He played Clem and Freddie
Head or neck preceder
Helen Mirren film of 2010
Herring color
Herring or snapper
Herring or snapper color?
Highest alert
Holly berry's hue
Holzman of Knicks
Holzman or Auerbach
Hot color
"Hot, perhaps"
How Harold Edward Grange is known to football fans
Hue of a Triple Word Score square
In the ___ (in debt)
In the ___.
Indian ___
"Inflamed, maybe"
Ink color to be avoided
Ink used when owing
"Irritated, perhaps"
"It ""suits"" Santa"
It may be seen when angry
It may precede meat and potatoes
It stops traffic
It'll make you stop
It's at one end of a rainbow
It's been known to stop traffic
It's called gules in heraldry
It's in Roy G. Biv
It's seen in anger
Jaywalker's color?
Jiddah's sea
Jockey Pollard
"Jones's ""The Thin ___ Line"""
"Ken Griffey Jr., e.g."
"Ken Griffey Jr., for one"
"Ken Griffey, Jr., for one"
Kentucky's ___ River Gorge Geological Area
Ketchup color
"Ketchup, e.g."
Kind of Baron or Cross
Kind of alert
Kind of cap or carpet
Kind of carpet
Kind of carpet or herring
Kind of dwarf on high
Kind of face
Kind of herring
Kind of herring.
Kind of ink or cabbage
Kind of maple
Kind of meat or pepper
Kind of onion or cabbage
Kind of salmon or herring
Kind of tag or tape
Kind of tape
Kind of tape or tide
Kind of wine
Kind of wine properly served with beef
Knicks' Holzman
Kremlinism adherent
"Last of Kieslowski's ""Three Colors"" film trilogy"
Late bluegrass star ___ Allen
Ledger color
Legendary sportscaster Barber
Lenin loyalist
Light color
Light color.
Light color?
"Like Arizona on presidential election maps every year since 1948, except 1996"
Like Betelgeuse
Like Duroc hogs
Like Duroc pigs
Like January's birthstone
Like Lisa Simpson's dress
Like Lucy's locks
Like Manhattan clam chowder
"Like Mao's ""little"" book"
Like Mao's book
Like Mars
"Like Mars, apparently"
Like Medoc
Like M
Like Netflix envelopes
Like Republican states on an electoral map
Like Rudolph's nose
Like Santa's suit
Like Saturn
Like SpongeBob's tie
Like Tickle Me Elmo
Like Time's border
Like Twizzlers
"Like Twizzlers, usually"
Like Valpolicella
Like a boiled lobster
Like a brick
Like a debtor's ink
Like a fez
Like a fire truck
Like a golfer's face after shanking one into the water
Like a lobster
Like a matador's cape
Like a sunset
Like a toreador's cape
Like beef that's barely cooked
Like cardinals
Like cherry-flavored things
Like clarets
Like diamonds
Like diamonds?
Like hearts and diamonds
Like ketchup
"Like litmus, in an acid solution"
Like many a fez
Like many apples
Like many roses
Like most Twizzlers
Like most of China's flag
Like most of the Swiss flag
Like one of the Pac-Man ghosts
Like roses
Like second-place ribbons
Like seven stripes on the U.S. flag
Like some aces
Like some blood cells
Like some carpets
Like some eyes and skies
Like some fruit
Like some penalty cards
Like some tape
Like some wine
Like states controlled by Republicans
Like sunsets
Like the Coke logo
Like the Phillies' caps
Like the Triple Word Score squares in Scrabble
Like the border of Time magazine
Like the bull in the Chicago Bulls' logo
"Like the magic pebble in ""Sylvester and the Magic Pebble"""
Like winterberries
Lipstick color
"Lipstick color, often"
Lipstick hue
Lipstick shade
Litmus test result
Little Corvette's color
Little wagon's color
Lobster color
Lobster or wine
Looking embarrassed
Loss color
Loss indicator
Loss signifier
M&M color
Made amends for
"Magritte's ""The ___ Model"""
Main color of Morocco's flag
Main color of a Santa suit
Major League Soccer's New York ___ Bulls
Man's nickname
"Mao, e.g."
Maple leaf colour
Mars hue
"Marxist, e.g."
Mary was one
Massawa port sea
Matador cape color
Matador's cape color
McCarthy quarry
McCarthy target
McCarthy's least favorite color
McCarthy's least favorite color?
Meat or pepper
Meat or pepper starter
Meat or wine designation
Memorable sportswriter Smith
Menshevik's foe
Merlot or Beaujolais
"Merlot, e.g."
"Merlot, for one"
Minnesota river
Mississippi tributary
"Morgan in ""The Shawshank Redemption"""
"Morgan's nickname in ""The Shawshank Redemption"""
Morning-after eyes
Moscow square
Moscow's -- Square
Moscow's ___ Square
Most of Morocco's flag
Mr. Buttons
Mr. Skelton
Mrs. Skelton's favorite color?
N. L. player
NBA coach Auerbach
NBA coaching great Auerbach
NHL team: ___ Wings
National Leaguer.
Neck color
Netflix mail identifier
New York ___ Bulls
Nickname for Rufus.
Non-crossing light
"Non-white, in a cellar?"
Norse explorer Eric the ___
Not the color of money?
Noted graffito of film
Obviously abashed
Obviously chafed
Obviously embarassed
Obviously embarrassed
Octagonal sign color
Old Glory stripe color
Old ideological rival
Old revolutionist
Old-style revolutionary
Olympic ring color
One color in the French flag
One color of the rainbow
One end of a rainbow
One end of a rainbow?
One end of the spectrum
One end of the visible spectrum
One of Marge Schott's boys
One of a colorful trio.
One of a flag trio
One of the Cincinnati nine
One of the primary colors
One side in checkers
One way to turn?
One-seventh of a rainbow
One-seventh of the rainbow
Outermost color of a rainbow
Paint the town ___
Panic button color?
"Part of ""Roy G. Biv"""
Part of A.R.C.
Part of ARC.
Part of RHCP
Part of ROY G. BIV
Part of Roy G. Biv
Part of the visible spectrum.
Pepper choice
Person on the left
"Pete Rose, for many years"
"Peter Gabriel's ""___ Rain"""
Petty tyrant
Pinot Noir or Merlot
"Pinot noir, for one"
"Pokey Reese, for one"
Political color.
Pollard on Seabiscuit
Pomegranate color
"Port, usually"
Possible wine order
Power tie shade
Power-tie color
Primary color
Primary hue
Purple minus blue
ROY G. BIV part
ROYGBIV opener
Rainbow band
Rainbow border color
Rainbow hue
Rare color
Rare color?
Rare indication?
Rare indicator?
Rare meat color
Rare sign?
"Raymond's nickname on ""The Blacklist"""
Republican color
"Republican states, on Election Day maps"
"Republican, on Election Day maps"
Rhode Island ___ (chicken that lays brown eggs)
Rioja or cabernet
Ripe loganberry's hue
River in Kentucky
River into the Gulf of Tonkin
River known for its valley
River of Southwest
River or Rover
River through Fargo or Hanoi
River to the Mississippi
Rose color
Rose was one
Rose's hue
Roulet bet
Roulette bet
Roulette bet.
Roulette choice
Roulette color
Roulette option
Roulette play
Roulette selection
Roulette space
Roulette wager
Rubbed raw
"Rubbed raw, say"
Rubber ball color of song
"Rubber ball's color, in song"
Ruby hue
Ruby or garnet
"Ruby, e.g."
"Ruby, scarlet or crimson"
Ruffing of baseball fame
Ruffing or Rolfe
"Russian on ""Orange is the New Black"""
Ryder of comics
San Fernando ___ (Skelton character)
Santa suit color
Santa suit description
Scarlet or crimson
"Scarlet or crimson, e.g."
Scarlet or ruby
"Scarlet, e.g."
"Scarlet, for example"
"Scarlet, say"
Sea crossed in Exodus
Sea of note
Sea off Arabia
Sea or ant
Sea parted during the exodus
Seabiscuit jockey ___ Pollard
See ___
See ___ (fume)
See ___ or ___ Sea
Shade of embarrassment
Shame shade
Sharp left?
"Shirt color for Tiger, often"
Shortest-named spectrum hue
Showing embarrassment
Shreveport's river.
Side in checkers
Signal to stop
Signature color of Valentine's Day
Silly Skelton
Simply ___ (pop/soul group)
Sinclair Lewis nickname
Sinclair Lewis' nickname.
Sinclair Lewis's nickname
Sinclair Lewis.
Skelton or Buttons
Skelton or Holzman
"Skelton, Barber or Buttons"
Slice of the spectrum
Small woods
Smith or Barber
Snoopy's Baron.
Snow White's sister Rose ___
Soccer card color
Some election map shading
Some sails in the sunset
Something seen in anger?
Something you might turn on
Something you might turn on?
Sommelier's recommendation with beef
"Sommelier's recommendation, maybe"
"Sommelier's recommendation, perhaps"
Sommelier's suggestion
"Sore, say"
Sort of alert
"Soviet, so to speak"
Sox color
Spectral extreme
Spectrum band
Spectrum band.
Spectrum color
Spectrum component
Spectrum member
Spectrum segment
Spectrum slice
Spectrum start
Spectrum's end
Spectrum's outermost
Sportscaster Barber
Sportswriter Smith
St. Louis Card's color
Stop color
Stop hue
Stop light
Stop light hue
Stop on it
Stop sign color
Stop sign?
Stop signal
Stop tone
Stop! color
Stop-sign color
Stoplight color
"Strawberry, e.g."
Stripe color on some golf balls
Strongly right-leaning
Suggestion by a sommelier
"Suggestion by a sommelier, perhaps"
Suit color
Sunburn color
Sunburn shade
Sunrise hue.
Sunset hue
Sunset hue.
Sunset shade
Symbol for stopping
Symbol of debt
Symbol of deficit
Tape color
Tape color?
Tape or letter preceder
Target of Senator McCarthy
Taylor Swift hit
Taylor Swift hit album
"Taylor Swift song that contains the line, 'Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there's no right answer'"
Texas-Oklahoma boundary river
"The ""R"" in Roy G. Biv"
"The ""R"" of Roy G. Biv"
The Quick ___ Fox
The R of Roy G. Biv
The ___ Baron
"The ___ Hot Chili Peppers, who won two trophies at the MTV Video Music Awards"
The ___ Lodge (historic Elizabethan house in Bristol)
The ___ Storm of St. John's
"The ___, White and Blue"
The color of money owed?
The color of no money
The color of no money?
The starts of this puzzle's three longest answers are shades of it
Thing to stop on
Three ball
Timber tree with colored inner bark
"Tom Clancy's ""___ Storm Rising"""
Topmost band in a rainbow
Town color?
Traffic light color
Traffic signal color
Traffic stopper
Traffic-stopping hue
Type of alert
Type of carpet and cross
Type of cell or cent
Type of flag
Type of herring it's best not to pursue
Type of herring or light
Type of meat
Type of meat or pepper
Type of squirrel or snapper
Type of tape
Type of tape.
Typical tomato color
US flag color
Undesirable ink
Unlike states where Kerry won
Unlikely color for New York on election maps
Unpopular ink color
Unwanted ink color
Unwelcome ink color
"Upper, maybe"
VIP carpet color
VIP's carpet color
VIP's carpet color?
Valentine color
Valentine's Day color
Valentine's Day hue
Valentine's Day's signature color
Variety of fox
Vendetta ___
Vermilion or carnelian
Vermilion or scarlet
"Vermilion, e.g."
"Vermilion, for instance"
"Vermilion, for one"
Vibes player Norvo
Vikings owner McCombs
Visibly abashed
Visibly embarrassed
Visibly irate
Visibly mortified
Visibly shamefaced
Visine target
Warning color
Warning flag color
Warning hue
What Rufus means.
What a mad man sees?
What mad people see?
What protesters often see
What some see
What the irate see
What the seething see
What you'll see plenty of on Valentine's Day
White alternative
Wine bar option
Wine category
Wine choice
Wine color
"Wine color, sometimes"
Wine list adjective
Wine list choice
Wine list heading
Wine listing
Wine option
Wine preference
Wine selection
Wine suggestion
Wine type
Wine variety
"Wine-stained, perhaps"
Winter's-day nose hue
"With 28A, an all-night flight"
"Word after ""see"" and before ""Sea"""
Word after see and before Sea
Word appearing eight times in this puzzle grid
Word before Army or ant
Word before Sea and after see
Word before Sox or Wings
Word before dog or rover
Word before meat and herring
Word preceding dog and rover
Word preceding dog or rover
Word preceding giant or dwarf
"Word with ""October"" or ""rover"""
"Word with ""pepper"" or ""rover"""
Word with Army or ant
Word with Baron or Bull
Word with cap or coat
Word with carpet or cabbage
Word with cent or cell
Word with coat or cap
Word with dog and rover
Word with dog or rover
Word with dwarf or giant
Word with flag or alert
Word with grouse or grouper
Word with heat or meat
Word with hot or dog
Word with hot or pepper
Word with ink or herring
Word with pepper or snapper
Word with sea or river
Word with snapper or herring
Word with wing or wood
"Wrong color, in this verse"
"___ Auerbach, ""winningest"" N.B.A. coach"
___ Chief (O. Henry brat)
"___ Cloud, Sioux chief."
___ Cross
___ Deer
"___ Deer, Alberta"
___ Delicious
"___ Desert, in Arabia."
___ Hook (Brooklyn neighborhood)
___ Hots
"___ Kelly, played 1,316 games for three teams"
"___ Reddington, James Spader's role on ""The Blacklist"""
"___ River, part of the Texas-Oklahoma border"
___ Sea
___ Sox
___ Square
___ Stripe (Jamaican beer)
___ alert
___ as a beet
___ blood cell
___ blood cells
___ cell
___ cent
___ de carne asada
___ herring (ruse)
___ herring: ruse
___ hots (candy)
___ meat
___ oak (North American tree)
___ quinoa
"___ rat snake (endangered large, harmless snake)"
___ rover (children's game)
___ salmon (sockeye)
___ squirrel
___ tape
___ tees
___ tide (algae irritating to beachgoers)
___ wings (cunnilingus during that time of the month)
___ zone
___-letter day.
___-letter days
like some hair
Word before tag or tape
Rare indication?
Checkers choice
Like Texas on most election maps
One side in checkers
Color of embarrassment
Visibly ashamed
Cabernet Sauvignon e.g
Purple minus blue
Taylor Swift album named for a color
__ cabbage
Visibly abashed
Word before flag or tape
Visibly abashed
One might turn on it
Cabernet, for one
Traffic light colour
Stop-sign color
Checkers side
With 53 Down, late-night flight
Danger signal
Shade of credibility
Visibly abashed
Roulette bet
Loss signifier
Tomato color
Wine choice
Republican, on an election map
Shade of credibility
Like Mars, visually
Bullfighter's cape color
Roulette bet
Like half a deck
Great American Ball Park player
Shade of credibility
Visibly ashamed
Color of Santa's suit
Traffic light colour
The "R" of Roy G. Biv
Shade of credibility
Chianti color
Shade of credibility
Primary color
Like some blood cells
Like some ripe apples
Colour of credibility
Spectrum band
Garnet color
Beet's color
Like the lower half of Haiti's flag
Like flying arrows?
Chinese lantern color
Inflamed by a revolutionary?
Roulette bet
Colour associated with danger
Color of kid-lit dog Clifford
Color of beets
Town-painting color
Shade of credibility
Blood or scarlet
Blood or scarlet
Wine choice
Shade of credibility
Scarlet or carmine
Rouge color
Warning color
Cincinnati player
___-letter days
Danger colour
Ruby or garnet
Suit color
A shade higher than amber?
Stop indicator
Spectrum end
Roulette option
With 83-Down, like Rudolph
Engineers figure it's like blood
Cinnabar, e.g
Crayon color
Tomato color
Tomato color
Shade of credibility
Primary color
Primary color
Ruby or garnet
Electoral map color
Color of Chairman Mao's little book
Shade of credibility
Like William Carlos Williams's wheelbarrow
Left leaning
Stop signal
— Sea, long narrow body of water between Arabia and NE Africa
Shade of credibility
Johnny Bench, for 17 seasons
Visibly abashed
Apple color
Apple color
Roulette bet
Spectrum end
___ Deer Alberta city
Color that can precede each half of each [1] answer
Danger colour
Typical fire engine color
Danger colour
Roulette bet
Cincinnati ballplayer
Shade of credibility
White alternative
Visibly angry
An arresting shade?
Looking angry and a bit tired
Stop color
Roulette bet
One end of the spectrum
Type of wine
Bell pepper color, often
"And the rockets' ___ glare ..."
Beet's color
Town-painter's color
Election map hue
Roulette bet
Stop signal
Shade of credibility
Color of a tomato
Celebrate, paint the town ...
Soccer send-off, ... card
Cardinal color
Cardinal or auburn
Roulette bet
Colour of the ball worth one point in snooker
Shade of credibility
Part of ROY G. BIV
Devil's color
Checkers side
Roulette bet
Cardinal's color?
It's seen in anger?
Chart-topping 2012 album for Taylor Swift
Colour of pure diamond
Spectrum end
Valentine color
Looking embarrassed in sore distress
Traffic light colour
Sunset shade
Big ___ (Cornell team)
Word before alert or carpet
With 111-Across, cinnamon candy
Color to paint a town?
Color in sunsets
Traffic light colour
Shade of credibility
Such a letter could be read aloud!
One of two colors of Canada's flag
Traffic light colour
Cardinal or scarlet
Arrestingly reactionary
Checkers side
Tomato color
___ zone (area close to the goal line)
Like a fire engine
Valentine color
Color of anger, figuratively
Roulette bet
Often a light colour
"___ Dawn" ('80s flick)
"The ___ Badge of Courage"
2010 action-comedy film starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman
Stop symbol
Shade of credibility
Cabbage color
Light color
Pomegranate's color
Like a flush in hearts or diamonds
Soccer send-off, ... card
Cardinal color
Visibly ashamed
Color of most pomegranate seeds
Primary colour
Wreath bow color
Primary color
Holly berry's hue
Santa suit color
Candy cane stripe color
Flipping costly to lose article like Santa's suit
Spectrum end
Sunset shade
Color of rare steak
Roulette color
Shade of credibility
Warning color
Spectrum color
Primary colour
Shade of credibility
Beet's color
In Berlin, the cutbacks, politically speaking, could undermine the capital?
Like a boiled lobster
Danger colour
Small cool star such as Proxima Centauri
Angry-looking leftist
Johnny Bench, for his whole career
Warning color
Shade of credibility
Rose color
Valentine color
Valentine color
Are such letters read aloud?
Moscow's ___ Square
__ meat
Code __
Friends oddly absent for 1D
One with colourful political ideas?
Like half of Poland's flag
Shade of credibility
Traffic light colour
Spectrum end
Signal to stop
Cherry or cranberry
Checkers option
Visibly embarrassed
1-Across, for most of his career
About 500 may be Communist
Visibly irate
ROY G. BIV part
Feb. 14 color
Word with cell or cent
Cherry, e.g.
Danger colour
Shade of credibility
Crayola option
Bright hue
One of those under the bed?
Vibrant hue
Rare color?
Firethorn berry color
Shade of credibility
Cardinal color
Checkers side
Tomato color
Stop symbol
Rockets' glare color
Primary color
Shade of credibility
Looking embarrassed, having only three of the letters
Cerise or cardinal
Danger colour
Garnet or ruby
In dire disappointment, visibly angry
Checkers side
First rainbow color
Stoplight color
Shade of credibility
McCarthy quarry
Great American Ball Park player
Apple color
Alarming code color
Again, figure as a revolutionary
Brick color
Cherry color
Like almost all of Turkey's flag
Roulette bet
Color of cayenne pepper
Debtor's ____ ink
Spectrum color
Moscow's ... Square
____ tape
In the fire department, it's revolutionary!
Like the Canadian flag's maple leaf
Symbolic love shade
Alert color
Stoplight's color
Cardinal color
Stop sign color
Loss indicator
Word before Sea or Squareend
Barn's color, frequently
Shade of credibility
Cherry or raspberry
Chili's color
Purple minus blue
Roulette option
Spectrum shade
Scarlet or crimson
About 500 are leftist
A primary color
Danger colour
Light color
Mars hue
"____ Dawn"
The main color of China's flag
Beet's color
Like some wine
Spectrum color
Netflix logo color
Bullfighter's cape color
Valentine color
Obviously abashed

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