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Word: RENE

The word RENE has appeared in at least 602 clues on different crosswords.

"""And Then There Were None"" director Clair"
"""Father of Modern Philosophy"" Descartes"
"""Father of modern philosophy"" Descartes"
"""Get Shorty"" actress Russo"
"""Good King ___"" of old Naples"
"""I think, there-fore I am"" guy"
"""I think, therefore I am"" guy"
"""I think; therefore, I am' guy"
"""In the Line of Fire"" actress Russo"
"""Is Paris Burning?"" director Cl
"""Lethal Weapon 4"" actress Russo"
"""Nightcrawler"" actress Russo"
"""Outbreak"" actress Russo"
"""Pandora's Box"" painter Magritte"
"""Pandora's Box"" surrealist Magritte"
"""Ransom"" actress Russo"
"""Shallow Hal"" actor Kirby"
"""The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"" actress Russo"
"""The Break in the Clouds"" painter Magritte"
"""The Intern"" star Russo"
"""The Son of Man"" painter Magritte"
"""The Thomas Crown Affair"" costar Russo"
"""The Treachery of Images"" painter Magritte"
"""The Walls of Malapaga"" director Cl
"""Thor"" actress Russo"
'20s tennis champ Lacoste
'20s tennis great Lacoste
'50s French leader Coty
'50s French president Coty
'70s-'80s Quebec premier L
'And Then There Were None' director Clair
'Buddy' star Russo
'The Son of Man' painter Magritte
(missing clue)
11 Philosopher ___ Descartes
1920s tennis star Lacoste
1950s French president Coty
1968 Nobel Peace Prize winner Cassin
1968 Peace Nobelist Cassin
1990's Haitian president Preval
20's tennis champion Lacoste
A Coty
A's third base coach Lachemann
Actor Auberjonois
Actor Enriquez
Actress Russo
"Actress Russo of ""Get Shorty"""
"Actress Russo of ""Outbreak"""
Actress Russo or philosopher Descartes
Alain ___ Lesage
Art Nouveau jeweler Lalique
Art's Magritte
Artist Lalique or Magritte
Artist Magritte
"Auberjonois of ""Benson"""
"Auberjonois of ""Boston Legal"""
"Auberjonois of ""Deep Space Nine"""
"Auberjonois of ""Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"""
"Auberjonois of ""The Christmas Star"""
Auberjonois of 61A
Auberjonois of Boston Legal
Auberjonois of Deep Space Nine
Auberjonois or Clair
Auberjonois or Descartes
Auberjonois or Russo
Auberjonois who plays Odo
Bacteriologist Dubos
Baseball's Lachemann
Belgian Surrealist painter Magritte
Belgian painter Magritte
Canada's L
Canadian statesman Levesque
Capitals' winger Corbet
Cartesian name
Catcher Rivera
Celebrity chef Redzepi
Celine Dion's hubby ___ Angelil
Celine Dion's husband
Celine Dion's husband ___ Angelil
Celine Dion's recently deceased husband Ang
Celine's hubby
Chateaubriand hero
Chateaubriand novel
Chateaubriand novella
Chateaubriand romance.
Chateaubriand tale
Chateaubriand title
Chevalier's strap
Clair or Coty
Clair or Descartes
Clair or Lacoste
"Clint's ""In the Line of Fire"" co-star"
Clint's 'In the Line of Fire' costar
Cogito ergo sum sayer
Common name in Paris
Conductor Leibowitz
Contemporary of Blaise
Corbet of the NHL or Lacoste of tennis
Coty of France
Coty of fragrance fame
Coty or Cassin
Coty or Clair
Coty or Descartes
Coty or Dubos
Coty or Lacoste
Coty or Pleven
Coty or Russo
"Coty, the last President of France's Fourth Republic"
Court legend Lacoste
Courtman Lacoste
Crystal maker Lalique
Cubist painter Magritte
Deep Descartes
Descarte or Lacoste
Descartes for one
Descartes of charts
Descartes of philosophy
Descartes of rationalism
Descartes or Auberjonois
Descartes or Cassin
Descartes or Coty
Descartes or Lacoste
Descartes or Lalique
Descartes or Levesque
Descartes or Magritte
Descartes or Russo
Descartes the mathematician
Descartes the thinker
"Descartes who said, ""I think therefore I am"""
"Descartes who thought ""I think..."""
"Descartes who wrote ""Cogito ergo sum"""
"Descartes who wrote ""Cogito, ergo sum"""
"Descartes, considered the father of modern philosophy"
"Descartes, for one"
"Descartes, who said, ""I think, therefore I am"""
Devil's Island escapee ___ Belbenoit
Director Clair
Director Claire
Director Clement
Director Cl
Dualist Descartes
Dubos or Coty
"Enriquez of ""Hill Street Blues"""
Environmentalist Dubos
Ex-Marlins manager Lachemann
Ex-Marlins' manager Lachemann
Film actress Russo
Film director Clair
Film director Clair.
Film director Claire
Film maker Clair
Film-director Clair
Film-maker Clair
Filmmaker Clair
First Cartesian
First name in philosophy
First name in philosphy
First name in rationalism
First name of Celine Dion's husband
Former Canadian statesman L
Former French president Coty
Former Haitian president Pr
Former Marlins manager Lachemann
Former Quebec premier Levesque
Former Quebec premier L
Former Quebec premiere Levesque
Former Quebecois premier ___ Levesque
Former baseball manager Lachemann
Former manager Lachemann
France's Coty
France's ___ Coty
French author ___ Bazin
French boy's name
French conductor Leibowitz
French director Clair
French director Clair.
French director Clement
French film director Clair
French film director Cl
French filmmaker Clair
French jeweler Lalique
French man's name.
French name
French name.
French physicist ___ de R
French poet Prudhomme
French politician Jacques ___ Chirac
French president Coty
French statesman Coty
French tennis player Lacoste
French writer Fran
Frenchman Descartes
Frenchman's name
Frenchman's name.
Gallic name
Gallic name.
German basso Pape
Glass designer Lalique
Glass guru Lalique
Glass man Lalique
Glass maven Lalique
Glassmaker Lalique
Haiti's Pr
Haitian president Preval
Haitian president Pr
He manages Celine
It's often put before Descartes
It's put before Descartes
It's put before Descartes?
Jacques Chirac's middle name
Jazz saxophonist McLean
Jean-Luc Picard's nephew
Jeweler Lalique
"Kevin's ""Tin Cup"" co-star"
"Kevin's ""Tin Cup"" costar"
"Kevin's co-star in ""Tin Cup"""
"Kevin's costar in ""Tin Cup"""
King of Naples
"Lacoste nicknamed ""The Crocodile"""
Lacoste of court fame
Lacoste of fashion fame
Lacoste of tennis
Lacoste of tennis and fashion
Lacoste of tennis fame
Lacoste of the courts
Lacoste or Clair
Lacoste or Coty
Lacoste or Descartes
Lacoste or Levesque
"Lacoste, of tennis"
Lalique of glass
Lalique or Coty
Lalique or Magritte
Lalique or Russo
Le Sage.
Leader of Cartesians
Lesage's middle name.
Levesque of Canada
Levesque of Quebec
Levesque or Simard
Levesque or Simard of Quebec
Lyon lad
M. Clair
M. Clair.
M. Coty
M. Coty of France.
M. Coty.
M. Cot
M. Descartes
M. Descartes.
M. Lacoste
M. Magritte
Magritte in museums
Magritte or Clair
Magritte or Descartes
Magritte or Russo
Magritte the artist
Magritte who painted
"Magritte, Coty or Russo"
Magrittee the artist
Magrittte in the arts
Man's name that sounds like a woman's
Man's name that sounds like a woman's name
Man's name.
Marlins manager Lachemann (1993-96)
Mathematician Descartes
Mathematician/philosopher Descartes
"Mel's ""Ransom"" co-star"
"Mel's ""Ransom"" costar"
Monsieur Coty
Monsieur Descartes
Monsieur Lalique
Movie director Clair
Moviedom's Russo
Mr. Descartes
Mr. Lalique
Mr. Levesque
Mr. L
Mr. Magritte
Mrs. Scott Carpenter.
"Name meaning ""born again"""
"Name that means ""born again"""
Netman Lacoste.
Nobelist Cassin
Novelist Bazin
Odo portrayer Auberjonois
One of Lesage's names.
Onetime French president Coty
Oscar-winning French film director ___ Cl
Outbreak actress Russo
Outbreak star Russo
Painter Magritte
Parti Qu
Peace Nobelist Cassin
Peace Nobelist ___ Cassin
Philosopher Decartes
Philosopher Descarte
Philosopher Descartes
"Physician La
"Pierce's co-star in ""The Thomas Crown Affair"""
Pierce's costar in 'The Thomas Crown Affair'
Pierre's friend
Pleven or Coty
Pleven or L
"Pleven, French politician"
Poet Char
Poet Sully Prudhomme (1901 Nobelist)
Poet Sully-Prudhomme
Pomerol property Clos ___
Popular name in Paris
President Coty
President Coty of France
Pulitzer-winning microbiologist Dubos
Pulitzer-winning science author Dubos
Quebec nationalist Levesque
Quebec separatist Levesque
Quebec singer Simard
Quebec's Levesque
Quebec's L
RW Robert
Ransom's Russo
Rationalist Descartes
Rays catcher Rivera
"Russo from the golfing film ""Tin Cup"""
"Russo in ""Big Trouble"""
"Russo in ""Buddy"""
"Russo in ""Get Shorty"""
"Russo in ""In the Line of Fire"""
"Russo in ""Lethal Weapon 4"""
"Russo in ""Major League"""
"Russo in ""Outbreak"""
"Russo in ""Ransom"""
"Russo in ""The Thomas Crown Affair"""
Russo in films
Russo in pictures
"Russo of ""Big Trouble"""
"Russo of ""Buddy"""
"Russo of ""Get Shorty"""
"Russo of ""In the Line of Fire"""
"Russo of ""Lethal Weapon 4"""
"Russo of ""Lethal Weapon"""
"Russo of ""Lethal Weapon"" movies"
"Russo of ""Major League"""
"Russo of ""Nightcrawler"""
"Russo of ""One Good Cop"""
"Russo of ""Outbreak"""
"Russo of ""Ransom"""
"Russo of ""Ransom,"" 1996"
"Russo of ""Rocky and Bullwinkle"""
"Russo of ""Showtime"""
"Russo of ""The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"""
"Russo of ""The Thomas Crown Affair"""
"Russo of ""Thor"""
"Russo of ""Thor: The Dark World"""
"Russo of ""Tin Cup"""
"Russo of ""Two for the Money"""
"Russo of ""Yours, Mine & Ours"""
"Russo of ""Yours, Mine and Ours"""
Russo of 'Lethal Weapon 4'
Russo of 'Nightcrawler'
Russo of 'Ransom'
Russo of 'Showtime'
Russo of 'The Thomas Crown Affair'
Russo of 'Thor'
Russo of 'Tin Cup'
"Russo of 2005's ""Yours, Mine and Ours"""
Russo of Get Shorty
Russo of Hollywood
Russo of Outbreak
Russo of Ransom
Russo of Tin Cup
Russo of ___Tin Cup___
Russo of film
Russo of films
"Russo of the ""Lethal Weapon"" series"
Russo of the screen
Russo or Auberjonois
Russo or Clair
Russo or Coty
Russo or Descartes
"Russo who co-starred in ""The Thomas Crown Affair"""
"Russo who played Frigga in ""Thor"""
Russo who played Natasha in a Rocky & Bullwinkle movie
"Russo who plays Frigga in ""Thor"""
"Russo who plays Frigga in the ""Thor"" movies"
"Russo, of ""Tin Cup"""
"Russo, of 'Get Shorty'"
"Russo, of 'Outbreak'"
"Russo, of 'Ransom'"
"Russo, of films"
Scott's wife.
Separatist Levesque
Set on fire
"She played Natasha in ""The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"""
Singer Simard of Quebec
Stethoscope inventor Laennec
Stethoscope inventor La
Story by Chateaubriand
Surrealist Magritte
Surrealist painter Magritte
Tale by Chateaubriand
Tennis champion Lacoste
Tennis great Lacoste
Tennis legend Lacoste
Tennis player Lacoste
Tennis star Lacoste
Tennis's Lacoste
Tennis's ___ Lacoste
Tenor Kolio
Tenor Kollo
Tenor Maison
Thinker Descartes
Thinker's first name
Thom or Wellek
Title hero of a Chateaubriand novel
"Unisex name meaning ""born again"""
Used to control a horse: Fr.
Verdon who was the first professional chef to work in the White House
"___ Auberjonois of ""Star Trek: DSN"""
"___ Belloq, villain in ""Raiders of the Lost Ark"""
___ Cailli
"___ Caovilla, maker of high-end women's shoes"
"___ Cassin, 1968 Nobelist for Peace"
"___ Cassin, Nobelist for Peace: 1968"
___ Coty
"___ Coty, Charles de Gaulle's predecessor"
"___ Coty, French president before de Gaulle"
"___ Coty, predecessor of Charles de Gaulle"
___ Coty.
___ Descartes
"___ Dubos, Pulitzer winner for ""So Human an Animal"""
"___ Dubos, humanist who said ""Think globally, act locally"""
"___ Fonck, top Allied fighter ace of W.W. I"
___ Furterer (shampoo company)
"___ Furterer, line of French hair products"
"___ Gallimard, protagonist of ""M. Butterfly"""
___ Junot (inexpensive table wine)
"___ Kollo, Met tenor"
"___ La
"___ Pr
"___ Sully Prudhomme, poet and Nobelist"
Artist Magritte
Philosopher Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
Painter Magritte
Artist Magritte
Name meaning ”born again”
Artist Magritte
Painter Magritte
Lacoste of tennis
Artist Magritte
Surrealist Magritte
Actress Russo
Painter Magritte
Russo of "The Intern"
Descartes quoted in 2-Down
Russo whose big-screen debut was "Major League"
Actress Russo
Mathematician Descartes
Lacoste of tennis
Painter Magritte
Russo of Hollywood
Actress Russo
Coty of France
Philosopher Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
Russo of "The Intern"
Russo of "The Intern"
Surrealist Magritte
Lacoste of tennis
Russo of "Get Shorty"
Surrealist Magritte
Surrealist Magritte
Painter Magritte
Philosopher Descartes
Actor Auberjonois
Artist Magritte
___ Préval, two-time president of Haiti
Russo of "The Intern"
French director Clément
Artist Magritte
Lacoste of the courts
Painter Magritte
Philosopher Descartes
Lacoste of tennis
Surrealist Magritte
Painter Magritte
Former Haitian president Pr�val
Russo of films
Auberjonois of "Boston Legal"
Artist Magritte
Actor Auberjonois
Artist Magritte
Painter Magritte
Philosopher Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
Actress Russo
Mathematician Descartes
Russo or Descartes
Painter Magritte
1950s French president Coty
Actress Russo
Frenchman with some children, note
Actress Russo
Russo of movies
Rationalist Descartes
Actress Russo
Painter Magritte
Actress Russo
Painter Magritte
___ Levesque
Philosopher Descartes
Actress Russo
Auberjonois or Russo
Surrealist Magritte
Russo of "The Intern"
Painter Magritte
Painter Magritte
___ Belbenoît, noted escapee from Devil's Island
___ Belbenoît, noted escapee from Devil's Island
'20s tennis star Lacoste
Director Clair
Artist Magritte
Philosopher Descartes
Surrealist Magritte
Philosopher Descartes
Thinker Descartes
Russo of "Ransom"
Surrealist Magritte
Thinker Descartes
Painter Magritte
Actress Russo
Painter Magritte
"Nightcrawler" actress Russo
Director Clair
Thinker Descartes
____ Descartes
"Get Shorty" actress Russo
___ Belloq, villain in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Lévesque of Quebec
Actress Russo of "Thor"
Ms. Russo
Actress Russo
Philosopher Descartes
Russo with lines
Actor Auberjonois
Russo or Lacoste
M. Descartes
Philosopher Descartes
"The Intern" actress Russo
Russo or Descartes
"I think, therefore I am" philosopher Descartes
_____ Levesque
"Thor: The Dark World" actress Russo
Artist Magritte
Painter Magritte
____ Descartes, philosopher
Russo of "The Intern"
Actress Russo
Russo who plays Frigga in "Thor" films
Coty or Clair
Actress Russo who plays Frigga in Marvel's "Thor" films
Russo of ''Outbreak''
"Tin Cup" actress Russo
___ Caovilla, Italian shoe designer
Philosopher Descartes
Monsieur Descartes
Kevin's "Tin Cup" costar
Lacoste of tennis
Russo of the "Lethal Weapon" series
"Thor: The Dark World" actress Russo
Actress Russo of "Just Getting Started"
Russo of ''The Thomas Crown Affair''
Ms. Russo
Russo of the movies
Actress Russo
Philosopher Descartes
Russo of "Get Shorty"
Mr. Descartes

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