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Word: RIO

The word RIO has appeared in at least 1137 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Rainy Night in ___"" (1946 hit)"
"""Agua"" bringer"
"""Agua"" source"
"""Black Orpheus"" locale"
"""Black Orpheus"" setting"
"""Blame It On ___"" (Caine film)"
"""Blame It On ___"" (Caine movie)"
"""Blame It on ___"""
"""Blame It on ___"" (Caine comedy)"
"""Blame It on ___"" (Caine film)"
"""Blame It on ___"" (Demi Moore film)"
"""Blame It on ___"" (Michael Caine flick)"
"""Blame It on ___,"" 1984 film"
"""Blame it on ___"""
"""Blame it on ___"" (Caine comedy)"
"""Blame it on ___"" (Caine film)"
"""Blame it on ___"" (Michael Caine)"
"""Cherry ice cream smile"" wearer, in a Duran Duran hit"
"""Christ the Redeemer"" city"
"""Christ the Redeemer"" locale"
"""City the sea-o"""
"""Duran Duran"" hit"
"""Flying Down to ___"""
"""Flying Down to ___"" (1933 Astaire/Rogers classic)"
"""Flying Down to ___"" (1933 film)"
"""Flying Down to ___,"" 1933 song"
"""Flying Down to___"""
"""Flying down to ___."""
"""Grande"" preceder"
"""Her name is ___ and she dances on the sand"""
"""Hungry Like the Wolf"" album"
"""I Go to ___"""
"""Notorious"" setting"
"""Notorious"" setting, 1946"
"""Road to ___"""
"""Road to ___"" (1947 flick)"
"""Road to ___"" (1947)"
"""Road to ___,"" 1947 film"
"""Road to___"""
"""Road"" destination"
"""Road"" film destination"
"""Road"" movie destination"
"""Road"" movie locale"
"""Road"" movie town"
"""Rock in ___"" (2001 Iron Maiden album)"
"""Rolling down to ___... """
"""She don't need to understand,"" according to Duran Duran"
"""That Night in ___"" (1941 film)"
"""The Girl From Ipanema"" setting"
"""The Marvelous City"""
"""West of the ___ Grande"" (1944)"
"""Wild Orchid"" locale, 1990"
"""___ Bravo"""
"""___ Bravo"" (1959 film)"
"""___ Bravo"" (John Wayne film)"
"""___ Bravo"" (Wayne film)"
"""___ Bravo"" (Western)"
"""___ Bravo,"" 1959 Wayne film"
"""___ Bravo,"" J. Wayne film"
"""___ Bravo,"" Wayne film"
"""___ Lobo"" (1970 John Wayne film)"
"""___ Lobo"" (John Wayne film)"
"""___ Rita"""
"""___ Rita."""
#1 tourist city in the Southern Hemisphere
'82 Duran Duran album
'82 Duran Duran smash
'83 Duran Duran hit
'Blame It on --'
'Blame It on --' ('84 film)
'City of God' setting
'Flying to ___'
'___ Bravo'
"-- Branco, Brazil"
-- Bravo
-- Grande
"-- Grande City, Texas"
-- de Janeiro
"-- de Janeiro, Brazil"
-- de Oro
-- de la Plata
"1941 musical comedy ""That Night in ___"""
1946 song 'A Rainy Night in ___'
1947 Hope-Crosby destination
1947 Hope-Crosdestination
"1947 Hope/Crosby ""Road"" movie destination"
1947 Hope/Crosby destination
"1947 comedy, ""Road to ___"""
"1950 World Cup host, with a stadium for 180,000+ people"
1982 Duran Duran album
"1982 album with the song ""Save a Prayer"""
1982 double-platinum Duran Duran album
1983 Duran Duran hit
1983 Duran Duran song
1983 Duran Duran tune
1983 hit for Duran Duran
1992 Earth Summit locale
1992 Earth Summit site
19th-century capital of Portugal
"2011 animated film about a Macaw, set in the city of the same name"
2011 animated film about a macaw named Blu
2011 animated film featuring a macaw named Blu
2011 animated film set in Brazil
2011 animated film starring a Minnesotan macaw
2011 animated film that grossed almost $500 million worldwide
"2011 animated film, or where it takes place"
2011 animated movie about a Spix's Macaw
2011 animated movie about a Spix's macaw
2011 animated musical
2011 animated musical-comedy
2011 cartoon movie with a planned 2014 sequel
2011 movie about a smitten macaw
2011 movie with a 2014 sequel
2014 World Cup city
2014 World Cup final city
2014 World Cup final site
2014 World Cup host
"2014 World Cup locale, familiarly"
"2014 World Cup locale, for short"
"2014 World Cup setting, briefly"
2016 Olympics city
"2016 Olympics city, briefly"
"2016 Olympics city, casually"
"2016 Olympics city, for short"
"2016 Olympics city, informally"
2016 Olympics host
2016 Olympics host city hopeful
2016 Olympics host city where this puzzle's star is aiming to compete -- and which is hidden in the four theme entries
2016 Olympics locale
2016 Olympics setting
2016 Olympics site
"2016 Olympics site, familiarly"
2016 Summer Games setting
2nd largest Atlantic coast city
"9:30, e.g."
"A ""Road"" destination"
A 'Road' destination
A Brazilian coffee
A Hope-Crosby destination
A Hope-Crosby location
"A city, and a car"
A samba place
"Amazon, for one."
Angry Birds sequel setting
Animated film about a flightless bird
Animated film franchise starting in 2011
Animated film that grossed almost $500 million in 2011
Animated movie featuring birds
"Animated movie that I pretty much only know because there's an ""Angry Birds"" version of it"
Animated movie with Jamie Foxx as the voice of Nico
Animated picture with the voice of will.i.am
Annual Carnaval locale
Antonio Carlos Jobim airport locale
Any Venetian canal
Astaire-Rogers destination: 1933
Beautiful harbor
"Big Brazilian city, for short"
Big city for soccer
Birthplace of the bossa nova
Blameworthy city?
Blanco or Bravo
Blanco or Negro
Branco or Bravo
Branco or Grande
Branco or de Oro
"Branco, e.g."
Brasilia's predecessor.
Bravo in Mexico
Bravo or Branco
Bravo or Grande
Bravo or Lobo
Bravo or Lobo intro
Bravo or Muni
Bravo or Negro
Bravo starter
"Bravo, e.g."
"Bravo, for one"
"Brazil city, briefly"
"Brazil metropolis, familiarly"
Brazil resort
"Brazil resort, familiarly"
"Brazil tourist attraction, familiarly"
"Brazil vacation destination, familiarly"
Brazil's ___ Branco
Brazil's capital before Bras
Brazil's capital until 1960
Brazil's former capital
Brazil's tourist lure
Brazilian attraction
"Brazilian burg, for short"
Brazilian carnival spot
Brazilian city
Brazilian city for short
"Brazilian city that will host the 2016 Summer Olympics, for short"
"Brazilian city, briefly"
"Brazilian city, familiarly"
"Brazilian city, for short"
"Brazilian city, informally"
"Brazilian city, or a 2011 animated movie set there"
"Brazilian city, popularly"
Brazilian coffee
Brazilian coffee.
Brazilian destination
Brazilian fun capital
Brazilian getaway
Brazilian getaway city
Brazilian hot spot
"Brazilian hot spot, briefly"
"Brazilian hot spot, familiarly"
"Brazilian hot spot, for short"
"Brazilian hot spot, informally"
Brazilian metropolis
"Brazilian metropolis, briefly"
"Brazilian metropolis, for short."
Brazilian port
Brazilian port briefly
Brazilian port of call
"Brazilian port, briefly"
"Brazilian port, commonly"
"Brazilian port, familiarly"
"Brazilian port, for short"
Brazilian port.
Brazilian resort
Brazilian resort briefly
"Brazilian resort, familiarly"
"Brazilian resort, for short"
Brazilian sailing haven
Brazilian state ___ Grande do Sul
"Brazilian tourist mecca, briefly"
Brazilian vacation destination
"Brazilian vacation destination, for short"
"Brazilian vacation destination, informally"
Brazilian vacation spot
"Brazilian vacation spot, informally"
Brazilian's coffee
Brazilian-themed Vegas casino
"Brazilian-themed Vegas casino, with ""The"""
"Brazilian-themed Vegas hotel, with ""The"""
Brazillan hot spot
Bronco or Muni preceder
"Canal, to a Venetian"
Capital before Brasilia
Capital city till 1960
Capital city.
"Capital on Guanabara Bay, familiarly"
Capital until 1960
Car from Kia
Carioca city
"Carioca city, briefly"
Carioca's home
Cariocas' city
Carnaval city
Carnaval hotspot
Carnaval locale
Carnaval setting
Carnaval site
Carnival city
Carnival city for short
"Carnival city, briefly"
"Carnival city, casually"
"Carnival city, for short"
Carnival locale
"Carnival locale, on brochures"
Carnival location
"Carnival location, for short"
Carnival place
Carnival resort
Carnival setting
Carnival site
"Carnival site, familiarly"
"Carnival site, for short"
Carnival spot
Carnival town
Carnival venue
Carnival-themed Las Vegas casino
Christ the Redeemer city
Christ the Redeemer locale
"Christ the Redeemer locale, briefly"
Christ the Redeemer overlooks it
Christ the Redeemer site
"City ""by the sea, oh"""
City encompassing Ipanema
City famed for the beauty of its natural harbor
City in 2016 sports news
City in Brazil for short
"City in Brazil, briefly"
City in SA
City in a Peter Allen song title
City infamous for its slums
City known for Carnival
City of over 3 million.
City on Guanabara Bay
City recently rocked by gang violence
"City that Fred Astaire was ""flying down to"" in a 1934 hit"
City that hosted the 1950 World Cup final
City that will host the 2016 Olympics
City that's patriotic to the core
"City where ""City of God"" takes place"
City where you might hear bossa nova
Classic 1982 album
Classic 1982 album with a purple cover
Classic New Wave album
Classic New Wave album of 1982
Classic New Wave hit
Classic new wave album
Classic new wave album of 1982
Copa locale
Copa location
Copa's city
Copa's home
Copacabana Beach locale
Copacabana Beach site
"Copacabana Beach site, for short"
Copacabana city
"Copacabana city, familiarly"
"Copacabana city, informally"
Copacabana home
Copacabana locale
Copacabana setting
"Copacabana setting, briefly"
Copacabana site
Copacabana's port
Corcovado Peak overlooks it
Corcovado locale
Corcovado mountain site
Corcovado's city
Country group Diamond ___
"Country group, Diamond ___"
Country music's Diamond ___
Crosby-Hope destination
Cruise destination
"Cruise destination, briefly"
Cruise port
Cruise port briefly
Cruise port of S. A.
Cruise port of South America.
"Cruise port, briefly"
"Cruise port, for short"
Cruise port.
Cruise stop
Cruise stop in Brazil
Cuban river
De Oro or Grande
Del ___ Texas
"Del ___, Tex."
"Del ___, Texas"
Delores del ___
Destination in a Hope/Crosby 'Road' picture
Diamond ___ (C&W group)
Diamond ___ (country music group)
Diamond ___ (country-music group)
Dolores Del ___
"Dolores Del ___, R.I.P."
Dolores del ___
Dolores del ___.
"Duran Duran ""Save a Prayer"" album"
Duran Duran album
Duran Duran album and hit single
"Duran Duran album with the hit ""Hungry Like the Wolf"""
Duran Duran dancer
"Duran Duran girl who ""dances in the sand"""
"Duran Duran girl who ""dances on the sand"""
Duran Duran girl who danced on the sand
Duran Duran hit of 1982
"Duran Duran said she ""dances on the sand"""
Duran Duran smash
Duran Duran song
"Duran Duran song about a girl who ""dances on the sand"""
Duran Duran tune
Duran Duran's girl who dances on the sand
Earth Summit city (1992)
"Earth Summit host, 1992"
Earth Summit site
Ebro e.g.
Ebro is one
Ebro or Mayo
"Ebro, e.g."
"Ebro, for one"
"Ebro, for one."
"Ebro, por ejemplo"
"El Amazonas, e.g."
"El Amazonas, por ejemplo"
"El Ebro, por ejemplo"
"El Paraguay, e.g."
"El Tajo, e.g."
End of a movie road
Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange location
"Exotic ""Now, Voyager"" setting"
Famed Las Vegas Strip hotel
Festive city
Film with the voices of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway
First word of three John Wayne movie titles
Flight destination in 1933 title
Flight destination in a 1933 movie
Flight destination in songdom
Flow of agua
Flying Down to ___
Former LB Jack Del ___
Former cap. of Brazil
Former capital on Guanabara Bay
"Former capital on Guanabara Bay, briefly"
Future Olympics host
Girl from Ipanema's home
"Girl in a Duran Duran hit who ""dances on the sand"""
Grande beginner
Grande opening
Grande opening?
Grande or Bravo
Grande or Bravo.
Grande or Lobo
Grande or Plata
Grande or Rita
Grande or Rita.
Grande or de Oro
Grande preceder
"Grande, for example"
"Grande, for one"
"Great port, for short."
Guanabara Bay city
"Guanabara Bay city, briefly"
Guanabara Bay locale
Guanabara's capital
"Hit 1982 album, or its lead track"
Hit 2011 animated film
Hit animated film of 2011
Home of Botafogo Beach
Home of Santos Dumont Airport
"Home of a Carioca, for short"
Home of the girl from Ipanema
Home to Sugarloaf Mountain
Homophone for a classic car
Hope / Crosby destination
Hope-Crosby destination
Hope-Crosby film destination
"Hope/Crosby ""Road"" destination"
Hope/Crosby destination
Hope/Crosby destination of 1942
Hope/Crosby destination of 1947
Hope/Crosby film destination
Host city for the 2007 Pan American Games
"Host of the 2016 Olympics, familiarly"
Host of the 2016 Summer Games
Ipanema area
Ipanema city
Ipanema locale
Ipanema location
Ipanema setting
Ipanema site
"Ipanema site, briefly"
Ipanema's city
"Ipanema's city, for short"
Ipanema's locale
Ipanema's place
Ipanema's site
"It's ""by the sea-o"""
It's Grande
It's on Guanabara Bay
Jane Russell's character in The Outlaw
"John Wayne film ""___ Bravo"""
"John Wayne film: ""___ Bravo"""
"John Wayne's ""___ Bravo"""
"John Wayne's ""___ Lobo"""
Juan's river
Juarez river
Kia compact
Kia coupe
Kia model
Kia sedan
Kia subcompact
Lago feeder
Las Vegas casino
Latin metropolis
"Lead-in for ""Branco"" or ""Bravo"""
"Lead-in for ""Bravo"""
Lead-in for Branco or Bravo
Lead-in for Bravo
Leme Beach locale
Lerma or P
"Los Del ___ (""Macarena"" band)"
"Los Del ___ (""Macarena"" duo)"
"Los del ___ (""Macarena"" duo)"
"Los del ___ (""Macarena"" group)"
"Los del ___ (""Macarena"" men)"
MP3 player brand
MP3 player maker
"Madeira, e.g."
"Madeira, por ejemplo"
Man leaving Marion here
Manchester United defender ___ Ferdinand
Maracana Stadium locale
"Mayo, e.g."
"Mayor Luis Paulo Conde's city, for short"
Mexican flower?
Mexican river
Mexican waterway
Mexican waterway.
Mexico's ___ Bravo
Most visited Southern Hemisphere city
Movie with Blu the macaw
Movie with a 2014 sequel
Movie with an Angry Birds tie-in
Muni or Grande
Muni or Negro preceder
Museu do
Next Summer Olympics host
"Olympic host of next year, for short"
Olympics host after London
Olympics host after Sochi
One Grande
"One of the upcoming World Cup cities, for short"
"Orinoco, e.g."
Pardo or Bonito
Patriotic core
Pinar del ___: Cuban city
Place name with Claro or Cuarto
Place to do the samba
Place to fly down to
Popular cruise port
"Popular cruise port, briefly"
Popular cruise port.
Popular cruise stop
Popular resort
"Popular resort, briefly"
Popular vacation spot
"Port in Brazil, for short"
Port with a natural harbor
"Port, for short"
Pre-Brasilia capital
Pre-Lenten carnival site
Relative of an arroyo.
Resort city of Brazil
Resort city that shares its name with a Duran Duran hit
Resort for short
Resort on Guanabara Bay
Resort to fly to
"Resort, familiarly"
"Resort, for short"
Ricardo's river
Riot without end?
Rita or Bravo
Rita or Grande
Rita or Muni
Rita's bailiwick
Rita's city
Rita's home
River in Costa Rica
River in Madrid
River in Peru
River in Spain
River in Spain?
River in Toledo
River in ma
River of Spain
River of Spain?
River to Rivera
"River, in Brazil."
"River, in Mexico"
"River, in Spain"
"River, to Juanita"
"River, to Raoul"
"River, to Renaldo"
"River, to Ricardo"
"River, to Rivera"
River: Sp.
River: Span.
Riveras river
Road destination
Road picture destination
Rock in ___ (Brazilian music festival)
Rock in ___ (largest rock festival in the world)
Rock in ___ (major music festival)
S. A. capital
S. A. city.
S. A. port
S. American city
S. American metropolis
S.A. city
S.A. port
"S.A. port, for short"
S.A. resort
S.A. vacation destination
SA junket destination
Samba city
Sambadrome locale
Second-largest city on the Atlantic coast
Setting for Astaire/Rogers classic (1933)
"Setting for Hitchcock's ""Notorious"""
Setting for an Angry Birds movie
"Setting of Hitchcock's ""Notorious"""
Setting of Maracan
"She ""dances on the sand"""
"She ""dances on the sand,"" according to Duran Duran"
"She ""really shows you all she can,"" in song"
She dances on the sand
"She dances on the sand, to Duran Duran"
She dances on the sand?
Short name for a popular South American city
Sight from Sugar Loaf
Site for samba
"Site of Floresta da Tijuca, one of the world's largest urban forests"
Site of Sugar Loaf
Site of Sugar Loaf Mt.
Site of the 2007 World Puzzle Championship
Site of the 2014 World Cup
"Site of the 2014 World Cup final, for short"
Site of the 2016 Olympics
Site of the 2016 Summer Games
Site of the next Summer Olympics
"Site of the statue ""Christ the Redeemer,"" familiarly"
So. American capital: Colloq.
"Song with the lyric ""she really shows you all she can"""
"South America's ""Marvelous City"""
South America's Marvelous City
South American capital until 1960
"South American city to be blamed, per a 1984 movie title"
South American cruise stop
"South American cruise stop, for short"
"South American metropolis, familiarly"
South American resort
South American resort city
"South American setting of Hitchcock's ""Notorious"""
South American vacation spot
"South Atlantic port, for short"
South-of-the-border river?
Southern vacation spot
"Spain's Guadalquivir, e.g."
Spaniard's river
Spanish river
Spanish river.
Spanish stream
Start of many westerns
Start of the Grande
Start of three John Wayne films
Start of three John Wayne movie titles
Start of three John Wayne titles
Start of three John Wayne westerns
Start of three Wayne films
Subcompact model
Sugar Loaf Mountain city
Sugar Loaf Mountain locale
"Sugar Loaf Mountain locale, briefly"
Sugar Loaf Mountain site
"Sugar Loaf Mountain site, briefly"
Sugar Loaf Mt. city
Sugar Loaf setting
Sugar Loaf site
Sugar Loaf's city
Sugarloaf Mountain city
"Sugarloaf Mountain city, briefly"
"Sugarloaf Mountain locale, briefly"
Sugarloaf Mountain site
Sugarloaf Mountain's city
"Sugarloaf Mountain's city, briefly"
Sugarloaf dominates it
"Sugarloaf location, briefly"
Sugarloaf setting
Summer Olympics city after London
Summer Olympics host after London
Summit site of 1992
"The Amazon, for one."
The Grande.
Title city in a Fred Astaire hit
Tropic of Capricorn city
"Tuneful city ""by the sea-o"""
Type of coffee
"Uruguay, e.g."
"Uruguay, for one"
Vacation city
Vacation destination
Vacation place to do the samba
Variety of coffee.
Varig destination
Vegas casino
"Vegas casino hotel, with ""the"""
"Vegas casino that hosts the World Series of Poker, with ""the"""
Vegas hotel
Vegas hotel that hosts the World Series of Poker
Vegas hotel with Samba Suites
Vegas resort hotel named for a big carnival site
View from Corcovado
"Wayne film ""___ Bravo"""
"Wayne film, ""___ Bravo"""
Where Astaire and Rogers went flying down to
"Where Carnaval recently happened, casually"
Where Carnival is celebrated
Where Christ the Redeemer stands
Where Copacabana beach is.
"Where Felix Baumgartner BASE jumped from the hand of the ""Christ the Redeemer"" statue"
Where Ipanema is
Where Maracana Stadium is
Where Sugar Loaf Mountain is.
Where Sugar Loaf is.
Where Sugarloaf Mountain is
Where agua flows
Where the Copacabana is.
Where the airline Varig is headquartered
Where the statue of Cristo Redentor stands
"Where to find ""Christ the Redeemer"""
"With ""The,"" noted Vegas hotel"
Word with Grande
Word with Rita or Grande
World cruise stop
___ Amazonas.
___ Branco
"___ Branco, Brazil"
___ Branco.
___ Bravo
___ Bravo : '59 film
"___ Claro, Brazil"
___ Cuarto Argentina
"___ Cuarto, Argentina"
___ Grande
___ Grande (border river)
___ Grande (part of Texas' border)
___ Grande City (Texas town near the Mexican border with a 97% Hispanic population)
___ Grande River
___ Grande.
___ Group (Latin American association)
___ Muni.
___ Negro (Argentinean wine region)
___ Negro: Amazon tributary
___ Oso (Rep. Herger's childhood home)
"___ Piedras, P.R."
"___ Piedras, Puerto Rico"
___ Rancho (suburb of Albuquerque)
___ Rancho NM
___ Rita
___ Summit
"___ Tinto, city in Brazil"
"___ Vista, Calif."
___ de Janeiro
___ de Janeiro (2016 Olympics host city)
___ de Janeiro (Olympics city of 2016)
"___ de Janeiro, Brazil"
___ de Oro
___ de Oro.
___ de la Plata
___ de la Plata.
Ipanema locale for short
“Christ the Redeemer” city
Lead-in for "Bravo"
Where Simone Biles won gold
Carnival city
Carnival city
2016 Olympics site
Where Phelps won five more gold medals
2016 Olympics city familiarly
2016 Olympics host
— de Oro
2016 Olympics locale
Kia subcompact
____ Grande
City, ... de Janeiro
Carnival city, casually
Kia subcompact
Agua que fluye
Brazilian hot spot, in brief
Olympics venue between London and Tokyo
Carnival city
2011 film for which George Lopez voiced a toucan
1983 double-platinum album by Duran Duran
Kia model
Carnival city
2016 Olympics city
River, in Spain
2016 Olympics site, for short
River in Spain
"Her name is ___ and she dances on the sand" (1983 pop lyric)
River (Sp.)
South American vacation destination familiarly
Spanish waterway
Carnival city
Christ the Redeemer locale briefly
2016 Olympics city
South America's ___ Negro
Capital replaced by Brasilia familiarly
Carnival city
Where gymnast Simone Biles won Olympic gold
Carnival spot
Kia model
2016 Olympics setting
____ de Janeiro
Carnival city
Carnival city
Locale of Phelps's last five gold medals
2016 Games host
Brazilian-themed Vegas hotel
Sugar Loaf Mountain location
2016 Olympics site, for short
___ Grande
Carnival city
Kia model
Carnival city
Copacabana Beach location
Los del — ("Macarena" duo)
2016 Olympic site
Carnival city
___ de Janeiro
2016 Olympics city
2016 Olympics site, for short
Copacabana beach locale
Carnival city, for short
Brazilian port city, in brief
Capital before Brasilia
Carnival city
Carnival city
Copacabana Beach locale
Carnival setting
Ipanema's locale, for short
"— Bravo"
City, ... de Janeiro
Copacabana setting
Orinoco, por ejemplo
Carnival city
Recent Olympics venue
2016 Olympics locale
Brazilian city, familiarly
Brazilian tourist city, informally
Carnival city
Kia Motors offering
___ de Janeiro
Carnival city
Carnival city
____ Grande
____ Grande
Carnival city
2011 animated film featuring the voice talent of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway
2016 Olympics site, for short
Where Brazil was deprived of capital
Carnival city
Brazilian resort, briefly
River, in Mexico
Carnival city
Summer Olympics host between London and Tokyo
___ de Janeiro
River (Sp.)
Carnival city
Brazil tourist city, briefly
Where Katie Ledecky won four Olympic gold medals
__ de Janeiro, Brazil
Carnival site
Home of Christ the Redeemer, briefly
2016 Olympics city, for short
Ipanema's city, for short
Spanish waterway
Carnival city
Brazilian city, familiarly
Carnival city
__ Rancho, NM
River, in Mexico
Carnival city
Copacabana Beach city
Carnival city
Brazilian hot spot, for short
Site of the 2014 World Cup final
"Black Orpheus" city, for short
2016 Olympics site
Carnival city
____ de Janeiro
Mexican waterway
Copacabana Beach setting
____ Grande
Copacabana's city, for short
Favela city
2016 Olympics city, informally
2016 Summer Games site, for short
Carnival city, for short
Site of the last Olympics
City close to the Tropic of Capricorn
Carnival city
Recent Olympics site
Brazilian beach city, briefly
2016 Olympics site
Carnival city
Carnival city
Where Simone Biles won four gold medals
River (Sp.)
Carnival city
Spanish waterway
2016 Olympics city
City on Guanabara Bay
Capital on Guanabara Bay
Brazilian resort, for short
Hit 2011 animated film
Carnival city
Cariocan city
Former Brazilian Capital
Ipanema's city, briefly
Carnival city
____ de Janeiro
Brazilian hotspot
Brazil hot spot
City on Guanabara Bay
Carnival city
Carnival city
__ de Janeiro
Ipanema's city
Where Simone Biles won four golds
Recent Olympics host
Carnival city
River, in Mexico
2014 World Cup Final host
2016 Olympics city
Copacabana Beach location
2011 animated film featuring the voice talent of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway
Carnival city
___ Grande (river)
Agua que fluye
River, in Spain
Carnival city
Kia compact
Large South American city
City in which the three took time off
2016 Games host
Carnival city
Brazilian hot spot, informally
2016 Olympics locale
River, to Reynaldo
Carnival city
City in Brazil, for short
Recent Olympics host
____ Grande
Atlantic resort city
Carnival city, briefly
It was a capital little place
Brazil resort
Earth Summit site
Brazilian destination, briefly
Carnival city
____ Grande, Texas border
Orinoco, e.g.
Host of the 2016 Summer Olympics
Brazilian resort, familiarly
Guanabara Bay city
Carnival city
Brazil's tourist lure
"Blame It On ___" (Caine film)
Duran Duran single
Annual Carnival locale
A ''Road'' destination
___ Grande
Ipanema's locale, for shortend
Girl from Ipanema city
Brazilian metropolis
2016 Olympics host, informally
"Road to ___" (1947 Crosby/Hope film)
1983 Duran Duran song
River (Sp.)
____ de Janeiro, Brazilian city
__ Grande
South American cruise stop, for short
Corcovado spot
2016 Olympics site, for short
Carnival city
Brazil port, for short
"____ Bravo," classic western
"___ Bravo"
2016 Olympics city
Spanish watercourse
Brazil port
Carnival city, briefly
Like many Quaker products
Any Venetian canal
Ipanema's city, for short
Carnival city
Brazilian metropolis, for short
Sugarloaf locale
Carnival setting, informally
Brazilian city
City of priority
____ de Janeiro, Brazilian city
2016 Olympics city
Spanish waterway
Carnival city
___ de Janeiro, Brazil
Corcovado is there
____ Grande
City, ... de Janeiro
Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon site
Carnival city
___ Grande (US/Mexico river)
Brazilian tourist spot, briefly
— de Oro
Ipanema's locale, for short
____ de Janeiro
2011 animated film about a bird from Brazil
Carnival city
2011 animated movie about a blue bird
Brazilian hot spot
Mate for Bambi
Where Katie Ledecky won four gold medals
Carnival city
Brazil resort, for short
2016 Olympics city
Brazil city, for short
Duran Duran girl who "dances on the sand / Just like that river twisting through a dusty land"
Summer Olympics site between London and Tokyo, for short
__ de Janeiro
Brazilian attraction
___ de Janeiro
___ Grande
Brazil port, for short
Carnival city
Brazil port, for short
____ de Janeiro
Mexican waterway
Copacabana city
— Grande
Where Brazil took Olympic soccer gold
Brazilian port, familiarly
Natural waterway: Spanish
2016 Olympics host
____ Grande
Madrid waterway
2016 Olympics city
2016 Olympics city
Kia car
Brazil city, for short
Brazilian port
___ Grande (river to the Gulf of Mexico)
''Christ the Redeemer'' locale
____ de la Plata
Earth Summit site
2016 Olympics host
Mexican watercourse
2016 Olympics host, informally
Carnival spot
2016 Olympics city
Spanish watercourse
Carnival city
Recent Olympics host
Formula 1 city
____ de Janeiro, Brazilian city
2016 Olympics city
2011 animated film starring the voice talent of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway
2016 Olympics city, for short
____ de Janeiro
Carnival city
2016 Olympics city
Mexican waterway
___ Cuarto, Argentina
2014 World Cup city
____ de Janeiro, Brazilian port
___ Grande (river on the southern border of Texas)
Kia model
River (Sp.)
River (Sp.)
Spanish waterway
Carnaval site
Carnival city, familiarly
Brazilian resort
Brazilian city with a huge Carnival celebration, for short
2016 Olympics city
Spanish waterway
Carnival city
____ de Janeiro
Kia subcompact car
2016 Olympics host
Little city in the central Loire, maybe
City in Brazil, for short
__ Grande
"___ 2" (2014 animated sequel)
Last Summer Olympics city
____ Grande, border waterway
___ Bravo
River, to Rivera
Brazilian metropolis, briefly
Where Katie Ledecky earned four gold medals
"Road to __": Hope/Crosby film
___ de Janeiro
"____ Bravo," classic western
Small car made by Kia
Copacabana city, informally
2016 Olympics city
Copacabana Beach setting
____ de Janeiro
Brazilian metropolis
Earth Summit site
— de Janeiro
Destination of the fifth Crosby-Hope "Road to" movie
Carnival city
"Flying Down to ___"
Carioca city
Carnaval site
____ de Janeiro, Brazilian port
2016 Olympics city
Most recent Summer Olympics host, for short
2016 Olympics host
Grande opening
Host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics
Second-largest Brazilian city, for short
2016 Olympics host
Carnaval site
Carnival city
Brazil-themed Las Vegas casino
'59 film, with Bravo
Sao Paolo neighbor
Brazilian city, for short
Copacabana's city, informally
___ de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazilian hot spot
Carnaval site
____ Grande, Texas waterway
Brazilian port
Mexican tributary
2016 Olympics host
Brazilian city that hosts Carnival, for short
Large Brazilian city, for short
____ de Janeiro, Brazil
__ Grande
Copacabana city, familiarly
Angry Birds ___ (2011 video game)
____ de Janeiro
Carnival spot
Beijing ('08), London ('12), __ ('16)
City on Guanabara Bay
Spanish watercourse
Host casino of the World Series of Poker
Brazilian resort city, for short
Brazil resort
___ de Janeiro
2016 Olympics city
The girl from Ipanema came from here
___ de Janeiro
____ de Janeiro
___ Rancho (suburb of Albuquerque)

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