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The word ROAST has appeared in at least 420 clues on different crosswords.

ROAST definition(s):

  • a piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion
  • cook with dry heat, usually in an oven
  • (of meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven
  • negative criticism
  • subject to laughter or ridicule

"""A Dissertation upon ___ Pig"" (Essay by Charles Lamb)"
A pi
Adverse review: Colloq.
Affront-filled banquet
Affront-filled fete
Backhanded tribute
Bake uncovered
Banquet for a celeb
Banquet with barbs
Barb-filled ceremony
Barbecue choice
Barbed tribute
Baron of beef.
Be hot under the collar
Be sweltering
Be very hot
Beef adjective
Beef cut
Beef dish
Beef starter
Beleaguered celeb's nightmare
"Brown, in a way"
Butcher shop choice
Carved dish
Carved entree
Celeb's playful ribbing
Celebrity dinner
Celebrity event
Celebrity hot-seat?
Celebrity mistreatment
Celebrity ribbing
Celebrity ribfest
Celebrity ribfest?
Celebrity skewering
Centerpiece of many a Sunday dinner
Certain Comedy Central production
Certain Sunday dinner
Certain charity event
Certain tribute
Certain wingding
Comedians' shindig
Comedic tribute
Comedy Central event
Comedy Central fete
Comedy Central send-up
Comedy Central special
Comic tribute
Comical tribute
Company dinner.
Cook a turkey
Cook at a luau
Cook beef at a barbecue
Cook by dry heat
Cook chestnuts
Cook in a barbecue
Cook in an oven
Cook in the oven
Cook like a Friar
Cook on a spit
Cook one's goose
Cook one's goose?
Cook over an open fire
Cook the standing ribs
Cook wieners
Cook with dry heat
Cook without liquid
Cook's forte.
"Cook, as a marshmallow"
"Cook, as a turkey"
"Cook, as chestnuts"
"Cook, as peanuts"
"Cook, in a way"
"Cook, sorta! (5)"
Cookbook verb
Cookout of a kind.
Criticize harshly
Criticize in good fun
Criticize in no uncertain terms
Criticize severely
Criticize sharply
Criticize unmercifully
Criticize: Colloq.
Critique of a sort
Cut of beef
Cut of meat
Cut of meat.
Dean Martin TV show
Dean Martin affair
Dean Martin event
Dean Martin party
Dean Martin program on TV
Dean Martin show
Dean Martin specialty
Dinner course
Dinner dish.
Dinner fare
Dinner that may be tough to swallow for the guest of honor
Dinner with Dean?
Dino's TV fete
Do the turkey
Don Rickles' favorite entree?
Event where insults are a form of tribute
Event with mocking
Expose malt to fire
Expose to heat.
Facetious tribute
Family dinner entree
Family dinner entr
Family entr
Feel the heat
Feisty Friars fete
Fix chestnuts
French ___ (coffee option)
French ___ (kind of coffee)
Friar's Club event
Friar's Club function
Friars Club activity
Friars Club entr
Friars Club event
Friars Club fete
Friars Club function
Friars Club gala
Friars Club speciality
Friars Club specialty
Friars event
Friars fete
Friars tribute
Friars' affair
Friars' feisty fete
Friars' fete
Friars' gathering
Friars' tribute
Gathering at which s'mores are eaten
Get hot under the collar?
Get very hot
Give a hot time
Good-natured dinner event
Grill when involved in corruption (5)
Haul over the coals
Hearty meal
Heat or meat
Heat to excess
Holiday entr
"Holiday meal, often"
Homage with humor
Honor goodnaturedly
Honor with barbs
Honor with humor
Honor with insults
Honor with ridicule
Honor with tongue-in-cheek ridicule
"Honor, show-biz style"
Humorous tribute
Insult kiddingly
Insult party
"Insult, kiddingly"
Insult-filled banquet
Insult-filled event
Insult-filled tribute
Intentional celebrity mistreatment
Item for Sunday dinner
Joke-filled tribute
Kind of banquet
Kind of celebrity event
Kind of cookout.
Kind of picnic.
Kind of turkey
Lay out in the sun
Lie on the beach
"Luau, typically"
Main course.
Main dish.
Make fun of a guest as 'involved in nonsense' (5)
Marshmallow event
Meat case selection
Meat cut
Meat dish
Meat dish.
Meat favorite
Meat in the oven
Meat treat
Menu item
Menu item.
Mock tribute
Mocking salute
Mocking tribute
Needle in a ceremony
Needle publicly
No-holds-barred tribute
Not just poke fun at
Often-televised celebrity event
One way to cook chicken
One way to cook turkey
One way to make a chicken
Outdoor dinner
Outdoor get-together
Outdoor party
Oven entree
"Oven entree, perhaps"
Oven item
Picnic of a kind.
Picnic's cousin
Picnic: Colloq.
Pig ___
Poke fun at
Poke fun at the famous
Popular entree
Pot ___
Pot or rib follower
Pot product
"Prepare Peking duck, e.g."
Prepare chestnuts
Prepare coffee beans
Prepare peanuts
"Prepare peanuts, perhaps"
Prepare pork
Prepare the Christmas turkey
Prepare the turkey
Prepare turkey
"Prepare, as some peanuts"
Prime ribs.
Rag on publicly
Rake over the coals
Really let have it
Really take to task
Recent Justin Bieber event
Rib or pan
Rib or pot follower
Rib or shoulder e.g.
Ribbing or ribs
Ridicule Martin's guest of honor
Ridicules roundly
Romp for Rickles
Roti in Rhode Island
Rump or round cut
Small piece of sugar
Something in the oven
Spoofing session
"Standing rib, e.g."
Suffer in the sun
Sunday dinner
Sunday dinner entr
"Sunday dinner entr
Sunday dinner fare
"Sunday dinner that's ""mixed up"" in four answers"
"Sunday dinner, perhaps"
Sunday entree
Sunday entr
Sunday fare.
Sunday staple
Sunday supper
"Sunday supper, perhaps"
Sunday-dinner item
"TV ""tribute,""
Teasing session
"Testimonial dinner, of sorts"
Tongue-in-cheek tribute
Top or bottom round
Traditional Sunday fare
Treatment for a cow or a celeb
Tribute in jest
Tribute of a sort
Tribute of sorts
Tribute peppered with insult comedy
Tribute that might seem like a trial
Tribute that might seem more like a trial
Tribute with a wink
Tribute with digs
Tribute with friendly insults
Tribute with good-natured ribbing
Tribute with insults
Tribute with laughs
Tribute with twits
Type of picnic
Use the oven
"What Frank mistook his intervention for in ""It's Always Sunny"""
What Mary Astor had for dinner?
Where one might be in the hot seat?
Yorkshire pudding might be served with it
Celebrity ribbing event
Laugh-filled broadcast
Put on the hot seat in a way
Tongue-in-cheek tribute
Certain comedic tribute
Sunday dinner item
Cook in an oven
____ beef
Insult, kiddingly
Celebrity skewering
Cook in an oven
Cook in a barbecue
Bake in oil
Criticise cook
Cook in oven
Criticize severely
Cook in oven
Bake in oven
Cook in an oven
Cook in oven
Sunday dinner item
Insult in jest
Cut of beef
Bake in oven
Honor with insults
____ beef
____ beef
Cook in oven
Pan for cook
Mock tribute
Certain tribute
Bake in oven
Go off about, when you write the review?
Tribute with cutting humor
Sunday dinner item
Cook in an oven
____ beef
____ beef
Cook with dry heat
Comedic tribute
Comic tribute
Sunday dinner item
____ beef
Comedic tribute
Cook in an oven
Bake in oven
Cook with dry heat
Tribute with tweaking
Cook gave nothing for the tars to get upset about
Queen has browned bread with no topping for Xmas dinner?
Family dinner entrée
Banquet with insults
Pig ___ (luau event)
Cook in oven
Cook in oil
Criticise Sunday dinner
Sunday dinner item
Cook in the oven
Cook in oil
Criticise Sunday dinner
Pan for cook
Cook in oven
Find joint when taking rubbish outside
Barbecue, for example
Cook beef in an oven
Sunday entree
Bake in oil
Criticise Sunday dinner
____ beef
Bake in oven
Cook recipe with ground oats
Sunday meat
Celebrity ribbing
Prepare, as some peanuts
Standing rib ___ (cut of beef)
Pot or rib follower
Kind of beef
Sunday dinner item
Comedy Central celebrity tribute
Cook in oil
Criticise Sunday dinner
Cook in oil
Criticise Sunday dinner
Cook in the oven
Bake in oven
Center of a luau
____ beef
Use an oven
Comedic tribute
Cook in the oven
Insult good-naturedly
____ beef
Dinner from the oven
Sunday dinner item
Bake in oven
Cook in oven
Cook in oil
Criticise Sunday dinner
Sunday dinner item
____ beef
Luau, basically
Pot or rib follower
Cook in oven

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