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Word: ROPE

The word ROPE has appeared in at least 425 clues on different crosswords.

ROPE definition(s):

  • a strong line
  • catch with a lasso
  • street names for flunitrazepan
  • fasten with a rope

"""Clue"" weapon"
"""What will you use?"""
'Clue' weapon
(missing clue)
1948 Alfred Hitchcock thriller
1948 Hitchcock film
1948 Hitchcock nail-biter
1948 Hitchcock thriller
1948 James Stewart film
1948 film that looks to have been filmed in one shot
345 or 67J in pan
A kid might skip it
Ali's ___-a-dope
Anchor attachment
"Anchor attachment, perhaps"
Bell ___ (campanologist's handful)
Bell attachment
"Blue October ""Jump ___"""
"Bowline, e.g."
Boxing barrier
Boxing ring boundary
Boxing ring encloser
Boxing-ring encloser
"Braided ""Clue"" weapon"
Braided cord
CLUE weapon
Cable alternative
Candlestick alternative
"Candlestick alternative, in a classic game"
Carabiner insert
Catch a cayuse
Catch a steer
Catch calves
Catch cattle
Catch in a way
Catch rodeo-style
"Catch, as livestock"
"Catch, in a way"
"Catch, rodeo-style"
Cattle catcher
Certain jumper's need
Cheap cigar
Cheap cigar: Slang.
"Clash ""Give 'Em Enough ___"""
Climber's cord
Climbing gear
Climbing wall equipment
Clue weapon
Coil component
Composition of some ladders
Cordage item
Cowboy gear
Cowboy tool
Cowboy's aid
Cowboy's equipment
Cowboy's gear
Cowpoke's coil
Cowpoke's gear
Cruise line?
Do a rodeo job.
Do ranch work
Do ranch work.
Do rodeo work
Dogie catcher
Dogie-catching tool
Double Dutch item
Double Dutch need
Dude ranch object
Dude ranch prop
"Dupe, with ""in"""
"Early Clash album ""Give 'Em Enough ___"""
Early Hitchcock film
Early Hitchcock movie
"Enclose, with ""off"""
"Ensnare, with ""in"""
"Entice, with ""in"""
"Entice, with ""in."""
Equipment of Jack Ketch
Espadrille-sole feature
Experimental Hitchcock film
Funambulist's footing
Funambulist's need
Funambulist's surface
Funambulist's tool
Gallows sight
Game of Clue weapon
Get a dogie
"Guy, e.g."
Halyard or hawser
Hanging requirement
"Hawser, e.g."
"Hawser, for one"
Heavy cord
Hemp product
Hillbilly's belt
His 1948 film
Hitchcock classic
Hitchcock classic seemingly filmed in one continuous take
Hitchcock film
Hitchcock film based on the Leopold and Loeb case
Hitchcock film starring James Stewart
Hitchcock film: 1948
Hitchcock hit
Hitchcock movie
Hitchcock movie about a thrill killing
Hitchcock nail-biter
Hitchcock thriller
Hitchcock thriller: 1948
Hitchcock title
Hitchcock's 1948 film
Hitchcock's first Technicolor film
Hitchcock's first color film
Hobo's belt
Houdini essential
"Involve, with 'in'"
It can be a lifesaver
It gets jumped
It may be skipped
It may be used by Professor Plum
It might be skipped
It's fit to be tied
It's often skipped
It's often skipped at school
It's pulled on a pulley
It's tugged on in a tug-of-war
Jump or tight follower
Jumper's need
Just skip it
Kids skip it
Kind of dancer or walker
Kind of ladder
Kind of trick.
Lariat material
Lariat or riata
"Lariat, e.g."
Lasso material
"Lasso, e.g."
"Lasso, for example"
Lassoer's cord
Leeway metaphor
Lifeguard's equipment
"Lifeline, maybe"
Lifesaving equipment
Lifesaving item
Line at the dock
Line drive
Macram material
Makeup of some ladders
"Manila, for one"
Mooring cord
Mountain climber's need
Mountain-climbing aid
Mountaineer's need
Mountaineer's need.
Mountaineering gear
Mountaineering need
"Mustard weapon, possibly"
Noose maker
Noose material
Noose necessity
Object in gym class
One may be skipped
One of the weapons in Clue
One of two needed for double Dutch
One thrown at a rodeo
Pappelling need
Parents may feel they're at the end of it
Part of a bell tower
Part of a climber's gear
"Partition, with ""off"""
Piece of rodeo gear
Piton insert
Place for a bight
"Plum choice, perhaps"
Possible weapon for Professor Plum
Potential weapon for Professor Plum
Product from sisal
Product made from Cannabis Sativa
Prop for Rogers
Prop for Will Rogers
Pulley part
Rappelling gear
Reata material
Retrieve a dogie
"Riata, e.g."
Ring appurtenance
Ring barrier
Ring boundary
Ring element
Ring side
Rock climber's equipment
Rock climber's gear
Rock climber's need
Rock-climbing gear
"Rocket From the Crypt ""On a ___"""
Rocky Balboa skipped it
Rodeo accessory
Rodeo gear
Rodeo item
Rodeo prop
Rodeo whirler
Roundup gear
Sailing necessity
Sailor's sheet
Sheet in a regatta
Sheet or line
Ship's sheet
Sisal product
Skip it
Skipping ___.
Snag doggies
Snag dogies
Snag nags
Snag with a lasso
"Snag, as dogies"
Snare material
"Snare, in a way"
Soap holder
Something to skip
Something to skip?
"Sting ""Dead Man's ___"""
String of pearls e.g.
String of pearls.
String's big brother
"String, as of pearls."
Strong cord
Style of gold chain
Suck (in)
"The ""sheet"" in ""three sheets to the wind"""
The 'sheet' in 'three sheets to the wind'
The only 'Clue' weapon whose token is made from plastic
Thick cord
Thin White ___
This can put you in a bind
Tie or lanyard
"Tie, in a way."
Tire swing part
Tool for a funambulist
Towing gear
Tug of war requirement
Tug-of-war cord
Tug-of-war equipment
Tug-of-war gear
Tug-of-war item
Tug-of-war item.
Tug-of-war necessity
Tug-of-war need
Tug-of-war requirement
"Twisted string, as of pearls."
Twisted stuff
Type of bridge and a hint to the puzzle theme
Type of gold chain
Use a lariat
Use a lasso on
Velvet barrier
Wall-climbing equipment
Weapon choice for Professor Plum
Weapon for Colonel Mustard
Weapon for Professor Plum
Weapon in Clue
"Weapon in the game ""Clue"""
Weapon in the game Clue
Weapon in the game of Clue
What Blue October jumps for exercise?
What some kids skip
Wild West show prop
Will Rogers prop
Will Rogers' prop
Word for a cheap cigar
Wrangler's tool
Wrestling ring encloser
You can skip it
You can skip it?
You can tie somebody up with this
You may skip it
___ in (dupe)
___ in (entice)
___ off (partition)
___ off: enclose
Makeup of some ladders
Double Dutch gear
Object looped on a cowboy's saddle
Tug-of-war cord
Rodeo tool
Groped around for a fastening
Thick cord
Weapon in Clue
Tug-of-war need
Part of a pulley
Tool for catching a calf
Groped around for fastening
Rodeo gear
Cowboy's gear
Cowboy's gear
Mountain climber's lifeline
Weapon for Professor Plum
Thick cord
Thick cord
Heavy cord
Heavy cord
Heavy twine
Heavy twine
Weapon in Clue
Thick cord
Tug-of-war requirement
Need for tug-of-war
Part of a ring's boundary
Rock climber's gear
Tug of war need
Groped around for fastening
1948 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller based on a stage play by Patrick Hamilton
Tug-of-war need
Strong cord
Groped around for fastening
Parade balloon handler's handful
50-Down material
Thick cord
Groped around for fastening
Tug-of-war necessity
Groped around fastening
Tug-of-war need
Groped around for fastening
1948 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller based on a stage play by Patrick Hamilton
Tug-of-war need
Operates out East and it's secure?
Plastic Clue weapon
Mountaineer's need
Snare, as a dogie
Groped around for fastening
Potential weapon for Professor Plum
Thick cord
It's often skipped
Cowboy's gear
Mountaineer's need
Thick cable
Groped around for fastening
Thick cord
Calf catcher
Heavy cord
European centre for cordage
Groped around for fastening
Heavy twine
Stout cord
Braided line
Heavy cord
Groped around for fastening
It's skipped at playgrounds
Something to skip
Cattle-catching gear
One often thrown from a horse
Groped around for fastening
Hitchcock film that's also a weapon in the board game Clue
Part of a ring perimeter
Groped around for fastening
Groped around for fastening
Block and tackle part
Groped around for fastening
Strong cord
Down the dogie
Boxing ring boundary
It may be skipped
Weapon for Mrs. Peacock
Heavy twine

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