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Word: ROSS

The word ROSS has appeared in at least 439 clues on different crosswords.

ROSS definition(s):

  • Scottish explorer who led Arctic expeditions that yielded geographic discoveries while searching for the Northwest Passage (1777-1856)
  • British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic; located the north magnetic pole in 1831; discovered the Ross Sea in Antarctica; nephew of Sir John Ross (1800-1862)
  • British physician who discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria (1857-1932)
  • a politician in Wyoming who was the first woman governor in the United States (1876-1977)
  • American seamstress said to have made the first American flag at the request of George Washington (1752-1836)

"""Dress for Less"" chain"
"""Drury Lane's Last Case"""
"""E.R."" doctor"
"""ER"" doc"
"""ER"" doctor"
"""ER"" medic"
"""Friends"" character"
"""Friends"" friend"
"""Friends"" guy"
"""Friends"" paleontologist"
"""Friends"" role"
"""Glengarry Glen ___"""
"""Glengarry Glen ___"" (1992)"
"""Happy Days"" mom"
"""King Richard II"" lord"
"""Lady Sings the Blues"" star"
"""Lady Sings the Blues"" star Diana"
"""Love Hangover"" singer"
"""Mahogany"" star"
"""Mahogany"" star, 1975"
"""Mahogany"" vocalist Diana"
"""New Yorker"" founder."
"""The Goodbye Girl"" director Herbert"
"""The Joy of Painting"" host Bob"
"""The New Yorker"" founder Harold"
"""The Wiz"" star"
"""The Wiz"" star Diana"
"""The Wiz"" star, 1978"
"""The Years with ___"": Thurber"
"""Touch Me in the Morning"" singer"
"""Touch Me in the Morning"" singer Diana"
"""Upside Down"" singer"
"""You Can't Do That on Television"" mainstay"
"""You Can't Do That on Television"" role"
'90s candidate H. ___ Perot
'The New Yorker' founder
'The Wiz' star Diana
18th-century sewer
1992 opponent of Bill and George
1996 presidential candidate H. ___ Perot
"A ""Friends"" friend"
"A friend in ""Friends"""
Actor Elliot's missus
"Actor Martin of ""The Wild Wild West"""
American flag-maker.
Antarctic Sea
Antarctic explorer
Antarctic explorer Sir James
Antarctic ice shelf
Antarctic island
Antarctic sea
Antarctic sea.
Antarctic shelf.
Antarctica's ___ Ice Shelf
Antarctica's ___ Sea
Arctic explorer.
Banner maker.
Barney of boxing
Barney of ring fame
Barney of ring fame.
Barney or Betsy
Barney or betsy
Bay of Whales sea
Betsy Griscom.
Betsy of flag-making fame
Betsy or Barney
Betsy or Diana
Betsy or Harold
Betsy who sewed a flag
Betsy whose work was saluted
Bicycle brand
Big name in flags
Bill and Bob's opponent
Bill/Bob's 1996 opponent
Billie Holiday portrayer
"Bob of ""The Joy of Painting"""
Boxer Barney
British polar explorer.
Buddy of Joey and Chandler
Businessman/candidate Perot
Candidate Perot
Celebrated seamstress Betsy
"Chandler's ""Friend"""
Chandler's friend
Chief U.S. Syria/Israel negotiator Dennis
Chipmunks creator Bagdasarian
"Clooney's ""ER"" role"
Clooney's E.R. role
Coach Bobby
Cohort of Joey and Chandler
Cold sea
"Cold, cold sea."
Colonial flagmaker
Colonial sewer
"David Schwimmer's role on ""Friends"""
"David's ""Friends"" role"
"David's role on ""Friends"""
Diana from Detroit
"Diana of ""Lady Sings the Blues"""
"Diana of ""The Wiz"""
Diana of The Supremes
Diana of song
Diana of the Supremes
Diana or Betsy
Diana or Marion
"Diana who sang ""Baby Love"""
Diana who sang with the Supremes
Diana with the voice
Director Herbert
Discoverer of Antarctica's largest ice shelf
"Emma's father on ""Friends"""
Eponymous sea discoverer
Ex-welterweight Barney
Explorer for whom an Antarctic sea is named
Exterior of bark
Famed editor.
Famed flag fabricator
Famed flag maker
Famed flagmaker
Famed seamstress
Famed sewer
Famous Betsy.
Famous flagmaker
Famous seamstress
Famous sewer
Film producer Hunter
"First ""New Yorker"" editor"
First editor of The New Yorker
First female director of U.S. Mint
First female director of U.S. Mint: 1933
First woman director of U.S. Mint
First woman director of the U.S. Mint
First woman governor
First woman governor.
First woman to govern a state
Flag fabricator
Flag lady
Flag lady Betsy
Flag maker
Flag maker Betsy
Flag maker's name
Flag person
Flag sewer
Flag woman of 1777
Flag-making patriot
Flag-sewing woman
Flagmaker Betsy
Flagmaker Betsy.
"Flagmaker, of legend"
Football coach Bobby
Former Lions coach Bobby
Former Lions' coach Bobby
Former NFL coach Bobby
Former White Sox/Pirates pitcher Baumgarten
Founder of The New Yorker
Founding New Yorker editor
Founding editor of The New Yorker
"Friend in ""Friends"""
"Friend on ""Friends"""
Friends character
Friends role
George Costanza's ex-fiancee Susan ___
Glengarry Glen ___
Guinness Book cofounder McWhirter
H. -- Perot
H. ___ Perot
Happy Days actress
"Harold ___, founder of ""The New Yorker"""
"Harold ___, of <I>The New Yorker<I>"
Harold or Diana
"Harold who founded ""The New Yorker"""
He ran against Bill and Bob in 1996
He ran against Bill and George in 1992
He ran against George and Bill in '92
Head man
Historic flag maker
Historic sewer
Historical seamstress
Historical sewer
Ice Shelf
Industrialist Perot
Joey's friend
"Katharine in ""The Graduate"""
"Katharine of ""The Graduate"""
Katharine of film
"Katherine of ""The Graduate"""
Lanny or Diana
"Larry, who claimed half of the $363 million lottery"
Legendary NewYorker editor
Legendary flagmaker
Legendary seamstress
Lew Archer creator MacDonald
Longtime New Yorker editor
"Lord in Shakespeare's ""Richard II"""
Macdonald of mystery
Marion of 'Happy Days'
Marion or Diana
"Middle name of a July 16, 1992, dropout"
Mideast negotiator Dennis
Monica's brother
"Monica's brother on ""Friends"""
Monica's brother on 'Friends'
Monica's brother on TV
"Monica's brother, on ""Friends"""
Motown's Diana
Movie maker Hunter
Mr. Perot
Mystery author MacDonald
Mystery-writer Macdonald
NHL Trophy won by Gretzky ten times
"Nellie ___, first female state governor"
New Yorker founder
New Yorker founder Harold
New Yorker man
Noted flag maker
Noted flagmaker
Noted seamstress
Noted sewer?
"Noted woman patriot, 1752-1836"
Old Glory designer
One of Antarctica's seas
"One of NBC's ""Friends"""
One of T. E. Lawrence's names.
"One of TV's ""Friends"""
"One of the ""Friends"""
"One of the ""Friends"" friends"
"One of the friends on ""Friends"""
One-time presidential hopeful Perot
Opponent of George and Bill
"PBS painter Bob known for ""happy little clouds"""
Partner of Lambert and Hendricks
Patriotic seamstress
Perot of politics
Perot to friends
Perot's middle name
Philadelphian Betsy
Phillie's famous Betsy
Play by Rattigan
Polar explorer
Polar explorer Sir James
Polar sea
Politician Perot
Politico Perot
Popular bicycle brand
"Rachel's love, on ""Friends"""
Rapper Rick
Recent Broadway play.
Reform Party's Perot
Renowned seamstress
Revolutionary War flagmaker Betsy
Revolutionary sewer
Rival of George and Bill in '92
Role that made a star of David
Rough bark of trees.
Rough bark.
Rough exterior of bark
Rough exterior of bark.
Schwimmer's Geller
Sea in Antarctica
Sea in Antarctica.
Sea of Antarctica
Sea of Antarctica.
Sea of the Antarctic.
Sea of the Antartic.
Sea south of New Zealand
Sea whose shore features Mount Erebus
Seamstress Betsy
See 120A
See 13D
"Sewer depicted in ""The Birth of Old Glory"""
Sewer of history
Sewer of note
She did standard needlework
"She had a 1980 #1 hit with ""Upside Down"""
"Shirley of ""Thanks for the Memory"""
Singer Diana
"Singer Diana of ""The Wiz"""
Singer Lanny or Diana
Singer Supreme?
Singer-actress Diana
Snowboarder Rebagliati
"Snowboarder Rebagliati, the first ever Olympic gold medalist in men's snowboarding"
Soft-spoken painter Bob
Songstress Diana
Soprano Elinor
Southern sea
Southern sea.
Star maker Betsy
Star sewer
Starmaker Betsy?
Stars and Stripes seamstress
Supreme Diana
Supreme Supreme
Supreme Supreme?
Supreme being?
Supreme leader
Supreme leader?
Supreme woman
Supremes diva
Supremes leader
Supremes singer
"Supremes singer, once"
"Susan ___, George's fianc
"T. E. Lawrence, as Air Force private."
Terence Rattigan play.
The New Yorker founder
The New Yorker founder Harold
"The New Yorker founder, Harold"
The supreme Supreme
Thurber subject.
"Thurber's ""The Years with ___"""
Timely name.
Two-time foe of Bill
Two-time presidential candidate Perot
Tycoon Perot
U.S. Middle East mediator
"U.S. mediator Dennis, who was sent to the Mideast by Clinton in a late effort to achieve peace progress"
V.I.P. of flags
"Woman depicted in ""The Birth of Old Glory"""
Writer MacDonald
Writer Macdonald
___ Ice Shelf
"___ Ice Shelf, Antarctica"
"___ Island, in Antarctica"
___ Sea (Antarctic expanse)
"___ Sea, large Antarctic inlet."
"___ and Cromarty, Scottish county."
___ Sea (Bay of Whales locale)
“Friends” friend __ Geller
Debater of George and Bill in 1992
One of the "Friends"
Singer Diana ____
Supreme singer?
''Friends'' guy
Flagmaker Betsy ____
"Friends" character
Legendary sewer
Singer Diana ____
"Friends" character Geller
Flagmaker Betsy ____
Flag maker Betsy
"Friends" character
Singer Diana ____
Flagmaker Betsy ____
Antarctica's ___ Sea
Colonial seamstress
One man's name for Diana
Ella Fitzgerald Award recipient of 2014
USO show audience
Diana —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Lady Sings the Blues
1992 opponent of Bill and George
''__ for Boss'' ('92 campaign slogan)
"Friends" character
"Friends" character
"Friends" character Geller
Sewer of note
Singer Diana ____
Singer Diana ____
Sea of Antarctica
One of the friends on "Friends"
Flagmaker Betsy ____
Who set the standard for the United States?
Antarctica's ___ Ice Shelf
"Friends" character
Diana of "Mahogany"
Singer Diana ____
Flagmaker Betsy ____
Betsy in American history
British explorer for whom an Antarctic sea is named
"Friends" character
Diana —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Lady Sings the Blues
Singer Diana ____
TV friend of Joey and Chandler
Noted seamstress
"Friends" friend
Flagmaker Betsy ____
"Friends" character
Singer Diana ____
Colonial seamstress
Flagmaker Betsy ____
"Friends" character with a pet monkey
One of the friends on 'Friends'
'Friends' character ___ Geller
Op-ed writer Douthat
Businessman Perot
"Friends" character
Diana of the Supremes
Betsy in American history
Flagmaker Betsy
Boy's name
Singer Diana ____
"Friends" character
Perot of the Reform Party
Flagmaker Betsy
Antarctic explorer James
Flag maker Betsy
___ Dress for Less (off-price store chain)
1996 loser to Bill
Flagmaker Betsy ____
Colonial seamstress
"Friends" character
One of the friends on "Friends"
Flag creator
Former presidential candidate H. ___ Perot
Diana of the Supremes
Singer Diana ____
Diana of The Supremes
Diana of The Supremes
Flagmaker Betsy ____
"The Joy of Painting" host Bob
Rachel's love interest on "Friends"
Flagmaker Betsy ____
David Schwimmer's "Friends" role
"Friends" character
Monica Geller's brother
Betsy of flag fame
The supreme Supreme
One of the friends on 'Friends'
Singer Diana ____
Singer Diana ___
Flag creator
Flagmaker Betsy ____
"Friends" character
Singer Diana ____
"Friends" character
Colonial seamstress
Supreme Diana
Flagmaker Betsy
Flagmaker Betsy ____
Flag creator

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