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Word: RTES

The word RTES has appeared in at least 346 clues on different crosswords.

1 & 101
1 and 101: Abbr.
1 and 66
"1 and 66, briefly"
"1 and 66, e.g."
"1 and 66, e.g.: Abbr."
1 and 66: Abbr.
1 and 66: abbr.
1 and 66; Abbr.
1 and 66?
"1 and 80, for short"
"1 and 95, e.g."
1 and others: Abbr.
1 et al.: Abbr.
"1, 66 et al."
"1, 66, etc.: Abbr."
"1, 9, 66, etc."
"1, 9, 66: Abbr."
195 and 40
"66 and 1, e.g."
"66 and 101, briefly"
66 and 1: abbr.
66 and 495: abbr.
"66 and 65 , briefly"
66 and I-5
66 and I-95
66 and others
66 and others (abbr.)
66 and others: Abbr.
66 and others: abbr.
66 et al.
"66, 95, etc."
"66, et al."
"66, et al. (abbr.)"
"66, et al.: abbr."
95 and 495: abbr.
9W and 66 for short
A.A.A. concerns
A.A.A. courses
A.A.A. info
A.A.A. offerings
A.A.A. options
A.A.A. recommendations
A.A.A. recommendations: Abbr.
A.A.A. suggestions
AAA advice
AAA concerns
AAA expertise
AAA marked lines
AAA may provide them
AAA offerings
AAA recommendations
"AAA recommendations, perhaps"
AAA suggestions
AAA's concerns
Abbreviations on road maps.
Abbrs. on maps
Abbrs. on some maps
Abbrs. usually followed by nos.
Address nos.
Atlas abbreviations
Atlas lines: Abbr.
Beats for P.O. couriers
Beats for p.o. men
Big rds.
Blvds. and rds.
"Blvds., e.g."
Bus sched. data
Bus sched. info
Carriers' paths: Abbr.
Certain highways (Abbr.)
Country rds.
Cousins of pkys.
Delivery drivers' assignments: Abbr.
Delivery lines: Abbr.
Delivery pathways: Abbr.
Delivery persons' assignments: Abbr.
"Detours, e.g.: Abbr."
Direction givers' suggestions: Abbr.
Directions' details: Abbr.
Directions: Abbr.
Driver's options: Abbr.
Drivers' choices: Abbr.
Freq. paths
"Fwys., e.g."
G.P.S. output: Abbr.
GPS calculations
GPS calculations: Abbr.
GPS choices
GPS choices: Abbr.
GPS choices: abbr.
GPS data
GPS directions
GPS info
GPS offerings
GPS offerings: Abbr.
GPS options
GPS options: Abbr.
GPS options: abbr.
GPS output (h)
GPS plottings
GPS readings
GPS recommendations
GPS recommendations: Abbr.
GPS suggestions
GPS suggestions: Abbr.
Garbage collectors have them: Abbr.
Google Maps offerings: Abbr.
Highway signs.
Highways with nos.
Highways: Abbr.
Highways: abbr.
Hwy. abbrevs.
Hwy. abbrs.
Hwy. lines
Hwy. nos.
Hwy. numbers
Hwys. and such
Hwys. et al.
Hwys. with nos.
Hwys. with numbers
"I-10, etc."
"I-80 and U.S. 10, e.g."
I-80 et al.
I-95 and others
I-95 et al.
Info in AAA TripTiks
Interstate hwys.
Interstates: abbr.
Itineraries: Abbr.
Itinerary abbr.
Itinerary abbreviations
Itinerary abbrs.
Itinerary choices: abbr.
Itinerary details: Abbr.
Itinerary elements: Abbr.
Itinerary info: Abbr.
Itinerary parts: Abbr.
Itinerary segments: Abbr.
Itinerary segs.
Itinerary: Abbr.
Jct. joiners
Kin of pkwys.
Lap mines: Abbr.
Lines of passage: Abbr.
Lines on A.A.A. maps
Lines on a GPS
Lines on an A.A.A. map
Lines on an Uber app
Lines on an Uber app: Abbr.
Lines: Abbr.
"Long ways, for short"
Long ways: Abbr.
Ltr. carriers' responsibilities
Mail carriers have them (Abbr.)
Mail carriers have them: Abbr.
Mail carriers' assignments: Abbr.
Mail carriers' paths: Abbr.
Mail delivery assignments: Abbr.
Mail delivery paths: Abbr.
Mailmen's tours: Abbr.
Many GPS lines
Many begin with I: Abbr.
Many postal workers have them (abbr.)
Map abbreviations
Map abbreviations.
Map abbrs.
Map entries.
Map features: Abbr.
Map lines: Abbr.
Map listings.
Map ltrs.
Map nos.
"Map nos., often"
Map notations: Abbr.
Map rds.
MapQuest data: Abbr.
MapQuest data: abbr.
MapQuest offerings: Abbr.
MapQuest requests (abbr.)
MapQuest requests: Abbr.
MapQuest suggestions: Abbr.
Maps rds.
Markings on an A.A.A. map
Motorist's choices (abbr.)
Motorist's concern: Abbr.
Navigation system suggestions: Abbr.
Nos. in a travel guide
Nos. on a road map
Nos. on maps
Nos. on road atlases
Numbered highways: Abbr.
Numbered hwys.
Numbered rds.
Numbered roads: Abbr.
OnStar suggestions: abbr.
P.O. circuits
P.O. decisions
P.O. employees have them
P.O. employees' itineraries
Paper deliverers have them (abbr.)
Paper deliverers have them: Abbr.
Paperboys' assignments; Abbr.
Parade paths (abbr.)
Parade paths: Abbr.
Parts of itineraries: Abbr.
Paths for the mailman (abbr.)
Paths of trav.
Paths: Abbr.
Post office chart: Abbr.
Postal beats (abbr.)
"Postal beats, briefly"
Postal workers have them: Abbr.
Rallye rds.
Rds. and blvds.
Rds. and hwys.
Rds. and sts.
Rds. with numbers
Road map abbreviations.
Road map array: Abbr.
Road map items: Abbr.
Road systs.
Road-map abbrs.
Roads with nos.
Roads: Abbr.
Roadways (Abbr.)
Rounds: Abbr.
Rural addr. words
Rural rds.
Sea lanes: Abbr.
Shippers' plans: Abbr.
Shipping specifications: Abbr.
Short courses
Short highways
Short highways?
Short lines?
Short ways to go
Short ways to go?
Some AAA recommendations
Some GPS paths
Some are rural: Abbr.
Some highways with nos.
Some map lines: Abbr.
Some map nos.
Some nos. on maps
Some numbered rds.
St. and ave.
"St., Ave., etc."
"St., ave., etc."
Strips: Abbr.
Sts. and rds.
Suggestions from the AAA
Their nos. might appear on shields
They have nos.
They may be incl. with invitations
They usually involve turns: Abbr.
They're comprised of rds. and hwys.
They're numbered on maps (abbr.)
"They're on the map, briefly"
TomTom suggestions: Abbr.
"Tpkes., e.g."
Trav. choices
Trav. options
"Travel options, briefly"
Travel options: Abbr.
Travel plans: Abbr.
Traveler's option: Abbr.
Traveler's options (abbr.)
"Traveler's options, briefly"
Travelers check them: Abbr.
TripTik inclusions (abbr.)
Triptik abbrs.
Turnpikes: Abbr.
U.P.S. driver assignments: Abbr.
U.P.S. drivers have them
U.S. 1 and 101
U.S. 1 and I 95
U.S. 1 and U.S. 66
U.S. 1 and others
U.S. 1 and others.
U.S. 1 and others: Abbr.
"U.S. 1, etc."
"U.S. hwys., e.g."
UAL service-map lines
UPS driver's concerns
"US 1 and I-95, e.g."
US 101 & 66
US 101 and I-5
US 66 and US 1
USPS assignments
USPS delivery patterns
USPS designations
Ways to get there (abbr.)
Ways to go (abbr.)
"Ways to go, abbr."
"Ways to go, for short"
"Ways to go, shortly"
Ways to go: Abbr.
Ways to go?: Abbr.
Ways: Abbr.
Waze lines: Abbr.
Well-traveled paths: abbr.
MapQuest offerings (Abbr.)
GPS calculations (Abbr.)
Roads with nos
Arteries: Abbr
Some P.O. plans
Numbered rds.
Numbered rds.
Numbered hwys.
Numbered rds.
Numbered rds.
GPS displays
Numbered rds.
Numbered rds.
Highways: Abbr.
UPS driver's assignments
Some delivery drivers' plans: Abbr.
Ways with nos.
Numbered rds.
GPS lines
Bus sched. info
Numbered rds.
Map nos.
Numbered rds.
PO itineraries
Fwys., e.g.
Numbered rds.
GPS data
Highways: Abbr.
Hwys. with numbers
Highways: Abbr.
42-Across et al.

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