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Word: SAGA

The word SAGA has appeared in at least 512 clues on different crosswords.

SAGA definition(s):

  • a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; originally (12th to 14th centuries) a story of the families that settled Iceland and their descendants but now any prose narrative that resembles such an account
  • Solar Array Gain Augmentation
  • Soviet American Gas And Aerosol Experiment

"""Beowulf"" or ""Iliad"""
"""Beowulf"" or ""Iliad,"" e.g."
"""Beowulf"" or ""Star Wars"""
"""Beowulf,"" e.g."
"""Beowulf,"" for one"
"""Centennial,"" e.g."
"""Game of Thrones,"" e.g."
"""Harry Potter"" or ""Game of Thrones,"" e.g."
"""Heimskringla,"" e.g."
"""Iliad,"" e.g."
"""Little House on the Prairie,"" e.g."
"""Lonesome Dove"" genre"
"""Platoon"", e.g."
"""Roots"" or ""Hawaii"""
"""Roots,"" e.g."
"""Roots,"" for example"
"""Roots,"" for one"
"""Star Wars,"" e.g."
"""The Forsyte ___"""
"""The Forsyte ___"" (Galsworthy)"
"""The Forsyte ___"" (Galsworthy) (4)"
"""The Forsyte ___."""
"""The Hunger Games,"" e.g."
"""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
"""The Lord of the Rings,"" for one"
"""The Matrix"" movies, e.g."
"""The North and South Trilogy"" is one"
"""The Thorn Birds,"" e.g."
"""The Thorn Birds,"" for one"
"""The Twilight ___"" (vampire film series)"
"""The ___ Continues..."" (P. Diddy album)"
"""Twilight,"" e.g."
"""Volsunga ___"""
"""War and Peace,"" e.g."
"""Worlds Apart"" rockers"
'50s men's adventure mag
"'80s ""On the Loose"" rockers"
'80s prog rockers
"'Roots,' for example"
"'The Epic of Gilgamesh,'
"'The Godfather', e.g."
A gas on the rise
A long story
"A long tale such as ""Beowulf"""
Account receivable?
Adventure story
Adventure tale
Adventure tale.
Adventure-filled story
Adventurous story
Adventurous tale
"Adventurous, heroic story"
Ambitious prose work
An old story
"Beowulf, e.g."
"Beowulf, for one"
Big Story
Big account
Big job for a storyteller
Big job for a teller
Big job for a teller?
Big ordeal
Big story
Big-scale tale
Candy Crush ___ (addictive smartphone app)
Candy Crush ___ (addictive smartphone game)
City NE of Nagasaki
Complex chronicle
Complicated account
Complicated tale
Considerable account
Continuing drama
Continuing story
"D. H. Lawrence's ""The Rainbow,"" e.g."
Detailed account
Detailed narrative
Detailed recital of events
Drawn-out drama
Drawn-out episode
Drawn-out story
Drawn-out tale
Endless adventure
Epic account
Epic chronicle
Epic legend
Epic narrative
Epic story
Epic story of heroism
Epic tale
Epic's cousin
Era-spanning story
Extended account
Extended narrative
Extended story
Extensive tale
"Family history, e.g."
"Forsyte or Icelandic, e.g."
Forsyte story
"Forsyte tale, e.g."
Forsyte's account
"Forsyte, for one"
"Forsyte, for one."
Galsworthy genre
Galsworthy opus
Galsworthy output
Galsworthy work
Galsworthy wrote one
"Galsworthy's ""The Forsyte ___"""
Generation-spanning story
Generation-spanning work
Grand adventure
Grand story
Grandiose story
Grandiose tale
Hefty tale
Hero's tale
Heroic account
Heroic adventure story
Heroic chronicle
Heroic legend
Heroic narrative
Heroic narrative.
Heroic prose narrative
Heroic prose tale
Heroic story
Heroic tale
Heroic tale.
Heroic work.
Heroic yarn
Historic tale
Historical narrative
Historical novel
"Historical novel, perhaps"
"Historical novel, usually"
History in verse
Homeric account
Homeric tale
Iceland epic
Icelandic epic
Icelandic narrative
Icelandic narrative.
Icelandic tale
Involved account
Involved story
Involved tale
It can span centuries
It goes on and on
It may be some yarn
It may span decades
It takes a while to tell
It takes quite a while to tell
It's a long story
It's a major account
It's a major report
It's drawn out
It's epic
It's hard to tell
It's no anecdote
It's no novella
It's no short story
It's quite a story
It's related to others
Its a long story
"James Michener novel, for example"
John Galsworthy wrote one
Kind of novel
"Lagerlof's ""Gost Berlings
Legendary tale
Lengthy account
Lengthy chronicle
Lengthy narrative
Lengthy story
Lengthy tale
Lo-o-ong story
Long account
Long adventure story
Long and complicated story
Long and involved tale
"Long and winding road, so to speak"
Long episode
Long historical novel
Long involved story
Long narrative
Long narrative novel
Long story
Long story of adventure.
Long story.
Long tale
"Long tale of derring-do, e.g."
Long tale.
Long yarn
"Long, adventurous story"
"Long, detailed account"
"Long, detailed story"
"Long, dramatic tale"
"Long, drawn-out story"
"Long, heroic narrative"
"Long, involved story"
"Long, lively account"
"Long, long story"
"Long, sweeping story"
Long-running show?
"M. M. Kaye's ""The Far Pavilions,"" e.g."
Major account
Many a Michener novel
Many a Viking tale
Many a miniseries
Medieval narrative.
Michener genre
"Michener story, e.g."
"Michener tale, e.g."
"Michener work, e.g."
"Michener's ""Hawaii,"" e.g."
"Miniseries, maybe"
"Miniseries, often"
More than just a story
Multi-generational story
Multigenerational story
"Multigenerational story, e.g."
Multigenerational tale
"Multigenerational tale, e.g."
Multipart story
Narrative of heroic doings.
Narrative of heroic exploits
Narrative of heroism
"Narrative, Galsworthy style"
No short story
Nordic adventure
Nordic tale
Norse legend.
Norse literature
Norse narrative
Norse prose narrative
Norse story.
Norse tale
Norse tale.
Not a short story
Novel form
Novel format
Novel in which the generations of a family are chronicled in a long narrative
Novel of epic proportions
Old story
Old writing.
Old-time tale
One type of epic writing.
Overdrawn account?
Poetic narrative.
Potential serial material
Prodigious account
Quite a story
Quite a tale
Rather a long story
Really long story
Relative of an epic.
"Roots, for one"
Scandinavian myth
Seemingly endless adventure
Serial material
Series of legends
"Series of novels, maybe"
"Siegfried and Sigmund's story, e.g."
Sizable story
Something to keep a teller busy?
Sometimes tedious tale
Sprawling narrative
Sprawling story
"Star Wars, e.g."
"Story from Reykjavik, e.g."
Story of generations
Story of heroic deeds.
Story of heroism
Story of the Forsytes
Story of the Forsytes.
Story spanning decades
Story spanning generations
Story that goes on and on
Story that's a gas
Story with many chapters
Storyteller's challenge
Sweeping story
Sweeping tale
Sweeping yarn
TV host who inspired Neil deGrasse Tyson
Tale of Iceland
"Tale of Vikings, e.g."
"Tale of Vikings, perhaps"
Tale of adventure
Tale of adventure.
Tale of derring-do
"Tale of derring-do, e.g."
Tale of grand proportions
Tale of heroic exploits
Tale of heroism
Tale of the Forsytes
Tale of the Forsytes.
Tale of the Volsungs
Tale of titans
Tale on a grand scale
Tale on an epic scale
Tale spanning centuries
Tale that goes on and on
Tale with many twists and turns
"Tale written in runes, perhaps"
Tangled tale
"The ""Divergent"" series, e.g."
"The ""Iliad"" or The ""Odyssey"""
"The ""Star Wars"" films, e.g."
"The ""Star Wars"" trilogy, for one"
"The ""Twilight"" series, e.g."
The Forsyte ___
"The Forsyte novels, e.g."
The Forsyte story
The Forsyte story.
The Forsytes had one
The Forsyth's story
"The Star Wars films, e.g."
"Thousand-plus pager, e.g."
"Thousand-plus-pager, perhaps"
"Three-hour movie, maybe"
Topic for a miniseries
Traditional story.
"Trilogy, often"
"Trilogy, typically"
Type of novel.
Very long story
Viking story
"Weird Al's ""The ___ Begins"""
Whale of a tale
"Word from the Old Norse for ""thing said"""
Word in a Galsworthy title
Word that becomes a palindrome when pluralized
Wordy account
Epic story
Epic story
Big chronicle
Book with family trees on the endpapers say
Word in the subtitle of Alex Haley's "Roots"
Involved account
Long story
Drawn-out account
Heroic tale
''The Lord of the Rings,'' e.g
Long story
"War and Peace," e.g.
Lengthy narrative
Epic tale
Heroic narrative
Epic tale
It's a long story
Long story
Extended narrative
Candy Crush __ (puzzle app)
Epic tale
Long story short - leader ruled part of Turkey
"Beowulf," e.g.
Long story
Epic tale
Account that's way overdrawn?
Sweeping story
Story spanning millennia
Epic tale
Long story about a gas
Long involved story
Capital of Greece
Heroic narrative
Apportion, as a time
Prose narrative
Long story about a gas
Long detailed account
Long story
Long story
Long, drawn-out tale
Era-spanning tale
Word of resignation
It's a long story
"Game of Thrones," e.g.
Ages cultivating flavouring
Norse tale
Norse tale
Many a Michener novel
Long story
Long tale
It's a long story
Extensive, heroic story
Long story
It often spans decades
Long story
Series of novels
Many a Michener novel
Story that may span generations
Story with many parts
Generations-spanning tale
Miniseries, often
Trilogy, often
"Game of Thrones," for one
Heroic narrative
Heroic narrative
Long story about a gas
Long narrative
Family history, e.g.
Involved account
Long story
"Game of Thrones," e.g.
Long narrative
Norse tale
Long story
Generation-spanning work
Long story
Epic tale
Long story
Heroic history
Viking epic
Epic tale
It's no short story
Heroic tale
Long narrative
Long story about a gas
Drawn-out drama
Heroic narrative
Epic narrative
Long story about a gas
Long narrative
Lengthy story
Long narrative
Epic story
Long series of events
Epic tale
It's no short story
Epic tale
Epic story
Heroic narrative
Novella's opposite
Long story
Group of linked novels, e.g.
Epic tale
Epic tale
Long tale
Tale spanning decades
Story spanning centuries
Egomaniacs with no income? It's a long story!
Complex story
Prose narrative
Long story about a gas
Epic tale
Yarn that stretches?
Heroic tale
Norse tale
Michener's "Hawaii," e.g.
Prose narrative
Long story about a gas
Prose narrative
Long story about a gas
Long series of events
Epic tale
Long story about a gas
Heroic narrative
"Iliad" or "Odyssey"
Series of novels
Tale of heroic exploits
Long transmission of folklore, say
Long story
Long account
Lengthy story
Heroic narrative
Era-spanning tale
"The Forsyte ___" (novel series)
Lengthy tale
Multigenerational story, e.g.
Lengthy narrative
Heroic narrative
Long legend
Epic tale
Extended tale
Involved account
Multigenerational tale
Very long story
Long tale
Long series of events
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Series of novels
Tale that may span centuries

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