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Word: SALT

The word SALT has appeared in at least 583 clues on different crosswords.

SALT definition(s):

  • containing or filled with salt
  • a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal)
  • add salt to
  • white crystalline form of especially sodium chloride used to season and preserve food
  • of speech that is painful or bitter

"""Anyone worth their ___ would have known..."""
"""Needs more ___"""
"""Old"" sailor"
"""S"" on the dinner table"
"""S"" shaker"
"""When it rains, it pours"" product"
"""___ of the Earth"" (1954)"
'Tis the season to be chary
'Tis the seasoning to be chary of
"1972 agreement, for short"
1972 pact
2010 Angelina Jolie spy film
2010 Angelina Jolie thriller
2010 Jolie title role
"A dash, maybe"
"A pinch, maybe"
ABM accord
Acronym for U.S.-U.S.S.R. talks
Add flavor
Add fraudulently
Add gold to a mine
Add seasoning
Alt-rockers Veruca ___
"Alum, for one"
Ancient mariner
Ancient mariner.
Ancient preservative
Arizona river
Arizona river.
Arms-talk acronym
Attic ___ (wit)
Bad thing to get in a wound
Bad thing to put in a wound
Bagel topper
Bagel topping
"Band of Horses ""The Great ___ Lake"""
Below the ___
Bonneville ___ Flats
Bonneville deposit
Bonneville's speed-course surface
Book by Herbert Gold
Brine feature
Brine ingredient
Brining need
Bromide or chloride
"Bryan Ferry ""River of ___"""
"C. G. Norris novel, 1917."
Captain Hook or Kidd e.g.
Cellar contents
Cellar contents.
Cellar occupant
Cellar or lick
Chef's staple
Chemical compound.
Chip flavoring
Chip seasoning
Coating for the rim of a margarita glass
Cold War treaty
Cold-war accord
Commodity used as a currency in ancient Rome
Common condiment
Common preservative
Common seasoning
Common white substance
Condiment for French fries
Condiment for fries
Condiment in a shaker
Cook's dash
Cook's pinch
Cooking need
"Costain's ""Below the ___"""
Cracker coating
Crystals in a shaker
Curing agent
Curing need
Curing stuff
Curing substance
"Dash for a recipe, maybe"
Dash in the kitchen
De-icing substance
Dead Sea contents
Dead Sea feature
"Deice, in a way"
Deicing stuff
Diet concern
"Dietary no-no, for some"
"Dietary no-no, sometimes"
Dinner sprinkling
Dinner table sight
Do certain road work
Edible rock
Eggs sprinkling
Everything bagel topping
Experienced sailor
"Experienced sailor, in slang"
Feature of Utah flats
Flavor crystals
Flavor enhancer
Focaccia topping
"Food or keep, in various phrases."
Food seasoning
Frequent fast food flavoring
Fries flavoring
Fries seasoning
Fries sprinkling
Give tang to.
Gold novel
Good Riddance's ice melter song?
Grains for diners
Grains in a pinch
Grains in a shaker
Grains in one's food
Grains in the kitchen
Grains used by pretzel makers
Grains used in baking
Granular seasoning
Grocery grains
Grocery item.
Hardly a landlubber
Hide (away)
Highway department supply
Highway department supply in the Northeast
Ice melt
Ice melter
"Icy road application, perhaps"
Icy-road application
Ingredient in homemade ice cream
Ingredient in most potato chips
Ionic compound
It always gets in a pickle
It can be helpful in a pinch
It can sting
It contains some potassium iodide
It hurts more when lemon juice is involved
It may be added in a dash
It may be found in a pinch
It may be in a pinch
It may be shaken
It may be shaken out
It may be used in a pinch
It may be what's shaking
It melts the ice
It might be found in a cellar
It's found in a cellar
It's good in a pinch
It's in a pickle
It's in seawater
It's in the cellar
It's often iodized
It's often passed
It's often pinched
It's shaken at the table
It's shaken out
It's spread on snowy roads
It's sprinkled on icy roads
Jolie action movie
Kind of bagel
Kind of mine
Kitchen pinchful
Kitchen staple
Kitchen staple.
Lake or lick
Lick or mines
Lick stuff
Licker's staple
Like Lot's love later
"Lot's wife, ultimately"
Lox-maker's need
"MSG, e.g."
Main man?
"Make less bland, in a way"
Make one's ___ (earn money)
Margarita complement
Margarita enhancement
Margarita extra
Margarita feature
Margarita flavoring
Margarita garnish
Margarita glass coating
Margarita glass liner
Margarita glass rim coater
Margarita glass rim coating
Margarita go-with
Margarita ingredient
Margarita mineral
Margarita need
Margarita option
Margarita specification
"Measure of worth, they say"
Meat preservative
Mine product
Mine product.
Mineral that a New York state legislator sought to ban from restaurants
Mississippi feeder
Morton offering
Morton product
Movie theater freebie
Mrs. Dash lacks it
"Mrs. Pepper's husband's last name, on ""Blue's Clues"""
"NaCl, to a layman"
Nautical man
Nautical man.
Nelson crew member
Nixon-Brezhnev treaty
No landlubber
No-no for some dieters
No-no in some diets
No-no of some diets
Nonproliferation treaty acronym
Northern road crew's supply
Nuclear treaty acronym
Ocean extract
Ocean tang
Old Navy man
"Old Navy man, informally"
Old ___
Old man of the sea
Old sailor
Old sailor.
Old tar
Omelet topping
One form of quinine
Packet at a drive-thru
"Part of the ""everything"" in an everything bagel"
Pepa's partner
Pepper companion
Pepper mate
Pepper partner
Pepper's counterpart
Pepper's partner
Pepper-and-___ (having a close mixture of black and white)
Peter or water
Phoenix's river
Pickling ingredient
Pinch in the kitchen
Popcorn add-on
Popcorn additive
Popcorn seasoning
Popcorn topping
"Popeye, e.g."
Portuguese export
Potato chip seasoning
"Preserve (with ""away"")."
Preserve pork
"Preserve, in a way"
"Preserve, perhaps"
Preserving substance
Pretzel add-on
Pretzel coating
Pretzel covering
Pretzel grains
Pretzel granules
Pretzel ingredient
Pretzel seasoning
Pretzel topper
Pretzel topping
Prevalent condiment
Problem for Reagan
Pungent humor
Pungent humor.
Pungent wit
Pungent wit.
Put (away)
Put (away): Colloq.
Quinine byproduct
Quinine is one
Rappers -- -n-Pepa
Recipe ingredient
Recipe item
"Rim coating, sometimes"
River in Ariz.
"River in Arizona, site of Roosevelt dam."
River into the Gila.
River of Arizona.
River of Horse Mesa Dam.
River of Roosevelt Dam.
Road crew's supply
Road de-icer
Road deicer
"Road spread, in winter"
Rock ___
Rock ___: halite
S on a dining table
"Sammy Davis, Jr. to Peter Lawford's Pepper"
"Save, with ""away"""
"Save, with 'away'"
Sea dog
"Season, in a way"
Seasoned sailor
Seasoned seagoer
Seasoned seaman
Seasoning and preservative
"Seasoning mentioned in ""Margaritaville"""
Seawater component
Shake it out
Shake it!
Shaken crystals
Shaker contents
"Shaker contents, perhaps"
Shaker crystals
Shaker filler
Shaker output
Shaker stuff
Shaker's contents
"Shaker's contents, sometimes"
Sharp wit
Sharpness of wit.
Sinbad or Popeye
Skeptic's grain
Skeptic's grain?
Skeptic's seasoning?
Snack bar seasoning
Snow melter
Sodium chloride
Soft pretzel topping
Soluble compound
Something to pass
Soup seasoning
Source of dietary sodium
Source of some cures
Spreader filler
Squirrel (away)
Staple on a table
Stash (away)
Store (away)
Stuff in the cellar?
Stuff sprinkled on icy roads
Stuff that might be pinched for a recipe
Subject of U.S.S.R.-U.S. talks
Subject of a Gandhi march
Table condiment
Table grains
Table item
Table staple
Tar on a deck
Tar on deck
Tar on the deck
Tar on the ocean?
Tar or condiment
Tar; swabby
Tear content
Tear ingredient
The only rock we eat
Treat icy roads
Treat meat
Treaty acronym
Treaty of 1972
U.S.-Soviet arms pact
U.S.-U.S.S.R. negotiations
U.S.-U.S.S.R. talks
Utah's Great ___ Lake
Veruca ___
Vet on the wet
Veteran sailor
Veteran seaman
"Weapons talks, briefly"
Western lake
What Lot's wife became
What Lot's wife turned into
What Mrs. Dash lacks
What's shaking?
"White grain, maybe"
"White hair, in an expression"
White on rice?
White stuff on the table
Why sea water is undrinkable
Winter spread?
Winter sprinkle
Word after rock or sea
Word after sea or before Lake
Word with box or flat
Word with lake or lick
Word with marsh or lick
Word with sea or seasoned
Wound additive metaphorically
Wound irritant
Wound worsener
___ 'N' Pepper
___ Lake City
___ Lake City (site of the 2002 Winter Olympics)
___ away (save)
___ away.
___ away: cache
___ cellar
___ lick (sodium source for livestock)
___ of the earth
___-N-Pepa (rap group)
Bagel topper
Pretzel seasoning
Bagel topper
Snow melter
Pretzel topper
Old navy man
Shaker fill
Pretzel seasoning
Dead Sea harvest
Edible from mines
Fries sprinkling
Snow melter
Chip seasoning
Pepper's companion
Pretzel topping
Last order for a sailor
Pretzel seasoning
Last order for a sailor
Certain mine extraction
Margarita glass rim coating
Sodium chloride
Snow melter
Pepper's partner
Chef's pinch
Shaker grains
Ballet skirt
Last order for sailor
Minor bumper damage
Last order for a sailor
Condiment in a shaker
Chip coating
Chip coating
Pretzel topping
Pepper's partner
Last order for sailor
Dead Sea harvest
Snow melter
Snow melter
Pepper's partner
Pepper's partner
Shaker fill
Pretzel topping
Pepper's partner
Last order for sailor
Winter road application
Last order for sailor
Take each of the starred answers with a grain of it
Highway department's winter supply
Pepper's companion
Pepper's companion
Season, in a way
Condiment in shakers
Pretzel seasoning
Preserve, maybe
Ice melter
Shaker filler
Last order for sailor
Pretzel topper
Pepper partner
Common seasoning
Margarita flavoring
Shaker stuff
Chips or fries seasoning
Last order for sailor
Pretzel topping
The preserve of old sea dog
Shaker fill
Shaker contents
Last order for sailor
Product of acid reaction settled around lake
Margarita rim garnish
Popcorn seasoning
Pretzel seasoning
Pretzel topping
Seasoning in a shaker
Cellar contents
Food preservative
A mineral we eat
The preserve of old sea dog
Snow melter
Pepper's companion
Tar on the ocean
Last order for sailor
Last order for a sailor
Last order for sailor
___ Ste. Marie, Mich
Shaker fill
Only commonly edible rock
Pretzel topping
Snow melter
Winter road treatment
Pepper's partner
Condiment type
Soup seasoning
Deicing stuff
See 5-Down
"Table" seasoning
Soup sprinkling
Last order for sailor
Shaken seasoning
Shaker fill
Snow melter
Pepper's partner
Potato chip seasoning
Pinch in the bakery
Common seasoning
Pepper's companion
Pretzel seasoning
Shaker condiment
___-and-pepper hair
Shaker's contents
French fries seasoning
Sodium chloride
What a pinch might be
Utah's Bonneville ___ Flats
Seasoning that coats the rim of a margarita glass
Common seasoning
Last order for sailor
Margarita garnish
Phoenix's river
Pretzel topping
The ___ of the earth (good, honest people)
Last order for sailor
Ocean feature
It's sprinkled over French fries
Stuff in shakers
Preserve, in a way

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