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Word: SAT

The word SAT has appeared in at least 661 clues on different crosswords.

SAT definition(s):

  • the seventh and last day of the week; observed as the Sabbath by Jews and some Christians
  • Synthetic Aperture Telescope
  • Sulfuric Acid Trihydrate (polar Stratosphere Cloud Aerosol)
  • Saturate
  • Systems Approach To Training

"""And they ___ down to eat bread"" (Gen 37:25)"
"""I ___ By the Ocean"""
"""I ___ on the roof and kicked off the moss"" (""Your Song"" lyric)"
"""I ___ on the roof..."" (Elton John line)"
"""Little Miss Muffet/ ___ on a..."""
"""Verbum ___ sapienti (est)"""
'The Revenge of the Baby-___' ('Calvin and Hobbes' book)
"1 Waited, perhaps"
ACT alternate
Academic benchmark
"Academic benchmark, briefly"
"Accommodated, as passengers"
"Accommodated, in a way"
Acknowledged that the Torah was back in the ark
Acted as a model.
Acted like a benchwarmer
Activated a whoopee cushion
After Fri.
Approached the bench?
"As a committee, met test (3)"
Ass was papasan'd
Assumed the lotus position
"Became interested, with 'up'"
Before Sun.
"Bestrode, with ""on"""
Between Fri. and Sun.
Bided one's time
Cal. col.
Cal. column
Cal. day
Calendar abbr.
Calendar abbreviation.
Calendar col.
Came to rest
Claimed a spot at the cineplex
Coll. entrance exam
"Coll. football day, usually"
Coll. hopeful's hurdle
"Coll. key, often"
Collected dust
"Collected splinters, so to speak"
College Board creation
College application part
College entrance exam
College prelim
College-entry hurdle
Completed a lap?
Convened to consider legislation
Couldn't stand any more?
"Couldn't stand, maybe"
Covered a lap
Created a lap
Day after Fri.
"Day after saying ""TGIF!"""
Day of the wk.
Day of the wk.... or an exam usually taken on that day
Day three of most PGA TOUR events: abbr.
Day whose name has a nice ring to it? (Abbr.)
Day: Abbr.
"Dealt with minor needs, maybe"
"Dec. 24, 1983"
Did a model's job.
Did laps?
Did not stand for it?
Did not stir
Did nothing
Did some modeling
Didn t play
Didn't bring up the rear?
Didn't budge
Didn't get bought
Didn't get eliminated from musical chairs
Didn't get in the game
"Didn't get snapped up, say"
Didn't get up
Didn't get used
Didn't lose at musical chairs
Didn't move
Didn't move off the shelves
"Didn't move, as a product"
Didn't participate
Didn't play
"Didn't reveal, with ""on"""
Didn't run
Didn't sell
Didn't sell very well
Didn't start
Didn't stir
Didn't straphang
E.T.S. offering
ETS administers it
ETS exam
ETS test
Emulated H. Dumpty
Emulated Horner
Emulated Humpty Dumpty
Emulated Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet
Emulated Jack Horner
Emulated Jack Horner or Miss Muffet
Emulated Miss Muffet
"Emulated Miss Muffet, in a way"
Emulated a benchwarmer
Enjoyed a davenport
Enjoyed a papasan
Exam for H.S. seniors
Exam for Srs.
Exam for a high schooler
Exam for high-school srs.
Exam for the U.-bound
"Exam that takes 3 hrs., 45 min."
Exam with a maximum score of 2400
Exam with a perfect score of 2400
Exam with three 800-pt. sections
"Facilitated a parental date night, say"
Failed to act
"Failed to participate in (with ""out"")"
"Failed to participate in, with ""out"""
Filled a chair
First verb in 'Little Miss Muffet'
Formed a lap
Found a chair
Fri. follower
Fri.-Sun. link
Gained a lap
Gained a lap?
Gathered dust
"Got a lap dance, say"
"Got comfortable, perhaps"
Got comfy
Got down without lying
Got into the swing
"Got into the swing, say"
Got into the swing?
Got off one's feet
Got ready for a lap dog
Got ready to tickle the ivories
Got the chair?
Got together
Grabbed a chair
"Grabbed a chair, so to speak"
H.S. event
H.S. exam
H.S. hurdle
H.S. senior's exam
H.S. seniors' exam
HS exam
HS senior's exam
HS sr.'s exam
Had a meeting
Had a place.
Had a powwow
Had a seat
Had a session
Had a session.
Had an uneventful day
Had one's portrait done
Had one's portrait painted
Hard puz.day
Held a meeting
Held a meeting.
Held a session
Held a session.
Held a s
Held court
Held court.
Held office
Held session
Held session.
Held the chair
High sch. challenge
High school seniors exam
High-school sr.'s exam
Holiday: Abbr.
Important exam for college hopefuls
It has 10 sections
It may be used for Mensa admission
It now has a writing component
It will include a writing section starting in 2005
Its origin is Princeton NJ
Joined a jury
Joined the jury
Joined the table
"Kate Bush ""___ in Your Lap"""
"Kate Bush's ""___ in Your Lap"""
Kept one's rear to the ground?
Kind of NAV system
Kind of score
Kind of scores
Lay idle
Left one's feet
Little Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty did it
Looked after Junior
Made a lap
Made a lap?
Made a moon landing?
Made like Miss Muffet
Made use of a chair
Made use of a divan
Made use of a sofa
Marked time
Mat. day
Mat. time
Matinee day: Abbr.
Met in committee
Met in council
Met in session
"Met, as a council"
"Met, as a legislature"
Minded Junior
Minded a minor
"Minded a minor, in a way"
Minded baby
Minded junior
Minded the baby
Minded the kids
"Minded, in a way"
Modeled (for)
"Modeled, maybe"
National HS exam
National exam initials
"Nick Cave ""As I ___ Sadly by Her Side"""
"Obeyed ""Down in front!"""
"Obeyed a cry of ""Down in front!"""
Obeyed an obedience school command
Obeyed one's master?
Occupied a chair
Occupied a sofa
Occupied a throne
Occupied an ottoman
Occupied ottomans
One of seven: Abbr.
Parked it
"Parked it, so to speak"
Parked on a bench
Parked one's keister
Parked oneself
Payday prize
Perched upon
Picked up a lap
Picked up a lap?
Planted one's butt
Planted the butt
Played Musical Chairs
Plopped (down)
Plopped down
"Plopped down on Santa's lap, e.g."
Plunked oneself down
Posed (for)
Posed for
Posed for a picture
Posed for a portrait
Posed for pics
"Posed for pics, perhaps"
Posed for pix
Pre-coll. exam
Pre-college exam
Precollege exam
"Precollege hurdle, for short"
Predecessor of Sun.
Prepare to play the cello
Prepared for a meeting
Prepared for takeoff
Prepared for the show to start
Prepared to be shot
Prepared to dine
Prepared to have one's hair done
Prepared to play piano
Prepared to play the cello
Prepared to read
"Prepared to read, perhaps"
"Prepared to shake a paw, perhaps"
"Presided, as a judge"
"Protested during a national anthem, say"
Pulled up a chair
Put an end to something?
Put down a can?
Put one's cheeks down
Put one's cheeks down?
Quieted barking dogs
Quit standing
Reason for a prep course
Refused to stand
Relaxed on the sofa
"Relaxed, in a way"
Remained idle
Remained in inventory
Remained inactive
Remained inactive.
Remained on the bench
Remained on the bottom
Remained on the shelf
Remained quiet
Remained unused
Rested at a boring show
Rested in a chair
Rested on a chair
Rested one's dogs
Rested one's feet
Rested one's legs
"Rested, in a way"
"Rested, maybe"
"Rode horseback, say"
Rode the bench
Rode the pine
Roman god of agriculture
Roosted or rested
"Sab., to some"
Sampled a stool?
Sank into the sofa
Sch. test
School meas.
Sec.-largest planet
Senior exam
"Seniors fret it, for short"
Served on a jury
"Served, as on a committee"
"Served, as on a jury"
Settled down
Settled on a settee
Settled on the bottom?
Settled on the sofa
Sixth rock from the sun: Abbr.
Some srs. take it
"Source of high school anxiety, for short"
Sr.'s b te noire
Sr.'s challenge
Sr.'s exam
Stayed idle
Stayed out unused
Stayed put
Stayed put.
Stood no more
Stopped standing
"Stopped, as a golf ball"
Struck a pose
Succeeded at musical chairs
Succeeded in musical chairs
"Suddenly became attentive, with ""up"""
Sun. preceder
"Suppressed, with ""on"""
TGIF hangover day
Teen's test
Tended a baby
Tended a tot
Tended little ones
Tended tots
Test dropout rockers never take (abbr.)
Test soon to include an essay section
Test where 1600 is perfect
Test whose lowest score is 600: Abbr.
Test with an essay section
Took a break
"Took a break, maybe"
Took a breather
Took a chair
Took a load off
Took a meeting
Took a rest or a test
Took a seat
Took a stool
Took a stool sample?
"Took a stool, for example"
Took a timeout
Took an exam
Took chairs
Took it easy
Took seats
Took the bench
"Took the bench, as a judge"
Took the stand (oddly enough)
Took the stand (weirdly enough)
Took the weight off one's feet
Took weight off one's feet
Twiddled one's thumbs
"Used a beanbag, maybe"
Used a behind
Used a bench
Used a chair
Used a couch
Used a davenport
Used a divan
Used a dos-
Used a fauteuil
Used a pew
Used a pouffe
Used a recliner
Used a rocker
Used a sedan
Used a sofa
Used a stool
Used a taboret
Used a tuffet
"Used a tuffet, e.g."
Used an Eames product
Used an arm chair
Used an armchair
Used an ottoman
Used chairs
Used chairs?
Used the La-Z-Boy
Used the lounger
Used the sofa
Used the waiting room
Utilized a tuffet
Verbum ___ sapienti
Volcanic peak in the Cascades
"Waited, maybe"
"Waited, perhaps"
Warmed the bench
Was a bench warmer
Was a benchwarmer
Was a juror
Was a model for Wyeth
Was a wallflower
Was an obedient pooch
Was benched
Was idle
Was immobile
"Was immobile, in a way"
Was impassive
Was in session
"Was in session, as Congress"
"Was in session, as in the House of Commons"
"Was in session, as the House of Commons"
Was in session.
Was inactive
Was inactive.
Was left idle
Was light on one's feet?
Was not off one's rocker
Was not off one's rocker?
Was on a bench
Was on a jury
Was on one's rocker?
Was on the bottom?
Was successful at musical chairs
Was successful in musical chairs
Was unmoved
Wasn't a straphanger
Wasn't active
Wasn't left standing
Wasn't off one's rocker
Wasn't off one's rocker?
Wasn't purchased
Wasn't used
Watched Junior
Watched a baby
Watched a wee one
Watched junior
Watched kids
Watched the kids
Watched tots
"Watched, in a way"
Week day: Abbr.
Weekday: Abbr.
Weekend abbr.
Weighed (on).
Went nowhere
Went to waste
"Went to waste, as merchandise"
Went unused
Were in session
"What Kate Bush did on ""Your Lap""?"
What Little Miss Muffet did
What Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty did
What Miss Muffet did
What both Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty did
What little Miss Muffet did
What you did at boring show
What you did at slow show
What you did on lawn seat
Where 1600 is perfection
Wk. ender
Won at musical chairs
"Word with ""up"" or ""down"""
Word with up or down
Worked for an artist
Wouldn't stand for it?
___ down (got into a game)*
___ on (rebuked)
___ out (missed)
___ score
Sr. stress source
Looked after Junior
Didn't stand for anything?
Didn't stand for anything?
Won at musical chairs
Plopped oneself down
Went unused
Warmed the bench
Reclined in chair
Created a lap
Was seated
Relaxed during conversation
Settled on a sofa
Took a chair
Tended a tot
Took a chair
Was in session (of parliament)
He addressed the Knesset in 1977
Used a chair
Plopped down
Emulated Miss Muffet
Rested on chair
Took a chair
Responded to "Down in front!"
H.S. hurdle
Was on the bench
Made use of a bench
Took a load off
Watched a wee one
Parked it
Plopped down
Was finally in the swing?
Subject of some prep classes
Took a load off
Prepared to rock a rocker
Minded Junior
Relaxed during conversation
Used sofa?
Didn't play
Calendar ref.
Was seated
Fri. follower
Wasn't in the lineup
Plopped down
Was seated
Posed for picture
Gained a lap?
Took a load off
Used a chair
Relaxed during conversation
Emulated Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty
Was seated
Reclined in chair
Was seated
Relaxed during conversation
Fri. follower
Fri. follower
Took a chair
Relaxed during conversation
Was inactive
Was idle
Used a chair
Put bottom to cushion
Was in session (of parliament)
Occupied seat
Plopped down
Used a bench, say
Took a bit of a rest, in a way
Plopped down
Rested in chair
Was seated
Plopped down
Made a lap
Made a lap
Went nowhere
Rode the bench
Took (exam)
Collected dust
Took a load off
Minded the kids
Rested in chair
Stayed on the shelf
Never left the bench, say
Used a stool
Used a stool
Rested for one short day
Plopped down
Modeled for a portrait
Posed for a portrait
Perched during conversation
Took a pew!
Pulled up a chair
Emulated Miss Muffet
Made a lap
Made a lap
Took a breather
Didn't rise
Was inactive
Took a seat
Got off one's feet
Took it easy
Was seated
Rode the bench
Rested in chair (3)
Relaxed during conversation
Took (exam)
Plopped down
Parked it
Didn't stand
Reclined in chair
Was seated
Plopped down
Fri. follower
Used a couch
Didn't straphang
Remained idle
Took a load off
Took a chair
Took a chair
Remained unused
Posed (for)
Was seated
Rested in chair (3)
Ended a standing ovation
Rested on the bottom
Rested on chair
Wasn't in the starting lineup
Rode the bench
Served, as on a jury
Posed for picture
Used a couch
Took a chair
Went nowhere
Sun. preceder
Took (exam)
Wouldn't stand for saints rejecting sin

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