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Word: SEA

The word SEA has appeared in at least 1562 clues on different crosswords.

SEA definition(s):

  • a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land
  • anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume
  • turbulent water with swells of considerable size
  • Scanning Electrostatic Analysis
  • Silicon Elastimeter Ablator

"""... ___ of troubles"""
"""... against a ___ of troubles"": Hamlet"
"""... take arms against a ___ of troubles"": Hamlet"
"""... to shining ___"""
"""... two if by ___"""
"""...against a ___ of troubles"" (""Hamlet"")"
"""...and have dominion over the fish of the ___""(Gen 1:28)"
"""...two if by ___"""
"""America the Beautiful"" closer"
"""America the Beautiful"" ender"
"""America, the Beautiful"" closer"
"""And Moses stretched forth his hand over the ___"" (Ex. 14:"
"""And crown thy good with brotherhood from ___ to shining ___"""
"""Between the devil and the deep blue ___"""
"""Beyond the ___"" (Bobby Darin hit)"
"""Beyond the ___"" (Darin hit)"
"""Beyond the ___"": Darin hit"
"""Blue"" water"
"""By the Beautiful ___,"" 1914 song"
"""Captain Phillips"" setting"
"""Deep Blue ___"" (1999)"
"""Deep blue"" region"
"""Down by the ___..."" (""Under the Boardwalk"" line)"
"""Enchantment Under the ___ Dance"" (setting for the climax of ""Back to the Future"")"
"""Finding Nemo"" setting"
"""From ___ to shining... """
"""From ___ to shining..."""
"""Gift from the ___"" (Anne Morrow Lindbergh classic)"
"""In the Aeroplane over the ___"" (Neutral Milk Hotel magnum opus)"
"""Life of Pi"" setting"
"""Master and Commander"" milieu"
"""Master and Commander"" setting"
"""Moby Dick"" milieu"
"""Moby Dick"" setting"
"""Moby-Dick"" milieu"
"""Moses brought Israel from the Red ___"" (Ex 15:22)"
"""Out to ___"" (1997 Lemmon/Matthau film)"
"""Out to ___"" (Lemmon/Matthau film)"
"""Sense and Sensibility and ___ Monsters"" (2009 parody novel)"
"""She sells ___ shells..."""
"""Shining"" body of song"
"""So they took up Jonah, and cast him forth into the ___"" ("
"""The Lonely ___"" (Beach Boys song appearing in the movie ""The Girls on the Beach"")"
"""The Old Man and the ___"""
"""The Perfect Storm"" setting, with ""the"""
"""The ___ Inside"" (Best Foreign Film of 2004)"
"""Titanic"" setting"
"""Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the ___"""
"""Two if by ___"""
"""Under the ___"""
"""Under the ___"" (""The Little Mermaid"" song)"
"""Under the ___"" (""The Little Mermaid"" tune)"
"""Under the ___"" (song from ""The Little Mermaid"")"
"""Wide Sargasso ___"" (""Jane Eyre"" prequel)"
"""Wide Sargasso ___"" (1993)"
"""Wide Sargasso ___"": Jean Rhys novel"
"""___ Biscuit"""
"""___ Cruise"" (1959 hit)"
"""___ Cruise"": 1959 hit"
"""___ Fever"" (John Masefield poem)"
"""___ People and Me"" (""South Park"" song)"
"""___ People"" (""South Park"" song performed by Cartman)"
"""___ have dominion over the fish of the ___"" (Gen 1:28)"
"""___ of Love"""
"""___ of Love"" (1989 Pacino film)"
"""___ of Love"" (1989)"
"""___ of Love"" (Cat Power)"
"""___ of Love"" (Honeydrippers cover hit)"
"""___ of Love"" (Pacino film)"
"""___ of Love"": 1989 film"
'-- Cruise ('59 song)'
"'10 Jack Johnson album ""To the ___"""
"'50s series, ""___ Hunt"""
'City by the ___'
'Moby Dick' setting
'Wind of the Western ___'
... over the wine-dark ___: Homer
"1959 hit ""___ Cruise"""
A vast area.
About 70% of the Earth
Adriatic ___
Adriatic or Aegean
Adriatic or Caribbean
"Adriatic or Caspian, e.g."
"Adriatic, among others"
"Adriatic, e.g."
"Adriatic, for one"
Aegean --
Aegean ___
Aegean or Adriatic
Aegean or Baltic
Aegean or Bering
Aegean or Caribbean
"Aegean, Red or Adriatic"
"Aegean, e.g."
"Aegean, for instance"
"Aegean, for one"
"After 121A, an Antarctica body"
Alfred Noyes subject
America's Cup racing site
Andaman or Tasman
"Andaman, for one"
Anemone's abode
Anemone's home
Angler's lure?
Antarctica's Amundsen ___
Aquaman's milieu
Arabian or Arafura
Arabian or Irish
Arabian or Sulu.
Aral or Black
Aral or Caspian
Aral or Dead
Aral or Ross
"Aral, for one"
Armada arena
At ___ (confused)
At ___ (lost)
Azov is one
Azov or Caspian
"Azov, e.g."
"Azov, for one"
Bali or Java
Baltic or Aegean
Baltic or Barents
Baltic or Bering
Baltic or Black
Baltic or Irish
Baltic or Mediterranean
Baltic or North
"Baltic, e.g."
"Baltic, for example"
"Baltic, for one"
Banda for one
"Banda, for one"
Barents is one
Barents or Bering
Barents or Marmara
"Barents, for one"
Bass's home
Beach abutter
Beaufort ___
"Beaufort ___, area above Alaska"
Beaufort or Bering
Beaufort or Weddell
"Beck ""___ Change"""
"Beck '02 album ""___ Change"""
"Beck's ""___ Change"""
Bering or Adriatic
Bering or Baltic
Bering or Barents
"Bering or Barents, e.g."
Bering or Barents.
Bering or Beaufort
Bering or Caspian
Bering or Ross
"Bering or Ross, e.g."
Bering or Salton
"Bering, for one"
"Bering, for one."
Big blue body
Big body
Big body of water
Big expanse
Big wave
Big wet body
Big wet spot
"Big, wet body"
Black ___
Black and Red
Black or Baltic
Black or Baltic.
Black or Bering
Black or Coral
Black or Irish
Black or Labrador
Black or Mediterranean
Black or Read
Black or Red
"Black or Red, but not Green"
"Black or Red, for example"
Black or Salton
Black or White
"Black or White, e.g."
Black or Yellow
Black or white
"Black, Red or Yellow"
"Black, White, or Andaman"
"Black, for example"
"Black, for one"
"Blind Faith's ""___ of Joy"""
Blue area on a globe
Blue expanse
Blue water.
Boardwalk view
Bobby Shaftoe's milieu
Body governed by UN law
Body in a bed
Body of salt water
Body of saltwater
"Body of troubles, per Hamlet"
Body of water
Body on a map
Body with waves
Bodysurfing site
Bounding main
Breeze source
"Breeze source, perhaps"
Brine wave?
Briny blue
Briny body
Briny body of water
Briny deep
Briny expanse
Briny water
Briny waters
British ___ Power
Broad expanse
Brown meat
Captain's domain
Captain's place
Caribbean ___
Caribbean ___ (where some hurricanes form)
Caribbean or Caspian
Caribbean or Mediterranean
"Caribbean or Red, e.g."
"Caribbean, e.g."
"Caribbean, for one"
"Caribbean, say"
Carnival's spot
Carrier's milieu.
Carson subject
Caspian --
Caspian or Adriatic
Caspian or Aegean
Caspian or Baltic
Caspian or Caribbean
Caspian or Coral
Caspian or North
Caspian or Red
"Caspian, e.g."
"Caspian, for one"
"Catchy 1959 hit ""___ Cruise"""
Celebes or China
Celebes or Timor
"Celebes, e.g."
"Celebes, for one"
Certain body of water
Chantey subject
Chicken of the ___
Chicken of the ___ (brand of tuna)
Chicken of the ___ (tuna brand)
"Childe Hassam's ""Summer ___"""
Chilean ___ bass (Patagonian toothfish)
"China, e.g."
"China, for instance"
"China, for one"
"China, for one."
"Coldplay ""Swallowed in the ___"""
"Conclusion of ""America the Beautiful"""
Conrad setting
Continental divide?
Copious quantity
Coral ___
Coral ___ (body of water bordering Australia)
Coral or Arafura
Coral or Aral
Coral or Black
Coral or Caspian
Coral or Cortez
Coral or Red
Coral or Sargasso
Coral or Yellow
"Coral, e.g."
"Coral, for one"
Cousteau milieu
Cousteau's domain
Cousteau's milieu
Cow or horse's home?
Cow or monkey preceder
Crossing site
Cruise locale
Cruise milieu
Cruise setting
Cruise ship's milieu
Cruise site
Cruising locale
Cruising site
Current outlet
Current setting
DEN defeaters in the most recent Super Bowl
Daedalus flew over it
Davy Jones' domain
Davy Jones' locker
Davy Jones's domain
Davy Jones's locker locale
"Davy Jones's locker, with ""the"""
Dead ___
Dead ___ Scrolls
Dead body
Dead body in which I've been visited by Darryl Hannah in her flipper outfit in my dreams
Dead body?
Dead expanse
Dead or Black
Dead or Irish
Dead or Red
Dead or Red follower
"Dead, e.g."
Deep blue
"Deep body, often"
Desalinization source
Diver's milieu
Domain of some international law
"Drink, so to speak"
Each of the two least valuable properties in Monopoly are named for one
"Earth's surface, mostly"
East China ___ (part of the Pacific Ocean)
Eel's home
End of a Hemingway title
End of a Hemingway title that consists of all three-letter words
End of some rivers
Europe-Africa separator
Finish off animal in ocean (3)
Fisherman's lure?
Fishy place
Fishy place?
Fleet site
Flying Dutchman's domain
Freuchen subject
"Front, side or wall opening"
Galilee or Andaman
Galilee or Marmara
"Galilee, e.g."
"Galilee, for one."
General admission rarity
Geographical area
Globe expanse
Gob's home
"Goudge's ""The Child from the ___"""
Great White hunter's milieu
Great amount
Great body of water
Great expanse
Grouper's home
Gull's night out location
Guppies' habitat.
"Habitat, uniquely among the world's lizards, of the Galapagos Islands' marine iguanas"
Halibut habitat
Halibut's home
Heavy swell.
Heavy wave
Heavy wave.
"Hemingway book ""The Old Man and the ___"""
Hemingway novel setting
Hemingway title ender
Hemingway title ending
Hemingway title word
"Hemingway's ""The Old Man and the ___"""
Herring pond.
Herring's home
Home for a junk
Home for a merman
Home of Proteus.
Home of some urchins
Home of the Nautilus.
Home of the Skate.
Home to many schools
Home to many schools?
Home to millions
Home to some fish
"Honeydrippers ""___ of Love"""
"Honeydrippers' hit ""___ of Love"""
Hornblower's milieu
Horse opener
Horse or cow kind
Horse or dog lead-in
Horse preceder
Horse's home?
"Horse, of sorts?"
Huge amount
Huge amount.
Huge expanse
Huge quantity
Huge water source
Huge wave
Humongous quantity
"Icarian, for one."
Ichthyocentaur's domain
Inland ___
Inspiration for Melville
Intro to bed or board
Ionian ___
Ionian or Aegean
"Ionian, e.g."
Irish ___
Irish or Baltic
"Irish or Baltic, e.g."
Irish or Dead
Irish or North
"Irish, e.g."
Island locale
Isle surrounder
It can be very fishy
It can float your boat
It comes before going
It has a floor
It has a very large bed
It has a wet floor
It has salt within it and salts above
It makes waves
"It may be Red, White...and blue"
It may have many arms
It may have swells
It may swell or have swells
It might be Black or Red
It was parted for Moses
It'll float your boat
It's all wet
It's certainly fishy
It's fishy
It's on the level?
It's very fishy
Its arms are not solid
Its floor is wet
"Jack Johnson ""To the ___"""
"Java, e.g."
"Java, for one"
Jetsam locale
Jetsam setting
Junk setting
Junk's milieu
Junk's place
"Keane ""___ Fog"""
Kind of anemone
"Kind of bass, legs or air"
Kind of bed
Kind of breeze
Kind of chest or dog
Kind of cow
Kind of cow or horse
Kind of cow or lion
"Kind of cow, dog or horse"
"Kind of cow, dog, horse, or lion"
"Kind of cow, dog, or horse"
"Kind of cow, horse or dog or man"
"Kind of cow, horse, dog or man"
Kind of dog or horse
"Kind of dog, horse, or lion"
Kind of horse
Kind of horse or cow
Kind of horse or gull
Kind of horse or lion
Kind of horse or monkey
Kind of horse or power
Kind of lettuce or cucumber
Kind of lion or cow
Kind of lion or horse
Kind of lion or level
Kind of onion or cucumber
Kind of power
Kind of serpent
Kind of sick
Lake's big brother
Land's end
"Land's end, perhaps"
Landlubber's bane
Landlubber's least-liked locale
Large amount
"Large amount, in a way"
Large amount.
Large bed cover?
Large body of water
Large expanse
Large number
Large plain on the moon
Large quantity
Large swell.
Large wave
Large wave.
Large wet body
Largest area on the earth.
"Last word in ""America the Beautiful"""
"Last word of ""America the Beautiful"""
"Last word of ""America, the Beautiful"""
"Last word of ""Annabel Lee"""
"Last word of ""Good Night, Ladies."""
"Last word of 'America, the Beautiful'"
Lavender or lawyer leader
Level area?
Level or lion lead-in
Leviathan's habitat.
Leviathan's home
Leviathan's locale
Lighthouse view
"Ligurian, for one"
Limitless quantity
Liner locale
Liner's milieu
"Locale for Wynken, Blynken and Nod"
Locale for a chantey
Lunar mare
Lunar plain
Luzon or Sulu
Main locale?
Main off Maine
Manatee's habitat
Manatee's home
"Many a Melville setting, with ""the"""
Many a river's end
Mare on the moon
Marine headquarters?
Marine milieu
Mariner's milieu
Marlin's milieu
Marlins' home
Marmara is one
"Marmara, e.g."
"Marmara, for one"
"Marmara, for one."
"Marmora, e.g."
Masefield's love
Mediterranean ___
Mediterranean or Baltic
"Mediterranean or Baltic, e.g."
Mediterranean or Caribbean
"Mediterranean, e.g."
"Mediterranean, for example"
"Mediterranean, for one"
Melville milieu
Melville novel setting
Melville setting
Melville subject
Melville's inspiration
Members of the family Hydrophidae
Mermaid milieu
Mermaid setting
Mermaid site
Mermaid's habitat
Mermaid's home
Mermaid's milieu
Mermaid's milieu.
Mermaid's place
Mermaid's realm
Merman's domain?
Merman's milieu
Milieu for this puzzle's theme
Milieu of the Cousteaus
"Monsarrat's ""The Cruel ___"""
Monsarrat's 'The Cruel --'
Monsarrat's cruel domain
Monster's home
Monster's home?
Montgomery's st.
Moses parted the Red ___
Moses parted the Red one
Most of the globe
"Mr. Hansen's mellow outing ""___ Change"""
Multitude to Hamlet
"Ned Land's milieu, oddly enough"
Nemo's home
Neptune's domain
Neptune's dominion
Neptune's home
Neptune's milieu
Neptune's realm
Neptune's realm.
Nereid's home
Nereids' home
"Neutral Milk Hotel ""In the Aeroplane Over the ___"""
"Neutral Milk Hotel's ""In the Aeroplane Over the ___"""
North ___
North for one
North or Baltic ___
North or Ross
North or South China
"North or South China, e.g."
"North, for one."
Noted septet member
Ocean swell
Ocean swell.
Ocean's kin
Ocean's little sister
Ocean's smaller cousin
Octopus's garden?
Octopus's home
"Odessa, ""The Pearl of the Black ___"""
Offshore sight
Okhotsk or Andaman
"Okhotsk, for one"
"Okhotsk, for one."
"Old man's place, in Hemingway"
"One may be landlocked, oddly"
One might spend a semester at it
One of a sailor's seven
One of a salty seven
One of a watery seven
One of a well-known seven
One of a world septet
One of a world seven
One of seven
One of seven in the world
One of seven salty ones
"One of seven, supposedly"
One of the seven
One of two possibilities to Paul Revere
One place to find turtles
"One's Red, one's Yellow"
Orca's home
Overwhelming amount
Overwhelming number
Overwhelming quantity
Pants part
Part of a Hemingway title
Parting subject for Moses
Patrick O'Brian setting
"Peppy hit by Frankie Ford ""___ Cruise"""
"Persian Gulf, for one"
Pirate's body?
Pirate's domain
Pirate's home
"Pirate's home (with ""the"")"
"Pirate's home, with ""the"""
Pirate's place
Pirate's realm
Pirate's venue
Place for Hemingway's old man
Place for SpongeBob's pineapple
Place for a FISH (which is a hint to this puzzle's theme)
Place for a shanty
Place for a splashdown.
Place for a voyage
Place for a yacht race
Place for buoys and gulls
Place for fish and ships
Place for gobs of gobs
Place for high rollers?
Place for ships
Place for some large schools
Place with a wet floor
Plaice's place
Plankton's milieu.
Poseidon's domain
Poseidon's place
Poseidon's province
Poseidon's purview
Poseidon's realm
Poseidon's realm.
"Prefix with ""hawks"""
Privateer's domain
Proteus's domain
"Proteus's domain, with ""the"""
Puffer's place
Q.E. 2 setting
R. Carson subject
Rachel Carson (1907-64) wrote on the natural history of this
Rachel Carson concern
Rachel Carson subject
Rachel Carson topic
Rachel Carson's subject.
"Raft, or place for a raft"
Ray's home
Ray's realm
"Realm of Proteus, in Greek myth"
Realm of Proteus.
Realm of the god Neptune or Poseidon
Red Black or Yellow
Red ___
Red e.g.
Red expanse in the Bible
Red or Andaman
Red or Black
Red or Black e.g.
Red or Black follower
Red or Black waterway
Red or Black.
Red or Coral
"Red or Coral, e.g."
Red or Dead
Red or Dead body
Red or Dead body of water
Red or Dead expanse
Red or Dead follower
"Red or Dead, e.g."
"Red or Dead, for example"
Red or Dead.
Red or Ross
Red or White.
Red or Yellow
"Red or Yellow, Black or White"
"Red or Yellow, e.g."
Red thing that's really blue?
"Red, Black, or Yellow"
"Red, White or Black"
"Red, White or Yellow, e.g."
"Red, White or blue"
"Red, White, or Black"
"Red, Yellow or Black"
"Red, Yellow, or Black"
"Red, for example"
"Red, for one"
Richard Henry Dana subject
Ross ___
Ross or Andaman
Ross or Barents
Ross or Bering
Ross or Bering e.g.
Ross or Black
Ross or Davis
Ross or Red
Ross or Salton
Ross or Sargasso
"Ross, e.g."
"Ross, for one"
"Ross, or Sargasso"
Rough water
Rough water.
SDak used car dealer
Sailing setting
Sailing site
Sailor's environs
Sailor's milieu
Sailor's realm
Sailor's setting
Salt shaker?
Salt source
Salt's milieu
Salton ___
Salton or Caspian
"Salton or Caspian, e.g."
Salton or Sargasso
"Salton, e.g."
"Salton, for one"
Saltwater body
Salty body
Salty body of water
Salty expanse
Salty setting
Santiago's domain
Sargasso ___
Sargasso ___.
Sargasso or Aral
Sargasso or Coral
Sargasso or Salton
Sargasso or Yellow
"Sargasso, e.g."
"Sargasso, for one"
School setting
School setting?
School site?
"Second part of a question to a fish, in an old proverb"
Serpent's home
Serpent's home.
Serpent's home?
"Setting for ""The Perfect Storm"""
Setting for many schools
"Setting for much of Homer's ""Odyssey"""
Setting for schools?
Shade of green
Shark setting
Shark tank?
Shark's home
Shark's milieu
Shining place of song
Ship locale
Shipping choice
Shipping lane milieu
Shore sight
Shoreline view
Sickness setting
Sight for shore eyes
Sight from Long Island
Sight from a cruise ship
Sinbad's milieu
Siren setting
Siren's place
Site for a chantey
Site of many schools
Site of some horses?
Site of some squirts
Sixth of six three-letter words in Hemingway title
Something crossed by a cruise
Something fishy
Something fishy?
Something with many arms
Something with many wet arms?
Source of brine
Source of food.
Source of rays
Source of shells
Source of sickness?
Source of some salt
"South China, e.g."
SpongeBob's home
SpongeBob's surroundings
Start for bees or breeze
"Start for cow, horse, lion, dog or wolf"
"Start for horse, lion, or wolf"
Starter for bed or board
Subject for Winslow Homer
Subject of a famous part in the Bible
Subway wish
"Sulu, e.g."
"Sulu, for one"
Surfer's surface
Surfing site
Surfing turf
Swell location
Swell place
Swell place?
Swell place?//Red or Dead
Swell site
Swell site?
Tar's milieu
Tar's place
Tasman ___
Tasman or Timor
Thalassic expanse
Thalassic locale
"The ""herring pond."""
"The Aegean, e.g."
"The Baltic, e.g."
The Black or the Red
"The Black, for one"
"The Caribbean, e.g."
"The Caribbean, for example"
"The Caribbean, for one"
The Caspian or the Caribbean
"The Caspian or the Caribbean, e.g."
"The Dead, e.g."
"The Honeydrippers ""___ of Love"""
"The Honeydrippers' ""___ of Love"""
"The Ligurian, e.g."
The Love Boat setting
"The Mariners, in box scores"
"The Mediterranean, e.g."
"The Mediterranean, for one"
"The North, for one"
The Red or the Black
"The Red or the Black, e.g."
The Red or the Black.
The Red or the Med
The Red or the White
"The Tyrrhenian, e.g."
The ___ and Cake
The ___ of Azov
The bounding main
The briny
The briny deep
The deep
The drink
The foam.
There's plenty of fish in it
Tranquility on the moon?
"Tranquility, for one"
"Tranquility, on the moon"
"Tranquility, on the moon, e.g."
"Tranquillity, for one"
Traveler's medium
Triton's domain
"Triton's domain, in myth"
Triton's element.
Triton's milieu
Triton's realm
Triton's realm.
Turkey's ___ of Marmara
Type of breeze or plane
Type of dog or eagle
Type of horse
Type of shells she sells
Type of voyage
Tyrrhenian or Tasman
Tyrrhenian or Thracian
Undine's home.
Urchin's home
"Urchin's home, perhaps"
Urchin's place
"Vacation locale, with ""the"""
Vasco da Gama [c.1460-1524] opened this type of route to the East Indies
Vast amount
Vast amount.
Vast area
Vast expanse
Vast expanse.
Vast quantity
View from Pebble Beach
View from Ventura
View from a boardwalk
View from a lighthouse
View from on deck
View from the beach
View from the deck
"View from the deck, perhaps"
View from the shore
Viking milieu
Viking realm
Viking's place
Wash. hub for Alaska Airlines
Water front?
Water source
Waters that sound like a letter
Watery expanse
Wave carrier
Wave site
Waves home?
Waves' home
Weddell or Ross
Wet body
Wet expanse
Whale's domain
Whale's home
Whale's place
Whale's whereabouts
"What ""My Bonnie lies over,"" in a song"
"What ""My Bonnie"" lies over"
"What ""My Bonnie"" lies over, in a song"
"What ""My Bonnie"" lies over, in song"
"What O'Neill called ""Dat ole davil"""
What many a river feeds
What mare means
"What my Bonnie lies over, in song"
What spreads over some beds?
What surrounds Cyprus
When Hispanic Heritage Mo. begins
Whence ambergris is collected
Where buoy meets gull
Where chanteys are sung
"Where five ""hidden at 3"" words can be found"
Where gull meets buoy?
Where merchant mariners work
Where one can make a splash
Where skates glide
Where sponges soak
Where swelling occurs
Where the baffled are at
Where the buoys and gulls are
Where the buoys are
Where the buoys are?
Where the floor is always wet
Where the gulls are
Where there are many schools
"Where to cast a net, perhaps"
Where to find a grunion or a hydra
Where to find a horse with no legs?
Where to find good schools?
Where to find many good schools?
Where to find schools?
Where to go sailing
Where you might catch some rays
"White or Black, e.g."
White or Black.
White or Yellow
"White, Red, Black, or Yellow"
Whole slew
Wide body
Wide body?
"Willie Nelson ""Island in the ___"""
Winslow Homer subject
"With 49-D, Alaska destination"
Word after Dead or Red
Word after Red or Black
Word before change or chest
Word before chest or change
Word before cow or creatures
Word before cow or horse
Word before dog or legs
Word before horse or cow
Word before horse or lion
Word before lettuce or cucumber
Word before level or change
Word before level or lion
Word hidden four times in this puzzle
"Word in ""America, the Beautiful"""
Word in a Hemingway title
Word in a Honeydrippers' hit
Word in a classic Hemingway title
Word in the center of all three long entries
Word preceding cow and horse
"Word repeated in the lyric ""From ___ to shining ___"""
"Word with ""bed"" or ""board"""
"Word with ""legs"" or ""air"""
"Word with ""level"" or ""legs"""
"Word with ""level"" or ""lion"""
Word with Red or Dead
Word with bed or board
Word with bees or breeze
Word with biscuit or dog
Word with cow or dog
Word with cow or horse
"Word with cow, dog, horse, lion, or wolf"
Word with devil and dog
Word with dog and legs
Word with dog or biscuit
Word with dog or cow
Word with dog or legs
Word with green or grape
Word with horse or bass
Word with horse or dog
Word with horse or lion
Word with horse or power
"Word with horse, lion or dog"
Word with legs or air
"Word with legs, chest, or palm"
Word with lettuce or cucumber
Word with level or devil
Word with level or lion
Word with mar or dog
Word with monkey or serpent
Word with quake or snake
Word with shell or shore
Word with snake or quake
Word with water or wall
World leader?
World's highway.
Yellow ___
Yellow or Black
Yellow or Coral
Yellow or Red
Yellow or White
"Yellow, Red, or Black"
"Yellow, for one"
___ Islands.
___ biscuit
___ biscuit (hardtack)
___ breeze (vodka cocktail with cranberry and grapefruit juice)
___ breeze (vodka cocktail)
___ chest
___ cucumber
___ dog: sailor
___ green
___ legs
___ legs (nautical steadiness)
___ level
___ lion (eared seal)
___ of Azov
___ of Cortes
___ of Cortez
___ of Galilee
___ of Japan
___ of Marmara
___ of Marmara.
___ of Marmora.
___ of Okhotsk.
___ of Tranquility
"___ of Tranquility, on the moon."
___ of Tranquillity
___ of Tranquillity (where the Eagle landed)
___ plane (water lander)
___ power (naval strength)
___ salt
___ spider (marine arthropod)
___ urchin
___ wolf (pirate)
___-Band (motion sickness relief brand)
___-Tac Airport
cousteau's realm
Mediterranean or Baltic
Word before horse or lion
Word in three ''Yellow Submarine'' instrumental titles
Salty body of water
Caribbean for one
Aegean for one
Caribbean for one
Aegean for one
Caribbean for one
Aegean for one
Caribbean for one
Aegean for one
Aegean for one
Caribbean for one
Neptune's domain
Neptune's domain
Place of many large schools
Bering or Barents
Poseidon’s domain
Briny expanse
Another body of water
Neptune’s domain
Caribbean, e.g.
Vast amount
Mermaid's home
Body of water
Lose argument about the Med, say
Red or Dead
Yacht spot
Poseidon's domain
Watery expanse
Briny body
"America, the Beautiful" shiner
Mariner's place
Pirate's place
Caribbean, e.g.
Aegean or Caspian
Body of water, Dead ...
Word after Caspian or Adriatic
Vast expanse
Swell place
Copious quantity
Poseidon's realm
Mermaid's home
Body of water
Lose argument about the Med, say
Whale's habitat
Dead ... Scrolls
Small ocean
Word with dog, horse or lion
Adriatic, for one
Poseidon's home
There's something fishy about it
Nemo's realm
See 61-Down
Dead follower
Sargasso or Adriatic
Serpent's home maybe
Yacht spot
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Setting for much of "Lord Jim"
Yacht spot
Setting for most of "Titanic"
Vast expanse
"The Little Mermaid" milieu
Big blue body
Body of water
Small ocean
Contents of expense account found all around Ireland
Yellow __
Dead ____ Scrolls
Galleon setting
Neptune's realm
Mermaid's home
Salt source
Small ocean
Mediterranean or Baltic
Marmora or Caspian
Expanse of salt water
Body of water
Lose argument about the Med, say
Body of water
Wise answer about the Med, say
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Small ocean
Small ocean
"America the Beautiful" waterway
Yacht spot
Red __
Body of saltwater
Small ocean
Thing miraculously parted
Waves home
Body of salt water
"Finding Nemo" environment
Yellow Black or Red
Neptune's realm
Isle surrounder
Adriatic, e.g.
Shade of green
Body of water
Lose argument about Baltic
Naval burial site, maybe
Yellow __
Place to float your boat
Body of water
His eagerness about the Med, say
Vast expanse
Double-curve shape
"Finding Dory" setting
View from a boardwalk
Small ocean
Porpoise home
Small ocean
Viking realm
Red, Yellow or Black
Neptune's domain
Neptune's domain
Watery expanse
Mediterranean, for one
Watery expanse
Caribbean, for one
Neptune's domain
Pirate realm
Caspian, e.g.
Body of water
Dead ____ Scrolls
Mermaid's home
Dead ____ Scrolls
Briny deep
Briny deep
Briny deep
Briny deep
Small ocean
Coral __
Captain's domain, sometimes
Caribbean ____
Vast expanse
Pirate's milieu
Caribbean ____
Word before green or after deep blue
Body of water
Lose army around Baltic, say
Yacht spot
Domain of 37 Across
Mermaid's home
Poseidon's home
Place to take a dip
Big body of water
Ship's setting
Beach house view
Dead ... Scrolls
One of seven
Ionian or Aegean
Baltic, Aegean or Bering
Caribbean or Aegean
Lighthouse view
Yacht spot
Blue map area
Expanse of salt water
Body of water, Dead ...
Salty expanse
Small ocean
Body of water, Dead ...
Vast quantity
Briny expanse
Mermaid's home
The —, 1973 stage play by Edward Bond
Body of water
See 60-Across
Haddock's home
Small ocean
Body of water
Briny expanse
Buccaneer's domain
Neptune's domain
Dolphin's home
Salty expanse
Neptune's realm
Shining expanse of song
One of seven
Mariner's milieu
One place to be buried "at"
Current setting
Body of water
Small ocean
Adriatic, e.g.
Naval burial place, perhaps
Salt source
Briny body of water
Scuba diving venue
Body of water
Body of water
Lose argument about Baltic
Mermaid setting
Salt source
Caspian ____
Small ocean
The big briny
Lead-in to horse or lion
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Body of water
See 4-Down
Baltic, e.g.
Many a river's destination
Setting for much of 'Moana'
Dead ... Scrolls
Dead ... Scrolls
Adriatic, e.g.
Neptune's domain
Word following red or black
Salt source
Mermaid's home
Small ocean
What the navy needs, the horse artillery used
Small ocean
Body of water
Lose argument about the Med, say
Red __
Home to Disney's Ariel
Salt source
Watery expanse
Word after Sargasso or Aral
Where many schools meet
Vast expanse
Body of water
Lose argument about the Med, for example
Galleon's milieu
Yacht spot
Salt source
Small ocean
Salt source
Small ocean
Galleon setting
It has its vacationist side
Yellow, Red or Black
Body of water
Lose argument in the Baltic, say
It's blue, green, or maybe Red
Salt source
Mermaid's "pool"
Indian or Sargasso
Word before lion or cow
Dead ... Scrolls
Siren setting
Pirate's domain
Watery expanse
Body of water
Lose arms around Baltic, say
America's Cup race locale
Salt source
Brine source
Isle surrounder
Briny thing
Herring home
Indian or Sargasso
Salt source
"Deep Blue ___" (shark movie)
Beach house view
Dead ____ Scrolls
Poseidon's realm
Reef setting
Mermaid's home
Body of salt water
Lead-in to dog or horse
Small ocean
Yacht spot
Sargasso or Aral
Mermaid's home
Briny expanse
Upon which to set sail
Small ocean
Word following Sargasso and Caspian
Body of water
Poseidon's realm
Place to sink or swim
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Bounding main
Viking's realm
Small ocean
Small ocean
Adriatic, e.g.
Yacht spot
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Poseidon's place
Briny body of water
Place for Hemingway's Old Man
Mermaid's home
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Body of water
Frequent subject of paintings by Winslow Homer
Setting for some schools
Red or Dead
Neptune's domain
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Body of water
Vast quantity
Watery expanse
Locale for a bathysphere
Sells-shells tongue-twister link
'He who holds the ___ must be master of the empire': Cicero
Small ocean
"Many fresh streams meet in one salt __": Shakespeare
Milieu for 1-Across
Yacht's domain
Salty body
Body of water, Dead ...
Norwegian or Irish
Dead ____ Scrolls
Briny deep
Briny deep
Bering, for one
___-Monkeys (aquarium pets)
Coral __
Vast fishing spot
Porpoise home
Caribbean ____
Small ocean
Old Man's place
Salty expanse
Buccaneer's domain
Small ocean
Body of water
Wave blocker*
Body of salt water
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
'The vasty deep,' in Shakespeare
Aegean or Caspian
Salty body
It's sailable
Aegean or Caspian
"The __ is calm tonight": "Dover Beach" opening
Neptune's realm
Dead ... Scrolls
Briny expanse
Body of water
Small ocean
Pirate's milieu
Certain salt source
Source for shrimp
Small ocean
Habitat of many schools
Red or Dead
Windjammer's setting
Body of water
Yacht spot
It's all briny
Sargasso, for one
Ross or Tasman
Fish in this spot when caught
"From ___ to shining ... "
Adriatic or Aegean
Neptune's realm
Where the buoys are
Mediterranean ___
Vast amount
Body of water
Briny body
Small ocean
Briny expanse
Red or Caspian
Body of water
Aquaman's home
Mermaid's home
Cousteau's domain
Blue expanse
Rhyme for 'thee' in 'America the Beautiful'
Black or Aegean
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Yacht spot
The briny
Poseidon's domain
Current location
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Lloyd Bridges's series, with Hunt
Vast amount
Yacht spot
Neptune's realm
It'll float your boat
Neptune's kingdom
Copious quantity
Small ocean
Air, land and ___
Hemingway title place
Body of water
"From ___ to shining ... "
Where SpongeBob SquarePants lives
Home to a 34-Across
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Salty expanse
Watery expanse
Dolphin's home
__ urchin
Isle surrounder
The Caribbean ___
Body of water
Lose argument about the Baltic, say
Body of water
Sargasso or Bering
Small ocean
Bounding main
Adriatic or Baltic
Dead ____ Scrolls
"Manchester by the ___" (2016 Oscar-nominated film)
SpongeBob's home
Isle surrounder
Where the buoys are
Salty waters
Cruise setting
Caspian ____
School setting
Bering, e.g.
Vast expanse
Aquaman's realm
Bering, e.g.
Great amount
What Poseidon was the god of
Body of water
Baltic or Bering

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