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Word: SNOW

The word SNOW has appeared in at least 612 clues on different crosswords.

SNOW definition(s):

  • precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals
  • fall as snow
  • a layer of snowflakes (white crystals of frozen water) covering the ground
  • conceal one''s true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end
  • English writer of novels about moral dilemmas in academe (1905-1980)

"""... they shall be as white as ___"" (Isa 1:18)"
"""A Christmas Carol"" precipitation"
"""Corridors of Power"" author"
"""Frozen lace,"" in haiku"
"""I'm Movin' On"" singer"
"""If I wash myself with ___ water"" (Job 9:30)"
"""Informer"" one-hit wonder"
"""Informer"" one-hitter"
"""Informer"" rapper"
"""Informer"" rapper of the early 1990s"
"""Informer"" recorder"
"""Informer"" singer"
"""Miriam became leprous, white as ___"" (Num. 12:10)"
"""Strangers and Brothers"" author"
"""Strangers and Brothers"" novelist"
"""White Christmas"" image"
"""You know nothing, Jon ___"" (""Game of Thrones"" quote)"
"""___ Falling on Cedars"""
"""___ Falling on Cedars"" (1999)"
"""___ Falling on Cedars"" (Guterson novel)"
"""___ or Never"": Gershwin"
*Frosted flakes
A bunch of flakes chilling together?
A job of sorts.
All-too-frequent Buffalo forecast
Alpine coat
Alpine sight
Alpine surface
Alps covering
Angel-making material
Angel-making stuff
April or November surprise
April surprise
Aspen accumulation
Aspen asset
Aspen forecast
Aspen's aspiration
Asset at Squaw Valley
"Atlanta newsmaker, January 2014"
Author C. P. ___
Author Charles Percy
"Author of ""Strangers and Brothers"""
"Author of ""The Affair"""
"Backdrop for much of ""Frozen"""
Bad-reception symptom
Ball makeup
Ball material
Bank deposit found in this puzzle's four longest answers
Bank deposit?
Bank or man
Baseball's J.T.
Baseball's J.T. ___
Be insincere with
Before bank or ball
Belt opener?
Blanket in winter
Blanket material
Blanket material?
Blizzard blanket
Blizzard fall
Blizzard feature
Blizzard material
"Blizzard, essentially"
"Bluff with a hand that cannot win, particularly in lowball*"
"Boston got 110.6 inches of it in 2014-15, and we'd better not get any more next year or I'm done"
Breckenridge cover
British writer.
Brumal blanket
Buffalo forecast
Buffalo's brumal bane
Bush White House press secretary
C. P. or Phoebe
C.P. or Phoebe
Cable TV clears it up
"Canadian one-hit wonder with ""Informer"""
"Canadian rapper who hit #1 with ""Informer"""
Canadian winter coat?
Cancellation-precipitating precipitation
Cap material?
Cause of certain blindness
Cause of many days off
Cause of temporary blindness
Certain downfall
Certain flakes.
Certain reception problem
Child's delight
Chilly fall
Chilly powder
Chilly powder?
Chionophobe's fear
Christmas wish
"Christmas wish, for some"
Coat on the slopes
"Cocaine, in slang"
"Cocaine, slangily"
"Cocaine, streetwise"
Cold covering
Cold pack?
Cold powder
Cold shower
Collective flakes
Colts TE Justin
Common Buffalo forecast
Content of some globes
Convince with smooth talk
Couch potato's annoyance
Couch potato's aversion
Couch potato's nightmare
Country singer Hank
Deceive but good
Deceive glibly
Deceive with charm
Deceive with flattery
"Deceive, in slanguage"
"Deceive, slangily"
December downfall
December fall
Dessert made of egg whites and fruit pulp
Downfall of Eskimo society?
Downfall that some dread
Downhill surface
Drift content
Drift contents
Drift or job
Drift stuff
Drifter in a storm
Drifter on the road?
Driving hazard
Driving is hard when this is driving
Early TV problem
"Eave coverage, at times"
"Eaves coverage, at times"
Edgar or C.P.
Effect of a weak TV signal
End of quote
English novelist
English novelist and scientist.
English novelist.
English writer.
Everest topper
Fall around Christmas
Fall in winter
Fall on Pikes Peak?
Falling flakes
Fallout of a sort.
February forecast
"February forecast, often"
Flakes because it's cold?
Flakes rarely found in Hollywood
Flaky precipitation
Flaky stuff
Flatter hugely
"Fluff stuff, in CB lingo"
Fluffy blanket
Fluffy precipitation
"Fort material, perhaps"
Freezing phenomenon
Frequent Arctic forecast
Frosted flakes
Frosted flakes?
Frosty flakes
Frosty's composition
Frosty's constitution
Frosty's favorite weather forecast
Frosty's makeup
Fuji topper
Fuji's topper
Future slush
Global precipitation?
Globe contents
Good forecast at Vail
Good news at Aspen
Good news at Stowe
Good news at Vail
Good news for skiers
Goose or mobile
Hank or Phoebe of songdom
Hazard of polar travel.
"He hit #1 with ""Informer"""
Hexagonal crystalline particles
Hiemal symbol.
Hoped-for Christmas weather
Igloo material
Igloo material.
Interference on the tube
"Is able to rent out, say"
It can cover a lot of ground
It can fall in the fall
It can shut down D.C.
It could slow down the passing game
It falls in winter
It hits the ground silently
It makes for a white Christmas
It may be on the mountaintop
It may be packing
It may land on a winterized boat
It's flaky?
It's needed to make an angel
It's not seen on cable TV
It's prized at Stowe
It's rarely seen on cable TV
It's seen in many Christmas specials
January fall
January forecast in Buffalo
Job opening
Job type
K2 cover
Kids' fort material
Kids' winter schoolday wish
Kilimanjaro cover
Kilimanjaro covering
Kilimanjaro topper
Kind of ball or bank
Kind of ball or fall
Kind of bank.
Kind of crab
Kind of day or job
Kind of drift or day
Kind of flakes.
Kind of goose or leopard
Kind of job
Kind of job or bunny
Kind of job or shoe
Kind of leopard
Kind of leopard or goose
Kind of mobile
Kind of pudding.
Kind of shoe or suit
Kind of storm
Kind of storm or job
"Kings of Leon ""Velvet ___"""
Lillehammer accumulation
Literature's Miss White
Literature's White
Los Angeles weather surprise
Makeup of men who can't stand the heat?
Makeup of packed powder
"Mislead, slangily"
Miss White
"Monet's ""___ Scene at Argenteuil"""
Mount Fuji cap
Mount Kilimanjaro's cap
Mountain cap.
Mountain precipitation
Mountain topper
Mountain's cap.
Mountaintop cover
Mountaintop topper
Mt. Whistler covering
Narc's seizure
November forecast
Old TV problem
Old television trouble
One kind of bank.
One kind of man.
One of the Whites
"One winter, to poets."
"One-hit wonder with ""Informer"""
Orlando rarity
Overwhelm with flattery
Peak cooler
"Peppers: ""___ ((Hey Oh))"""
Persuade through razzle-dazzle
Phenomenon familiar to Maine boaters
Phoebe ___ of Lackawanna days
Picture-tube nuisance
Pixel static
Plow share?
Possible cause of school cancellation
"Powder, e.g."
Powderhounds' delight
Pre-cable TV problem
Pre-cable problem
Pre-cable woe
Precable problem
Precipitation below 32
Precipitation not normally seen on a spring holiday
Precipitation seen in holiday specials
Problem solved by cable
Put one over on
Put something over on
"Rapper who hit #1 with ""Informer"""
Rare sight at Daytona Beach
Reason for school cancellation
Reason to add salt?
Reason to bring out the chains
Reason to cancel school
"Reason to get a better antenna, maybe"
Reason to plow
Recent visitor to the Northeast
Reception problem
School closing cause
Screen static
Sell a bill of goods
Serial killer?
Shoveled precipitation
Shoveler's target
Sign of winter
Singer Hank
Singer Phoebe
Ski lover's wish
Ski slope covering
Ski-Doo's terrain
Ski-resort manufacture
Skier's delight
Skier's footing
Skier's quest.
Skier's wish
Skiers' concern.
Skiers' delight
Skiers' wish
Skiing base
Skiing need
Skiing surface
Slalom course base
Slalom milieu
Sled's milieu
Slope powder
Soft-soap successfully
Some flakes
Some ground cover
Some precipitation
Some winter ground cover
Sometime part of the street scene.
Sort of wet blanket
Spots on a TV screen
Squaw Valley specialty.
Storm output
Stowe stuff
Symbol of purity
Symbol of softness
Symbol of whiteness
Symbol of whiteness.
TV ailment.
TV annoyance
TV bane
TV interference
TV nuisance
TV phenomenon
TV problem
TV reception problem
TV reception problem of old
TV screen's white spots
TV trouble.
TV woe
Television problem
Television signal problem
Television trouble
"The ""white"" of ""White Christmas"""
"The ""white"" of a white Christmas"
"The makings of a ""man"""
The makings of a certain man.
The white in a whiteout
"The white of ""White Christmas"""
The white of a whiteout
The white stuff
The white stuff?
Tobogganer's need
"Torontonian who hit #1 with ""Informer"""
Tube interference
Tube trouble
Tundra blanket
Type of shoe or storm
"U2 ""White as ___"""
Ungolfable weather
Unwanted TV pattern
Voter-turnout-dampening phenomenon
Weather forecast
Weather forecast.
Weather prediction.
Weather seen in many Christmas specials
Weather word
Weather word.
Welcome forecast at ski lodges
Welcome forecast for Santa
Welcome forecast for schoolchildren
Welcome sight at Stowe
Wet blanket
Wet blanket in winter
Wet blanket?
Wet forecast
What Grandma Moses has painted most often.
What blizzards are made of
What made Sabbath blind
White Christmas necessity
White Christmas sight
White House press secretary Tony
White blanket
White brumal blanket
White coat
"White hair, to poets"
"White icing on a gingerbread house, possibly"
White man's makeup?
White out?
White powder
White precipitation
White sheet
White stuff in winter
White water?
White wet stuff
White winter blanket
White with 7 others
"White, crystalline flakes."
Whiteness: Poet.
Whiteout cause
"Winter Buffalo forecast, often"
Winter White
Winter blanket
Winter blanket material
Winter blanket.
Winter blanket?
Winter coat
Winter coat?
Winter drifter
Winter driving hazard
Winter fall
Winter fallout
Winter forecast
Winter forecast.
Winter ground cover
Winter hazard
Winter precipitation
Winter shovelful
Winter sight
Winter stuff
Winter symbol.
Winter warning
Winter weather
Winter weather word
Winter white
Winter white stuff
Winter whiteness
Winter's blanket
Winter's white flakes
Winter-traction reducer
Wintry coating
Wintry element
Wintry forecast
Wintry precipitation
Wintry white stuff
Word before fall or ball
Word before leopard or crab
Word in a lot of December songs
Word in many songs played in December
Word in many songs sung in December
Word that can precede either half of each shaded answer
Word with bank or ball
Word with cap or shoe
Word with day or job
Word with fall or ball
Word with mobile or man
Word with shoe or fall
Writer C. P.
___ Cap Ale (Washington beer)
___ Falling on Cedars
___ White
___ White.
___ apple (Fameuse)
___ bunting.
___ globe
___ job
___ job (flattery)
___ job (this puzzle)
___ job: trickery
___ leopard.
___ pudding.
___ under.
Reason to cancel school
Put one over on
Put one over on
Reason for school cancellation
Some precipitation
Skimobile surface
Winter coat
Winter flakes
___ globe (desk ornament)
Winter blanket
Winter forecast at times
Winter blanket
Winter blanket
Wintry weather
Winter blanket
Cause of some closings
Frosted flakes
Frosty flakes
Put one over on
Ski resort manufacture, maybe
Cause of a white Christmas
Winter fall
Blanket material
White coat that could give one the chills
Certain type of precipitation
Peter —, former presenter of BBC TV series Newsnight and Tomorrow's World
Common 36-Down forecast
30-Across surface
Mont Blanc cover
Deposit in some banks
Something to expect in winter
Drift makeup
"The Hunger Games" president
Winter blanket
Winter bank makeup
Winter blanket
Weather condition broadcast around noon
White, cold coat
Bank deposit?
Winter coat
Cold fall
Word before cone or crab
Winter weather
Word with bank or board
Winter blanket
Winter precipitation
Content of some globes
___ globe (desk adornment)
Blizzard, essentially
Cause of a school cancellation, maybe
Surface at 68-Across
Winter blanket
See 17-Down
Wintry weather
Winter coat
Mowat's The ____Walker
Winter shovelful
Winter flakes
Skiing stuff
"Informer" rapper
It's manufactured at ski resorts
Frozen precipitation
Weather from Sunday to the present
It may come down in winter
Chilly powder
Pre-cable TV annoyance
"White Christmas" weather
Hoped-for Christmas thing
Blizzard component
Frosty's makeup
Fall in winter
Winter blanket
___ globe
C P —, author of novels Homecomings and Time of Hope
Wintry coating
Winter blanket
Reason for a school closing
Buffalo feature, often?
White flakes
Weather forecast
Surface for skiing
C P —, author of novels Homecomings and Time of Hope
Chilly powder
Winter blanket
Mountain topper
Winter blanket?
Winter fall
TV reception problem
TV reception problem
Reception problem
Wet blanket
British rock band whose albums include 2006 UK no 1 Eyes Open
Winter coat
White coat in winter
Wintry fall
__ day: school contingency
"___ Falling on Cedars" (David Guterson novel)
TV eyesore
Wintry precipitation
Wintry weather
It falls quietly
Drift accumulation
Blizzard stuff
Cold weather
Fluffy stuff
Angel-making material
April or November surprise
Winter fall
School cancellation cause
Weather that could keep kids from going to school
Good forecast for skiers
Winter forecast
What a blizzard is made of
Winter precipitation
Hoped-for Christmas stuff
Precipitation in a blizzard
What blows into drifts in a blizzard
It falls in winter
What a winter fort may be built out of
Drifts of white
"Game of Thrones" character Jon ___
Common winter forecast
TV static
What blizzards are made of
Winter flakes

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