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Word: SOAP

The word SOAP has appeared in at least 446 clues on different crosswords.

SOAP definition(s):

  • a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats
  • rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning
  • money offered as a bribe
  • street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate
  • Simple Object Access Protocol

"""All My Children,"" e.g."
"""Dallas,"" for one"
"""Dark Shadows,"" for one"
"""Days of Our Lives,"" for one"
"""Days,"" for one"
"""General Hospital,"" e.g."
"""General Hospital,"" for one"
"""Guiding Light,"" e.g. (R.I.P.)"
"""One Life to Live,"" e.g."
"""Passions,"" e.g."
"""Passions,"" for one"
"""Port Charles,"" for example"
"""The O.C.,"" essentially"
"""The Young and the Restless,"" e.g."
"""___ Gets in Your Eyes"""
'70s Billy Crystal comedy series
"'General Hospital,' e.g."
*Second step
-- opera
"2006 Samuel L. Jackson movie, initials-wise"
ABC hit sitcom (1977-81)
"Afternoon ""opera"""
Afternoon TV fare
Afternoon diversion
Afternoon drama
Afternoon fare
Afternoon serial
Afternoon show
"Alternative to shaving cream, for retro types"
"As flattery, it's soft"
Bar for naked people
Bar found at the end of this puzzle's seven longest answers
Bar from the kitchen
Bar from the locker room
Bar in a bathroom
Bar in a bathtub
Bar in a dish
Bar in a hotel
Bar in a kitchen
Bar in a shower stall
Bar in a tub
Bar in the bathroom
Bar in the shower
Bar near a sink
Bar product
Bar stuff
Bar that shrinks
Bath bar
Bath need
Bath product derived from fatty acids
Bathday cake
Bathday cake?
Bather's need
Bathroom bar
Bathtub cake
Billy Crystal TV series
Billy Crystal comedy series
Billy Crystal sitcom
"Body wash, e.g."
Box for Hyde Park
Brat's mouthwash
Bribe money
"Bribe money, in slang"
"Bribery money, in slang"
Bubble material
Bubble source
CARE package item
Cake composition
Cake for a shower
Cake found in a dish
Cake in a dish?
Cake in a tub?
Cake made for a shower
Cake that doesn't taste so good?
Cake that's unpleasant to the taste
Cake unfit for dessert
"Camay, for one"
Car-wash supply
Caress in the bathroom
"Caress, e.g."
Carver's medium
"Castile, e.g."
Chambermaid's supply
"Clean ""This Is How We Party"" band?"
Cleaning aid
Cleaning substance
Cleansing agent
Cleansing aid
Cleansing bar
Cleansing substance
Coast line
Continuing daytime drama
Continuing drama
Controversial 70's sitcom
Controversial 70's-80's sitcom
Crystal TV series
Curser's mouthwash?
Daily tearjerker
"Dawn, Dove, or Dial"
Daytime Emmy candidate
Daytime Emmy contender
Daytime TV drama
Daytime TV fare
Daytime TV feature
Daytime TV offering
Daytime TV show
"Daytime TV show, briefly"
Daytime TV staple
Daytime drama
Daytime entertainment
Daytime fare
Daytime show
"Daytime show, briefly"
Daytime story
Dial in the bathroom
Dial in the shower
Dial or Dove
Dial or Lava
Dial or Tone
"Dial or Tone, e.g."
Dish contents
Don't bake this cake
Dove bar?
Dove or Dial
Dove or Ivory
"Dove, e.g."
"Dove, for one"
Early Billy Crystal TV show
Fat and lye product
Fat product.
Fatty acid product
Former TV series
Foul mouthwash?
Get into a lather
Grime fighter
Grime's punishment?
Halloween prankster's aid
Halloween prankster's supply
Hand-cleaning bar
Hand-washing need
Hotel bar
Hotel freebie
Hotel giveaway
Hotel souvenir
Household need.
Huckster's item.
Inedible cake
Ingredient of some cakes
It can come in cakes
It comes in bars
It comes in cakes
It comes in cakes or bars
It comes out in the wash
It may be a cake or bar
It may be found in a dish
It may be in a bar
It may be in a dish by the sink
It might be stuck to a dish
It sometimes comes in cakes
It'll get you clean
It'll put you into a lather
It's available in bars
It's bought by the bar
It's bought in bars
It's found in bars
It's found in cakes
It's needed for a good bath
It's seen in bars
It's slippery when wet
It's sold in bars
Item in a bar
Item provided in bars
"Item to be held securely, in superstition."
Its found in bars
Ivory in a dish
Ivory or Coast
"Ivory or Coast, e.g."
Ivory or Dial
Ivory or Zest
Ivory product
Ivory trade
"Ivory, Coast and others"
"Ivory, Coast, or Irish Spring"
"Ivory, e.g."
Kind of box
Kind of dish
Kind of opera
Kind of opera.
Lather (up)
Lather maker
Lather producer
Lathered stuff
Laundromat buy
Laundromat purchase
Laundry item
Laundry item.
Laundry need
"Lava, e.g."
"Lava, for one"
Lever in the bathroom
Liquid or soft follower
Love story?
Milled ___.
Motel freebie
Naughty child's mouthful?
Never-ending story?
No ___ (no go).
Offbeat sit-com
Old-time mouth wash.
One kind of box
Ongoing drama
Opera for the masses
Opera for the masses?
Opera genre?
Opera starter?
Opera type
Pop opera
Popular after-lunch fare
Popular fare between breakfast and dinner
Product of saponification
Purchase made by the bar
Saddle ___
Sanitizer alternative
Scullery supply
Serial for lunch?
Shampoo ingredient.
Shaving cream ingredient.
Shopping list item
Shower bar
Shower cake
Shower gel
Slippery bar
Slippery shower bar?
Soft ___
Soft ___ (flattery)
Soft ___.
Soft or no
"Soft stuff, at times"
Soft-___: flattery
Some flakes
Some is soft
Something purchased in bars
Something sold in bars
Source of bubbles.
Source of sink suds
Source of suds
Stuff in a bar
Stuff in a bar?
Sud's maker
Suds maker
Suds on the tube
Suds source
Sudsy toiletry item
Supply hidden in the first two letters of the long answers' words
Susan Lucci's genre
Swearer's mouthwash?
TV entertainment
TV fare
TV hit
TV hit serial: 1977-81
TV offering
TV series about sisters Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell
"TV series from which ""Benson"" was spun off"
TV series that featured Billy Crystal
TV series with Billy Crystal
TV show featuring Billy Crystal
TV sitcom 1978-1981
TV spoof
This puzzle's theme
Toilet kit item
Tray item
Tub bar
Type of opera
Type of opera?
Unpalatable cake
Victorian mouthwash
Washbasin item
Washroom supply
Washstand item
Washway staple
Water partner
Water's companion.
Water's partner
Wet bar
"Wet bar, maybe"
"Wet bar, often"
Wet bar?
What Jack Wagner starred in
What some flakes are made of
"When soft, it's flattery"
Word before bubble or opera
Word before opera or dish
Word with bubble or box
Word with bubble or opera
Word with opera or box
Word with opera or dish
Word with pad or powder
You can buy bars of it
You can get this in bars
You can get this in bars?
You'll find it in bars
"Zest, e.g."
___ Box Derby (Akron event)
___ box.
___ bubble.
___ dish
___ flakes
___ flakes.
___ on a rope
___ opera
___ opera (daytime show)
Ivory or Coast
Hotel freebie
Cleansing bar
Ivory or Coast
Wet bar
Laundromat buy
Bather's bar
Dial in a shower
Washing agent
Cleaner form of opera
"All My Children," e.g.
Ivory or Coast
Washing agent
Cleaner sort of opera
Bath bar
What may be dispensed from a dispenser
Common cleansing agent
Suds maker
Ivory in the tub
Shower bar?
Hotel freebie
TV "opera"
Lathering bar
Cleaner sort of opera
Cleansing bar
Kitchen sink drama?
What many bars contain
It's often picked up in bars
Cleansing agent
Dishwasher need
Bath need
__ opera (daytime TV drama)
Dial, e.g
Afternoon fare
Cake for cleaning
Lathering bar
Bath need
Household item whose manufacture employs 42-Across
Something sold in bars
Cusser's mouthwash, once
Common cleaner
__ bubbles
Lathering bar
Cleaner sort of opera
"Dallas" was one
Locker room dispenser filler
US television sitcom that featured the Tate and Campbell families
Help in cleaning up TV?
Cusser's mouthwash of old
Bar in a locker room
The bar in Coronation Street, say?
Cake near a sink
Bath bar
Slippery type that's a part of the meso-appendix
Suds maker
Hotel freebie
TV "opera"
Daytime drama
Ivory or Coast
Ivory or Coast
Bath cake
Inedible cake
US sitcom that featured the Tate and Campbell families
Bath bar
Cleaning agent
Cleaner sort of opera
What some cakes are
Dove, e.g.
Cleaning agent
Cleaner sort of opera
Cleansing bar
Cleaning agent
Bath bar
Cleaning agent
TV serial about small pensioner
Cleansing agent
Cake near a sink
Cusser's mouthwash, once
Bath bar
Bar purchase
Caress in the shower
Bathtub bar
US sitcom that featured the Tate and Campbell families
TV sitcom that preceded "Benson"
Film studied in physics labs
"All My Children," e.g.
Ivory or Coast
Ivory or Coast
Cleaning agent
Thus, a quiet serial
Cusser's mouthwash of old
Shield, e.g.
Hotel freebie
See 64 Across
Hand-cleaning bar
Old TV's 'Guiding Light,' for one
Ivory, for one
It's sold in bars
Cleaning agent
US television sitcom that featured the Tate and Campbell families
US television sitcom that featured the Tate and Campbell families
Daytime TV drama
Laundromat buy
Daytime TV offering
___ opera (afternoon TV fare)
Bathtub bar
Bath bar
Shower bar?
Hand-washing bar
Cleaning agent
Cleaner sort of opera
Daytime TV offering
Bathing bar
Cleansing bar
Bath bar
Alternative to body wash
____ opera
Daytime TV drama
Suds maker
Suds maker

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