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Word: STEM

The word STEM has appeared in at least 569 clues on different crosswords.

STEM definition(s):

  • grow out of, have roots in, originate in
  • (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed
  • cause to point inward
  • a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ
  • cylinder forming a long narrow part of something

"""... shall come forth a rod out of the ___ of Jesse"" (Isa"
"""A rod out of the ___ of Jesse"" (Isaiah 11:1)"
'80s Perth rocker
A cherry may be served with it
A snifter has a short one
"Acronym for a biologist or a geometer, say"
Aircraft's front
Ancestral line
Apple attachment
Apple connection
Apple part
Apple projection
Apple topper
Apple waste
Apple's apple logo lacks one
Arise (from)
Arise from
Banana part
Banana stalk
Banana top
Banana unit
Be derived
Bloom support
Bloom's support
Blossom holder
Blossom support
Blossom supporter
Blossom's support
Boat part
Boat part.
Boat's bow
Botanical support
Bouquet part
Bouquet unit
Bow of a ship.
Bow to the ship?
Bowsprit's setting
Brain component
Brain part
Brave fighters
Bring to a standstill
"Broadway, the Main ___"
Broccoli bit
Bud holder
Bud support
Bunch of bananas
Bunch of bananas.
Bush supporter?
Calabash part
"Caudex, in botany"
Cell type
Champagne flute part
Champagne glass feature
Champagne glass part
Check the flow
"Check, as a flow"
"Check, as a tide"
Cherry discard
Cherry feature
Cherry handle
Cherry holder
Cherry leftover
Cherry link
Cherry part
Cherry throwaway
Come (from)
Controversial kind of cell
Cordial glass feature
Cordial glass part
Corncob pipe part
Cosmos supporter
Cut flower
Cut off
Cut short
Daisy supporter
Dam up
Derive (from)
Derive from
"Derive, with ""from"""
Device for winding
Dimebag detritus
Discarded apple part
Dorothy's aunt after being canonized?
Dorothy's aunt canonized?
Education-policy acronym for the four fields featured in this puzzle
Educational acronym
Etymology concern
Faucet part
Figurehead location
Floral part
Floral support
Florist's cutting
Florist's unit
Flower bearer.
Flower bud holder
Flower feature
Flower holder
Flower holder?
Flower or pipe part
Flower part
Flower part attached to a lapel
Flower part.
Flower stalk
Flower support
Flower supporter
Flower to a florist
Flower's support
Flute part
Flute section
Flute stand
Forepart of a ship
Forepart of a vessel.
Forward part
Forward part of a ship.
Forward part of the Pinta
From ___ to stern
Frond holder
Fruit discard
Fruit holder
Fruit protrusion
Fruit stalk
Fruit support
Fruit waste
Fruit/tree connector
Garden support
Glass bottom
Glass or flower part
Glass part
Goblet feature
Goblet part
Goblet part.
Goblet support
Green part of a flower
Grip for a goblet
Half note feature
Half note half
Half-note feature
"Have roots in (with ""from"")"
"Have roots in, with from"
"Hayden cell song off ""Everything I Long For""?"
Hayden song for cells?
Hold back
"Hold back, as a tide"
"Hold back, as the tide"
Ikebana piece
Iris part
It leads to a rose
It may be thorny
It may be tongue-tied?
It may get tongue-tied
It might hold your baby's breath
It's on the watch
Junior branch?
Keep from flowing
Kind of cell
Kind of cells
Kind of ski turn
Kind of ware.
Leaf holder
Leaf part
Leaf stalk
Leaf support
Leaf's support
Line on a quarter note
Long part of a flower
Long part of a rose
"Long, slender part"
Long-___ roses
Main part of a flower
Main part of a word
Main shoot
"Main stroke of a letter, in printing."
Make headway against
Meerschaum part
Meerschaum piece
Morel morsel
Morel support
Most of a rose's length
Mushroom component
Mushroom discard
Mushroom feature
Mushroom morsel
Mushroom part
Mushroom piece
Mushroom stalk
Musical note feature
Musical note part
Natural supporter
Naturalist's ascending axis
Note part
One may be picked out of a stash
"One of its letters stands for ""technology"""
Opposite of stern
Opposite of stern.
Originate (from)
Originate (from).
Originate from
"Originate, with ""from"""
Ornamented part of a gondola
Pansy prop
Parfait glass feature
Part cut by a florist
Part of a champagne flute
Part of a champagne glass
Part of a daisy
Part of a flower
Part of a flower or wineglass
Part of a goblet
Part of a goblet.
Part of a mushroom
Part of a musical note
Part of a petunia
Part of a pipe
Part of a pipe.
Part of a plant
Part of a plant or a wineglass
Part of a poinsettia.
Part of a poppy
Part of a rose
Part of a ship
Part of a ship or tobacco pipe
Part of a ship.
Part of a strawberry
Part of a tulip
Part of a watch
Part of a watch.
Part of a wine glass
Part of a wineglass
Part of a wineglass or daisy
Part of a word.
Part of many musical notes
Part of of a flower
Part of the pot that doesn't go in the bowl?
Pear part
Pear waste
Peony part
Petal pusher
Petal pusher?
Petunia part
Picabo's turn?
Piece of a pipe
Piece of the brain
Pinch off
Pipe or watch part
Pipe part
Pipe part.
Pipe piece
Pipe piece.
Pipe section
Plant axis
Plant axis.
Plant growth
Plant part
Plant part.
Plant prop
Plant stalk
Plant support
Pocket watch part
Pocket watch winder
Poppy part
Poppy prop
Portion of the brain
Pot smoker's annoyance
Prepare cherries
Prepare cherries for cooking
"Prepare to turn, on the slope"
"Prepare, as cherries"
"Prepare, as cherries for cooking"
Prow of a ship
Put a stop to
Quarter note part
Quarter-note line
Result (from)
"Retard oneself, in skiing."
"Root, wordwise"
Rose holder
Rose part
Rose stalk
Rose support
Rose supporter
Rose's stalk
Rose's supporter
Rosebud support
"Santa ___, CA"
Section cut by a florist
Section of a wineglass
Sharp end of the ship
Ship front
Ship's front
Ship's prow
Ship's prow.
Shoot or stop
Shut off
Ski maneuver
Ski turn
Ski turn.
Skier's maneuver.
Skier's turn
Skiing term.
Skiing turn
Slow down
"Slow down, in skiing."
"Slow down, on the slopes"
"Slow, as the flow"
Snifter feature
Snifter part
Something that may get tongue-tied?
Somewhat less potent part of a psychedelic mushroom
Spinach part
Spoon handle
Spot for a thorn
Spring (from)
Stalk in a garden
Stalk in the garden
Stalk of bananas
"Stalk of bananas, e.g."
Stalk of bananas.
Static-X song about a plant?
Static-X song about plant?
Static-X song for cell research?
Static-X song for cells?
"Static-X song off ""Wisconsin Death Trip"""
Stern counterpart
Stern opposite
Stern's counterpart
Stern's flip side
Stern's opposite
Stern's opposite.
Stern's opposite?
Stern's other end
Stern's other end?
Stern's partner
Stick in the ground?
Stop comeback of baseball team (4)
Stop from spreading
Stop the flow
"Stop the flow of, as a liquid"
Stop up
"Stop, as a tide"
"Stop, in skiing"
Sunflower stalk
Sunflower support
Sunflower supporter
Support of a flower.
Supporter of botany
Supporter of nature
The American Heart Association has agreed to support ___-cell research
The Main ___ (Broadway)
The brain has one
Thorn site
"Thorn site, on a flower"
Throwaway part of an apple
Tobacco pipe part
Tobacco pipe tube
Tomba maneuver
Tulip holder
Tulip part
Turn on the slope
Type of ski turn
Underlying form of a word
Valve part
Vertical line on a musical note
Watch part
Watch part.
Watch projection
Watch winder
What an inflectional ending is added to
Where watches were once wound
Whole note's lack
Winder on a watch
Winding device
Winding need
Wine charm holder
Wine glass feature
Wine glass holder
Wine glass part
Wine-glass feature
Wine-glass part
Wineglass feature
Wineglass part
Winesap or wineglass feature
Word part
Word root
Word with ware or winder
Wristwatch part
___ Christie
___ cell (cell that gives rise to cells that differentiate further into one or more specialized types)
___ cell research
___ christie (skiing maneuver)
___ fields
___ the tide
___ to stern
Non-humanities acronym
Goblet feature
Goblet feature
Goblet feature
Goblet feature
Goblet feature
Florist's cutting
Whole note’s lack
Apple attachment
Thorn's site on a rose
Originate (from)
Cherry throwaway
Flower stalk
Flower's holder
It may be trimmed at a nursery
Flower stalk
Most employers have to stop
Thorn's place
Derive (from)
Mushroom part
Cordial glass part
Mushroom part
Flower stalk
Central part of a plant
Goblet feature
Goblet feature
Flower part
Plant stalk
Parfait glass feature
Cherry feature
Stern's opposite
Champagne flute feature
Goblet part
Subj. group with a noted gender imbalance
Rose stalk
Wine glass feature
Part of a rose
Flower stalk
Wine glass feature
Flower feature
Most employees have to stop
Goblet feature
Goblet feature
Mushroom part
Check, as a flow
Flower support
Goblet feature
Mushroom or marigold part
Flower part
Plant stalk
Winder on a watch
Plant stalk
Thorn locale
Part of a flower
In part loses temper and control
Central part of a plant
Goblet part
Goblet feature
Flower part
Pipe part
Cherry throwaway
Goblet part
Goblet part
Plant part
Wind-up watch part
Part of a wind-up watch
Central part of a plant
Petunia part
What to grab when this bud's for you
Mushroom morsel
Cherry throwaway
Apple's projection
A snifter has a short one
Goblet part
Half-note feature
Cherry eater's discard
Check, or what the starred answers all have
Staunch supporter
Rose stalk
Rose stalk
Plant stalk
Modern education acronym
Flower stalk
Goblet feature
Component not found on a digital watch
Most employees have to stop
Goblet part
Mushroom part
Part of Apple Records' logo
Mushroom part
Plant part
Florist's trimming
Flower feature
Thorn setting
Flower support
Flower support
Most employees have to stop
Part of a quarter note
Wind-up watch part
Flower stalk
Feature of the items in the first parts of 21- and 49-Across and 3- and 29-Down
Arise (from)
Decline (6)
Deny it's garbage (6)
Most employees have to stop
Watch part
Petal pusher?
Flower part
Plant stalk
Most employees have to stop
Modern educational acronym
Goblet part
Blossom support
Central part of a plant
Rose stalk
Most employees have to stop
Mushroom morsel
Most employees have to stop

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