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Word: TACO

The word TACO has appeared in at least 455 clues on different crosswords.

TACO definition(s):

  • offensive terms for a person of Mexican descent
  • a tortilla rolled cupped around a filling
  • Test And Checkout Operations

"""Puttin' on the Ritz"" one-hitter"
"""Puttin' on the Ritz"" singer"
"""Soft"" Tex-Mex snack"
"1980s singer who covered ""Puttin' on the Ritz"""
A fast food in Fresnillo
A shell of a snack
Acapulco order
Acapulco sandwich
Baja bite
Beans with an edible shell?
Bell of fast food
Bell or shell lead-in
Bell or shell preceder
Bell or shell start
Bell's leader
Bit of fast food
Border order
"Border order, perhaps"
Border order?
Buffet with shells
Burrito alternative
Burrito's cousin
Burrito's kin
Cantina choice
Cantina fare
Cantina munchie
Cantina offering
Cantina order
Cantina purchase
Cantina snack
Carne asada container
Carne asada holder
Chalupa alternative
Chalupa cousin
Chalupa kin
Chihuahua chow
"Chihuahua chow, maybe"
Chihuahua snack
Chipotle Mexican Grill purchase
Chipotle item
Choco ___ (Klondike treat)
Cinco de Mayo dish
Cinco de Mayo munchie
Cinco de Mayo snack
"Cinco de Mayo snack, perhaps"
"Crisp, filled tortilla"
Crispy shell
Crunchy Mexican food
Crunchy Mexican munchie
Crunchy Mexican treat
Crunchy Tex-Mex munchie
Crunchy Tijuana treat
Crunchy cure for the munchies
Crunchy dish
Crunchy fare
Crunchy lunch
Crunchy lunch item
Crunchy lunch munchy
Crunchy meal
Crunchy munchie
Crunchy munchy
Crunchy sandwich
Crunchy snack
Del ___ (fast-food chain)
Del ___: fast-food restaurant
Dinner Bell?
Dish that might come with mole sauce
Dish that's usually served with sauce
Dish with a soft or crisp tortilla
Dish you might sprinkle cheese on
Drive-up order
Durango dish
Edible shell
Enchilada alternative
Enchilada kin
Enchilada relative
Enchilada's relative
Entree in a shell
Fajita alternative
Fare in a shell
Fare that needs to be assembled
Fast food choice
Fast food item
Fast food offering
Fast food order
Fast food pick
Fast-food item
Fernando's fast food
Fiesta fare
"Fiesta fare, perhaps"
Fiesta food
Filled fare
Filled fast food
Filled food
Filled shell for dinner
Filled tortilla
"Filled tortilla, often"
"Filled, fried tortilla"
Filling food?
Fish ___
"Fish-filled fare, frequently"
Folded Mexican food
Folded Mexican treat
Folded and filled food
Folded dinner
Folded fare
Folded fast food
Folded food
Folded food truck fare
Folded item
Folded lunch
Folded nosh
Folded snack
Folded tortilla
Folded treat
"Folded, filled tortilla"
Food hawked by a Chihuahua
Food in a fold
Food in a shell
Food item often seasoned with cilantro
Food item that can be soft or hard
Food item that may be hard or soft
Food once hawked by a Chihuahua
Food pitched by a Chihuahua
Food served in its own shell
Food served with frijoles
"Food sometimes served ""al pastor"""
Food that folds
Food truck goodie
Food truck offering
"Food whose name means, literally, wadding"
Food with a fold
Food with an edible shell
Food with cheese topping
Food with filling
Fried tortilla
Fried tortilla.
"Fried, folded and filled food"
"Fried, folded, and filled fare"
Fried-and-filled tortilla
Gordita alternative
Gordita kin
Guacamole's place
Hand-held fare
Hands-on munch
Hands-on munchie
His #4 hit of 1983 was written by Irving Berlin
It can be ordered soft or crunchy
It comes in a shell
It has an edible shell
It may be full of beans
It may be hard or soft
It may be soft-shelled
It may have a soft shell
It's filled and folded
It's folded and filled
It's folded before a meal
It's folded before dinner
"It's fried, folded and filled"
Item on a Mexican menu
Its shell may be soft
Jalisco snack
Kind of salad
Kind of shell
"Latin's lunch, perhaps"
"Literally, ""wadding"""
Loaded shell?
Lunch in a shell
Lunch with a crunch
Meal in a shell
Meat-filled snack
Meat-filled tortilla
Meat-filled treat
Medianoche snack
Menu item at a Mexican restaurant
"Mexican ""shell"" food"
Mexican cuisine staple
Mexican delicacy
Mexican dish
Mexican dish that's best served with fish (just sayin')
Mexican edible
Mexican entree
Mexican fare
Mexican fast food
Mexican favorite
Mexican finger food
Mexican folded food
Mexican food
Mexican food in a shell
Mexican food staple
Mexican lunch food
Mexican menu item
Mexican munchie
Mexican restaurant choice
Mexican restaurant dish
Mexican restaurant offering
Mexican restaurant order
Mexican restaurant staple
Mexican sandwich
Mexican sandwich.
Mexican serving
Mexican shell
Mexican snack
Mexican snack food
Mexican snack in a shell
Mexican snack.
Mexican staple
Mexican tidbit.
Mexican treat
Mexican waffle.
Miguel's snack
Mike Torrez
Monterrey munchie
Name often seen above a star
Nogales nibble
Nogales nosh
Oaxaca snack
Old El Paso product
On The Border restaurant offering
On the Border order
One may contain pico de gallo
One might be filled with carnitas
One- or two-handed snack
"One-hit wonder with the 1983 hit ""Puttin' on the Ritz"""
Picante munchie
Popular lunch in Watsonville
Post-siesta food
Preceder of Bell or shell
Product pitched by a Chihuahua named Dinky
Qdoba order
Relative of an enchilada.
Salsa dipper
Salsa holder
Salsa-topped entr
Saltillo snack
Sancho's snack
Sandwich in Ensenada
Sandwich in Sonora
Sandwich that crunches
Sandwich with a crunch
Sandwich with fixin's
Sausage alternative?
Secret of Glen Bell's success
Shell food
Shell food?
Shell or Bell preceder
Shell that can be crunchy or soft
"Shell with fish, perhaps"
Shelled item
Shelled snack
Snack in Sonora
Snack in a shell
Snack in a soft or hard shell
Snack in a tortilla
Snack that can be soft or crunchy
Snack with a Tecate
Snack with a shell
"Snack with carne asada, maybe"
Soft or crunchy snack
Soft-shell treat
"Soft-shelled food, perhaps"
Sonora sandwich
Sonora snack
Sonoran sandwich
Sort of a wrap
South of the border order
South-of-the-border order
South-of-the-border sandwich
South-of-the-border snack
"Spanish for ""plug"""
Spanish snack
"Spanish word for ""wadding"""
Stiff sandwich
Stuffed shell
Stuffed shell food
Stuffed tortilla
Substrate for salsa
Tamale alternative
Tampico food
Tampico lunch
Tampico lunch in a COAT?
"Tampico lunch, perhaps"
Tampico treat
Tasty treat in Taxco
Taxco treat
Tex-Mex bite
Tex-Mex dish
Tex-Mex entr
Tex-Mex fare
Tex-Mex favorite
Tex-Mex folded food
Tex-Mex menu item
Tex-Mex munchie
Tex-Mex munchy
Tex-Mex nosh
Tex-Mex offering
Tex-Mex order
Tex-Mex sandwich
Tex-Mex serving
Tex-Mex snack
Tex-Mex staple
Tex-Mex treat
Texan breakfast item
This may have a hard or soft shell
Tijuana fare
Tijuana snack
Tijuana tidbit
Tijuana treat
Tortilla con carne
Tortilla creation
Tortilla product
Tortilla sandwich
Tortilla snack
Tortilla treat
Tostada alternative
Tostada kin
Transformed tortilla
Treat full of meat
Treat in Ensenada
Two-handed snack
U-shaped bite
Unspecified degrees
Word before Bell
Word before Bell or John's
Word before shell or Bell
"Word with ""shell"" or ""Bell"""
Word with Bell or shell
Word with shell or Bell
___ Bell
___ Bell (Mexican fast-food chain)
___ Bell (chain with Chalupas)
___ Bell (fast food chain)
___ Bell (fast-food chain)
___ Time (Mexican-style restaurant where Inez got the paint for her house)
___ party (girls only affair)
___ salad
___ salad (dish with ground beef)
___ sauce
Cantina munchie
Chipotle Mexican Grill offering
Sonora snack
Sonora snack
It's filled and folded
Cantina fare
Filled tortilla
Enchilada alternative
Tijuana nosh
Mexican treat
With 32-Down, place for a Tex-Mex snack
__ salad
Chipotle option
___ truck
Snack in a shell
Mexican entree
Del ___ (fast-food chain)
In Mexican cookery, a tortilla folded into a roll with a filling and fried
Mexican snack
Mexican snack
Tex-Mex menu pick
Cantina order
Folded Mexican fare
Mexican food in a shell
Folded tortilla dish
Tex-Mex treat
Entree in a shell
Common spicy snack
Mexican entree
Snack with a hard or soft shell
Mexican dish served in a shell
Mexican snack
Folded tortilla dish
Folded food
Filled tortilla
Mexican dish
Burrito alternative
Fish __
Mexican food order, sometimes
Built for speed
Burrito alternative
Mexican entree
Mexican dish
Mexican dish
Mexican tortilla
Filled tortilla
Snack with a shell
Tex-Mex snack
It may contain carne asada
Mexican entree
Mexican entree
Mexican entree
Folded food
___ stand
Snack in a shell
Cantina platter item
Chipotle Mexican Grill order
Mexican snack
Crunchy munchie
Tex-Mex folded food
___ Bell (restaurant chain)
Tex-Mex treat
Mexicali munchie
Burrito alternative
Mexican snack
Kind of shell
Mexican entree
Katharine —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Morning Glory (7)
Order across the border
Mexican treat
Mexican snack
Mexican entree
Mexican meal
Folded tortilla dish
Mexican snack
One might be topped with queso blanco
Mexican dish
Mexican snack
Mexican nosh
Tex-Mex snack
Folded Mexican fare
Salsa-topped munchie
Mexican treat
Folded finger food
One might contain pico de gallo
Tuesday treat?
Old El Paso product
Mexican finger food
Food-truck specialty
Filled tortilla
Mexican entree
Mexican snack
Certain ''breakfast'' food
Mexican munchie
Chalupa alternative
Soft-shell treat
Folded tortilla dish
Food-truck fare
Crunchy munchie
Mexican entree
Mexican food in a shell
In Mexican cookery, a tortilla folded into a roll with a filling and fried
Food truck fare
Mexican food that's folded
Mexican snack
Folded tortilla dish
Mexican snack
Mexican dish
Filled tortilla
Folded Tex-Mex food
Edible shell
Cantina purchase
Mexican dish
Filled tortilla
Mexican dish

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