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Word: TAPE

The word TAPE has appeared in at least 523 clues on different crosswords.

TAPE definition(s):

  • a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening
  • fasten or attach with tape
  • a recording made on magnetic tape
  • record on videotape
  • the finishing line for a foot race

"""Cellophane"" office supply"
"""Roll the ___"""
"""Scotch"" or ""duct"" follower"
3M item
3M product
A runner may break it
A winner may break it
A winner might break it
Adhesive on a roll
Adhesive strip
Alternative to a compact disc
Anchorman's goal
Answering machine insert
Athletic trainer's aid
Athletic trainer's roll
Athletic trainer's supply
"Attach, in a way"
Betamax insert
Bind protectively
Binding material
Binding material.
Binding strip.
Bit of Watergate evidence
Bit of evidence in court
Bit of surveillance evidence
Blockbuster buy
Blockbuster film
Bondage stuff
Bureaucratic red stuff
CD alternative
CD preceder
CD predecessor
Capture on cassette
Capture on video
"Capture on video, once"
"Capture, in a way"
"Captured, after ""on"""
Carton closer
Carton sealer
Carton-sealing material
Cash register output
Cash register part
Cassette contents
"Cassette contents, perhaps"
Cassette material
Cassette player insert
"Cassette, e.g."
Cassette-player insert
Catch on film
Certain sealer
Closing material
"Copy, as a film"
Crime scene barrier
Crime scene boundary
Crime-scene barrier
DAT part
Dash finish
Dash terminus
Data storage medium
Deck occupant
"Demo, for example"
Duct ___ (miracle wart cure!)
Duct follower
Ductwork material
Ductwork sealer
Eight-track item
"Eight-track, e.g."
"Eight-track, for one"
Emergency medical kit item
End of a dash
End of a footrace
End of the race
End of the run
Fabric strip
"Ferret, e.g."
File-saving medium
Film alternative
Finish applying sheetrock
Finish line
Finish line feature
"Finish line feature, sometimes"
Finish line indicator
Finish line marker
Finish line ribbon
"Finish line, often"
"Finish line, perhaps"
"Finish line, sometimes"
Finish line.
Finish-line feature
Finish-line material
"Finishing line, metaphorically"
Finishing line.
First-aid kit item
Fix temporarily
Flushing stadium
Foot racer's goal
Footrace terminus
Former recording medium
Get on film
Gift wrap supply
Gift wrapper's accessory
Gift wrapper's need
Gift wrapper's roll
Gift wrapping necessity
Gift wrapping need
Gift-wrapper's need
Gift-wrapper's roll
Gift-wrappers necessity
Gift-wrapping accessory
Gift-wrapping aid
Gift-wrapping need
Giftwrapping need
Hard-to-refute evidence
"Holder of Nixon's ""smoking gun"""
Insertion into a deck
Interviewer's recording medium
It awaits the winner at the finish line
It comes in a roll
It comes in spools
It may be at the finish line
It may be broken at the finish line
It may be double-sided
It may be electrical or red
It may be magnetic
It may be masking
It may repair a frayed life jacket
It might be broken by the winner
It might be sticky on both sides
It's a race to break it
It's broken at a finish line
It's broken by a race winner
It's made to measure
It's often red in government
It's on a roll
It's used on ankles
Item for a D.J.
Item in a medical kit
Item in an athletic trainer's kit
Item in the notions department.
Item often broken
Jerry-rigging material
Kind of deck
Kind of delay
Kind of finish line
Kind of measure
Kind of recorder
Kind of recording
Kind of recording.
Kind of worm
Linda Tripp's offering
Locker room supply
Magnetic ___.
Magnetic medium
Magnetic recording
Magnetic recording medium
Mailroom roll
Make a video
Many a demo
Marathon terminus
Marathon's terminus
Marathoner's destination
Marathoner's goal
"Masking, e.g."
Measuring aid
Measuring device
Medical kit item
"Mend, in a way"
Mending aid
Mending or masking follower
Mending stuff
Message carrier
Miler's goal
More sticky stuff
Narrow fillet.
Nixon's undoer
Not live broadcasting
Notions counter item.
Obstacle in red
Official routine.
Old VCR insert
Olympic runners cross it
On ___ (how Jeff's adventures are caught)
Original camcorder storage media
Package sealer
Packaging material
Packaging need
Packer's need
Packer's supply
Paper patcher
Paper repairer
Paper-mending roll
Piece of Watergate evidence
Piece of evidence in a trial
Possible movie rental
"Pre-TiVo need for recording ""Friends"""
Present-wrapper's need
"Preserve, in a way"
Press record
Program preserver
"Push ""record"""
Push record
Put on film
"Put on record, but not actually on a record"
Put on reel-to-reel
Quick-and-dirty glasses repair option
Quick-fix need
Race finish
Race goal
Race terminus
Race winner's barrier
Race's end
Race's finish
Race's finish line
"Race's goal, sometimes"
Racer's goal
Racetrack ribbon
Record a TV program
Record for TV
Record for future broadcast
Record for future viewing
Record for later viewing
Record for posterity
"Record for posterity, in a way"
Record of a sort
Record on cassette
Record on video
Record store purchase
"Record, as a wedding"
"Record, in a sense (and this puzzle's theme)"
"Record, in a way"
"Record, in a way."
"Record, old-style"
Recorder contents
Recorder input
Recorder medium
Recorder's offspring
Recording device
Recording material
Recording medium
Recording medium.
Recording ribbon
Recording ribbon.
"Red ___ (time-consuming forms, procedures, etc.)"
Red ___.
Red or Ticker
Red or adhesive
Red or ticker
Reel thing
Reel-to-reel ___
Reel-to-reel medium
Register-receipt roll
Relay anchor's target
Repair for a tear
Replay medium
Roger Bannister broke it
Roll of cellophane
Roll on a desk
Runner's destination
Runner's goal
Runners break it for victory
Sandlot baseball's covering
Scotch --
Scotch ___
Scotch chaser?
Scotch connector
Scotch follower
Scotch or duct
Scotch or duct follower
Scotch or masking
"Scotch or masking, e.g."
Scotch or red
Scotch or ticker
Scotch product
"Scotch, for example"
"Scotch, for one"
Seal up
Seal up a pet
Sealing material
Sealing stuff
Seam binder
Shipping department need
Shipping department supply
Shipping need
Shipping supply
Shipping-department need
Shoot the show
Some get caught on it
Something to dub
Something to get caught on
Sports trainer's need
Sports trainer's supply
Sprint terminus
Sprinter's focus
Sprinter's goal
Sprinter's target
Sprinter's terminus
Staples array
Stick with it
Sticky roll
Sticky roll?
Sticky sealer
Sticky strip
Sticky stuff
"Sticky stuff, Scotch ___"
Stock ticker output
Strip broken by a sprinter
Strip for a quick fix?
Stuff is recorded on it
Supply in a nurse's kit
Support for a weak joint
Surgical supply
Surveillance evidence
Surveyor's item
TV recording vehicle.
TV standby
Team trainer's supply
Tear remedy
Tennis net topper
Tennis racket application
The fastest one gets to break it
The red kind is especially sticky
The reel thing
This is a stickup
Ticker ___
Ticker ___.
Ticker follower
"Ticker output, once"
Ticker output.
Ticker ribbon.
Ticker strip.
Ticker stuff
Ticker-___ parade
Type of recorder.
Type of recording.
Unfashionable way to fix eyeglasses
Use the VCR
VCR insert
VCR insertion
VCR item
VCR medium//Cassette
"Verb you might still be saying instead of ""DVR"" if you're really old-school"
Video ___
Video library item
Waist measurer
Watergate evidence
Watergate-scandal evidence
Weak-ankle support
Welcome sight for a marathoner
What Tivo famously doesn't require
What a certain winner breaks
What a front runner breaks
What a race winner breaks
What a sprinter seeks to break
What race winners break
What some people get caught on
What sprinters strive to break
Winners break it
Wire insulator
Wiretapping evidence
Word after duct or ticker
Word following masking or duct
"Word with ""deck"" or ""measure"""
"Word with ""duct"" or ""ticker"""
Word with deck or drive
Word with deck or measure
Word with duct or demo
Word with electrical or red
Wrap for a sprain
Wrapper's roll
Wrapping aid
Wrapping paper securer
___ measure
Sealing material
Stick with it
Paper-mending roll
Gift wrapper's roll
Crime scene barrier
Crime scene barrier
__ measure (ruler on a roll)
Binding strip
3M product
Bygone demo material
Tailor's need
Record a pet running
Sticky roll
Adhesive on a roll
Gift wrapping need
Gift-wrapping need
Measuring strip
Carton sealer
Scotch product
PC storage medium of old
Carton sealer
Crime scene barrier
Sprain support
Carton sealer
VCR insert
Carton sealer
Gift wrapper's adhesive
End of a successful run?
Uncommon period in basketball ... or a hint to 19- and 37-Across and 4- and 48-Down
VCR insert
Measuring strip
Carton sealer
Ankle wrap for an athlete
Retro recording
Tailoring aid
Carton sealer
Package sealer
It's a good measure of characters surrounding Taoiseach in Europe
Record, in a way
Measuring aid
"Red" nuisance
Packing need
Gift-wrapping need
Race finish
Record to broadcast later
It's broken by the fastest runner
Register-receipt roll
Recording a pet playing
It's a good measure of characters surrounding Taoiseach in Europe
Stationery buy
Record on cassette
Package-sealing roll
Packing need
Recording medium that's "rolled"
Crime scene barrier
No Dubs in Budapest for tie
Mailing-box sealer
''Masking'' stuff
Paper joiner
Gift-wrapping need
Gift wrapper's adhesive
Register's paper roll
Reel-to-reel recording medium
Carton sealer
Gift-wrapping adhesive
Roll of sticky cellophane
Carton sealer
Race finish
Gift-wrapping adhesive
Carton sealer
Team physician's supply
'Police Line - Do Not Cross' material
Sticky strip
Tailor's aid
Carton sealer
Early PC backup medium
Sticky supply
Adhesive strip
Recording a pet playing
Carton sealer
It fastens wrapping paper to a gift
Recording medium
Adhesive strip
Recording a pet playing
Paper connector
Finish line, perhaps
Gift wrapper's roll
Reel-to-reel ___
Record on the VCR
Tale of the ___ (statistics comparing two athletes)
Sticky stuff made by 3M
Perfect ending to "King Kong", as on video
Package wrapper
Adhesive substance
Data backup medium
Sticky cellophane strip
VCR insert
UPS Store supply
Adhesive band
Gift-wrapping need
Cassette, e.g.
Sticky strip
Video or masking ____
Sticky ribbon
Adhesive strip
Recording a pet playing
Shipping department roll
Binding strip
Sticky strip
Yellow material that marks off a crime scene
Adhesive item
Bind, in a way
Masking ____
Carton sealer
Carton sealer
Carton sealer
Break the ___ (win a sprinting race)
Measuring device

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