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Word: TARA

The word TARA has appeared in at least 533 clues on different crosswords.

TARA definition(s):

  • a village in eastern Ireland (northwest of Dublin); seat of Irish kings until 6th century

"""American Pie"" actress Reid"
"""Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"" character"
"""G.W.T.W."" estate"
"""G.W.T.W."" home"
"""G.W.T.W."" locale"
"""G.W.T.W."" place"
"""G.W.T.W."" plantation"
"""G.W.T.W."" setting"
"""G.W.T.W."" spread"
"""G.W.T.W."" survivor"
"""GWTW"" domicile"
"""GWTW"" estate"
"""GWTW"" locale"
"""GWTW"" plantation"
"""Gone With the Wind"" estate"
"""Gone With the Wind"" home"
"""Gone With the Wind"" locale"
"""Gone With the Wind"" locale."
"""Gone With the Wind"" manor"
"""Gone With the Wind"" manse"
"""Gone With the Wind"" mansion"
"""Gone With the Wind"" plantation"
"""Gone With the Wind"" setting"
"""Gone With the Wind"" spread"
"""Gone with the Wind"" estate"
"""Gone with the Wind"" locale"
"""Gone with the Wind"" plantation"
"""Scarlett"" setting"
"""Sharknado"" actress Reid"
"""Sharknado"" star Reid"
"""The United States of ___"" (Toni Collette series)"
"""The United States of ___"" (Toni Collette show)"
"""United States of ___"""
"""___ Road"" (1999 Maeve Binchy best seller)"
"""___ Road"" (1999 Oprah's Book Club selection)"
"""___ Road"" (Maeve Binchy novel)"
'Gone With the Wind' estate
'Gone With the Wind' plantation
'On location' plantation
'___ Road' (Maeve Binchy novel)
1939 film home
1939 film plantation
1939 film setting
1939 film site
1939 movie mansion
1939 movie setting
1998 figure skating gold medalist Lipinski
1998 skating champ Lipinski
1998 skating gold medalist Lipinski
"1999 best seller ""___ Road"""
<I>GWTW<I> estate
A Butler slept here
A Mitchell plantation
A&E's 'Biography for Kids' hostess
Actress Reid
Anc. Irish city.
Ancient Irish capital
Ancient Irish capital.
Ancient Irish city.
Ancient Irish kings' home
Ancient home of Irish kings
Ancient royal residence
Ancient seat of Irish kings
Binchy's '-- Road'
Binchy's '___ Road'
"Butler's estate, for a time"
Butler's haunt
"Butler's home, for a time"
"Butler's home, for a while"
Butler's locale
Butler's milieu
Butler's place
Butler's place?
Butler's quarters?
Butler-O'Hara mansion
Canadian folkie MacLean
Capital before Dublin.
Chez O'Hara
Chez Scarlett
Cinema plantation
Controversial 2006 Miss USA winner Conner
County Meath village.
Druid's sacred hill
Druids' sacred hill
Early Irish assembly site
Erstwhile Irish capital
Estate in Margaret Mitchell's book
Estate near Atlanta
Estate near Twelve Oaks
Famed Irish hill
Famed hill in Meath
Famed hill near Dublin
Famous bit of unreal estate
Famous plantation
Fern of Polynesia
Fictional 640-acre spread
Fictional Clayton County spread
Fictional Georgia estate
Fictional Georgia home
Fictional Georgia plantation
Fictional Georgia site
Fictional Georgia spread
Fictional Twelve Oaks neighbor
Fictional estate
Fictional estate near Atlanta
Fictional home five miles from Jonesboro
Fictional home in Dixie
Fictional home of Gerald O'Hara
"Fictional house ""built according to no architectural plan whatever"""
Fictional locale five miles from Jonesboro
Fictional mansion
Fictional place near Atlanta
Fictional plantation
Fictional plantation in Georgia
Fictional plantation near Atlanta
"Fictional plantation near Jonesboro, Georgia"
Fictional plantation of Georgia
Fictional plantation with a Butler
Fictional plantation.
Fictional spread
Fictitious plantation
Figure skater Lipinski
Film plantation
First name at the '98 Olympics
First name in figure skating
"First name of ""True Blood"" actress Buck or character Thornton"
Former seat of Irish kings
Frank Kennedy saved it from foreclosure
G.W.T.W. setting
GWTW acres
GWTW estate
GWTW plantation
GWTW setting
Georgia home
Georgia plantation
Georgia plantation of fiction
Gerald O'Hara won the land for it in an all-night poker game
Gerald O'Hara's home
Gerald O'Hara's plantation
Gerald O'Hara's pride
Gold medal figure skater Lipinski
Gold medal skater Lipinski
Gold medalist Lipinski
Gold medalist between Oksana and Sarah
Gold-medal figure skater Lipinski
Gold-medalist Lipinski
Gone With the Wind manse
Harp's halls
Hibernian town.
High king hangout
High kings' hangout
High kings' hill
Hill in Erin.
"Hill in Meath, Ireland."
Hill near Dublin
Hill of Ireland
Hill of ___ (home to Ireland's Lia F
Hill of ___ (symbol of Ireland)
Historic Irish hill
Historic Irish village
Historic place in Ireland.
Historic village in Ireland.
Historic village of Ireland.
"Home ""only five miles from Jonesboro"""
Home for 53A
Home for Scarlett
Home in GWTW
Home in a 1936 best seller
Home in a 1936 novel
Home in a 1936 novel and 1939 film
Home in a Mitchell novel
Home in an epic film
Home near Twelve Oaks
Home of Gerald O'Hara
Home of Irish kings
Home of Scarlett
Home of ancient Irish kings
Home of old Irish kings
Home of the Irish kings
Home to the O'Haras
Ice queen Lipinski
Ice skater Lipinski
Ice skating champ Lipinski
Ireland's Hill of ___
Irish hill
Irish hill.
Irish historical site
Irish kings' home
Irish landmark.
Irish locale
Irish village
Irish village.
"It had ""well-kept acres,"" in a classic novel"
Its fa
Ivory Coast group
Johnny's partner in the 2014 Olympic figure skating telecasts
"King, who lived at Nine Primrose Crescent on ""The Avengers"""
Leaping Lipinski
Legendary home of Irish kings
"Lilly's sister on ""The Walking Dead"""
Lipinski in a rink
Lipinski of the ice
Lipinski on ice
Lipinski on the ice
Lipinski with a gold medal
Lipinski with the gold
Literary estate
Literary plantation
"Long ""Gone"" estate"
Lutz perfomer Lipinski
M. Mitchell creation
"Maeve Binchy's ""___ Road"""
Mammy worked there
Mammy's home
Mammy's place
Manor near Twelve Oaks
Margaret Mitchell creation
Margaret Mitchell mansion
Margaret Mitchell's mansion
Mezzo-soprano Erraught
Michelle's upsetter in Nagano
Miss America ___ Dawn Holland
Miss Scarlett's home
Mitchell creation
Mitchell estate
Mitchell homestead
Mitchell locale
Mitchell manor
Mitchell mansion
Mitchell m
Mitchell place
Mitchell plantation
Mitchell setting
Mitchell's estate
Mitchell's mansion
Mitchell's plantation
Mitchell.s novel setting
Movie plantation
Ms. Lipinski
Neighbor of Twelve Oaks
Notable estate in Clayton County
Notable plantation
Noted literary plantation
Novel plantation
Novel plantation?
O Hara home
O'Hara estate
O'Hara family estate
O'Hara hacienda
O'Hara home
O'Hara homestead
O'Hara place
O'Hara plantation
O'Hara residence
O'Hara spread
O'Hara's abode
O'Hara's acres
O'Hara's digs
O'Hara's estate
O'Hara's fictional place
O'Hara's home
O'Hara's place
O'Hara's plantation
O'Hara's spread
O.Hara.s spread
Old Ireland's capital.
Old Irish capital
Olympian Lipinski
Olympic figure skater Lipinski
Olympic gold medal winner Lipinski
Olympic skater Lipinski
Olympic skating champ Lipinski
"One of Jason's ""American Pie"" costars"
One-time Irish capital
Onetime Irish capital
"Output from one of a million million typing monkeys, maybe?"
Parish in Ireland.
Place Mitchell made up
Place for a Scarlett letter?
Place in a Mitchell book
Place named for a mythical Irish queen
Place of Scarlett fever
Place of Scarlett fever?
Plantation created by Mitchell
"Plantation in ""Gone With the Wind"""
Plantation in a 1936 novel
Plantation named for an Irish landmark
Plantation near Twelve Oaks
Plantation of classic literature
Plantation of fiction
Plantation of literature
Prissy's home
Prissy's place
Property of the O'Haras
Psalter of ___
"Reid in ""Dr. T and the Women"""
"Reid of ""American Pie"""
"Reid of ""American Reunion"""
"Reid of ""Sharknado"""
"Reid of ""The Big Lebowski"""
Reid of 'American Pie'
Reid of 'Just Visiting'
"Reid of the ""Sharknado"" franchise"
Reid often read about in tabloids
Reid or Lipinski
Renowned 1939 film setting
Residence created by M. Mitchell
Residence of early Irish kings
Rhett haunt
Rink star Lipinski
Royal residence of early Ireland
Royal residence of old Ireland
Sarah's Olympic predecessor
Scarlett O'Hara address
Scarlett O'Hara's home
Scarlett O'Hara's home.
Scarlett O'Hara's plantation
Scarlett dwelling
Scarlett locale
Scarlett's abode
Scarlett's acres
Scarlett's estate
Scarlett's home
Scarlett's home.
Scarlett's homestead
Scarlett's house
Scarlett's letters arrived here
Scarlett's manse
Scarlett's mansion
Scarlett's milieu
Scarlett's original love
Scarlett's place
Scarlett's plantation
Scarlett's plantation.
Scarlett's refuge
Scarlett's residence
Scarlett's spread
Scarlett's terrain
Scarlett's true love
Scarlett's true love?
Scarlett's turf
Scene in Margaret Mitchell's book
Seat of Irish kings
Seat of ancient Irish kings
"Selznick called it ""Just a fa
Setting for 1939 Best Picture
Setting for Leigh and Gable
Setting for a classic 1939 film
Setting for the 1939 Best Picture
Setting for the biggest movie of 1939
Setting for the highest-grossing movie of 1939
"Setting for the iconic movie line ""As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again."""
Setting in 1939's Best Picture
Setting in 1939's Best Picture Oscar winner
Setting in a 1939 film
Setting in a Mitchell novel
Setting in a Pulitzer-honored 1936 novel
Setting of a 1936 novel
Setting of a classic 1939 film
She edged out Michelle for Olympic gold in 1998
She outskated Michelle at the 1998 Olympics
She played Bunny in 'The Big Lebowski'
"She played Vicky in ""American Pie"""
Site of Irish coronation stone.
Site of Mitchell's classic
Skater Lipinksi
Skater Lipinski
Skater Lipinsky
Skating Lipinski
Skating champ Lipinski
Skating commentator Lipinski
Skating medalist Lipinski
Skating phenom Lipinski
Skating star Lipinski
Spread created by Margaret Mitchell
Spread invented by Mitchell
Spread of book and film
Spread of film fame
St. Patrick's headquarters
St. Patrick's village.
Stanford hoops coach VanDerveer
Storied mansion
Storied mansion?
Storied plantation
Storied plantation?
Storied southern plantation
TV title role for Toni Collette
Tan finish
The O'Hara estate
The O'Hara home
The O'Hara homestead
The O'Hara mansion
The O'Hara place
The O'Hara spread
The O'Hara's place
The O'Haras' home
The O'Haras' place
The O'Haras' plantation
The O.Hara place
The home of Irish kings
Thomas Moore ballad locale
Tiny skater Lipinski
Town NW of Dublin.
Twelve Oaks neighbor
Type of fern or palm
Village in Ireland
Village north of Dublin.
Village of Erin.
Where Mammy worked
Where Prissy worked
Where Rhett caught Scarlett fever
Where Rhett caught Scarlett fever?
Where Rhett last speaks
Where Rhett left Scarlett
Where Scarlett O'Hara lived
Where Scarlett lived
Where Scarlett married Rhett
Where Scarlett may have had a fever?
Where old Irish kings resided
Where one might catch Scarlett fever?
Where the poetic harp hangs mute
Whilom Irish capital.
Wilkes : Twelve Oaks :: O'Hara : ___
Winter Olympics gold medalist Lipinski
Yugoslav river
"___ King (character on ""The Avengers"")"
O'Hara plantation
''GWTW'' estate
Scarlett O'Hara's home
O'Hara estate
Plantation in a classic 1939 movie
Skater Lipinski
Lipinski on ice
"Sharknado" actress Reid
Fictional Georgia plantation
The O'Hara estate
Neighbor of Twelve Oaks
Twelve Oaks neighbor
O'Hara plantation
Scarlett's plantation
Tarleton twins hangout
Reid of "Sharknado"
"Sharknado" actress Reid
Abode of the O'Haras
Fictional manor near Twelve Oaks
Johnny's 2014 Olympics figure skating co-commentator
O'Hara estate
Skater Lipinski
The O'Hara estate
Skater Lipinski
Gold-medal skater Lipinski
Scarlett's home
"Gone With the Wind" locale
Movie plantation
Scarlett O'Hara's home
The O'Hara estate
Scarlett's plantation
Scarlett's abode
Plantation of book and film
Reid of "Sharknado"
Ancient home of Irish kings
Scarlett's home
The O'Hara estate
"Gone With the Wind" setting
"Gone With the Wind" estate
Scarlett's home
Short-barrelled pocket pistol of large calibre
"Gone With the Wind" estate
Plantation of fiction
Hill of ___, site of Ireland's Lia F�il
Reid of "Sharknado"
O'Hara's fictional home
Neighbor of Twelve Oaks, in fiction
O'Hara hangout
O'Hara estate
Skater Lipinski
O'Hara estate
The O'Hara mansion
'Gone With the Wind' plantation
O'Hara home
Mitchell's fictional plantation
O'Hara estate
Plantation near Twelve Oaks
O'Hara estate
Olympian Lipinski
"Gone With the Wind" setting
Plantation in 1936 Margaret Mitchell novel Gone with the Wind
Fictional home in Georgia
Scarlett's estate
Scarlett's home
Plantation of fiction
Reid of "Sharknado"
Scarlett's place
"GWTW" estate
The O'Hara estate
Where Scarlett got a letter?
O'Hara abode
''GWTW'' plantation
Scarlett's home
Literary plantation
"Sharknado" actress Reid
Fictional home 25 miles south of Atlanta
Fictional Civil War novel setting
Georgia literary home
Willow's girlfriend on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
''Gone With the Wind'' estate
Scarlett's home
Estate in "Gone With the Wind"
O'Hara estate
"Teen Titans Go!" voice actress Strong
Reid of "Sharknado"
Olympian Lipinski
Lipinski on skates
Olympic figure skater Lipinski
O'Hara estate
''Gone With the Wind'' home
Fictional estate near Atlanta
Plantation in 1936 Margaret Mitchell novel Gone with the Wind
Scarlett O'Hara's home
Scarlett's home
Reid of 'American Pie'
Where ''GWTW'' begins
Mitchell plantation
O'Hara's home
Fictional estate south of Atlanta
Scarlett's domain
Willow's girlfriend on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Movie plantation
O'Hara estate

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