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Word: TONE

The word TONE has appeared in at least 531 clues on different crosswords.

TONE definition(s):

  • utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically
  • the quality of a person''s voice
  • of one''s speech, varying the pitch
  • (linguistics) a pitch or change in pitch of the voice that serves to distinguish words in tonal languages
  • (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound)

"""At the sound of the ___..."""
"""Don't take that ___ with me!"""
"""Don't use that ___ of voice with me!"""
"""Don't use that ___ with me!"""
"""Funky Cold Medina"" Loc"
"""Funky Cold Medina"" rapper ___ Loc"
"""I don't appreciate your ___, young missy!"""
"""I don't like your ___!"""
"""I don't like your ___, missy!"""
"""If you want to leave a message, please wait for the ___"""
"""Watch your ___ with me, mister"""
"""Watch your ___, young man!"""
"""Wild Thing"" Loc"
"""Wild Thing"" ___ Loc"
"""Wild Thing"" rapper ___ Loc"
"""___ it down!"""
*Musical quality
93 Dial follower
"A flat, for one"
"A flat, for one."
A kid may be told to watch it
"A star of ""Advise and Consent"""
Actor Franchot
Add color
An angry parent may not like yours
Answering machine beep
Answering machine prompt
Answering machine signal
Answering machine sound
Answering-machine prompt
Answering-machine sound
"Apt anagram for ""note"""
Apt anagram for note
"Apt anagram of ""note"""
Apt anagram of note
Audiophile's concern
"Beep, e.g."
Bell sound
Blush adds it
Bodily vigor
Bodybuilder's concern
Brand of soap
"Build muscles, with ""up"""
"Build one's muscles, with ""up"""
Calisthenics improve it
Call waiting signal
Call-waiting signal
Certain disposition
Character of sound
"Checked out, in a way"
"Clock chime, e.g."
Color character
Color gradation
Color of a photographic image
Color or muscle quality
Color or sound quality
Color property
Color quality
Color quality or value.
Color quality.
Color shade
Color value
Color value.
Color variation
Concern of a musician or bodybuilder
Concern of musicians and physicians
Conversational nuance
Cosmetologist's concern
Cosmetology concern
"Demitint, e.g."
Dial --
Dial ___
Dial ___ (phone sound)
Dial ___ (telephone sound)
Dial ___.
Dial back?
Dial buzz.
Dial follower?
Dial sound
Dial sound.
Dialer's go-ahead
Dialer's sound
Dialing need
Distinctive quality
Distinctive style
Distinctive style.
"Do, re, or mi"
E flat is one
Earth ___
Editorial concern
Editorial style
Essay's approach
Fine-tune muscles
"Fine-tune, as muscles"
Firm (up)
Firm up
"Firm up, as one's muscles"
Franchot of film fame
Franchot of films
Franchot of former film fame
Franchot of old movies
"Franchot, the actor: 1905-68"
General character
General character.
General effect.
General flavor
General quality
Get fit
Get fitter
Gym rat's quality
Harmonize in color.
Healthy elasticity
Healthy muscle condition
Hearing test sound
Hi-fi adjustment
Hi-fi buff's concern
Hi-fi knob
His debut came in '32
His film debut came in '32
Hollywood's Franchot
"I, to a Roman"
"Increase in strength, with ""up"""
Instrument quality
Instrument's sound
Instrumentalist's concern
It can be shrill or dulcet
It might be harsh or hushed
It's watched by many angry children
Kind of color or poem
Kind of deafness
Kind of poem
La or fa
Language subtlety
"Make healthier, as muscles"
Make muscles mightier
Manner of expression
Manner of speaking
Meaning distinguisher of many Chinese words
Mi or la
"Moderate, with ""down"""
Modify in color.
Mood indicator
"Mood indicator, maybe"
Muscle ___
Muscle condition
Muscle definition
Muscle firmness
Muscle fitness
Muscle quality
Muscle resiliency
Muscular condition
Muscular firmness
Muscular fitness
Music critic's concern
Music quality
Musical interval
Musical note
Musical note.
Musical or muscle quality
Musical pitch
Musical quality
Musical signal
Musical sound
Musical sound.
Musical term.
Musician's concern
"Mute, with ""down"""
Normal elasticity
Normal muscle tension
Normal resiliency
Note anagram
Note or sound
Orchestral concern
Paint swatch choice
Part of a scale
Phone message ender
Phone sound
Physical fitness
Pitch in a NOTE?
Pitch of a phrase
Pitch on a pipe
Pitch or sound
Prevailing character
Prevailing character.
Prevailing style
Prevailing style.
Pulse alternative
Quality of sound
Quality of sound.
Quality of voice
Quality of voice.
Radio time signal
Rapper ___-Loc
Rapper/actor ___-Loc
Receiver sound
Recording concern
Ring ___
Ring ___ (cell phone feature)
Ring ___ (common download)
Ring ___ (phone music)
Sang with Toni and Tony
Scrambled note
Scrambled note?
"Sculpt, at the gym"
Shade DOWN
Shape (up)
Shape up
Signal on the hour
Signal to begin speaking
"Signal to begin speaking, perhaps"
Signal to leave a message
"Signal to start speaking, perhaps"
Signal to start talking
Singer's concern
Skin ___
Skin quality
Soap brand with cocoa butter
Soap made by Dial
Sol is one
Sound character
Sound from an answering machine
Sound heard before dialing
Sound of music
Sound of music.
Sound of music?
Sound property
Sound quality
Sound quality.
Speech subtlety
Steady sound
Step on a scale?
Step on the scale
Stereo knob
Stereo owner's concern
Strad feature
Strengthen up
"Strengthen, as muscles"
"Strengthen, with ""up"""
Style of speaking
"Subdue, with ""down"""
"Synonym and anagram of ""note"""
Synthesizer sound
TV color adjustment
TV knob
Telephone sound
Telephonic pulse successor
Television knob
The sound of music
"Time signal, maybe"
Tissue firmness
Tony! Toni! ___
Tuning fork standard
Tuning fork's output
Tuning fork's product
Two-___ (like some cars)
Type of deafness
Type of poem
Variation in color
Visible difference between burgundy and ros
Vocal inflection
Vocal pitch
Vocal quality
Vocal sound
Vocal sound.
Vocal stress
Vocal subtlety
Voice inflection
Voice level
Voice mail cue
Voice mail message signal
Voice mail prompt
Voice mail signal
Voice mail sound
Voice nuance
Voice quality
Voice quality.
Voice stress
Voice-mail cue
Voice-mail prompt
Voice-mail signal
Voice-mail sound
Voicemail signal
Voicemail sound
Way of speaking
What calisthenics improve
What emoticons help convey
What you shouldn't pass in school
When to leave a message
Whole note
"Whole note, e.g."
Whole step
"Whole step, in music"
"Wolfe ___ (leader of the United Irishmen, who met at Kelly's Cellars in Belfast)"
Word after dial or earth
Word after earth or dial
Word before poem or deaf
Word following touch or dial
"Word with ""dial"" or ""earth"""
Word with dial or earth
Word with dial or half
Word with dial or muscle
Word with dial or touch
Word with poem
Work on one's muscles
Work on one's physique
Work on the muscle you already have
"Work on, as abs"
Workout concern
Writer's concern
Writing concern
Writing style
___ -deaf: musically inept
___ Loc
___ down (modify)
___ down (mute)
___ down (soften)
___ down (subdue)
___ down: slacken
___ it down; be quiet
___ of voice
___ poem
___ up: strengthen
___-deaf: musically inept
When you hear the __ please leave your message
Emotion betrayer
Muscular fitness
Voice quality
Muscular fitness
Color quality
Muscular fitness
'Don't use that ___ with me!'
Telephone sound
Voicemail signal
Indication of a voicemail
What calisthenics improve
Musical sound
Color quality
Voice quality
Voice-mail signal
Voice-mail signal
Color shade
Musical quality
Lift weights?
Note varied in quality
Musical sound
Voicemail sound
Musical sound
Muscle quality
Muscle quality
Muscular fitness
Sound quality
Quality of sound
Mellow, with "down"
Physical fitness
Manner of speaking
Voicemail signal
Girder handler's supply
Muscular fitness
Sound quality
Musical sound
Quality of a tow-headed individual
Get into shape, with "up"
Voice quality
Quality of sound
Quality of sound
Vocal quality
Word with musical or muscle
Musical sound
Emotion indicator, often
Emotion indicator, often
Musical sound
Moderate, ... down
Muscle quality
Quality of sound
Quality of sound
Musical sound
Musical sound
Sound quality
Step on a scale
Sound quality
Note changed in pitch
Pitch of a voice
Sound quality
Vocal quality
Vocal inflection
Voice quality
Firm up, as muscles
Strengthen, as muscles
Revolutionary leader gets to draw the line of borders
Voice inflection
Musical sound
Musical sound
Vocal quality
Note changed in quality
Sound quality
Quality of sound
Voice-mail sound
Quality of sound
"Leave a message at the ___"
Vocal inflection
Musical sound
Signal to leave a message
Musical sound
Quality of sound
Voice mail prompt
Vocal quality
Instrument quality
Musical pitch
Sound quality
Note varies in quality
Musical sound
Musical sound
Muscular quality
Sound quality
Quality of sound
A parent may tell a child to watch it
Voice quality
The sound of music?
Firm (up), as muscles
Voicemail signal
Thing made by a tuning fork
Instrumental nuance
"Please leave your message at the __"
Musical sound
Posh education establishment completely dropping English accent
Voicemail beep
Sound quality
Note changed to indicate empty line
Voice quality
River upon which Taunton, Somerset, stands
It can reveal your attitude
Voicemail sound
Voice sound
Note changed in quality
Muscle quality
Recorded message prompt
Musical sound
"At the sound of the ___ ..."
Color feature
Voice quality
Muscle quality
Sound quality
Voicemail sound
Quality of sound
Indication of a speaker's emotion
Voicemail cue
Musical sound
Work out at the gym
Sound quality
Note changed in quality
Muscle quality
Quality of sound
Musical sound
Musical sound
Sound quality
It's not turning the key that makes the sound
Moderate, ... down
Voice-lesson topic
Quality of sound
Muscular fitness
Musical sound
Sound quality
Note changed in quality
Sound quality
Note changed in quality

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