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Word: WAR

The word WAR has appeared in at least 701 clues on different crosswords.

"""A defeat for humanity,"" per Pope John Paul II"
"""All hell."" according to Sherman."
"""All's fair"" in it"
"""All's fair"" in it, it's said"
"""Ares' chick"": Aristophanes"
"""Ares' chick.""
"""End This ___"" (bumper sticker)"
"""Fear cloaked in courage,"" per William Westmoreland"
"""First in ___, first..."" (words from Washington's eulogy)"
"""Hell"" to Sherman"
"""Hell,"" to Sherman"
"""Low Rider"" band"
"""Make love not -"""
"""Much too serious a thing to be left to the military"": Clemenceau"
"""Oh! What A Lovely ___"""
"""Platoon"" subject"
"""Saving Private Ryan"" backdrop"
"""Saving Private Ryan"" subject"
"""Spill the Wine"" band"
"""That mad game the world so loves to play"" according to Jonathan Swift"
"""That mad game the world so loves to play,"" to Jonathan Swift"
"""The Art of ___"" (2000)"
"""The Chocolate ___"": classic young-adult novel"
"""The Cisco Kid"" band"
"""The Hurt Locker"" subject"
"""The LORD is a man of ___"" (Ex. 15:3)"
"""The Naked and the Dead"" subject"
"""The Red Badge of Courage"" topic"
"""The ___ of the Roses"""
"""The ___ of the Worlds"""
"""The ___ of the Worlds"" (H. G. Wells novel)"
"""The ___ of the Worlds"": Wells"
"""The ___ on the Shore"" (1991 Ryder Cup nickname)"
"""The blood-red blossom of ___..."": Tennyson"
"""The child of Pride,"" according to Jonathan Swift"
"""The health of the state,"" according to Randolph Bourne"
"""The means ___!"""
"""The trade of kings"": Dryden"
"""There never was a good"" one, according to Franklin"
"""This means ---!"""
"""This means ___!"""
"""Wag the Dog"" ploy"
"""What is it good for, absolutely nothing!"""
"""Why Can't We Be Friends?"" band"
"""___ Games,"" 1969 play"
"""___ Pigs"" (Black Sabbath classic)"
"""___ and Peace"""
"""___ does not determine who is right - only who is left."" (Bertrand Russell)"
"""___ of the Roses"""
"""___ of the Worlds"""
'High card wins' game
'Nothing is easy in ___': Eisenhower
'Politics with bloodshed': Mao Zedong
"'Why Can't We Be Friends"" band"
"*Edwin Starr, 1970"
10 years or 100 years event
1812 event
"1812, e.g."
1914 headline
1914 or 1939 headline
"1970 #1 hit with the lyric ""huh, yeah, What is it good for?"""
1970 Edwin Starr protest song
"1970 hit that asks about its title, ""What is it good for?"""
1983 U2 album
Active hostility
Activity analogous to football
Affair of Ares
Afghanistan ___
"Album that features ""Sunday Bloody Sunday"" and ""New Year's Day"""
All's fair in it
All's fair in it?
All-out conflict
All-out fight
All-out hostility
Anathema to doves
Area for Ares
Area of Mars
Ares' area
Ares' forte
Ares' realm
Ares's domain
Ares's realm
Armed conflict
Armed hostilities
Basic card game
Battle field
Battle of nations
"Battle, and then some"
Belligerent state
Big battle
Big conflict
Big fight
Big international conflict
Big skirmish
Bob Marley classic
"Bob Marley song infamously performed by Sinead O'Connor on ""SNL"""
Boer for one
Boer or Trojan
"Boer, or French and Indian"
Boring collect-all-the-cards game
Cabinent post now part of Defense.
Cabinet department phased out in 1947
Cabinet department that ended in 1947
Cabinet department that split in 1947
Cabinet department until 1947
"Cabinet department, 1789-1947"
Campaign setting
Campaigner's contest (or the start of a 1930s movie actor's split personality)
Canadian ___ Veteran
Canadian ___ veteran
Card game
Card game for two
"Card game for two, usually"
Card game requiring no skill
Card game that is (aptly) arbitrary and seemingly neverending
Card game with a belligerent name
Catholics considered their battle against the Protestants as a Holy ___
Child s card game
Child's card game
Children's card game
Civil ___
Civil ___ (event that prompted The New York Times to begin publishing Sunday issues)
Civil action?
Civil or Crimean
"Civil, for one"
"Civil, sometimes"
Classic Bob Marley song
Classic Springsteen tune
Classic U2 album
Classic one-word headline
Clinton has approved a treaty to create the world's first permanent ___ crimes court
Cold ___
Cold ___ (time of nuclear buildup)
Cold ___.
Cold chaser
Cold or Civil
Cold or hot topic.
Cold or price
Collect-all-the-cards game
Combative card game
Common video game milieu
Common video game setting
Congressional declaration
Crimean ___: 1853
Crimean or Boer
Cry or paint preceder
Declaration of 1941
Declaration of Congress
Desert Storm e.g.
"Desert Storm, e.g."
Diplomacy alternative
Dire declaration
Disturber of the peace
Disturber of the peace?
Do battle
Dove's aversion
Dove's dislike
Drug ___
Dull card game
Early U2 album
Easy card game
Easy-to-learn card game
Edwin Starr banger
Edwin Starr hit
Edwin Starr hit originally recorded by The Temptations
Edwin Starr protest song
"Edwin Starr song quoted in a ""Seinfeld"" episode"
Edwin Starr's #1 song
Endless card game
Entente interrupter
Eric Burdon band
Failed negotiation result
Failure of diplomacy
Fearsome fight
Fighting chance?
First World ___
Former Cabinet department
Former Cabinet post.
Former cabinet department
Front-page news.
Game of pure chance
Game of sheer luck
General Assembly topic
General Assembly topic?
General activity
General activity?
General assembly?
General concern
General concern?
General practice?
General purpose?
Giant conflict
Giant fight
Go fish alternative
Gulf ___
Hawk's advocacy
Hawk's cause
Hawk's concern
Hawk's cry.
Hawk's delight
Hawk's desire
Hawk's hope
Hawks support it
Head or horse head
Headline with an exclamation point
"Hell, as they say"
"Hell, it's said"
"Hell, per Sherman"
"Hell, to General Sherman"
"Hell, to Sherman"
Highest-card-wins game
Horrific conflict
Hostile encounter
Huge battle
Huge conflict
Huge fight
"Hundred Years' ___ (conflict between England and France, 1337
"In song, it's good for absolutely nothing"
In which Brian Boru was slain
Instance of man's inhumanity to man.
Interminable card game
International trouble
Iraq ___
"Ironically, it may be civil"
It can be civil
It can cause a draft
It may be civil yet raging
"It may be civil, yet raging"
It may be cold
It may be uncivil even if it's civil
It may cause a draft
It may have a general assembly?
It may precede a treaty
It might cause a draft
"It was hell, to Sherman"
It was once civil in America
It's conducted in a theater
It's full of battles
"It's good for ""absolutely nothing"" according to a 1970 hit"
"It's good for ""absolutely nothing,"" according to a 1970 #1 hit"
It's good for absolutely nothing [hunh]
"It's good for absolutely nothing, in a song"
"It's good for nothing, in song"
It's hell
It's hell to Sherman
"It's hell, axiomatically"
"It's hell, they say"
It's more than a mere battle
Kid's card game
Kid's game
Kids' card game
Kids' card game for two
Kids' pastimes
Kind of baby or bonnet
Kind of baby or bride
Kind of bond
Kind of bride
Kind of bride or bonnet
Kind of bride or chest
Kind of cabinet
Kind of chest
Kind of chest or paint
Kind of cloud
Kind of club or path
Kind of cry or paint
Kind of cry or path
Kind of dance
Kind of dance or bride
Kind of dance or horse
Kind of game or story
Kind of games
Kind of horse
Kind of horse or ship
Kind of monger
Kind of paint or party
Kind of paint or powers
Kind of party or story
Kind of path or lord
Kind of plane or path
Kind of rant
"Korean or Peloponnesian, e.g."
"Korean, say"
Like some deals
Major battle
Major conflict
Major event of 1812
Major fight
Major undertaking?
Man of ___
Man's history.
Man-o'-___ (old battleship)
Mars' domain
Mars' realm
Mars' specialty.
Mars' thing
Mars's thing
Martial affair.
Member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Mexican or Korean
Mexican-American ___ (1846-48 event that resulted in Mexico ceding its northern territories to the U.S.)
Military science
Mindless card game
More than a battle
More than a brawl
Multi-billion dollar industry
No-brainer card game
Numbers game?
Old Maid alternative
Old cabinet department
Old maid alternative
One of the Four Horsemen
One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
One of the W's in W.W. I
One was civil in America
Open hostilities
Original Cabinet department renamed Defense in 1949
Ottawa's National ___ Memorial
Part of POW
Part of W. W.
Part of WWII
Part of the name of four Preakness winners
Peace's opposite
"Peace, per Big Brother"
Price ___
Price ___.
Protest subject
"Protest topic, often"
Raw reversal
Raw reversal?
Realm of Ares
Realm of Mars
Reason for face painting
Reason for restrictions
Repetitive card game
"Result of a diplomacy failure, sometimes"
"Revolutionary, e.g."
Rough conflict
Saturn : agriculture :: Mars : ___
Seemingly interminable card game
Series of battles
Series of skirmishes
Serious conflict
Serious fight
Serious hostilities
Serious struggle
Severe skirmish
"Shelley's ""statesman's game"""
"Sherman's ""hell"""
Sherman's 'hell'
Sherman's hell
Simple card game
Skill-less game
Something played out in a theater
Song Sinead O'Connor sang before tearing up a picture of Pope John Paul II
Spanish-American ___ (1898 conflict)
Spanish-American or Korean
"Spanish-American, for example"
"Spanish-American, say"
"Springsteen song featured in a ""Seinfeld"" episode"
Start of a Tolstoy title
State of conflict
Strategy-free card game
Subject in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution
Subject of many campus protests
Summons to the Four Horsemen.
"Sun Tzu's ""The Art of ___"""
Sun Tzu's area of expertise
Symbolic dove's aversion
"Synonym for ""hell."""
"TV's ""Love and ___"""
Tedious card game
Ten years' or hundred years' event
The Crimean ___
"The second ""W"" of W.W. II"
Theater goings-on
Tolstoy subject
Tolstoy title start
Tolstoy title word
Tolstoy topic
Tolstoy topic.
Trojan or Civil follower
Trojan or Crimean
"Trojan, for one"
Tug of ___
Two-person card game
Two-person card game with an entirely deterministic outcome
Two-player card game
Type of correspondent
Type of cry or paint
Type of game or chest
Type of horse
Type of paint
Type of paint or party
U2's third album
Unsubtle card game
Vietnam ___
WWII's W#2
West Point subject
"What Aristophanes called ""Ares' chick"""
What F.D.R. said he hated
What Mars never barred
What Mars never bars
What a dove despises
What is it good for?
What polemology is the study of
What protesters may protest
What the United Nations hopes to prevent
What's broken out of the answers to the starred clues?
When doves cry?
Where there's a general assembly?
"Whitman's ""The Real ___"""
"Whitman's ""The Real
Word before chest or cry
Word before cloud or cry
Word before cry or baby
Word before dance or bride
Word before head or chest
"Word with ""dance"" or ""party"""
Word with baby or story
Word with cry or baby
Word with cry or chest
Word with cry or crime
Word with cry or paint
Word with game or room
Word with party or game
World ___ I
World ___ II
World or Boer
Wouk topic
"Wouk's ""The Winds of ___"""
___ Admiral (1937 Triple Crown winner)
___ Emblem (2002 Kentucky Derby winner)
___ bonnet.
___ correspondent
___ cry (slogan)
___ games
___ horse.
___ of 1812
___ of nerves
___ of the Roses
___ paint
___ powers
___ whoop
Tolstoy title word
Tolstoy title word
Cabinet department until 1947
Subject of 12/8/1941 headlines
Dire declaration
Kids' card game
Civil __
Armed conflict
It might cause a draft
Robert Cormier's "The Chocolate ___"
Card game for two
Kids' card game
"This means ___!"
Rewarded with battle
Card game using the entire deck
1960s-'70s protest topic
Former Cabinet department
Military conflict
Trojan __
Armed conflict
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" subject
Sun Tzu subject
Series of battles
Domain of Mars and Ares
Armed conflict
Series of battles
String of engagements
Hawk's hope
Simple card game
General activity?
Armed combat
Simple card game
The —, 1994 film drama starring Elijah Wood and Kevin Costner
High-card-wins game
Word in 12/8/41 headlines
Simple card game
Armed conflict
City division
Part of WWI
Part of WWI
Anathema to doves
Simple card game
Hawk's love
Strength contest, tug o' ...
Armed combat
It's of general concern
Armed conflict
Word before horse or hero
Part of WWI
Kids' card game
Kids' card game
Kids' card game
Called for
Series of battles
Cabinet department until 1947
Massive fight
Game in which twos lose
Armed conflict
Simple card game
Simple card game
Battle milieu
Sherman's "hell"
Mars' domain
Word in 12/8/41 headlines
''The __ Cry'' (Salvation Army publication)
2016 comedy-drama film starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller
Military conflict
Armed conflict
Armed conflict
Kids' card game
Area of Mars
In which there'll always be some cowards?
Armed conflict
Strategy-free card game
Military conflict
General purpose?
Armed conflict
Card game for two
Simple card game
Cold or flame follower
Tolstoy subject
Cowards at heart showing great fight
General battle?
Cold __
Topic for Sun Tzu
Battle's big brother
Cause of a draft, perhaps
Series of battles
'___ is hell'
Armed conflict
Word with "cry"
The —, 1994 drama starring Elijah Wood and Kevin Costner
Film category
In it, there are always some cowards
Cold, maybe, but it starts warm
'God created ___ so that Americans would learn geography' (line attributed to Mark Twain)
'God created ___ so that Americans would learn geography' (line attributed to Mark Twain)
Rewarded with conflict
'___ has no use for free speech': Julius Caesar
Armed conflict
General battle?
"Dunkirk" movie genre
Group of raiders*
U-turn from peace
In attrition, perhaps, endlessly wary
It might cause a draft
Simple card game
Series of battles
Armed conflict
Kids' card game
Armed strife
Military conflict
Card game
Armed conflict
Wherein half the army is at the Western Front
Armed conflict
Simple card game
Peace's opposite
"Casualties of ____"
Series of battles
"Captain America: Civil ___" (2016 blockbuster)
Card game for two
The —, 1994 drama starring Elijah Wood and Kevin Costner
Armed conflict between nations
Military conflict
Collect-all-the-cards card game
Kind of cabinet
2007 action film starring Jet Li and Jason Statham
"The Art of ____"
Subject for 'Dunkirk' or 'Apocalypse Now'
Hawk's love
Serious hostilities
A degree of cowardice in fighting
Armed conflict
Military conflict
General battle
"____ and Peace," novel
It once caused a draft
Armed conflict
Simple card game
Prolonged conflict
Doves despise it
Armed conflict
Children's card game
Military conflict
Military fight
World ___ II
Armed conflict
Game in which no decisions are made
Armed combat
Series of battles
Basic card game
Armed conflict
Newspaper headline of 12/8/1941
Rewarded with conflict
2017's "___ for the Planet of the Apes"
Department of Defense concern
Kids' card game
"Avengers: Infinity ___" (2018 blockbuster)
Event of 1812
Large conflict
Strength contest, tug o' ...
1812 event
Rewarded with conflict
Simple card game
— of 1812
Children's card game
Major international conflict
Armed conflict
Armed conflict
Military combat
Armed conflict
Card game
"Saving Private Ryan" backdrop
Military combat
"The Hurt Locker" backdrop
Opposite of peace
Armed combat
Declaration of 1941
What Wonder Woman wanted to to for ever
hairdo 56. Fighting
Military effort
Armed combat
The Hundred Years' ___ (1337-1453 event)
"__Games": 1983 Matthew Broderick film
Simple card game
"There never was a good" one, according to Franklin
Armed conflict
Subject in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution
Rewarded with conflict
Game with many ties
Tolstoy title subject
Fighting between nations
Start to monger
Fierce battle
Strength contest, tug o' ...
Series of battles
Card game for two
Armed combat
Armed combat
"Avengers: Infinity ___"

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